S-x slave episode 12 & 13

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Episode 12&13
…..🌞 THE NEXT DAY🌞…..
💙 Ryan’s POV💙
I woke up to see Eddie sitting close to the table writing what only heaven knows on a book. I looked at princess’s window and I saw it was locked.
“Hey Eddie” I said moving to him
“Hey Ryan” he replied and quic-kly closed the book. I furrowed my brows looking at him, then to the book.
“Your dairy?” I asked narrowing my eyes.
“Hunnn” he replied nodding.
“So why are you keeping it?? You and I knows that I know about everything going on in your life” I said rolling my eyes.
“Common Ryan, I have my privacy too” he said pouting his mouth.
“Fine, but trust me I am still going to re-ad that” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“I am going to ride my bicycle, its Saturday” I said and moved outside before he could answer me.
I ran down the stairs to see mother ma-king breakfast and dad busy with some newspapers.
“Good morning mom and dad” I said smiling.
“Morning baby” they replied without looking at me.
“I guess everyone is busy. I am off to ride my bicycle, see ya!” I yelled and ran out. I took my bicycle from the car garage.
I took a cloth from the garage to clean bicycle. I was still cleaning it when I saw a scary man coming out of the house Princess is living. He looked the door and took the keys with him putting it in his pocket.
He looked at my direction and I quic-kly looked away pretending not to see him. He brou-ght out his phone and started ma-king a phone call. He started talking on the phone walking towards me.
“I am going tofu-cking kill that lawyer” I heard him say as he moved from my pres£nce down the street.
I am 100% sure that man is Princess’s uncle. Tho I didn’t see him the other day, I have a Strong feeling he is the one. He ia the one that locks princess inside that room.
“But what lawyer was he talking about??” I thought anxiously. I nee-d to tell Eddie about this, who knows it may be of help.
💋 Eddie’s POV💋
i continued trying to sketch a plan for princess’s escape when I heard Ryan shout my name before entering the room.
“Eddie” he called p@n-ting.
“What going on Ryan” I asked jumping up from my chair?
“I found something” he said sitting on my chair.
“Okay Ryan. What is that??” I asked eagerly.
“I saw a man come out of Princess’s ap@rtment, my instinct tells me its Princess’s uncle” he said trying to calm down.
“Okay?” I asked squ-atting before him.
“He walked in front of our house speaking to someone on the phone and he mentioned that he was going to kill a lawyer” he said and I stared into space trying to link it to Princess’s situation.
“Thank you for this Ryan, it is going to go a long way” I said patting him on his shoulders.
My father is a famous man in out former site, he has great influence on the cops “positively”. Once I find some evidences against him, I am going to give me dad so he could do something about me, I mean talk to his lawyer.
“So what is the plan Eddie” Ryan asked like an adult ma-king me laugh slightly.
“Okay this is it Ryan” I said showing him some sketch on my dairy.
“I know it may sound really dangerous but that is the only option for now. I nee-d to break into the house” I said looking at him.
“What house?? Eddie???” He said wi-dening his eyes.
“Princess’s house of course. That is the only way I can get some evidences that would help put him in jail. You and I knows that Princess is always locked in that room, she can’t do this.” I said using my hands for demonstrations.
“Eddie, that man is evil. He could kill you” Ryan said fearfully.
“Ryan, listen to me. That bastard doesn’t stay home at the early hours of the day, he comes at evening, I had noticed that” I said looking at him expecting a response but he kept mute looking at me.
“I will watch him when he leaves the house, I break in and gather some things agent him. Then I give it to father and he will help work on it. I said finally slumping on my be-d.
“Eddie, plea-se be careful. I love you and I don’t want to loose you?” He said hvgging me.
“I will be safe” I said hvgging him back.
Episode 13
😍 Princess’s POV😍
I worked up in the morning yawning loudly and feeling happily. I felt relieve after the mas-sage Eddie gave me yesterday night.
I went to bathroom to freshen up, the water t©uçhed my skin and I felt relieve. Thank God for Eddie, he helped me with the pains.
I finished bathing and left the bathroom to my room. I looked into the closet and took another white lace go-wn.
I ran to my window and opened it raising the cotten to see Eddie and Ryan.
“Good morning!” They yelled happilywhile Ryan held some pancakes in a tray.
“Good morning!” I yelled back and we all laughed loudly.
“You seem happy today” Eddie said wi-nking at me.
“I feel better than the other days, thanks to you” I said happily.
“You look happy too. What’s going on?” I asked furrowing my brows.
“We c@m£ up with a plan” they chorused together.
“What plan?” I asked narrowing my eyes at them.
“You nee-d to see this” Eddie said climbing his window and jumping on the mango tree. I looked at Ryan smiling and I saw him wi-den his eyes in amusement.
“Where did you learn to do that?” He asked in suprise.
“Ryan, trust me. I am good at everything” Eddie said and moved closer to my window smiling.
“Someone may see you” I said looking around.
“I don’t care, and what I know is your uncle isn’t around so I am safe” he said and jumped into my window.
He almost fell at the window but I quic-kly rushed to the window and he ended up falling on t©p of me as we both fell to the ground.
I heard Ryan giggling outside the window. I stared at him and he also stared at me, he moved his gaze to myl-ips.
“Princess” he called lowly bringing his face closer to mine. I stared at hisl-ips speechless.
“Enough of the drama you two!!” Ryan yelled giggling ma-king him stand up from me immediately. I stood up slowly blu-shing really ha-rd .
“I am sorry, I got lost in your beauty” he said looking away shyly ma-king me laugh loudly.
“Why are you laughing??” He asked pouting his mouth.
“You look really funny when you shy you know” I said giggling while Ryan watched us smiling wi-dely.
“Okay fine. Back to business” he said and stretched out a book to me.
“What is this??” I asked staring at the book in his hands.
“I sketched out some plans in it” he said and sat down to open up the book. I sat close to him wondering what he had sketched.
“Pancakes???!” Ryan yelled from outside.
“Not yet Ryan” Eddie yelled still looking at the book.
“Check this out Princess” he said and brou-ght the book closer to me.
“Your uncle goes out every morning and comes back at evening right?” He asked tracing some sketches. I nodded in agreement as he continued.
“I got an information from Ryan this morning that he talked about killing a lawyer. Do you know anything about that??” He asked like a professional.
“I don’t know” i said shaking my head.
“Did your parents leave anything behind?? I mean, properties??” He asked again.
“Yes Eddie, lots of properties” I said nodding. “Good” he said and jotted down somethings.
“There is an high tendency that this lawyer has something to do with you” he said hitting his hands on the book ma-king me smile.
He looked at me with an expressionless face. “Cab you plea-se st©p smiling?? You are distracting me. I don’t want to go wild” he said looking away and I laughed out really ha-rd .
“Am still here!!” Ryan yelled ma-king us both giggle.
“Now this is the real point. I am going to break into your house in the day, gather some things I can find and then get out before evening” he said and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Eddie, this is a very dangerous plan. What if you caught??” I asked fearfully.
“Princess trust me I won’t be caught. He goes out every morning it is his daily routine, I won’t take time okay?” He said looking at me.
“How will you get in??” I asked sighing.
“That is the least of my problems princess” he said wi-nking at me ma-king me blus-h.
“Thank you so much Eddie” I said holding his hands.
“My duty my princess” he said smiling.
“So when you get some evidences, what do you use them for?? Have you forgotten he has connections everywhere??” I said sadly.
“Don’t worry, I have that un-der control. The main thing now is breaking unto the house and getting some vital informations” he said smiling.
“Eddie plea-se be careful, I can’t afford to loose you. Not now, not ever” I said holding his hands.
He looked at me and smiled nodding.
“Pancake time!!!!! I am bored alre-ady!!!” Ryan yelled from the other window.
We both smiled and moved to the window.
“Pas-s it here Ryan” he said stretching forth his hands to him. Ryan stretched his hands with the tray forward and Eddie took some from it.
He faced me with his hands full of pancakes. “My hands are dirty” he mumbled shyly.
I went close to him and gr@bb£d all the pancakes and threw almost all of it into my mouth.
“Hey!!! You took mine too” he yelled angrily. I stucked my ton-gue to him and ran to the other side of the be-d.
“Come catch me if you can” I said laughing as he ran towards me.
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