s£dûç£d episode 10

s£dûç£d (Episode 10)
Praises Chidera Obiora
” What about your friend? Do you want to break your friendsh!pwith her? Don’t you think you are betraying your friendsh!pwith Uju? ” i asked holding ti-ght to my half loos£ned towel that was now sliding down my bu-m. I watched as Amaka’s hands began to ru-b my che-st and abs.
She brou-ght herl-ips towards my left n!ppl!s and began to s–k upon it like a baby su-cks its mothers brea-st. Her left hands gr!pp£dmy ha-rd erected man-hood and stro-ked it vigorously.
Amaka’s hands were so soft. They felt just like the br£@st of a seven year old woman. Her palm was without a scratch . I wondered if she ever used her hands to do any work at home. It was we-t and full of moisture , probably gotten from the sweat she had earlier on cleaned on my forehead.
” Gushhh ! Uche you are so big. You are just the perfect kind of man i have always wanted. You have it all. You are janded. Tonight, you are going to have me from behind. And tomorrow, we’ll have it in the kitchen or may be the bathroom” Amaka whispered.
Her breath crept its way into my ears like a pregnant spider. it climbe-d into my imaginations and la-id its eggs of £r0ticthoughts in my head. I began to pictures myself holding ti-ght to Amaka’s behind and sp@ñking it from different angles, while i rode her like the hungry starved horse that i was.
” Uche ” Amaka whispered again. ” How do you want it served to you? From the front or do you want it doggy just the way you’ve always loved it? ” she asked.
I looked back at her in amazement.
” How did you know what i want? How did you know just how i love it?” I asked slightly raising my voice.
Amaka’s hands gr!pp£dmy mouth quic-kly, covering it with her palm. She stretched her head to take a peep at the corridor, and listened for Uju’s footsteps. When she was certain that Uju was not approaching, she drew back towards me like a serpent
” shhhhhh… You don’t want to spoil this moment do you. Don’t let your wife come out. ”
” How did you know what i like? Why do you do everything so perfectly? You handle me so well like you’ve re-ad my S-x life in a book .” I spoke faintly, whispering in plea-sure as my ha-rd pe-niswas now stro-ked slowly and even more gently.
” what do you love about what am doing? Why do you say so? ” she asked curiously.
” your t©uçh, the way you s–k my n!ppl!s. How do you know it was the left n!ppl!s i loved most when s—-d. You stro-ke so perfectly. You tell me sweet words and how good and big i am. Amaka you have been s£dûç!ng me all along, and now my guards are lost.”
Amaka gave a smile. What ever she was doing was working. I had no control over myself. My whole organs were weakened. My head was sh0t down and all i wanted was Amaka’s b©dy.
” How did you know? What have you done to me?” I asked with my eyes closed.
” Uju told me everything about your S-x life. She told me of how you have craved and have continuously asked and begged her to give it to to from behind. Well she cant. Your baby girl is still a child in that. She’s not yet re-ady. ” Amaka spoke .
Uju never let me have it from behind. But yet, she knew that was my favourite S-x position. Not just me, but every young gentle man like me who stares at a woman’s behind when she pas-ses, wishes somewhere in his heart to have it from behind with her someday. But as usual, Uju always complained.
Having S-x from behind was the most painful p@rt of it all. It was a suicide attempt i dare not try to initiate or else, i would spend a whole week petting her and serving her h0t tea in be-d.
It had happened once. I was so carried away after being starved S-x for over three weeks. Uju finally agreed haven’t cleared off the memory of the last pains she felt. I pleaded for it to be done from behind. After countless plead, Uju finally agreed. Just like the bible instructed, she submitted to me, kneeling down like a priest would do when he wants to pray. she bowed her head like a Mallam in a mosque and held a firm grip to the pillows.
I knelt down from behind and happily drew closer to her bu-m, encouraging her that it was not going to be painful. That day felt like my birthday. I gr!pp£donto my pe-nislike a smoker about to light a cigarette, and located the entrance to her parish in darkness. I slowly led in my hungry animal with all plea-sure. Uju gave a loud scream that shook my ear drums. She buried her head in the pillows, screaming and m0@n ing at the same time.
That evening after the S-x, i bec@m£ a nanny.
I boiled water in the morning for her masarge, made her tea and made sure it was served to her on be-d for the next one week that followed.
When i told Patrick about this, haven noticed that i recently started coming to work late and looking tired, he laughed at me. That was a laugh that nee-ded no apology. Ever since then, i promised never to ask for S-x from behind, no matter how i craved for it.
” Uche do you want a b!ow Job? ” Amaka asked,whispering and breathing heavily in my ears. She landed soft k!sses to my n£¢k and k!$$£d myl-ips slightly.
” Y..Y..ye… plea-se why? ” I stammered uncontrollably, whispering faintly.
She rolled her ton-gue down my belly, letting me m0@n and breath in plea-sure. Her t©uçh was magical; It made me shiver. I was practically enjoying the euphoria of the moment, and praying for God to help me not to cheat on my wife Uju. I was just three months old in my marriage. A faithful husband who never went out in search of what i enjoyed now. A p@rt of me blamed Uju for the temptation i felt now. Somehow she had made this happen by bringing in Amaka to stay with us. Innocently, i ended up becoming the victim of the whole thing. I was married but yet tem-pted.
A warm feeling took over me. I felt Something we-t, something different from the hands and stro-ke, from the k!sses and from the n—-e s–k. This one was sweet and moist. It triggered my heart beat and made it beat fas-ter. The plea-sure i felt was intense. I opened my eyes to find my pe-nisburied in Amaka’s mouth. She was on her knees appreciating and worsh!ping my God given and well sized man-hood with all plea-sure, just like a servant worsh!ps his master.
To be continued.