s£dûç£d episode 3

s£dûç£d (Episode 3)
(Tales of se-duction)
Praises Chidera Obiora
On impulse, just like a sports driver, i swerved left and jammed my legs ha-rd on the break pads. The driver of the upcoming trailer horned all throu-gh, he brou-ght out his head and hands throu-gh the window and stretched his five f!ngerstowards me.
” wakaaaaaaaaaaa! Dan babanza kawai . ” he insulted, as he sped past us.
I took a de-ep breath in. I was thankful for the accident i had just narrowly escaped.
” Guy you wan kill me? we-tin na? Did they tell you that its throu-gh accident i will die ? What is your problem? Since i just de tell you make you slow down. You wan terminate my life? ” Patrick asked, vibr@ting like an over worked generator.
” it was you that caused all this thing. Why will you tell Amaka to stay in my house eh? Why must she live with me? ” i asked back.
Patrick bur-sted into laughter.
” O ..O that’s why you want to kill me shebi? That’s why you decided to call me to glory before my time. Even if she stays in your house what is wrong with that? Are you not comfortable enough to feed them? Come on bro, she just nee-ds help. More over she is your wife’s best friend, and once my ex. She is like a friend jor. Abegi let her stay. ”
” Patrick its not that. You are taking this issue like an ordinary something. ”
Patrick gave me a stern look. He looked at me like one who had something hidden up my sleeves. I knew there were so many thoughts running throu-gh his mind at that moment.
” wait .. Wait…. You don nack her before? ” he asked.
” no now . i have never done that.” I replied.
” okay … You d@t£d her and you broke up with her, so she now couldn’t take the heart break so she now decided to come to your house to stay? ” Patrick asked again.
“Patrick its not that one. Am a married man. You should know me well. I can’t cheat on my wife. I am not like you na .” i said.
” eh eh… Don’t even go there. There is a deference between being married and being single and searching. Am single and searching. You are married. So you just have to be faithful. I am not un-der any compulsion to be faithful to any lady o. ” Patrick said.
” Abegi forget that matter. ” i said, waving the issue aside before we got into another h0t argument.
I always knew Patrick to be a person who was good at defending himself. He always found an excuse for not being faithful to just one girl.
Once, he d@t£d a girl named Aisha. Patrick claimed that she had small brea-st, and he ba-rely gr@bb£d anything while they made love at night. He claimed Clara was too slim, and had no flesh. When he met Sophia , he claimed she was materialistic and knew nothing ap@rt from shopping and buying new jewelry and new shoes every week. Azuka was too holy and not ro-mantic. He said she shouted ‘Jesus! Jesus! ‘ during S-x till his erection just disappeared without him even eja-culating.
” That is not the kind of woman i want. I nee-d a perfection. The one that can provoke me and i will still smile stupidly . A woman that i will wake to see in the morning and node my head and say, Patrick you made a right choice. ” He will always say.
” Guy what is the problem? Open up to me. Am your guy o. ” Patrick persuaded.
” Its Amaka .” I blurted , tapping my hands on the starring wheels.
” I know its her. Its because of her you wanted ending my life in the first place. But tell me what your problem with her is. Because that girl no get issue o ”
” Patrick am married. Having Amaka in my house is a temptation i don’t know if i can control myself.” I complained.
Patrick bur-sted out in laughter. He laughed uncontrollably at me. He laughed till the extent tears began to role from his eyes.
” Patrick don’t laugh biko. You your self know how this thing de work. Can’t you see how she is looking? Swear that you didn’t have an erection when she had to turn her backside just to show Uju that she wasn’t fat. She is too S-xy to leave with me. See big br£@st , big nyash, thickl-ips, £r0ticsmell. Small t©uçh from her , Son of Zion will fall. ”
Patrick increa-sed his laughter. He di-pped his hands in his pocket, reaching for his handkerchief to clean his eyes.
” Uche don’t kill me with laughter. So all this while you’ve been silent, you just de calculate how to avoid Amaka and her as-sets? Look brother, this is the point you test yourself and your faithfulness for your wife. As for me o, i must confess i un-derstand what you are feeling now. That girl is the most S-xiest lady i ever d@t£d. You have a lot on your hands my guy. Abeg start this car lets go back to the office. ”
Patrick may have thought he un-derstood what i felt, but he didn’t. Ap@rt from being my wife’s friend, Amaka had eyes for me too. She completely admired my person.
Two days after my marriage to Uju, we both had ourselves soa-ked in a S-xual forepla-y. I had taken her into a world of £r0ticescapades.
O how she screamed words of Praises in my ears, confessing all her sins and future sins in my ears. I felt like a reverend father taking the confession of a sinner . Haven exhausted all my energy, I soon drifted into sleep, but could clearly hear the nock that sounded at the front door of the ap@rtment. Uju stood up from the be-d. She was careful not wake me up.
Hours later , the laughs and whispers of two women sitting in the parlor jo-lted me up from be-d. I ti-ptoed to know who the guest was. I peeped throu-gh the key hole, to find Amaka and Uju seated and laughing like tickled babies.
Uju had told Amaka of how good i was in be-d, and how masculine i handled her with all plea-sure. I clearly heard Amaka say the words ” i wish i was in your shoes o. Dash me your husband for just one night na. ” and the both ladies all laughed out loud, shrugging their shoulders.
Aside from that moment, Amaka’s eye glances towards me, before our wedding day and after our wedding day, showed that she was interested in having me warm her be-d. I took my thoughts off her severally, and pretended not to see her S-xual advances towards me.
” Guy start this car make we de go. St©p de think.” Patrick said, tapping me on my shoulders.
As i turned on the ignition of my car, i made up my mind to talk to Uju about Amaka’s stay in our house tonight. There had to be a way out i thought to myself.
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To be continued.