S-x slave episode 16 & 17

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Episode16 &17
😍 Eddie’s POV😍
I cleaned my face and walked down to the living room, “Hi mother, I am off to school” I said smiling.
“Hi father” I added after sighting him behind me.
“Going to college like this?!” He said looking at me from head to toe.
“Yes father, decided to dress different today. Bye!” I yelled and ran out quic-kly. I can’t let them know about this.
I got out and checked the road thor0ûghly to see if it was safe to go. I looked up and saw Ryan sitting outside.
I gave him a thumbs up and ran quic-kly to Princess’s uncle’s door squ-atting. I got there and stood up properly checking around me.
I looked at the door and saw it was locked with three strong padlock. “He is truly a criminal” I said sighing.
I brou-ght out my mother hair cl!pI stole at night out and placed it in the first padlock. I moved it in and twisted it until it opened.
I looked around again and the road was still clear. I did the same to the two padlocks and they fave way for me.
I opened them and moved briskly inside the house. I got into the house and locked the door from behind, I re-moved my hood and looked at the living room.
It was full of different dirts and paper and smelled of alcohol and weed. I covered my mouth with my hand and moved into the house.
I started looking around for anything that would be useful. I moved to his table stil searching for evidences against him.
I opened his drawer and saw a tape. “This tape must have something in it” I said and threw it in my bag.
I saw other papers but they all looked useless. I moved to the room next to the living room and turned the door knob.
It was locked with another padlock, so I re-moved the hairpin from my bag and used it to open it. I opened it and moved into the room.
It looked so dark so I had to bring out my phone to use the flashlight. I saw the cotten and moved to open it.
There was weed everywhere and dirty clothes on the floor. I looked at the wall and I saw images of people, I moved closer for a clearer view.
I saw a picture of a man, there was a red crossing on his face.I brou-ght out my phone and took a picture of his face.
I moved to the other picture and it was a beautiful woman. She looked so much like princess and she had the same red crossing on her face.
“Oh no, tell me its not true” I said shaking my head in disbelieve. He actually killed her parents, that is why he put a red crossing on their faces.
I brou-ght out my phone to take another picture of the woman. I moved to the next one and I saw a man who wasn’t looking familiar with the same crossing.
I snapped it and moved to the last ones. It was a man and princess’s picture, there was no red markings on them.
“This means, they are the next on his death list” I thought with my eyes wi-de-ned. I took his picture too and moved to the be-d.
I lifted up the be-d and what I saw made me shiver. I saw different kind of guns, there were long ones, short ones, fat ones, slim ones.
My mouth fell open as I started snapping them all. I brou-ght out the seal tape and hand glove from my bag. I wore the hand glove and started placing the seal taps on the guns so as to get his f!ngerprints.
I was still doing that when I heard Ryan sing loudly and very fast.
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I quic-kly dropped the be-d the way it was, I was starting to shiver. I can’t afford to get caught, not here, not now, not ever.
I was planning to run out of the room when I heard footsteps moving close to where I was.
Episode 17
🔪 Uncle Joe’s POV🔪
I got to half of the way when i remembered I forgot to take some cash with me. How can I be so stupid.
I rushed back home to get some cash for the taxi. I met that same liitle boy sitting outside looking at the street.
He sighted me and I could see fear all over him. He started singing and swaying his head smiling.
“Gosh so daft” I thought and moved to my house. I got to the door and saw that my padlock was gone.
I looked around but I didn’t notice any weird thing. I placed my hand on my back pocket holding the handle of my pistol.
I bec@m£ scared all of a sudden. Who dare break into my house?? Who!!? I opened the door slightly pointing my gun into the house first.
I moved in my head then my b©dy. I looked back and forth briskly but everywhere was just as before.
I moved to my room door and noticed the padlocks have been re-moved also. I ti-ptoed to the door and opened it very fast pointing in my gun.
I looked around but I couldn’t see anyone. I looked up and down but there was no one. “What thefu-ck!” I yelled in anger.
“Show yourself motherfuc-ker!!!!” I yelled co-rking my gun. Still there was no reply, surely someb©dy broke in.
I checked all my stuffs and I didn’t see anything tempered with. I held my head with the gun in my hand as I remembered the little boy.
“That boy looked so scared to see me” I thought narrowing my eyes. “But he started singing a stupid song” my inner mind told me.
“Yeah that is true. He is just a child” I mumbled still looking around the house but there were still no traces of anyone.
“I will get you bastard!!” I yelled clenching my fists.
💋 Eddie’s POV💋
Immediately I heard footstep I sighted some holes on the wall and a stool too.I climbe-d the stool and the holes to the ceiling very fast.
I pushed open a ceiling and climbe-d into it closing it quic-kly. Immediately I closed it I heard the door open. Everywhere was so dark.
I sighed in relieve as I started sweeting profusely. I nee-ded to wait for him to move out because any movement will surely be heard by him.
There was great heat but I heard to endure it. I heard him walk out of the room, then I stood up quic-kly and quietly squ-atting a little.
I looked around me using my phone’s flashlight to light my path. All I saw was different paths leading to only heaven knows.
I decided to go to the path where light reflection comes from. I covered my flashlight with my head and then I saw at my left side the reflection.
I walked carefully down that path in fear and sweat. As I moved further the light started becoming clearer.
Finally I got to the sp©t where the light c@m£ from and I saw it was from a room. I lied down to look into it and saw it was Princess’s room.
“Princess” I whispered as loud as i could to her because she was at the window.
She looked back trying to get where the sound was coming from. When I noticed this I stretched my hand into the room waving it.
She saw my hand and ran to where I was. “Eddie” she whispered looking suprised.
“Get me the stool” I whispered back really fast. She ran to the window and carried the stool to exactly un-der where I was.
“Thank you” I whispered smiling as I moved down the ceiling silently and landing on the stool with my feet.
“Eddie are you okay?” She asked looking at my sweety b©dy.
“I am fine Princess, I nee-d to go now. Pretend you are asleep” I said and ran to the window jumping on the tree and moving into my room.
I rushed in p@n-ting and Ryan helped draw the cotten down.
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