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Sad thing episode 9 & 10

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 9

Every morning during the week days, Camila would stop by at Vivian’s house just to bond with her son before his school bus would arrive. Those days were the best days for camila who had experienced so many SAD THINGS. Vivian’s abs£nce from her house every morning, made everything easier and magical for the mother and son. Vivian has always been obsessed with losing weight because she thought that with a great body any man would fall for her and marry her, no wonder she never skipped the gym, not even for a day.
Hearing her son call her “mommy” for the first time brought joy to Camila’s heart.
“Why did you leave me with aunty Vivian, if you were my mother?” Nnamdi had asked curiously
One morning as they were waiting on the school bus.
Camila did not respond immediately but when she spoke she said in smiles.
“It’s a long story my son but I @ssure you that I missed you alot and soon we will be together”
And the little boy smiled.
That same day, Camila also had waited with her son till the school bus had arrived.
And then she left for her work at the Hotel.
Immediately she got to the hotel, she was posted to the restaurant to work there as always, and then the busy day began.
“Camila go and clean table 12, get a new table cloth upstairs” when Camila heard the order from the manager, with a professional smile on her face, she immediately walked towards the entrance of the restaurant, she was heading out of the restaurant, so she could use the elevator that was by the side, the elevator would take her upstairs, she was not expecting that the customer she would meet on her way would be someone familiar
“Son, where have you been? Why are you not here yet.” the customer had said into the phone.
Camila was staring at the customer, who was busy talking on the phone, the customer was quite elderly, probably 65 or 70 years old. Even as she walked p@ssed the aged woman, she kept thinking where she had met the woman because her face was so familiar.
And then she suddenly heard a charming male’s voice from behind
“Aunt, I’m here.”
He was dressed in a custom black designer suit, at least 6 feet tall, with long, straight legs. This man had a handsome face, as he approached, attracting the attention of everyone in the restaurant.
Camila wondered why this young man and that aged woman looked familiar to her but then she shook her head. How could she possibly know them? She thought
But to her surprise, the young man walked up to her with a wicked smile on his face,
“I didn’t get your call, what did you do with my gold card?”
Camila was shocked. She finally remembered. He was the man at the back seat of the G wagon, the G wagon that almost got her killed and of course the CEO of the Shela Petroleum Group, Camila remembered how his driver threw money at her that rainy night, she suddenly became angry. She hated Stephen. He was arrogant and domineering just because he was rich.
“Sorry, I don’t know you.” Camila didn’t want to seem familiar with him.
“Really? But I remember you.” Stephen came closer towards Camila and kept staring at her because he had once thought that Camila was a ghost. Stephen realized that his pres£nce brought a s£nse of oppression that made Camila more angry.
“I’m so sorry about what happened, I know nothing can justified what I did that night but please forgive me, I’m sorry” Stephen entered.
Camila was impressed as that apology soften her h@rden heart and immediately her anger vanished.
“It’s okay. I forgive you” She then said.
Stephen smiled.
“Thank you, by the way, my name is Stephen Bode, my friends call me “Steve”Stephen entered.
“Camila B@ssey”Camila said and then they shook hands
“Do you work here?” Stephen asked in smiles.
And Camila nodded yes.
“That’s okay, I’m in table 12….” Stephen announced and then Camila remembered that she was ordered to clean table 12 and now it was obvious why she was ordered to clean that table, the table was reserved for almighty Stephen Bode of the Shela Petroleum Group.
“I have to go please, I’m busy” Camila said and politely dismissed herself.
Stephen went to met his aunt who was waiting for him the whole time, his aunt also saw him conversing with Camila, the old woman sighted smiles on her nephew’s face all through. When Stephen got closer to his aunt, the woman smiled.
“Who is she?” Stephen’s aunt entered And Stephen smiled half shyly. Without saying a word. While his aunt continued.
“She is fair-skinned and beautiful, even though she was wearing her work clothes but I see you were not ashamed to speak to her in public and that’s a good thing, you were smiling all through your conversation with her”
“Aunt what do you mean? Are you now a detective?” Stephen asked in smiles.
“Your mom and I wants you to settle down, it doesn’t matter if she is rich or ordinary, all we want is a good woman” The old woman added and Stephen smiled.
Stephen and his aunt were making their way to Table 12 when a woman who happened to be the restaurant’s manager stopped them.
“Please wait sir, I’m very sorry to inform you that table 12 is not yet available, please wait” the manager said
“Why? My PA called for VIP table reservation, what’s the matter?”Stephen asked.
“The janitor would tidy up the table, please wait sir” The manager added pointing a vacant table where they could sit and wait.
Camila had arrived with a new table cloth and was rushing to table 12, when the manager called her name.
“Camila, i told you to tidy up table 12 more than 30 minutes ago and you are yet to do it, You are joking with your job, look our clients are waiting, that’s not good for business, why are you so useless?” The manager said as she looked at Camila with hostile eyes.
“I’m sorry” Camila managed to say.
“You are just incompetent” the manager added and Camila apologized again.
Stephen who couldn’t bear to watch Camila apologise to the ugly rude manager entered “actually, its my fault, I was discussing something with her a while ago, Camila is my friend…. I had no idea that she was busy and that she works here”
Camila didn’t believe her hears when she heard Stephen refer to her as his friend. Even the manager was shocked.
“Your friend?” The woman repeated while
Stephen’s aunt smiled.
Camila was done working on the table and Stephen and his aunt where already sitted on the table.
Camila then walked away to clean up other places but Stephen’s aunt wanted to Camila around and she then decided to look for a reason that would bring her back to their table.
She had quite picked interest in Camila and at the other hand, Camila was still wondering why the woman’s face was familiar.
Stephen had ordered for a bottle of a non alcoholic wine, a cake and meals for two. The wine arrived first, as Stephen and her aunt sipped the wine, they engaged in a conversation.
“Your sister, would be returning to the country tomorrow, aunt your birthday celebration continues till tomorrow, I have hire an event planner to plan a big party tommorow, it’s your birthday celebration and your sister’s welcoming party” Stephen said in smiles and his aunt smiled as well
“Thank you so much my son, I can’t wait to meet your mom again, after so many years, I have missed her alot, I also missed you too son, I can’t believe how much you have succeeded, I’m so proud of you” Stephen’s aunt said smiling
Stephen’s aunt had alot to say but immediately she sighted Camila walking in to the restaurant, the old woman deliberately failed to hold her gl@ss of wine properly and it fell to the ground and broke, w€tting the woman’s skirt
By this chance, Camila was called upon to clean up the table and the old woman left to the bathroom in the pretense of cleaning up herself, she wanted Stephen and Camila to be close and alone, so they could get to know each other better.
By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 10 ❤
It was so magical to see Camila and Stephen discussing like two friends, they asked each other questions that would enable them know more about one another other. When Camila was done cleaning, Stephen requested she sits with him.
“No I can’t, I’m working, it’s against the company’s rules, I can’t sit with clients, I don’t want to lose my job, it’s so important to me right now” Camila said politely.
But Stephen insisted.
“I @ssure you, that you won’t lose your job just because you sat down with me, I already told the manager that you are my friend, so I’m someone you know now” Stephen entered but still Camila refused .
“How would you know? That woman is not nice at all, I don’t want trouble please” Camila said.
There was a silence for while and then suddenly, Stephen broke the silence
“What is your qualification?” Stephen said at once.
“I’m a graduate, I majored in Computer science, why do you ask?” Camila responded
Stephen stared at Camila for while as she wondered why a graduate would end up as a janitor and then he asked
“Would you like to work at Shela Petroleum?”
Camila was shocked that she didn’t know what to say but when she was able to put few words together, she asked
“Why?, That’s too much, why would you do that for me?,.I’m like a total stranger to you”
“Camila, you are not a stranger, I know few things about you, and that means you are my friend now, and friends help each other, you are a graduate and I think you deserve a better job” Stephen replied and Camila nodded
“Thank you so much, yes I would love that alot, that would be great” She replied.
“Today is Friday…….you can resume on Monday” Stephen said
“Really? Just like that? You are kidding right?” Camila said at once.
“No I’m not, with the gold card, the men you would meet at the security post on Monday, would bring you directly to my office, you still have my gold card right?” Stephen said and Camila looked away.
“Oh I knew it, you did something to my card” Stephen said in smiles and he reached out to his suit pocket and he brought out another gold card.
“Here, I will be expecting you on Monday” Stephen said still in smiles as he handed another gold card to Camila.
“Thank you sir” Camila said faintly.
“Call me Stephen, not sir” Stephen corrected and then Camila smiled. Stephen stared at her speechlessly, it was obvious that he loved her smile. With in, he admitted that she was beautiful.
“I would love to have your phone number so i can call you” Stephen finally requested and Camila nodded in acceptance. Stephen then gave his phone to her, so she could type in her number.
Camila was typing in her number when Stephen’s aunt walked back in to the scene. Then Camila politely dismissed herself after she had handed Stephen’s phone back to him.
Soon after, Stephen and his aunt left but all through that day, Stephen’s thought were on Camila
It was obvious that he was so into her.
“There is something special about her” Stephen had thought.
On the other hand, Camila had a busy day but when ever she remembers the new job that Stephen offered her, a quick smile would fill her face.
“God knows that I have been working h@rd to pay off the mortgage in my house, heaven knows how much I needed this new job, with this new job at Shela Petroleum, I will not only be able to pay off the mortgage, I will also be able to take care of my son and myself, it’s high time my son returns to me, I want to be part of his life, Vivian had done enough for me and I deeply appreciate all she had done for me and my son, even though her intentions seems unpure, but nevertheless I appreciate all her effort”Camila thought.
At the close of work, Camila quickly unbuttoned and changed from her work clothes, immediately she stepped out side and took a deep breath of fresh air, her phone rang. She had thought the caller was her son, maybe he took Vivian’s phone to call her as he normally do, but when she brought out her phone from her bag, she saw an unsaved number.
She received the call and then she discovered that the caller was no one else but Stephen. Camila’s heart skipped beats as she took the call.
“Camila I just want to know how your day went, are you still working?” Stephen had said at the other end of the phone.
Camila told him that she was heading home.
They conversed for a while, they spoke about the new job and Stephen promised to explain the terms of her employment when she resumes on Monday and then they finally hanged up.
When Camila got home, her thought went to Stephen’s aunt and she wondered why the woman seemed familiar. But her thoughts slowly went to other things like her fears
“I hope my past won’t hurt me, what will happen if Mr Stephen finds out that I was once a drug Add!¢t, it would be so embarr@ssing, he might even s£nd me away, because a reputable company like Shela Petroleum won’t want to have an employee like me who is not just inexperienced but has history with h@rd drugs” Camila told herself, her beautiful face was filled with tears. She always gets emotional when ever she remembers her past Add!¢tion to h@rd drugs and then suddenly she swear a little prayer.
“Lord I don’t want to experience sadness anymore, lately you have brought good things into my life, my son now calls me mother and a man who I had thought was heartless and arrogant, had offered me a job in his company, Lord God, please let these good things be permanent and let SAD THINGS disappear from my life permanently”
Camila felt a lot better after she prayed and she then went into the kitchen to fix dinner for herself as always.
Inside a huge mansion, Stephen was in smile, his sudden likeness for Camila had made him curious. No lady had made him feel that way. And ever since they path crossed, he seemed like he was drawn to Camila.
Stephen was undoubtedly a great man in every aspect.
But only this woman named Camila had threw his money back at him, she threw his gold card away without thinking twice, and before that, he was not the kind of man that apologized when he is wrong, but he found him self saying “sorry” to Camila.
Stephen was intrigued by her.
“Why I’m so drawn to Camila? Who is she?” Stephen said to himself.
At this moment, his cell phone rang and he was brought out from his thoughts. He answered the phone at once.
“Boss, I got the information you wanted. Her name is Camila Stephens B@ssey, she is 32 years old, she was born in the United State, she’s also a graduate, majoring in computer science, She was born into a wealthy family but immediately her parents died, she became bankrupt, her only @sset, is the house where she lives but the house was mortgaged and the mortgage bank would take over the property soon” the informant entered
“Oh I see….pay off her debts, do it right now” Stephen ordered
“Yes, sir. I’m currently running more research on her to find out more information about her”
“The information I received are enough for now, thank you and good night” Stephen said at once and hanged up.
The next day, Stephen was sighted at the International Airport at the arrival section of the Airport.
Stephen was so excited to see his mother as he hugged her so tightly.
“Mom, you are welcome, I missed you alot, how was your flight?” Stephen asked as he held his mother so tightly in a warm embrace.
“It was nice son” Stephen’s mother replied with smiles as they dis£ngaged from the hug. “Where is my elder sister?” Stephen’s mother asked looking everywhere
“Oh she is at home, I went to the office today, I had a lot to take care of, so I couldn’t go back home to pick aunt, I came directly from the office”Stephen replied.
“That’s okay but where is Camila?” Stephen’s mother asked at once.
“I don’t understand” Stephen said and then it occurred to him that his aunt had already told his mother about Camila.
‘oh I see, some people had been discussing about me behind my back, that’s unfair, aunt is going to pay for this” Stephen said in smiles
His Mother smiled as well.
“What do you expect us to do? We want grand children, and getting a wife is the first step, My sister told me about Camila, how you were in smiles when you conversed with her at the restaurant” Stephen’s mother said.
“Mom stop it!” Stephen said half shyly.
To Be Continued
Stephen don’t know that Camila has giving birth oh 🤔🤔
What if he decided to let her go once he found out 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️😏😏


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