S-x slave episode 28

🍑🍆S3X SLAVE 🔪💰
Episode 28
💞 Princess’s POV💞
We kept moving and I kept my gaze out the window. Suddenly, I saw Ryan running out from a street close to us.
“St©p the car!!!” I yelled ma-king Eddie’s father’s car come to an halt.
“What is the matter?” He asked breathing heavily. I jumped out of the car without answering him, I ran to Ryan in full speed.
“Ryan, are you okay? Where is Eddie?” I asked as soon as I got to him. He looked so sweety and tired, his eyes were swollen and I knew for sure he had been crying.
“He, he is in that house” he said p@n-ting as he pointed to the path he was coming from.
“What house?” I asked looking behind him.
“The only two sto-rey building in this area” he said in tears.
“Ryan!” I heard his father yell.
“I will go get him. You go to father” I said and started ru-bbing towards where he pointed looking for the building.
“Princess!! Don’t go alone, it is dangerous, let the cops handle it” Eddie’s father yelled behind me. I didn’t mind him, I kept running. If anything bad happens to my Eddie, I will kill myself.
I got to the house Ryan describe-d. I ran into the house, it was still un-der construction.
“Eddie!” I yelled searching for him. I didn’t get any response, I strained my eyes hoping I would see him, but I didn’t.
I moved up and I yelled him name again. The only response I got was the echo of my own scared voice.
I moved to the last floor and was about calling him when I saw Uncle Joe on Eddie trying to strangle him.
Eddie was full of blood and so was Uncle Joe. Eddie looked so tired and lifeless, I felt great pity for him.
“Let him go” I said running to where they were. Uncle Joe looked back at me and I saw his wounded eyes clearly.
“Look who is here, the Girl i fed for 2 years with my own ha-rd earned money, and ended up betraying her own uncle” he said leaving the weak Eddie and walking up to me.
I started moving back as I tried reaching for the knife un-derneath my go-wn. He ran close to me asif he knew what I was trying to do.
He pu-ll-ed me to himself sl@pping me really ha-rd . I gro-an ed in pain as I fell to the ground holding my hurting cheek.
“I promised myself that I was going to kill you the same way I killed your mother. I never thought it would be this easy” he said pu-lling me to himself trying to k!ssme.
“You killed my mother??” I asked in shock looking at him and Eddie.
“Awwwn looks like your detective didn’t tell you that p@rt. He didn’t want to hurt you” he said mockingly.
“How could you!!! We all loved you so much and what you could do to repay us was to kill mother!!!” I yelled in anger.
“Not only your mother, also your father. Actually let me tell you the story your lover should have told you” he said forcing me to sit as he kept pacing in front of me.
“I never loved your family, I was only after your money, that is one.” He said moving close to me.
“Two!! I wanted tofu-ck your mother so bad, but she didn’t adhere. So, I decided tofu-ck her ha-rd before killing her.” He said ru-bbing his di-ck.
“I saw you and I loved you. You looked so much like your mother, but you hated me. So I planned all this.” He said smiling wickedly.
I couldn’t help but bur-st into tears, he killed my parents. “Why didn’t Eddie tell me this.” I thought sadly. I looked at him laying on the floor.
“I am sorry” he whispered in tears.
“Enough of the drama. Let’s get to business.” He said reaching for my go-wn. I tried struggling with him as I used that opportunity to re-move the knife from my p@n-ties.
He was about tearing my cloth when he heard the siren of the police cars outside. He looked out the window in shock. I quic-kly pushed him off me ma-king him l@yon the ground.
I took the knife to his hand immediately thrû-sting it into his palm. He gro-an ed in pains, he looked red immediately.
Eddie tried standing up, he took a plank and dragged it to where he was. He raised it up and made it land on his legs. He yelled loudly again.
Eddie helped me hold him to the ground as I sat on him. “Do justice to him Princess!” He said in anger.
“This is for Father!” I yelled cutting off his right thumb.
“This is for mother” I yelled cutting off his right index f!nger.
“This is for my Ryan” I yelled cutting off his left thumb.
“This is for my Eddie” I yelled cutting off his left index f!nger.
“And this is for me!!” I yelled thrû-sting the knife into his second eye.
“Arrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!” He yelled in pains. His blood filled the floor, but I wasn’t still satisfied.
“Your weapons down everyone!!” The cops yelled as they filled where we were.