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Sad thing finale

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 11- Semi final ❤
On Monday morning, Camila was at Vivian’s house to see her son as always. Little Nnamdi ran into his mother’s arms immediately he sighted his mother.
“How are you doing today my son?” Camila have asked in a playful tone.
“I’m fine, mommy, good morning Mommy” Nnamdi replied in smiles.
“Have you had breakfast?” Camila asked
“Yes…… mommy you look so beautiful today” Nnamdi had added and Camila had blushed.
“Thank you son” Camila had said in smiles
“Here I packed you some lunch!” Camila said and Nnamdi smiled.
“I always get hungry at school during lunchtime, no matter how much I eat in morning, I still get very hungry after the long break….this is the first time I’m going to have lunch at school, I won’t be hungry today” Nnamdi revealed
And Camila felt bad for her little son.
“Son, I thought you always had lunch with you, what happened” Camila asked curiously
“Aunty Vivian always forget to pack my lunch, she is always in a hurry in the morning and she would only make breakfast before leaving for the gym” Nnamdi explained.
No one can replace a mother, no matter how h@rd they try. A good mother is thoughtful, caring and irreplaceable. Camila had just realized that his son needed her.
“where is Vivian? You mean she had left to the gym already but it’s only 6:45am” Camila finally said
” mom when are we going to live together? ” Nnamdi cut in
“Very soon my son, I love you so much and I know aunty Vivian loves you too in her own way, we should be thankful that she raised you, and you have turned out to be a fine young boy”
Camila replied and hugged her son tightly.
The school bus finally arrived and Camila waved her son goodbye.
As Nnamdi left for school, Camila hurriedly left for the Shela Petroleum group, it’s head office was located at the mainland of the city and Camila had the golden card to lead her way. In two hours, Camila who was stucked in traffic for an hour, finally arrived at her destination, she walked into the huge green building with a m@ssive gate and pressed the bell button that was by the side of the gate.
In no time, a Gallant security man, came to the gate.
“Hello, good morning ma” The security man said politely
“Good morning sir, please I’m here to see your boss, Mr Stephen Bode” Camila said softly.
“Ok, do you have an appointment with him?” The security man asked and Camila nodded and said “yes”.
“Any proof?” The security man asked again.
And then Camila remembered what Stephen had told her at the restaurant.”with the gold card, the security man you would meet at the security post would s£nd you directly to my office” Stephen’s words echoed in Camila’s ears, she immediately reach out to the gold card in her hand bag and she hold it up, “here, I have his gold card” Camila replied and the security man nodded and asked
“What’s your name?”
“Camila B@ssey” she replied.
“Ok, please hold on, let me confirm” The security man said.
In few seconds, Camila had walked in to the fine building.
“This way leads to the elevator, take the elevator to the first floor, Mr Stephen’s office is at right” another security man told Camila.
In few minutes, Camila had walked in to Stephen’s office and the young man was so excited to see her even though he pretended like he was not.
“You are welcome, how are you? I hope no troubles” Stephen said and Camila Replied politely.
“Here is your employment letter, one of the staff would take you to your office, you are welcome to Shela Petroleum group” Stephen continued
“Thank you sir” Camila said nervously
“Not again!… Call me Stephen” Stephen said smiling.
“But you are my boss now, I have to Accord you some respect” Camila explained
“But no one is here, we are alone, you are my friend, feel free to call me by my name whenever we are alone” Stephen said as he smiled mischievously.
Later that same day, Camila was introduced to everyone in the company.
“This is our new Business analyst, her name is Miss Camila B@ssey” Stephen introduced her to everyone and she was warmly welcomed.
“Apart from being our New business Analyst, Miss Camila is my friend, make sure you treat her respectfully and nicely” Stephen added and Camila smiled with in.
She wondered why Stephen was being so nice towards her.
“Mr. Stephen has changed my life, I can’t believe I got a job at Shela Petroleum, even when I don’t have any experience and my salary is 700 hundred thousand naira this is too much, Lord God thank you” Camila thought in smiles
Few days after, Camila got the alert of 500 hundred thousand naira on her cellphone, when she found out that the money was via Shela Petroleum group, she ran into Stephen’s office.
“Sir” She said immediately she walked in to the office and Stephen said “correct yourself, no one is here”
“Hmmmm.. Steve” Camila said in smiles.
“Better, I’m a young man oh, I’m only 37 and everybody wants to kill me with respect, I might permit other people but not you” Stephen said in a playful tone and Camila laughed so h@rd.
After the playful chat, Camila went straight to the point
“Steve, half a million was transferred into my account via the company’s account” Camila revealed
“Oh that, I instructed the Accountant to s£nd part of your salary into your account, you might need to get something for yourself, you know!” Stephen responded and Camila was so surprised.
“Sir… Sorry Steve, don’t you think it’s too early, I just started working here, few days back” Camila entered
“No it’s not too early, please take care of your needs and by the end of the month you would get the 250 balance” Stephen said smiling.
“Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you do for me, God will bless you” Camila prayed and Stephen was impressed.”She is not a free loader, she has integrity, I like this girl alot” Stephen had thought as soon as Camila left his office.
Camila returned to her office with excitement and gratitude to God.
“With this money, I can start paying off the mortgage, oh thank you God” Camila had thought.
Camila called the mortgage bank to let them know that she was ready to start her repayment. But then she got the news that left her speechless.
“Your debt is cleared off, Mr Stephen Bode Cleared all you owe” Camila listened in disbelief.
Camila immediately headed back to Stephen’s office, Stephen was with some staffs but he dismissed them immediately he sighted Camila.
“When you are done, s£nd the report to my PA” he said and when those workers left, he ordered Camila to take a sit.
“Sir… I mean Steve, you have done so much for me, I’m so grateful, I just called the mortgage. Bank,…. life happened and mortgaged my house…… I can’t believe you paid off everything I owe, thank you” Camila said in tears. Stephen walked closer to her and offer her a handkerchief.
“It’s okay Camila, you don’t even have to thank me, we are friends right? And friends always help each other” Stephen said calmly and Camila smiled through her tears.
One day, it was a weekend, Camila visited Vivian and she told her how much things had changed for her good.
“I got a job at Shela Petroleum and the pay is good” Camila announced without revealing much details and Vivian congratulated her. “Wow that’s a good news, I’m happy for you” Vivian said, for the first time she looked really happy.
“Vivian I know you have done so much for me and I appreciate you a whole lot, Thank you for all you did for my son, but I want to plead for your forgiveness, if I have in any way wronged you, please forgive me, I can’t forget how you stood by me, when my marriage with Emmanuel crashed, or when I slumped at the entrance of my house, you saved my life, if not for God…. and for you, I don’t think I would have been alive today” Camila said in tears and Vivian walked closer and hugged her.
By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 12- Final Episode. 💖
The two friends wept in each other’s arms till they finally dis£ngaged from the embrace.
“Camila I know that I’m not a good friend to you, and I want you to forgive me as well, I was angry, I thought you were ungrateful, I wanted to get back at you, I also had my own share of problems, but that didn’t stop me from being there for you, I was always alone whenever I have my own problems, but I put it on my self to be there for you at all times.. when Tony broke up with me, I needed a friend but you were not there for me… I was bitter, because it was so unfair…I was always there for you but you choose h@rd drugs over our friendship, I wasn’t proud of you anymore….. I wanted to take your son from you, but I see blood is thicker than water, Nnamdi had told me to my face that you are his true mother and that I am not” Vivian revealed.
“Oh really? That boy, what!” Camila said nervously.
“It’s okay, I raised him, he is still like a son to me, he didn’t say anything wrong, actually he made me come back to my s£nses, you are my friend and not an enemy….. When I asked him how he knew that you were his true mother, I was shocked when he told me about his dream….Camila I’m really sorry, I had no right to judge you or to mock you, I had no right to take a son away from his real mother….today I’m not going to stop you from taking your son home, Feel free to go home with your son, I know I will miss him so much but I will be fine”Vivian added.
“Thank you my friend, thank you for taking care of him like he was your own, You are still my son’s mother, Nnamdi has two mothers, I will let him know when he comes of age, and please feel free to call me whenever you need me by yourself, I promise, I will come running to you to make you feel better” Camila responded
That day Camila happily went home with his son. In just few weeks Camila changed his school, bought him new set of clothes and new toys. She made sure her son was comfortable and happy.
A year later, Stephen was celebrating his 38th birthday and he invited all his staffs including Camila who attended the party with her son. All this time, Stephen had been trying h@rd to inform Camila about his feelings but failed. He had thought Camila would misunderstand his feelings like the first time they meet.
“I only wanted to make her feel better when I asked my driver to give her money but Camila was angry, I will never allow such misunderstanding to reoccur between us” Stephen had thought
Meanwhile, when Camila arrived at the party looking very beautiful, Stephen decided to make his feelings known but something happened that changed his mind.
Camila had left her son with a close colleague at the party as she went to greet Stephen.
“Happy birthday boss” Camila had said with smiles and Stephen thanked her.
“Cammy, i hope you came with a gift” Stephen said jokingly and Camila smiled.
“Gift? But you have everything!” Camila replied smiling.
“Oh my heart is broken, so you didn’t even get a gift for me” Stephen entered in a playful tone.
“Yes I got a gift for you boss man, chill” Camila said laughing as she brought out a wrapped pres£nt. Stephen was thankful as he received the pres£nt
Stephen and Camila was conversing when Nnamdi walked in to the scene.
“Mom, look what that woman gave me, she gave me some snacks, can I eat it?” Nnamdi said pointing at Stephen’s aunt. Stephen was shocked, he no idea that Camila had a son, “she never mentioned anything relating to her son” Stephen thought. He was disappointed as he speechlessly walked away from Camila and her son.
When Stephen walked away, Stephen’s aunt walked closer to where Nnamdi and his mother stood And right there, Camila remembered something important.
“The woman in the photograph.,..,.oh the photograph that Chris gave me before he died…now I know why Stephen’s aunt looked familiar, she is Chris’s mother…..Stephen’s aunt is actually Chris’s mother” Camila thought and immediately she spoke out “excuse me ma, please do you know a young man, named Chris, is he your son?” Stephen’s aunt was shocked that she managed to say “why do you want to know?”
“Please tell me ma, Chris gave me your photograph and your address, I have been there countlessly but I couldn’t find you, please talk to me” Camila said with uncontrollable tears falling from her eyes.
“You are my son’s Camila… I should had known, Chris told me a lot about you my girl I had no idea that you were looking for me” Stephen’s mother finally opened up and then she took Camila to a quiet place, so they could talk better.
“I left our hiding place immediately Chris died, it was of no use, Chris was already dead and I had to come out of hiding, after I buried him, along the line…. I met my sister’s best friend who gave my sister’s phone number to me… I have been hiding with my late son since he was 13 years old, I lost contact with everyone I know…and when he died at age 28, there’s was no need to hide anymore, If it was possible, I wanted to join him where ever he was but I got reconnected to my younger sister who lived abroad and she told me that his son was in Nigeria and that happen to be my Stephen, apart from my pain, I was stranded after my son died but Stephen began to take care of me and now I am healed, this little boy resembled my Chris, I have been staring at him at the party, I think my mind was playing tricks on me” the woman continued as she stared at Nnamdi.
“No you @ssumptions are right, he is your grand son, his name is Nnamdi” Camila replied and the woman smiled
“yes he is really my grandson, the fact that his name is Nnamdi proves that he is my Chris’s son, I was pregnant for the second time before my husband, the late king of ISU kingdom was murdered in cold blood by his brother, I have prepared a name and that’s the Name “Nnamdi”, Chris knew everything, I lost the pregnancy and I was devastated” Chris’s mother said and then she looked up in the sky and continued “thank you Christopher my son, you have brought my Nnamdi back to me, you have fulfilled your promise, I love you so much son, rest in peace” The woman said in tears.
After that day, Chris’s mother would always visit Camila, to bond with Nnamdi but in one such visit, the woman was conversing with Camila when she got a phone call. After the phone call, the woman became excited with the news the caller had given her.
On the other hand, Camila had observed the sudden change in Stephen after his birthday and one-day she asked him if she had wronged him unknowingly and then Stephen poured out his heart.
“How could you keep the fact that you are a mother away from me, I thought we are friends” Stephen complained and just to prove that she is not being deceitful, Camila opened up, she told him everything, how her marriage with Emmanuel ended, how she was devastated and how he met Chris who was also his cousin, her drug Add!¢tion, her son’s birth and how she overcame.
“If after hearing all this, and you feel that I’m not fit to work in Shela petroleum or to be your friend, I will gladly resign” Camila said.
“I can’t never judge you because of your past, not after everything you just told me, everyone has a past and you are still my friend, my aunt had told me about you already” Stephen responded.
and right there Stephen confessed his feelings. “I fell in love with you the first time, I saw you, but I have to keep that feeling away, so I wouldn’t lose you, I love you a whole lot and Camila also admitted that she was in love with him too and she has been waiting for him to make the first move. From that day a beautiful relationship was born. It was obvious that they love each other so much.
Few months later, A group of people stormed Camila’s house.
“We want our king” they thundered.
“Who is your king?”Camila asked in confusion
“Nnamdi” they echoed.
“But he is barely 7 years old” Camila explained.
“Royalty has no age, he is the choos£n one” the people replied.
Camila was left with no choice but to call Stephen and his aunt over. They arrived immediately and then the people explained
“our king is dead and he has no heir”
Stephen’s aunt admitted she knew about the death of her brother in-law who had killed her husband. “infact I got the news here, and that was some months ago, when I visited my grandson, Nnamdi is the heir to my late husband’s throne, he is my son’s only son, you all know my son, late Prince Chris, he would have been alive today, if not for your wicked King that just p@ssed on, he thought he would live forever but death is inevitable, everyone must die…. the point I’m trying to make is that my grandson is a little child, why would you want a little boy to be your king?” Stephen’s aunt asked.
“The little boy could appoint someone who would take charge till he comes of age, that’s our tradition” the people replied and when Nnamdi was called upon, to the amazement of everyone, he choose his grandma. When they asked him why he choose his grandma.
“That’s what my father wants, I saw him in my dream, he said you people would come, infact he brought you all here, he told me to appoint my grandma because she had suffered a whole lot” Nnamdi explained and everyone listened speechlessly.
Chris’s mother was coronated as the Queen of ISU Kingdom. And with power she now has, and with the help of the police, Chris’s mother was able to fish out the huge man who had killed Chris, and because of his multiple crimes, he might be killed or s£ntence to life in imprisonment.
Finally Stephen proposed “my love you are the love of my life and I want you to be the mother of my children, I love you so much, and I promise I will never disappoint you, please marry me” and gladly Camila accepted in smiles.
“Yes my love, I want to do life with you too”
They got married and they lived happily.
Marriage is the most abusive relationship. Be ware
The best way to deal with disappointments by others is to remind yourself of the love, mercy & grace God gave you!
When someones loves you– you will know, when they don’t– you will know! Be real with yourself!
It’s not love that hurt you but someone who didn’t know how to love you that
Marriage wasn’t created to make you happy, it was created to make you better.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Camila won Vivian’s heart with love.
When some one does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.
h@rd drugs don’t just affect your physical body and health, it can affect your mental health, your finances, your relationships, your social life and your criminal record. Stay off drugs, alcoholism or any form of negative Add!¢tion for your own good.
SAD THINGS happens, they do, but we don’t need to live sad forever. Always learn to move on prayerfully.
The End
What did you learn in this short and amazing story 🤔🤔🤔


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