S-x slave episode 27

💞 Eddie’s POV💞
I rushed out from the house in search of Ryan. Princess wished she could follow, but I said no. It will only wors£n the issue.
I called father telling him Ryan has been captured and this is the time the intervention of the cops are nee-ded.
I moved out of the house holding Joe’s knife as my only weapon of defence. I rushed to where he told me he was but I couldn’t find him anywhere close to the place.
I called out his name but I hears no response, I bec@m£ scared all of a sudden. Ryan plea-se be safe, Oh God help my baby brother I prayed as I kept searching for him.
I called his number again ,it rang but he didn’t pick up. I tried the second time and this time it was switched off.
“$h!t, Joe has gotten him” I thought as I started running throu-gh possible paths Ryan could have ran. He is my brother so I his actions could be predictable sometimes.
I kept running until I got to a turning, I ran into the turning still searching for him. I looked at my side and I saw a leg been dragged on the floor.
“Ryan” I thought and started trailing the path. It was like a stairs and I kept moving, I brou-ght out the knife with me holding it with great boldness.
I got to the t©p floor and there was Ryan laying on the floor in tears. “Ryan” I called running to his place, I almost got to him when I felt someone hit me with a stick behind me.
“Arrrghh” I yelled in pain as I fell to the ground right in front of Ryan. “Eddie” Ryan called crying, I tried looking at him but I couldn’t raise up my head, it was hurting so greatly.
I held unto the knife with me ti-ghtly as I tried standing up. I was almost standing when he kicked me again ma-king me land on my bu-tts.
He walked up to me grinning wickedly. He had a cloth covering his wounded eye. He stood in front of my placing his leg on my knee and hitting it ma-king me scream.
“You thought you could ran from me??” He yelled in anger, he squ-atted before me looking into my eyes. I spat the blood in my mouth right on his face.
He lifted up his hand hitting me ha-rd on the mouth ma-king me fall to the ground again. “Daddy plea-se come fast” I prayed silently.
“No one will save you from me today. Not after you did this!!” He yelled removing the cloth that covered his eyes, revea-ling his ugly cut eye.
“You even had the the guts to barge into my house to steal some evidences. I never knew you really liked her” he added grinning. His did he know I was the one?
He took the knife from my hand hitting it on his palm has be paced in front of me. “This knife took one of the previous things I nee-d” he said.
“plea-se don’t hurt my brother” Ryan said crying.
“Ohh no, I shouldn’t hurt him after what he and Princess did to me!!! Maybe I should just kill you first” He said walking briskly to where Ryan sat.
“No!” I yelled standing up and running to him. I jumped on his n£¢k ma-king his stagger, I struggled with him fastening my grip on his n£¢k hoping he was going to shoke to death.
“Run Ryan!!” I yelled still struggling with him. He stood up reluctantly looking at me, I knew he wouldn’t want to leave me but he has no choice now.
“Run!!!!” I yelled again as I felt a sharp pain on my arm. Joe pierced my arm with the knife,I gro-an ed in pain as i fell to the ground re-leasing my grip on him.
😘 Princess’s POV😘
I wasn’t comfortable staying home knowing Eddie was going to face Uncle Joe. I can’t just sit here doing nothing, he is in all this mess because of me.
I went into the kitchen in search for a knife. I nee-d to defend myself once I get there. I saw a sharp small knife and I attached it to my p@n-ties.
Eddie’s father c@m£ shortly, with some police cars. He met me in front of house and he ran to me asif he knew what I was up to.
“Princess you nee-d to stay here. I will go search for him and Ryan, the cops will support” he said.
“No, I won’t just stay here doing nothing. I am going with you” I said adamantly.
“You will be in the car while the operation is on” he said starting the car. “I pray I can” I mumbled avoiding his gaze.
He picked up something like a radio and placed it on his mouth.
📲 Have you tracked the number?
📲 Yes Sir, we gave found the location.
📲 Good, take the lead. We are right behind you.
He said and hung up. I saw the police cars move immediately and we trailed behind them.
“You are really powerful” I said smiling.
“Maybe” he said concentrating on his driving. “I can’t wait to get to Uncle joe and slit his throat with this knife” I thought tou-ching the knife I kept right un-der my go-wn.
We kept moving and I kept hoping I am able to kill Uncle Joe myself. Jail won’t be the best for him, he has to suffer for all he did to me and my family.