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secret romance episode 21 & 22


👸• [ The Engagement ]•🤴




“I’ve always been a fool, I can’t understand my heart that’s why I missed so many opportunities to be with you.

Will you forgive me, this time. I’ll do my best to protect you and love you” I said putting all my emotions into words of love and she looked at me silently.

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I opened my arms for her to walk Into my life and she just stared at me still in silence.

Mandy suddenly embraced me accepting my confession and love for her. I smiled as I round my hands around her back.

“I love you and won’t want you getting confused between who’s more important between you and him to me” she said and this even made me more happier knowing that I did mean something to her.

“Cut…..” the director said and we both dis£ngaged from the huge.

“Michelle do you usually act with all your emotions?” She asked after we had both dis£ngaged from the huge.

“What if I say yes will you believe me?” I asked and she chuckled.

“Such way of acting will only make me cry and believe me any girl will be heartbreaking” she said and I just smiled.

“Mandy I lo… ” I said but got cut short by her @ssistant.

“Mandy gift from your fans just arrived, you should come have a look at them ” her @ssistant said and she nodded.

“Okay I’m coming ” she said looking towards the direction of which her @ssistant called her.

“What did you want to say Michelle? ” she asked and I became speechless.

“That You’re a fool” I said and she chuckled.

“I’ll leave you now ” she said and walked away smiling at me.

“Actually I’m the fool” I whispered to myself and walked towards the director.

“Inform everyone that we’ll be having dinner together” she said to one of the workers and he nodded.


“How is your checking? ” I texted Naomi to know how she was doing.

“You’re a traitor, the doctor said I wasn’t pregnant ” She responded.

“The pregnancy kit had expired” she texted and I smiled.

“Okay ” I texted and drop my phone on the table.

“This are the gift from you’re fans” my @ssistant said dropping a box on the table.

I opened it and removed a small box from it and looked into it.

“Wow, cute mobile phone shell” I said looking at it. It had a drawing of me and Ronnie on the back of it.

I brought out my phone and texted Ronnie.

“I have a gift for you” I texted and took a picture of the mobile phone shell and s£nt it to him.

“It looks nice” he texted and I smiled.

“The director asked you to join the crew have dinner later ” one of the workers informed me and I nodded.

“When will you be done with your work, I’ll come pick you” Ronnie texted.

“There’s no need, I’ll be having dinner with the crew tonight ” I texted and dropped my phone.

I let the makeup artists rearrange my hair for me. she later applied some light makeup on me. After she was done, I went and meet the others so we could have dinner together.

We all sat on a round table which was filled with different food types. Michelle had sat by my right hand side and the director had sat by his right.

“I really want to thank you all for your [email protected] work most especially Michelle ” the director said and he chuckled.

“All the credit this time should go to Mandy. She has been doing a wonderful job in her acting skills ” he said and I smiled.

“Your right, a toast for you Mandy” She said and I drank a full [email protected] of wine.

“Good evening everyone, I’m sorry for coming without any invitation” Ronnie said walking in from nowhere.

“I’ve prepare some gifts for everyone” he said and gave a bottle of red wine to everyone.

“This is to thank you all for taking care of Momo while I was away this few days” he said placing his hands on my shoulders.

“Momo you’d said you have a gift for me where’s it” he said and I had no choice but to bring it out.

“Wow look, it’s a phone shell with both me and Momo on the back” he said and I just smiled. The look on Michelle’s face had totally changed.

“I’m sorry everyone but I’ll have to take Momo away from you all” he said taking my hands and I stood up.

“Ronnie how cloud you just want to leave like that, why not have a toast with me” Michelle said standing up from his seat.

“Okay ” he said and picked up a [email protected] of wine from the table.

“Ronnie can’t drink he will be driving later” I said not allowing him drink.

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask my driver to take you both home” Michelle said insisting.

Immediately he made a toast with Michelle I seized the drink from him and drank it.

“I’ve drank it for him, let’s go” I said and he moved out with me.


“Momo stop” I said Scraggling to hold her and at the same time trying to open the door.

“Let me go, I’m not drunk ” she said trying to push me away.

“I know you’re not drunk” I said and tried my best to s£nd her inside the house.

I managed to bring her right inside the house and we both fell on the couch. She had lied on my arm and I just watched her.

I opened three of my upper buttons and looked at her as she slept on my arms.

“Momo, move in with me” I said looking at her.

“Why should I move in with you?” she asked not even opening her eyes to look at me.

“So I could protect you all the time ” I said and she smiled.

“Protect me” she said and rolled herself on me. She sat on my laps and brought her face towards me. This cause our forehead to touch each other.

“Ronnie, are you going to klzz me? ” she asked even if she was the one on top of me.

“We both have a contract and we can’t break it” she said looking into my eyes.

“Naomi almost got pregnant with Henry’s baby so we can’t get so close. Got it ” she said and stood on her feet.

“If you don’t go back home tonight sleep in my room ” she said feeling dizzy as she tried to stand on her feet.

“I’ll sleep in the guest room sleep in my room” she said and walked towards the guest room.

I just kept seating on the couch as she walked into the room. All I was thinking about was what she just said to me.


👸• [ The Engagement ]•🤴




“What?? Ronnie wants you to move in with him?” I asked and she nodded.

“Yes. I’m totally confused. He even called me this morning to ask if I had made a decision to move in with him.” she said and I smirked.

“What are you confused about? ” I asked walking around the couch.

“I don’t know why he keeps insisting on me going to live with him. He even asked me to move in to his house again this morning” she said and I nodded.

“As a script writer, I’ll help you analyze the whole thing” I said and sat down.

“If you move into his, you two are going to be closer to each other and even get to know each other more and more and more then, you’ll find out that you’re brothers and sisters who have been separated for a very long time ” I wispering and smiling at her.

“Naomi, cloud you be serious ” she said rolling her eyes and I nodded.

“The truth is, if you move into his house you’re going to be closer to each other and even get to know what you both like and dislike. Maybe even see things you aren’t seeing now ” I said and stood up from my seat.

“Cloud you remove dirty thoughts from that head of yours ” she said and I smirked.

“But why do refuse Ronnie?. I mean his Caring, handsome, and his only devoted to you. His a husband material ever girl wants ” I said and watched her reaction.

“A husband material ” she said thinking about it.

“I’ll go get some lemon juice ” I said and walked into the kitchen leaving her to think about it.


“Here are the do¢vments, he signed them already ” Henry said handling it to me immediately he entered my office.

“Don’t let the shareholders know about me acquiring *KD enterprise* ” I said and he nodded.

“Yes boss” I said and he made to walk out of my office.

“Henry ” I called and he turned back and looked at me.

“I heard about you and Naomi ” I said and he smiled touching the back of his neck.

“Even you know about this” he said feeling unease.

“It okay to have fun but with safety okay ” I said and he nodded.

“Boss the shareholders will soon be here, you need to get ready ” he said and I nodded.

“You don’t have to worry about that, I’ve already prepared everything ” I said and he nodded and walked out.


“Don’t let the shareholders know about me squiring KD enterprise” the record played and Kendall listened to it.

“I’ve done what you wanted can you keep it a secret” I said and he chuckled.

“Not so fast miss Jenna or should I call you by your full name Jennifer” he said smiling.

“What else do you want Kendall, I s£nt the phone shell to her and she gave it to him, isn’t my work done” I yelled at him.

“Don’t you ever yell at me or else I’ll have no other option than to expose your little dark secrets” he said and I remained quite.

“Thank you for this information its going to help a lot. You can leave now ” he said and reluctantly went away.

Kendall had visited me days ago and handed a phone shell to me to give to Mandy as gifts from her fans. The phone shells were tapped with a wireless bug which cloud listen to their every phone call.

I had no choice but to accept it because he had found out our top secret do¢vments and wanted to expose it and the only way I cloud not let him do so was to accept what he wanted.

Now I’m stock in-between the line and don’t know what to do.


We the shareholders had all sat down and was waiting for Mr Ronnie to join us.

“I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting, we can start the meeting now” he said as he walked and his @ssistant distributed some files on our desk.

“The investigation carried out on me has showed that I was not involved in an unfair competition” he said and I chuckled.

“Mr Ronnie. It is true that you were falsely accused but you have to explain to us why you aquire *KD enterprise* without letting us the shareholders know. You do think we don’t have the right to know about such transaction” I asked and everyone began mumbling to each other. Ronnie had just stood mute.

“Do you know, if it wasn’t for the team we @ssigned to investigate him we wouldn’t even get to know his Acquiring *KD enterprise* for 10 billion ” I said and every shareholder mumbled even more than before.

“Chairman Ronnie, Explain this to us, how cloud be use such a huge about of money and don’t even ask for our cons£nt before acquiring another company. Don’t you know this cloud affect us financially ” said Another member among us.

“I wander how Mr James got to know that the contract between me and KD enterprise has been signed?” he said trying to point the whole thing on me.

“It must [email protected] through the legal department of the company before being signed right” I said and every nodded to it.

“You’re right. Everyone open to page 5 on the do¢vments placed infront of you” he said and I looked at the do¢vments his @ssistant had dropped infront of everyone when they walked in.

“It has always be Brooklyn NY task to acquire a bigger company like KD enterprise ” he said.

“Lies” I said interfering with what he was saying.

“Mr James if you fell like this company is not good for you being here again, you can do form your own company…known of us are going to stop you” he said harshly.

“I didn’t get the company on a 100%, I managed to get the company on 78% discount and I know the company is going to be of big use to Brooklyn NY that’s why I spent money in it because we are all going to benefit from it” he said and I chuckled.

“Yes! I know Chairman Ronnie won’t do anything to harm this company ” the shareholder said again.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you all about this earlier before signing the contract. We’ll discuss about this more in our next meeting and I fully hope you all can trust me now that I’m back as your chairman ” he said and walked out after everyone agreed on him remaining the Chairman.

I twisted the paper work and hit my hand on the table after he had left.

I cloud not believe Kendall had given me false information about the signing in of KD enterprise.

“He’s going to get it hot with me” I said with so much anger and left the office to go call Kendall.

To be continued.

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