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Sad thing episode 7 & 8

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 7 ❤
Slowly Camila had began to observe that Vivian was not her friend as she doesn’t want Nnamdi to return to her, whenever Camila wants to go home with her son, she always came up with one excuse or the other, it was so obvious that she didn’t want Camila to get too close to Nnamdi.
Camila wanted to take her son from her forcefully but when she remembers the bond that Vivian shares with her son, she decided to take things easy with her.
“She really took good care of my son when I was in rehab, and even christened him Nnamdi like I told her and she is the mother Nnamdi knows, I know one day my son would come to know that i gave birth to him” Camila said in tears and from that day she stopped insisting on taking Nnamdi home but she put it on herself to see her son everyday at Vivian’s place.
On the other hand, Camila was facing some other issues, her Add!¢tion was over but she was facing the consequences, apart from losing her son to Vivian, Camila was still bankrupt and in debt as the mortgage bank had been threatening to take over her house if she fails to pay off the mortgage.
She had few months to pay off or lose the only property she had left, she was educated, her late parents made sure she had the best education available.
She graduated from a prestigious institution with good results before her parents died in that plane crash.
Camila had never worked in her life and because she lacked experience, no company was willing to hire her service. The only job she found that needed no experience was the Janitor’s job(cleaner), the job was available in an hotel, and her duty also includes to serve the customers and other workers, the hotel owns a big restaurant too and she would also work at the restaurant most of the time.
Camila tearfully signed a contract to become a Janitor at a six star hotel and restaurant.
Camilla resumed work the next day and her sole goal was to pay off the mortgage bank. Even though the work was h@rd, Camila was still determined to work and get paid so she could pay off the mortgage on her house.
Few months had p@ssed and Camila couldn’t save up even half of the amount she needed to pay off mortgage, because her salary was little and she could only get by with it.
One rainy day, at the close of work, Camila had changed out of her work clothes, and she had put on her worn-out shoes, and rushed home in the pouring rain. But then she had to run to Vivian’s house to see her son, she had noticed that her son had began to get close to her by the day, and it was so nice to know that Vivian had not noticed the sudden clos£ness that existed between the mother and son. She was carried away with the fact that Nnamdi only calls her mother.
Just as Camila was crossing the sidewalk, a sudden intense light swept by.
A G wagon suddenly stopped abruptly with the sharp noise of brakes.
Before Camila had a chance to react, she fell to the ground.
A man rushed out of the car and cursed at her,
“What are you doing? Are you in a hurry to die?”
As her knees and arms were bumped by a car and injured, Camila tried to stand up, only to fall to the ground again.
Camila looked at the flashy car parked in front of her and shivered with anger,
“Do you think you can be so arrogant just because you are rich? I have your license plate number. Do you believe I can sue you?”
The driver didn’t expect Camila to be so rude and hot-tempered, when the window slowly rolled down, a man’s voice came from the back seat.
“Give her money.” In a low tone
“Yes, sir.” The driver immediately put on a respectful tone.
A large amount of money was thrown at Camila
But Camila’s eyes were red with anger, and her eyes were filled with tears. She desperately looked up to keep the tears from falling down.
Camila picked up the money on the ground, and with all her strength, she endured the pain in her knees and arms, and threw the money into the back seat
“You.” The driver turned around angrily, threatening to hurt her.
The man who had asked the driver to give Camila money smiled. however, he stopped the driver from saying more words to Camila.
“That’s enough Paul” the man at the back seat said ignoring the money that was all over where he sat.
Camila looked at the man in the back seat of the car, the street light shining through the window on his face.
He had a noble and handsome face, just like the ancient king. The cold eyes blinked deeply as he looked at Camila mockingly.
“Come here.” He hooked his f!ng£r and beckoned to Camila, saying in an irresistible tone.
The man was so handsome that Camila couldn’t help but stare at his charming face through the window.
A gold card was thrown out of the window. The man’s proud voice was tinged with condescending pity, “Here’s my card. You can sue me. Of course, if you need medical attention, you can bring it to me, my address is on the card.”
The G wagon sped away, splashing mud and water on Camila’s clothes.
Camila sat on the muddy ground, her eyes tearing up with anger. Camila angrily picked up the gold business card and tried h@rd to shred it, but she couldn’t do it at all.
And then she threw the card into her hand bag. Camila wished her parents were alive, they had all the contacts that would get This arrogant rich man punished. She thought
At the same time, Camila remembered the huge amount of money that was thrown at her and she wished she accepted all that money.
“that money was in dollars and I’m sure it will pay off what I owe the mortgage bank” Camila thought but at a second thought she was glad she didn’t accept the money.
“That man and his driver are terrible and I don’t need such money, they almost got me killed, they didn’t even bother to know if I was severely injured, instead they threw money at me, they think money is everything, or do I look like a beggar? Thank God I’m saved” she said to her self.
That night, the handsome man at the back of the G wagon couldn’t stop thinking about Camila, he felt remorseful for how he treated her
“I thought she would feel better if my driver gives her money but I don’t know it would offend her,…. I hope our paths cross again, so I can say sorry to her, well she got my card, I know that she would definitely call me soon” The young man thought.
By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 8 ❤
Camila couldn’t continue with the journey to Vivian’s place, she sadly went back home because her body was not just dirty but bruised. Although she was grateful to God that the accident was not fatal.
When Camila got home, she had just pushed open the door when her phone rang, it was a call from Vivian, or so she thought as she digged her hands to her hand bag and received the call at once.
“Aunty!, hello!” Was the words she heard from the other side of the phone. The caller was no other but her son Nnamdi, A sweet smile filled
Camila’s face, when she heard her son’s sweet voice from the other side of the phone.
“Nnamdi, how are you?” Camila said immediately.
“Aunty you didn’t come to our house today and I decided to call you to know how you are” The little boy said innocently.
“Really?” Camila entered in disbelief. Nnamdi was only a little boy.
” how can a child of four years be this smart and wise?”. She thought.
“Where is Vivian, p@ss the phone to her” Camila said at once
“You mean my mom?” Nnamdi asked.
And Camila said “yes”
She always felt defeated whenever Nnamdi refers to Vivian as his mother but the last thing she wanted was to confuse his son, after all Vivian has been the only mother he knows.
“My mom is fast asleep… I couldn’t sleep without hearing your voice tonight” Nnamdi responded and Camila was shocked.
“Why didn’t you come to our house today? I miss you” Nnamdi added.
“I miss you too baby” Camila said as hot tears rolled out from her eyes.
“I had a very busy day today, i was also drenched by the rain, Infact alot happened today, but I promise you, I will see you tomorrow” Camila added and they spoke for a while and then she hanged up.
After the phone call, a sweet smile lightened Camila’s face as she hurriedly changed out of her w€t clothes and went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She then went to the kitchen to fix dinner for her self, she cooked quickly and soon there was a simple dish on the table. Camila walked into the room with the meal she prepared for herself.
Camila sat down on the bed and ate her dinner bit by bit.
After the meal, Camila took some pain killers that she had purchased from the pharmacy on her way home and then she washed the dishes at the kitchen and returned to her room to take a shower and washed the w€t clothes she changed into.
She was about to take out her dirty handkerchief from her hand bag when her hand went to the golden card, she hold it up, Seeing the card again, Camila thought of the proud man in the G wagon and it’s rude driver.
Nnamdi’s phone call had almost made her to forget about that ugly incident.
“Oh I almost forgot that I was hit by a car today.” Camila said faintly staring at the golden card. All she wanted to see was the name on the card.
“Oh his first name is Stephen, even though he bears the same name as my late father, I don’t think he is a nice man.. Stephen Bode…. now I see why you were so arrogant, He’s the big boss of Shela petroleum Group, I don’t care if he is wealthy but to me he is a terrible person, I hate people like him” Camila added still staring at the Golden card and the next minute she threw the golden card on the floor and hissed.
The Shela Petroleum Group is a global leader in the petroleum market and its CEO Stephen Bode is not only super-rich, but he is also the top “Most Successful Man in the World”.
He’s rich, powerful, and handsome. He was more like a play boy as he had countless girlfriends, it was not entirely his fault as girls usually threw themselves at him but he never spends more than seven days with any of them.
Camila’s late father had once won a contract with the Shela petroleum group to handle their tech issue, no wonder Camila knew about the Shela Petroleum group.
Camila didn’t even think of what she could had gain with the golden card before she threw the card on the floor, it was obvious that She didn’t have a good impression of the CEO at all.
Camila had no idea of the great respect people would Accord her because she have Stephen’s golden card, because only the people who Stephen considered his friends had the golden card in their possession. Camila had no idea that almost all the women all over the world dreamed of becoming Stephen’s girlfriend.
She didn’t even think about doing anything with the golden card as she threw the card on the floor near the waste bin.
The next day, as early as 7:30am, Camila had to stop by at Vivian’s place, so she could see her son as she promised.
Nnamdi was so excited as he saw Camila.
“Aunty, you are here?” Nnamdi entered he was having his breakfast. He politely greeted her
“I’m having fried egg and bread, aunty do you want some?” Nnamdi announced and Camila smiled, she still couldn’t believe that a child of 4 years would be so thoughtful and wise.
“Thank you son” Camila said in smiles as she stared at her son for a while, the little smart boy had began to look like his late father-Chris.
“Where is Vivian?” Camila asked as she looked around for her.
“She had left for the gym like always, I am waiting for my school bus” Nnamdi revealed.
And Camila listened in disbelief.
“How could Camila leave a young child of four years by himself, why can’t she wait for the school bus to arrive first before leaving for the gym? And here I was thinking that she really cared about my son, now I see why my son is so smart for his age, he was forced to be independent at a very young age” Camila thought within
“Aunty, aunty!” Nnamdi called out to Camila,
Bringing her out from her thought.
“Aunty I want to ask you a question” Nnamdi added
“Tell me dear” Camila responded
“Aunty are you my mother?” Nnamdi cut in leaving Camila shocked and speechless.
“Tell me please, are you my mother?” Nnamdi repeated and Camila nodded “yes” with tears rolling down her cheek.
“I knew it, one uncle told me in my dream…the uncle told me that I’m your son and that I’m a prince….”Nnamdi said and Camila was shocked.
“uncle?” Camila repeated, she needed no sooth sayer to tell her that it was Chris’s spirit or better still the spirit of God was at work.
Nnamdi was so excited to know that his dream was true.
“I love it now that you are my mommy” Nnamdi said in smiles.
Camila waited for the school bus to arrive and when Nnamdi left for school, she left for her work at the hotel
Many days had p@ssed and Stephen wondered why Camila had not called.
“No girl has ever neglected my gold card except this strange girl… I’m beginning to think that she is not human, oh maybe she was a ghost or something” Stephen thought
He decided to forget about her like they never meet.
But one-day something magical happened!
To be Continued
Blood is thicker than water ❤
Something magical happened 🤔🤔


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