S-x slave episode 18 & 19

Episode18 &19
💕Princess’s POV💕
i jumped on my be-d as fast as possible and turned on my side to face the window pretending to be slee-ping.
I heard the door knob turn and I new immediately that my uncle was coming to ask me if I knew anything about the break in.
The door flung open but I held my leave pretending to be fast asleep. I heard him walk briskly to where I was.
“Princess!!!!” He yelled as I heard him p@n-t. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up, immediately I saw him I jo-lted up and faced the floor.
“Good morning uncle” I said pretending to be sleepy. I looked at him well and I could see him with a knife, as I saw it my eyes wi-de-ned in fear.
“Who c@m£ into this house!!” He yelled coming close to me with the knife.
“Uncle I don’t know what you talking about” I stammered in tears.
“Someonefu-cking broke into my house!!” He yelled and I felt his saliva all over me. “Ahhhhh!!” I exclaimed covering my mouth with my palm.
“Who could do that??” I asked fearfully looking around my room and he kept looking at me in anger.
“Uncle did you catch him?” I said still looking around me like he was in my room.
“No” he said sadly and dropped the knife as he sat on my be-d. I sighed in relieve as I saw the knife on the ground.
“You will catch him uncle” I said trying to sooth his pain but inwardly I was laughing greatly.
“I surely will princess. And when I catch him I will eat his flesh raw!!!” He barked and stormed out of the room forgetting the knife on my floor.
I took the knife quic-kly and kept it un-der my be-d, it will still be very useful.I can’t wait to dig it into his throat.
I heard him lock the door and I moved to my window rolling up the cotten. “Ryan!!” I whispered loudly waiting for him to raise up the cotten.
I cotten started moving and it gave way for Ryan’s face. “Hey Princess” he said smiling.
“How is Eddie?? Is he okay?? Is he hurt??Can I speak to him??” I asked in fears.
“Princess I am fine” I heard Eddie answer as he shew his face to me. He was sweeting profusely and was breathing real ha-rd .
I sighed in relieve as I saw him. “Thank God you are fine. If it was the other way round, I would have died of guilt” I said smiling.
“I can’t leave you Princess. I was about to see tangible information and evidences against him.” He said happily.
“Really? So what is that?? I asked smiling.
” I will come explain to you at midnight. I will saw you some pictures. I even saw a tape, tho I am yet to pl@yit. ” he said offloading his bag.
“Nice. I will be expecting you at midnight. Thank you so much Eddie” I said as tears heated my eyes.
“Princess plea-se don’t cry, I can end up breaking down in tears in front of Ryan” he said ma-king me smile.
“I love you Eddie” I said shyly and quic-kly pu-ll-ed down my cotten.
💕 Ryan’s POV💕
I looked at Eddie immediately he made that statement and I could see he blu-shed really ha-rd but I was still bothered about Princess’s uncle.
“Eddie” I called looking very serious. He looked at me and when he saw my countenance he walked up to me looking worried.
“What is wrong Ryan? You don’t look happy” he said holding my hands.
“I am scared Eddie” I said breathing heavily.
“Why is that?” He asked pu-lling a stool to sit at my front.
“When I saw him coming he stared at me and I smiled back trying to he calm. He looked away and I started singing loud, he looked at me with a narrowed eyes before going to his compound” I said fearfully.
“Ryan I know where you are driving at. That b**ch can’t t©uçh you okay??” He said with a sure tone.
“He looked at me with suspicion Eddie, don’t you think he may want to do something??” I asked as I shivered at the thought.
“Look at me Ryan” he said cu-pping my eyes as I stared into his face fearfully.
“You are a small boy, he will never think it to you so relax. He didn’t see you near his compound and to crown it all, he saw you before he knew someone was in his house. You are safe Ryan” he said smiling.
“I pray Eddie because I am scared” I said hvgging him.
“Trust me Ryan. He won’t do anything to you.” He added patting my back.
“Be careful this midnight. We both know he would be on the watch” I said dis£ngaging from the hvg.
“Sure I will Ryan.” He said nodding.
“And make sure you k!ssPrincess today” I said giggling and his face brightened.
“Ryan we taught you that?” He asked laughing loudly.
“Have you forgotten you have a smart younger brother” I said and we both laughed.
“Common Ryan, enough of the pla-y. Let us unveil the secret in this tape” he said examining the tape.
. Episode 19
💞 Eddie’s POV💞
I took the tape to my TV and inser-ted it into the video pla-yer. I sat close to Ryan as the video started loading.
It started pla-ying and I could see two people, a man and a woman tied to a chair in a deserted ware house. The people looked so familiar, I brou-ght out my phone to check and I saw it was p@rt of the pictures on the wall.
“They are Princess’s parent??” I said watching the video closely. I looked at Ryan and I saw him staring at the TV clueless of what was going on.
They looked so swollen and I knew very well that they had been beaten. Then a person showed up holding a gun.
“Princess’s uncle!” Ryan yelled in fear. My eyes wi-de-ned as I saw him point the gun at the man known to be Princess’s father.
“I nee-d you dead so I can take your wealth brother. I also nee-d it you know” her uncle said in the TV laughing wickedly.
He pu-ller the trigger and he sh0t her father on the head. “Omg!!!” I heard Ryan say in tears beside me. “He is so wicked” he added weeping seriously.
I couldn’t do anything, I was so shocked at his wickedness to him own brother. Right in out pres£nce I saw him move to her mother tearing her clothes ap@rt.
I pu-ll-ed Ryan close to me and I his his face on my che-st, I can’t let him see this brutal act. I watched him gr-ab her to the floor and r@p£ her. I felt tears fall roll down my cheeks as he did.
“I will show your miserable daughter this video after I get all I want, then after that I will…” Her uncle said pointing the gun at her mother after ra-pping her. “Do this,..” He added and sh0t her in the head.
The sound of the gun made Ryan flin-ch in my arms, I ru-bbe-d his back slowly and the recording st©pped. “I swear, I am going to slit his throat myself!!” I said between gritted teeth.
I jumped out of my window into the tree. Ryan was fast asleep, he cried seriously before he sle-pt. I moved to Princess’s window and whispered her name.
“Princess” I whispered and I heard footsteps coming towards the window. The cotten gave way and I Princess showed up smiling wi-dely.
She opened the window and I climbe-d into her window throu-gh the stool. I looked at her and I saw she was on only br@ and p@n-ties.
“Hi” I said trying not to stare at her too much.
“Hi” she replied walking to her be-d.
I moved close to her and sat close to her on the be-d. I brou-ght out my phone and started showing her the pictures i had taken from his room.
“Do you know this man??” I asked showing her the picture on my phone.
“This is the man that questioned him about me. He asked why he always locked me up” she said and I nodded in un-derstanding.
“He killed him” I said and she nodded sadly.
💚 Princess’s POV💚
He showed me the picture of the different guns my uncle has and I was so shocked. He is a first clas-s criminal and he doesn’t deserve to live.
“All I nee-d do is to show this to my dad, he will work on it, and then you will be set free finally” he said smiling. I stared into his eyes with so much love and emotion.
“I love you Eddie” I said and he moved close to be very fast and k!$$£d me ha-rd on thel-ips. He la-id me down on my be-d and he was on t©p of me.
I let my hand trail down his back and I felt his hands slide throu-gh my side down to my th!ghs ma-king me m0@n slightly.
He moved from myl-ips to my n£¢k giving me hic-keys and I found myself fondling with his hair. He trailed k!$$£d down to my b00bs as she re-moved my br@ still k!ss!ngme.
My br@ was off in a second and he took my ni**le between his teeth teasing it with his ton-gue. “fuc-k” I m0@n ed let plea-sure take me.
My eyes was still closed when I felt him leave my b©dy. “What is wrong Eddie??” I asked sitting up.
“Princess I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have done this. You are yet to recover, I can do this to you now” he said sadly.
I un-derstood what he meant immediately. To be honest I didn’t want him to st©p, but I still nee-d to hold on. I don’t want the case whereby he sleeps with me now and I hate him afterwards.
“k!ssme” I said moving closer to him. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was true love and care. He reached for my chin and raised it up, hisl-ips met mine as he devoured my lowerl-ip.
I slide my ton-gue into his mouth and my ton-gue met with his rolling in a sweet rhythm. I started going out of air, so as he.
I broke from the k!ssand breathed in air. “I love you Princess” he said and I hvgged him ti-ghtly letting my b00bs press on his abs.
“I love you too” I said closing my eyes in emotion.
“I nee-d to go now Princess” he said ru-bbing my hand on her back.
“After all this nightmare is over, I want us to go somewhere no b©dy knows us. Where we can start our lives again” I said smiling as I imagined the scenario in my head.
“I will see to that” he said smiling.
He moved to the window and faced back abruptly k!ss!ngme again. “Dream of me” he said and jumped out of the window.
I smiled and moved back to my be-d remembering how I melted un-der his t©uçh.
Eddie and Princess love are turning my head oo❣️💟💟💌