S-x slave episode 2

🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE🔪💰 By authoress tife💞📚
Episode 2
💖Eddie’s POV💖
” Ryan, hurry up with the bags” I shouted from outside our house.
“Here is it brother” Ryan said smiling.
“Good boy” I said ru-bbing his hair.
I dropped the bags in the boot and joined my family in the car.
“Are we all re-ady?” My dad asked starting the car.
“re-ady!!!” We all yelled including my little brother Ryan.
We zoomed of shortly, I brou-ght out my earpod and fixed it in my ears, I pla-yed “God’s Plan by Drake” on my phone.
‼ introduction ‼
I am Eddie Thomas, I am 20 and I am in high school. I am the first child of my parent, I have a younger brother Ryan.
I was given a scholarsh!pto school in Achievers high college. My parents were very happy about it tho it was far from our home.
They decided that we looked for another house closer to the college, so my parents worked ot out and with the cons£nt of 5 years old Ryan, here we are in our way to the new house.
You may be wondering why I said with the cons£nt of Ryan, well that’s it, I love my brother so much, he means a lot to me. He behaves like an adult and with him around I have been able to overcome some challenges.
‼ End of introduction ‼
“Eddie!! Eddie!! Look” my brother called pu-lling me and looking outside the window.
I re-moved my earpod and looked at it, he saw a sky scra-pper.
“Ryan, that is called a ‘sky scra-pper’ I said pointing at it.
” Sky scra-pper ” he said repeatedly till it was totally out of sight.
“Eddie, the sky scra-pper is gone” he said sadly.
“Don’t worry Ryan, we will see more okay?” I said smiling and he nodded.
“Here we are!!” My mother’s voice c@m£ front the front.
“Time to highlight Ryan!” I said and opened the door.
I highlighted and bent in to carry Ryan. I carried him on my shoulders and he laughed.
My dad and mum walked to a house opposite us while i and Ryan followed them carrying some of the luggages.
“This place is more beautiful to our former house Ryan” I said putting him down.
“Yes Eddie, I love it!” he yelled happily but his face changed suddenly.
“What’s wrong Ryan” I asked squ-atting in front of him.
“I would miss my friends at school and at home, I don’t think I would be able to make new friends here” he said sadly.
“Oh common Ryan, don’t be sad, you will surely make new friends here, you nee-d to endure for big brother okay?” I said smiling.
“Okay” he said smiling too
“Good boy” I said and carried him into the house.
💖 Princess’s POV💖
I woke up when I heard the turning of the door knob, I knew it was Uncle Joe. I quic-kly sat up on the be-d.
“Good morning” I said with my head bowed.
“Here is your food, make sure you use the drug before you eat. Am off to work” he said and walked up locking there door from outside.
I sighed and moved to the food, I opened the plate and I saw just two slice of bre-ad in it. I sat on the be-d weakly and started crying.
This suffering is too much, after all what he did to me yesternight, this is what he gives me to eat. Well I have no choice, I took my drugs and drank water from the jug on my drawer.
I quic-kly faced the food and devoured it, I drank a lot of water till I felt full. I decided to look at the street the way I normally do.
I moved close to the window and sat close to it, I looked around and I saw the street I have been seeing for two years.
Tears filled my eyes, and I cleaned it off my the back of my hand. I looked at the street again and this time I saw a little boy run out of the house opposite my house.
It had the same number of floors as mine.
“Ryan!! Ryan!! Come back!!” I heard a voice, I looked closely and I saw a type person I haven’t seen in my life before.
He looked so so so handsome, he has black shinning hairs. He was of average height and he was well built.
He ran to the little boy and carried him, they both laughed and I found myself smiling. They looked very happy.
“I haven’t seen them since I have been in this house for two years, seems they are new here” I thought watching them.
I was still smiling at them when the small boy looked up and saw me, He smiled back at me and waved his hands.
I smiled wi-dely and waved back, I tapped his brother telling him to look at me but before he did I hid my face shyly.
I love y’all💕💕