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Sad thing episode 5 & 6

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 5 ❤
Chris’s note reads:
“Cammy, I’m in a lot trouble because of what you owe me, I couldn’t pay what I owe my boss, for days now I have been on the run, my boss has threatened to kill me if I couldn’t balance up, I’m very scared, I will be at my place at 9pm tonight, I want to run far away, where I would be safe but I can’t leave without seeing your face for the last time”
Tears rolled down her eyes as she read the note.
At 9pm, Camila had already arrived at Chris’s apartment, she remembered when last she was there, it was four weeks ago when they had made out.
She quickly opened the door and walked into the apartment.
Her face lightened up with a quick smile as she saw Chris standing right after the door.
“Cammy you are here?”Chris said softly
He was looking so exhausted.
“Chris, I’m pregnant.. we are going to have a baby” Camila entered at once.
“Really? Are you sure?” Chris entered as his face lightened up with a quick smile.
Camila nodded and Chris walked closer to her and hugged her.
“I love you” Chris entered
“You do?” Camila asked
“Yes, I love you, I tried to wave off this feeling but I couldn’t, I’m sorry for everything I did wrong, I took advantage of you, you wouldn’t blame me much if you hear my story, I’m a prince, the only prince of ISU kingdom, I was only thirteen years old when my father died and ever since then my life and the life of my beloved mother has been in danger, many times I and my mother had narrowly escaped death, and I have discovered that it was my uncle that wants me dead, he is now the King and he is all-powerful, that’s why I joined this drug business because my boss had promised to protect me and Mom, in return I became his sales person but when I couldn’t balance up, I noticed that he was only using me, he told me to my face that he doesn’t want to get involved with my royal matter, that my uncle is the king and that there’s nothing I could do about it, my problem is why did he lead me on? When he knows he was not going to help me, I turned to the way of crime because I needed protection, but now I see that it’s doesn’t worth it” Chris narrated and Camila listened in disbelief.
“Here is my mother’s photograph, I wrote her address at the back of the photograph…. I have told her about you” Chris added, he was about to say more, when he heard sounds.
“Camila, they are here, please hide, I love you so much” Chris said softly and Camila went to hide under the bed in the bedroom
“Chris, open the door, you are surrounded, I told you that you can run but you can’t hide, no one eats my money and get away with it, I don’t care if you are a prince, you messed with the wrong guy and right now I’m going to help your uncle to get rid of you for life. You are a scum, a thief, how dare you?” A huge looking man thundered.
“This is the end of the road for you Chris” the man added
And the next minute the door was broken and Chris was shoot thrice and was left to die.
Immediately the huge man and his thugs left, Camila ran out of her hiding place, she had thought that they had left with Chris but she was so shocked when she saw Chris laying on his own pool of blood.
“Camila…. I’m… Sorry… Please..take care..of., your self… …. You.. are… Carrying… The heir to my kingdom….… Shall be……Nnamdi…. I ….. Love… You” Those were Chris’s last words and then he died.
Camila cried like she was going to die.
“Not again” she said in tears.
She cried and cried and when she realized that she might get into a lot trouble if the police arrived and meet her there, she then quietly left with the photograph.
Camila had severally visited the address that Chris wrote down at the back of the photograph but was disappointed to meet a middle-aged man, she had only revealed that she was looking for Chris’s mother, the man had told her that she was in a wrong address.
“No one bears Chris here talk much of Chris’s mother, you are in a wrong address” the middle aged man said bluntly.
Ever since Chris died, Camila had been trying hard to over come her drug addiction
But her addiction had proved to be stronger, she barely stayed clean for few months and soon she began to crave for more hard drugs. She had finally succeeded in mortgaging her house and with the money she derived, she was able to buy hard drugs from another drug dealer that she discovered.
At Six months of pregnancy, Camila reluctantly joined the ante natal clinic, where the doctor strongly warned her against drug use.
“Your baby is already in danger, there’s a possibility that your child might be abnormal, I advise you stop to avoid more harm to your baby” the doctor said.
Camila was terrified that she decided to quit hard drugs for her child’s well being.
Camila who feared her child might be born with a disability prayed to God for the first time in a long time.
“Lord I have not asked you for anything in a long while, Lord I want to give birth to a healthy Baby, and I vow that I will quit drugs, give me the grace Lord to stay away from Drugs” Camila prayed with her eyes wide open.
Camila’s joy knew no bound when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
she weaned her child for a year and half and then she decided to go to rehab.
She was so excited for her decision but her excitement quickly turned in to anxiety when she was told that she was going to live in the clinic for 6 months or more but her young son would not be staying with her at the center
“For six months or more, your son should stay with a family member whom you trust” a middle aged woman who happened to be the head nurse said
“Family member?” Camila repeated
“Yes, a family member like your parents or siblings” The woman explained.
“I don’t have any of those, my parents are long dead and I’m the only child of my late parents” Camila said at once
The woman nodded in pity and then said
“You must have a uncle… Aunt or most especially you must have a best friend, someone you can trust, to take care of your child and keep him safe”
And then Camila’s thoughts went to Vivian who was still very much bitter and angry with her
By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 6 ❤
Vivian was so shocked when Camila called and requested for a favour. Vivian almost refused to help but on a second thought
“this is a perfect time for payback, she always remember me when she needs my help but afterwards she wouldn’t care to appreciate all I do for her” she thought
“Where are you now?”Vivian asked
“My friend I’m at the Rehab center” Camila replied at the other end of the phone.
“Camila, Send me the address, I am coming” Vivian promised
Camila’s face lightened up with a quick smile.
In no time, Vivian arrived at the rehab center and Camila was so happy to see her. And then she cut in
“Camila, you never told me that you were having a baby and you never cared to tell me that you had delivered a baby boy, that’s not fair” Vivian complained but Camila apologized immediately.
“Please forgive me my friend, that’s why I want to over come my drug addiction so I can reason properly, this drug use wants the ruin my life but I have to stop, if not for anything but for the sake of my son, I have to be sound, so I can take proper care of my son” Camila said with thoughts and Vivian nodded in agreement like she really cared.
“I never knew you were abusing hard drug but but I always knew something was wrong…. but come to think of it, who is your son’s father? You haven’t mentioned him” Vivian cut in. Camila did not respond immediately, her thoughts went to Chris.
“Don’t reply if you don’t want to, I get it” Vivian said and smiled softly.
She had concluded that Camila didn’t know her son’s father.
“Maybe she was too high that she made out with a total stranger, what do I expect from a drug addict like Camila, I can’t boldly introduce her to anyone as my best friend anymore, she is now a shadow of her former self” Vivian thought to her self.
When Vivian finally left with Camila’s son, Camila was in tears, even though Vivian had assured her that she was going to take proper care of her son.
“Don’t you trust me anymore? I’m going to take good care of your son like he was my own,trust me” Vivian had assured her but she had no idea why she felt like she had made the biggest mistake of her life by handing her son over to Vivian.
Everyday, Camila would put a call to Vivian to know how her son was faring.
And then one day Camila had called as usual and Vivian had prepared a question for her.
“Your son is okay, don’t worry but you didn’t tell me your son’s name, what’s his name?” Vivian asked at the other end of the phone.
“His name is Nnamdi” Camila responded
“Nnamdi? Why? you are not Igbo, do you even know the meaning of that name?”
Vivian asked at once
“Yes, I checked on Google, Nnamdi means my father is alive” Camila entered and Vivian listened in disbelief.
Camila and Vivian spoke for a while before they finally hanged up.
Camila spent more than thirteen months at the Rehab center and when she was released the first place she visited was Vivian’s house.
She met Vivian but was disappointed that her son was not there.
“Vivian where is my son?” Camila asked immediately.
“Cammy, chill, your son Nnamdi is fine…. You won’t expect him to be at home at this time, I have enrolled him in school”Vivian responded and Camila was so excited.
“You did? Oh thank you so much my friend” Camila said in smiles
“Don’t mention my friend” Vivian said
“My son would be four years old in five months, I miss him alot” Camila entered in smiles she was looking very beautiful and refreshed, she had gained some weight and her face was not looking pale like before and to crown it all she was not itchy.
Camila waited for her son and when Nnamdi finally returned, she was heartbroken that the little boy did not recognize her. Nnamdi only went into Vivian’s arms.
“How is school today my boy?” Vivian asked
“Fine” Nnamdi responded and Camila smiled with tears in her eyes.
“Go and take off your shoes, I’m coming to change your clothes” Vivian entered and the little boy walked away
It was so obvious that Vivian didn’t bother to show Nnamdi, his mother’s photograph all these time she was at the Rehab but still Camila was grateful. She kept saying “thank you” to Vivian for taking good care of her son.
It was time to go, and Camila told Vivian that she wants to go home and that her son would be going with her.
“Cammy, you just got out of Rehab, I suggest you return home and rest, your son will be fine, trust me” Vivian entered
“But my son doesn’t recognize me one bit, I need to bond with my son, let me go home with him” Camila insisted.
Vivian called out to Nnamdi and the young boy ran out from the room.
“My son, you are coming home with me” Camila entered.
“Home? Where is your home? But I don’t know you” Nnamdi entered and then the little boy turned to Vivian and continued “mom, who is she? And do I need to go to her home?”
“Vivian, so you didn’t bother to show my son my pictures, we took alot of pictures together, you didn’t bother to show him any” Camila said almost in tears.
“Please don’t blame me, it never occurred to me, I thought my job was to take care of Nnamdi and that he would recognize you when he sees you again, how is that my fault?” Vivian entered bluntly
Camila finally left, she was heartbroken.
“Nnamdi is still a little boy, soon he would recognize me…. I’m happy that he is okay” Camila tried to encourage herself
When Camila left, Vivian smiled to herself. She had grown more bitter towards Camila and to make matter worst, her love life was not helping matter, she had never been lucky with men. Ever since she got to know Nnamdi, she began to envy her friend.
“Camila was at least married but no man wants to marry me and now she have a cute son, when would i have my own child, this is so unfair, Camila doesn’t even deserve to be a mother, she is irresponsible, she doesn’t even know the father of her son, Nnamdi is now my son, no one would take him away from me not even that drug addict, Camila, yes she was the one that gave birth to him but I’m his true mother now, I am raising him, I have grown to love that little boy like his my own and also I have been looking for ways to get back at Camila for her ungratefulness and for taking me for granted and I can see that I would get back at her this way, Nnamdi would never call her mother” Vivian thought to herself.
To Be Continued
One word for Vivian 🤔🤔😏😏
Which way for Camila now 🙄🤔


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