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Seduced episode 9

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SEDUCED(Episode 9)
(Tales of seduction)
Praises Chidera Obiora
” Amaka What are you doing? ” i asked , quivering to her touch.

Amaka placed her index finger on my lips.

” Sssssshhhhh . Don’t ask questions when you already know the answers to them. You can’t deny the fact that you haven’t noticed my advances towards you. Sooner or later, you knew something like this was bound to happen.” She spoke softly, pushing me back to the wall.

” Please stop ” i whispered.

I meant for those words to come out in a shout. I tried to shout it out just like a faithful husband would do. Exactly like an angry woman in labor will shout. But instead, it came out in a whisper. A lifeless whisper.

” i saw the way you stared at my bum and breast while i came to welcome you earlier on today. Why can’t you just accept the fact that you need me. At least i am not hiding mine now. I have always needed you.”

” No. Stop… Please stop ” another lifeless whisper escaped my lips.

” Your junior looks starved. ” she blurted, looking down at my protruded towel.

I looked down at my towel and found out my erection was now in full bloom, flaunting its length and straight huge size like a peacocks flaunts its feathers. It was like a ready boxer patiently waiting for the referee to blow the whistle so it could start landing punches to its opponent.

” Uju told me of how huge you are. She told me of how you make her scream passionately on bed. She said you are good. She said you make her cry when you both make love. But she hates sex with you because your huge junior down here is so big that it hurts her. ”

” she told you? ” i asked surprisingly .

” yes Uche, she did. She is my friend, she tells me everything . Every single thing that happens in your bedroom behind closed door, we as ladies gist about it. ”

” Gushhh… I will kill her. ” i spoke Wondering why Uju would take our bedroom issue to her friends.

No wonder when i walked passed any, they just kept starring at my zip. I had always wondered why. Now i knew the reason.

” O Uche shut up. You talk as if you don’t discuss same with Patrick over a bottle of bear. Tell me that Patrick haven’t told you just how good i am in bed. Hasn’t he told you of how we made love on the very first night and how i went six rounds straight, giving it to him from all directions? ”

I shook my head in denial. Feeling weird not to betray my friend. But that was simply the truth. Patrick had gisted me every single story that transpired between him and Amaka in the bedroom. It was just a normal thing amongst every single guy. Sleep with a guy today and the next day his friends would be hearing the story of how you moaned to his touch. Do not give him sex and he will still boast to have slept with you, just to avoid being laughed at and mocked by his friends, for being such a stupid person.

” Don’t lie to me. You guys do it. You both are best of friends, just the way Uju and i are. “she spoke camly.

She brushed her hands on my laps, slightly lifting my towel and drawing a line with her finger nails. Her breath of air touched my skin sending goosebumps down my spine. I closed my eyes in pleasure, enjoying every moment of this ecstasy i had found myself in.

” Uche, i cant stop wondering. Does she really satisfy you on bed? ”

” who ? ”

” your wife. My friend Uju. Does she appreciate this God given manly organ that ladies like me crave for? ” Amaka asked.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t expose my wife to her best friend. I never even told that to Patrick. It was a burden and a secret i kept locked up in my heart. Uju never satisfied me on bed. Most times, when she stood up crying and running out of the bedroom into bathroom, i ended up using cream to stroke myself, just to make sure i was satisfied. My act of stroking wasn’t done in secrete. Sometimes Uju helped me out with the stroking. That was a sacrifice i had to make if i must continue to be faithful to Uju.

Amaka’s chest was now pressed against mine. She made sure that her breast touched my two nipples on my make chest. Her cleavage was now fully opened and i could almost see the slightly curved breast. She drew close to me and wrapped her legs round mine. I couldn’t move, i just stood breathing really hard.

Amaka raised her hands and wiped the sweat that was cascading down from my face.
I quivered. My heart was pounding even faster. Her lips reached for my neck and i slowly bent it towards her. She placed a soft kiss at the side of my neck. The impact of the kiss on my neck forced me to clinch my fist and shut my eyes tightly.

” Uche . why didn’t you tell me all this while? ”

” Tell you about what? ” i asked in a whisper. I was still enjoying the way her hands rubbed my chest , appreciating my well built and manly figure.

” Why didn’t you tell me that the first time you walked up to us. It was actually me that you wanted and not Uju? ”

” How did you know this? Did Patrick tell you this? ” I asked .

Amaka’s hands were so soft, she placed her head on my manly chest and played with my nipples with the tip of her fingers.

” Yes he did. ” she said, heaving a sigh. Never mind. Your secretes are safe with me. Yes Patrick did. He told me everything. He told me of how you had admired me from the very first day, and how he walked up to me first and you boiled in anger, only for you to settle for my best friend Uju. Well he told me this a long time ago when i was still dating him. That was one of the reasons i left Patrick. I felt i was punishing your emotions anytime you saw me with him. ”

” Nnnn…No you were not ” i said stammering.

“Shhhh …. Uche i was. I noticed the way you looked at me when i walked past you. The way you watched as i cuddled and held on to Patrick. You simply held onto Uju wishing i was the one you were holding. You’ve always wanted me. You’ve craved for this moment. And guess what, i have craved for you too.” Amaka said.

She dragged my head to her lips and a wet soft towel brushed through my ears. It was her tongue. I moaned in pleasure, watching as she drew back her tongue into her lips. I wanted to have a feeling of that again. I felt like telling her to s–k onto my ears one more time.

That was what i have always wanted. It was something Uju never did to me while we made love. This was because she was carried away by the pains caused by my eight inch rod, and would soak the bed and pillows with her tears and sweat by the time we were done making love.

” Ucheee. ” Uju called out.

I turned towards her . To behold her sweet pink lips. Amaka’s lower lips was slightly divided in the center. The bent line at the centre made her lips even more sexy. I had once told Patrick that her lips looked like Angelina Jolie’s . That was one celebrity i truly admired and have always wished i could kiss. I spent my youth age wishing I had married her instead if Brat pitt.

” What are you doing to me. ” i asked.

” Uche, i should be asking you what you did to me. I have spent many nights thinking about you alone in my Bed room. Do you know how many times i have touched myself wishing it was you i touched. How jealous i feel when i see Uju hold you in her arms? How angered i get when i realise that she doesn’t satisfy your sexual crave, instead she complains, knowing fully well that some ladies like me needs a guy as strong and manly built as you. ”

” Amaka am married now. I…i.. still love my wife. I… I.. Don’t ”

” Shhhhhhh… Please don’t say another word. Make love to me now. I promise not to scream out loud. ” Amaka said, whispering in my ears.

To be continued…


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