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June 18, 2021


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Seduced episode 8

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SEDUCED (Episode 8)
Praise Chidera Obiora
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” Uche ” Uju called out, jolting me from my rather awkward stare.

I looked at her face, paying full attention to what she had to say.

” Am sorry about the kitchen experience. Ah i didn’t know you had quite a Massive pound of flesh in front of you. Uju must be lucky. That’s the kind of man i dream of. ” she spoke rather softly.

Amaka was suppose to be tender a proper apology but here she was smiling and telling me about the kind of man she wanted. I didn’t even know why i joined in the smile.

For one thing was sure , Uju never for once commended the size of my manhood. Instead, she always complained that any time we had sex, it ended up being painful. She once told me that it felt like a needle was piercing through her belly. Uju was only taking the pain and still making love to me only because she wanted to satisfy my sex urge, by making sure i don’t go outside to meet another woman. Even though i appreciated her actions i wasn’t really getting satisfied sexually.

I remember

once, i had to stop half way and withdraw from her, just because i couldn’t bare the shout and scream any longer. Uju screamed like i was punishing her, or rather flogging her with a whip. She was practically crying and shedding tears like a child being flogged with pepper. I couldn’t help it anymore , i had to share this experience with Patrick. He has had sex with a lot of ladies and have even lost count. I needed his own expertise and advice, hence i went to him.

When Patrick heard my story, he bursted in laughter.

” My brother when she cry , that means she is enjoying it. Don’t fear. Just make sure you continue. Do you know how many ladies wish and pray for a husband that can make them cry during sex? ” Patrick asked. ” she will get used to you as time goes on. Just no fear. Make sure you go in softly and slowly on her. Don’t rush her.”

I considered his advice and went home that very night to meet my wife Uju. Soon we made love again and i tried not to pay attention to her shout or her screams anymore. I

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just went around my normal business. Taking it softly and very slow. I was just Few seconds away from c—-x, and was now increasing my speed and thrusting deeper, when Uju forcefully pushed me away with tears in her eyes. She stood up from the bed and ran to the
door holding a wrapper, and shaking like a chicken that has been beaten by the rain.

I tried to approach her and ask what the matter was, but she simply fired at me.

” Do you want to kill me? Uche do you want to kill me. Is this how i will continue. For God sake it was going normal at first, i was at least trying to enjoy it and bear the pain i was feeling from your over sized penis. And the next thing you can do is to increase your speed like a horse. Gushhh… Uche You’re just too big. ” she screamed out in pains.

I felt awkward about myself. Sometimes i was even scared to touch Uju because i didn’t want to make her go through pains again. I didn’t want to turn what was to suppose to provide pleasure and be mutually enjoyed by two parties, into a regrettable bundle of pain.

This was exactly what we went through while we were still dating and had few months to be married. Things got so worse that we had to consult a doctor together. That was when we met Doctor Ijeoma Okafor , a doctor at one of the big hospitals in Lagos state.

Doctor Ijeoma was a doctor who focused mainly on women issues . what surprise me was when i found out that she was also the owner of the hospital. She had obviously married a rich man, or probably belonged to a wealthy home for her to have owned such a well built hospital. I thought to myself.

When we were both referred to her by one of Uju’s concerned friends, i felt ashamed going to the hospital and taking the issue to her.

I imagined how Uju was going to sit down and critically explain and analyze how big my penis was , and how painful it was during sex. And to think i was going to be there watching her explain everything and watching doctor Ijeoma Okafor steal glances at me while my story was being told. Hence i had no choice, i had to accept and go with her. We needed professional help and someone who could proffer solutions to our problem after all.

I walked into the office to find Doctor Ijeoma sitting down on a soft black foamy chair that rotated like a barbers chair.

She looked quite younger than i had expected. She was a woman probably in her early 30s. Doctor Ijeoma was fair and plumpy. Though she wasn’t gifted with a back side like that of Amaka, her breast were massive; a little bit bigger than Amaka’s breast.

Uju started by introducing the both of us as couples who were both yet to be married.
When asked what the problem was, Uju fired in quickly. She explained everything painfully to Doctor Ijeoma. She even went further to describe the exact way my penis looked.

I sat silently as Doctor Ijeoma kept stealing glances at me. While i starred away in shame and pity. Haven heard our sex story, Doctor Ijeoma smiled. She seemed to have heard several issues like this before. She looked unworried and unmoved by Uju’s Complain. All she did was turn her her chair from left to right, fidgeting with the blue biro that was in her hands.

” Miss Uju, calm down. The problem is not that your husband has a large penis, the problem here is that you have a small v—-a that is trying really hard to get use to the huge size of your husbands penis. Don’t worry, when you get pregnant, probably after your first issue, the pains will reduce. Your V—-a just have to find a way to get used to the size before the pains stop. You will get over it in time to come.” Doctor Ijeoma said smiling.

She had spoken well. And I ended up loving the part where she said the problem was from Uju small V—-a and not from me. Butterflies began to dance in my belly. I felt like letting down tears of Joy.

We soon got laughing, after some drugs were prescribed to Uju to ease the pain she felt after sex. While we walked out of the office, doctor Ijeoma slipped in a paper into my hands, and winked at me.

” Call me.” She uttered almost in a whisper, and brushing her tongue over her lips just like a dog will do when its wiping the left over food from its whiskers.

Well that was a move i never made till date. When i told Patrick of that experience , he jumped up like a clown.

” Omoh my guy you just the get luck o. See how you the miss use your luck. Sha i don’t blame you. That’s the bondage of being married. ” he said laughing.

Truth was that, before i got married i watched Patrick have all the pretty sexy looking girls that he had ever dreamt off. He could just walk up to a girl and in seconds she would follow him like a bee follows honey. How Patrick got to make girls sleep over at his house with ease got me wondering.

On my own side, I never enjoyed that experience. I was single but yet, i was one of the good guys who would never break a girls heart. I would never cheat on any girl i dated. I rarely even had a one night stand with girls. I was that guy that would go to the club with Patrick and walk out of the club alone, while Patrick drove home with two beautiful girls.
At some point i considered myself unlucky. Or may be i never had the white blood for women.

But since i got married, my story changed. Opportunities to have sex came at every slightest chance and i turned it down because i was now married. If only i was still single, Doctor Ijeoma wouldn’t need to give me her number. I would had been the one requesting for it. Amaka wouldn’t have spent an hour in my house without me making sexual advances towards her. But i was married and faithful to my wife.

” Uche am i forgiven? ” Amaka said holding onto my hands.

” Ye.. Yesss.. You are. Sure you are . I mean it’s nothing. You walked in mistakenly. It was my fault, we would had gone to the bedroom. ” i said stammering.

Amaka’s hands were soft and felt really cold as they gripped mine. I leaned upon the wall watching goose bombs appear on my skin like chicken pox. I was completely h—y and starred at Amaka’s cleavage like a thirsty puppy.

My white towel pushed up almost immediately, revealing my erected penis. Amaka took a step closer, and yet another step and all i did was breath heavily. My body wanted her, it craved for her. It wanted to ravish every part of her. But then, my soul and spirit wanted to wall away, but i found myself stuck like a buried pipe.

To be continued….

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