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June 15, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sex slave episode 14 & 15

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🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE 🔪💰


Episode 14&15



💖 Eddie’s POV💖

I chased her round the room while Ryan kept laughing aloud. “Princess common on, I am tired” I said still running after her as she kept laughing.

She ran into the bathroom laughing very hard. “I am gong to catch you in there!!” I yelled and ran after her into the bathroom. She went right under the shower.

She turned looking at me laughing hard. I stopped running after her and went closer to her slowly. “You are beautiful” I said looking into her eyes.

Her laughing turned into a normal countenance. I leaned towards her and pulled her close to me turning the tap to the shower as water dropped on us.

She shuggered under it and I saw her nipple harden under the water. I looked at her and she kept mute staring at me.

I reached for her waist and pulled her to me still under the water. Her hair gummed to her face, so did mine.

We both grew goosebumps immediately. I pulled her into my arms hugging her tightly, her b**bs pressed on my chest.

I felt her hand at my back hugging me back. “I will save you even if it means giving up my life” I said and raised her head to mine.

I raised her chin up slowly

moving my face to hers, she stood on her toes and reached for my lips with hers.

She kissed me do passionately and I felt her hot tongue slide into my mouth. I reciprocated immediately letting my hands slide down her back holding her so tight.

She placed her hands around my neck pulling me more into her mouth. I lifted her up carrying her around my torso and placing her against the wall.

“Eddie!! He is back!” Ryan yelled from my room. “Shit!!” I cursed as we both ran out of the bathroom.

“Please go now Eddie, he mustn’t see you” she said squeezing her clothe dry.

“Am sorry for wetting you” I said moving to the window. “I loved every bit of it” she replied blushing slightly.

I jumped out of the window to the tree. I moved briskly to my window and as I was about jumping into my room I looked back at her.

“I love you” I said and jumped into my room. I looked at her as she smiled at her. Suddenly her countenance changed and I saw her uncle come in.

“F**k!” I said and quickly hid my face as she dropped the cotten.

“See who is in love” Ryan said smiling widely.

“Common Ryan, don’t start. Her uncle is there again to use her like he always does, its so annoying!” I said moving to my bed.

“I am going to f**king kill him” I mumbled as I laid on my bed.

💋 Princess’s POV💋

I heard the door knob turn and I felt sadness

all of a sudden. I turned to face him, he was grinning stupidly.

“Why are you dripping wet??” He asked coming close to me.

“I…I just finished taking my… My bath” I stammered looking down.

“With your clothes??” He yelled and immediately I felt tears gather in my eyes.

“God please don’t let him beat me nor touch me today, I am yet to get healed” I prayed silently.

He come closer to me staring into my eyes, “you look tired” he said and I nodded slowly.

“I will leave you for today, but trust me I will be back tomorrow” he said and walked out of my room.

“Did that just happen? Did he just go without f**king me?” I thought happily.

“Thank you God.” I said holding my palms together. I heard him lock the door and I ran to window to see Eddie burning in anger.

“Hey” I called and he looked at me in surprise.

“Princess, are you okay??” He asked sticking his head out of the window.

“I am good, he left me for today” I said happily.

“I am breaking in tomorrow” he said firmly.

“Eddie are you sure about this?? What if you are caught??” I asked fearfully.

“I am sure and I know I won’t be caught. Ryan and I will work together tomorrow, all you need do is to stay put okay??” He said like a professional.

“Okay boss” I said saluting him while we both laughed.

“Did you mean what you said today?” I asked shyly.

“I said many things today which of them?” He asked grinning.

“That you love me” I said looking away.

“I meant it Princess, I love you” he said and I couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Episode 15

💋 Eddie’s POV 💋

“Princess why are you crying?? I didn’t mean to make you cry believe me” I said sadly looking at her weep in front of me.

“You aren’t the reason I am crying.” She replied cleaning her eyes.

“What is the reason??” I asked worriedly.

“The last time someone said that to me was two years ago Eddie and that was my parents.” She replied sniffing Carter.

“I am sorry for making you remember that, but trust me i mean it and I am not going to leave you for any reason” I said emotionally.

“Thank you Eddie” she said cleaning her tears.

“Smile” I said pouting my mouth as she gave me the sweetest smile ever making my heart melt.

“Go to bed now, you need to rest” I said smiling at her.

“Okay, goodnight” she said rolling down her cotten.

“I love you” I said seriously. She smiled and looked at me shyly

“I love you too” she said and quickly rolled down the cotten.

“Ryan!!!!! She said she loves me!!!” I yelled happily while Ryan just watched me giggling.

“The main task now is to safe her Eddie” he said sadly.

“Yes Ryan, and I am starting that tomorrow” I said and laid on my bed.

…. 🌞The next morning🌞….

🔪 Uncle Joe’s POV🔪

I woke up early thinking of how I am going to get rid of that useless lawyer. I can’t wait to get rid of Princess, I need a fresh blood.

I took my bath and moved down to my room to get one of my guns. I took a small pistol and a very sharp knife.

I placed it at the back of my pocket and used my shirt to cover it. I wore a black cloth with hood so it is difficult for me to be seen.

I picked up my phone to call my close partner in crime.

📲 It is time.

I said and hung up. Time to claim what is rightfully mine.

I walked out of the house without remembering Princess, I locked the door firmly with three padlock as I always did.

I threw the key into my pockets and headed to kill. I got to the neighboring compound and I saw the small boy I saw the other day sitting in front of the house.

He kept staring at me and I became uncomfortable. I shot him a dealt look and his eyes widened. His face changed suddenly and he smiled at me waving.

I looked at him in relieve, I thought he meant harm. I faced my path not minding to wave back, killing on my mind.

💋 Ryan’s POV💋

I was instructed to watch Princess’s uncle moved out of his house. I sat watching him, he wore overall black clothes with a hood hiding his face.

I sat there wondering why he dressed exactly like a criminal this time around. He looked at me and my heart skipped a bit. I can imagine him coming close to me he looks like a monster.

I stared at him and he shot me a deadly look, I flinched but quickly composed myself, I can’t let him get suspicious.

I manages to smile and wave at him but he didn’t even mind me he kept moving. I am sure he think I am a fool, he doesn’t know I will be the one to kill him.

I stood up and ran inside the house after he was out of sight. “Eddie, he has gone out” I yelled ignoring my parent who looked at me like I was insane.

They mustn’t come to know about the plan now. “Great job Ryan” Eddie said wearing a jean trouser and a sweeter with hood.

“You look exactly like him” I sad teasingly.

“God forbid” he said spitting.

“Don’t forget Ryan, once you see any wietd thing just sing my name” he said smiling.

“I can’t forget the song” I said and started singing

🎶 Eddie, Eddie Eddie🎶

🎶 Big headed Eddie is in love🎶

“That’s enough Ryan, only heavens know where you thought of those lyrics” he said rolling his eyes.

“Eddie please be careful, think about papa and mama, must especially Princess, her safety is in your hands. Once you fumble, we are all in trouble” I said sadly.

“I will Ryan, please pray for me and don’t tell princess it has started, I don’t want her to be worried” he said and hugged me.

I placed my head on his shoulders weeping silently. “If anything happens remember I love you all and tell princess I love her so much” he said admist tears and ran moved out of the room with his bag full of different materials.

“God please safe Eddie, he is my only brother. Don’t let him die now that he is in love” I prayed silently carrying my Bible and placing it on my chest.


Awwwn 🤗..they both confessed their love…


I love y’all🌹🌹

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