S-x slave episode 10 & 11

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Episode 10&11
💕 Eddie’s POV💕
Ryan had started slee-ping on my shoulders while I talked with Princess. “Princess plea-se I will be back, I nee-d to l@yRyan to sleep” I said and she nodded trying to smile.
I la-id him on his be-d and ran back to the window hoping she wouldn’t use that opportunity to leave me. But to my suprise she was still there.
“Thank you for leaving” I said feeling happy within me. She smiled and nodded, I stared at her she looked so beautiful un-der the light in her room..
“You are so beautiful Princess” I said staring into her eyes. She looked at me with a sad face and stood up.
“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.
“Can you come find your way in here??” She asked to my suprise.
I looked down and the street was beautified with the street light but everywhere was very silent, “I am very sure is asleep” I thought.
I stared at the mango tree demarcating the two windows and an idea struck my mind. “I can find my way in there.” I replied smiling.
“Come in, I want to show you something. And plea-se don’t make any noise, am sure my uncle is still awake.” She said still looking at me
I nodded and lifted my leg to relax on the window, I stretched out one of my leg to the mango tree and fortunately it t©uçhed it.
I adjusted myself and placed my second leg on it, this time I was backing Princess’s window. I brou-ght out my whole b©dy from my window and balanced on the mango tree.
I turned to face princess’s widow happily and I saw her looking at me blankly. I moved on the stem close to her window carefully.
I got closer to her window ma-king sure no noise was made. I got to the window and stretched my leg to her window.
She ran to where she kept her stool in the room and carried it to where I was on the window. She placed it right un-der my leg and I climbe-d on it into her room.
I got into her room smiling wi-dely, she smiled at ne faintly taking a better view of me un-der the light.
I stared at her looking at her whole b©dy, she had a killer b©dy and I know that is why the uncle uses her like that.
I was still admiring her when she c@m£ closer to me, I stood there staring at her wondering what she was trying to do.
She got very close to me and turned her back at me.
“Zi-p down the go-wn” she said ma-king me startle.
“What!!!” I said trying not to yell.
“Trust me Eddie, you nee-d to see this. Do it” she said carrying my hand and placing it on the Zi-pper.
I sighed heavily and started Zi-pping down her go-wn. I Zi-pped the go-wn down to the middle of her back and something caught my attention.
“Swollen marks” I muttered and she nodded slightly. I re-moved my hands from the go-wn in shock.
She reached for the Zi-pper and Zi-pped the go-wn down, ex-posing her whole back down to her a**. It was full of swollen marks.
I felt my eyes heat up immediately I saw them, this is pure wickedness. She re-moved the whole go-wn and faced me ex-posing her b©dy except for the p@n-ties that covered her a**.
Her brea-sts were expo-sed and this marks were on them. She moved closer to me and I just kept staring at her.
I stared at her br£@st and I could see cuts in it. “Princess” I called admist tears.
“I am in pains Eddie, I just want to die. Help me die” she said weeping.
“No, no princess you will not die.. I will save you from him, I promise. Trust me princess” I said trying not to bur-st into tears in her pres£nce.
💝 Princess’s POV💝
I felt secure showing Eddie my n-ked b©dy, the way he looked at me without disgust or lvst made me feel I could still trust someone.
“Princess, do you have a balm??” He asked looking around.
“Yes, in the drawer” I replied pointing to where it was. He moved from my front to the drawer, he opened it and brou-ght out the medicinal balm.
“I do use it but I can’t use it on my back, my hand can’t reach it” I said to him as he stared at the drawer.
He took something from the drawer and faced me with a very sad face. I looked at his hand and saw the pregnancy pill that Uncle Joe gives me.
I lowered my head in Shame as tears dropped from my eyes again. He dropped the pill and cane closer to me and held my hands.
“It will be fine Princess” he said sadly and I nodded cleaning the tears off my face.
“Now I nee-d you to trust me” he said and turned my back to him. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand trail down my back.
💝 Eddie’s POV💝
I trailed my hands down her rou-gh back bitting my lower l!pin anger. How could he do this to such a beautiful girl.
I opened the balm in my hands and told her to l@yon the be-d. I took some of the balm on my f!nger.
“Princess this may hurt a bit.” I said and she nodded shuting her eyes ti-ghtly. I sighed heavily and applied the balm on her swollen back.
I started ru-bbing it all over her back gently and I could hear her gro-an ed slightly. She held the be-d ti-ghtly pu-lling the sheet to herself.
“Am sorry princess” I said in pity. “Its okay Eddie, continue and let’s get this done” she said boldly.
I started mas-saging her back ma-king sure I t©uçhed all the p@rt of her back. She tried as much as possible not to scream.
I take my hand down to her w@!stline and made sure I didn’t trespas-s. “I am done” I said after getting satisfied with the mas-sage.
She sat up and faced with still n-ked. I tried so ha-rd not to $h!t my gaze to her b00bs. They looked so great but that b**CH had turned it to something else.
She took my hand and di-pped my f!nger in the balm. She raised up my hand and took it close to her b00bs. I looked away and tried removing my hand from hers but she held it firm.
“plea-se help me on it, I can’t t©uçh it. I feel extreme pain and I always pity myself” she said and placed my hands on her b00bs.
I slowly looked at her and she nodded calmly. I sighed heavily and moved closer to her.
“You can do this Eddie” I thought and put some balm on her right brea-st. I started ru-bbing it all over trying not to lvst over her.
I closed my eyes to help me stay put but i heard her gr0@nma-king me open my eyes, I saw tears in her eyes. Her eyes were shut in pain, her face was very red.
I felt tears gather in my eyes, I can’t take this anymore.
“Princess elope with me” I said without thinking.
💋 Princess’s POV💋
I opened my eyes staring at him immediately he made that statement.
“Eddie, we wouldn’t last for a day if we do that” I said sadly.
“Gosh!! Princess see what that b**CH did to your beautiful b©dy, a b©dy any guy will die to see or feel.” He said and I blu-shed slightly.
“Eddie, we nee-d to come up with a plan. And this plan has to be perfect cos any slight mistakes we are both dead, and he wouldn’t exclude your family” I said sadly.
He sighed heavily and moved to my left brea-st, he applied the balm on it careful and started ru-bbing it.
I closed my eyes trying to endure the pain, I held onto my be-d sheet squee-zing it real ha-rd .
“Its h0t” I mumbled trying not to cry out.
“Where is your fan??” He asked looking everywhere for it.
“I don’t have one” I said using my hand to fan myself.
“Bastard” he cursed as he lean closer to me.
He brou-ght his mouth close to my b©dy and started b!owing air from his mouth on my b00bs. I closed my eyes in relieve as he did that.
“This won’t last long you know” he said looking at me still very close to me. I nodded sadly waiting for his suggestion.
“I can’t let you continue feeling this pain, you are red alre-ady. You nee-d to wash it off” he said sitting properly farther away from me.
“I can’t even t©uçh it, I feel pains.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
“$h!t!!!! I am going tofu-cking kill that man” he said within gritted teeth.
“Eddie, you can go now you nee-d to rest. I will be fine, I can manage” I said and moved to the window.
“Princess are you sure you will be fine??” He asked worriedly.
“Yes Eddie, you have done more than enough for me today, you nee-d to rest. Thank you so much” I said smiling.
He c@m£ close to me and nodded cu-pping my face, “it will be fine Princess, I will draw a plan and I will make it fine” he said smiling.
“Thank you Eddie” I said and hvgged him, my head right in his che-st. He hvgged me back but not ti-ghtly.
“Go now Eddie, you nee-d to rest. Its very late” I said and placed the stool close to the window.
He moved to the window reluctantly before climbing the stool and jumping from the window to the tree.
He faced me and waved me goodbye. I smiled and waved back.
I let my cotten fall immediately he got to his window. I went to my be-d and la-id on it carefully, my back still hurt.
I stared at the smiling feeling so bored until I allowed nature take over.