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Sad thing episode 3 & 4

By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 3 ❤
The young man chuckled and said
“My name is Chris, and I want to introduce something to you… Something I know you would love…. I always see you here at the bar, yesterday I saw you at the car park, a man who I presumed to be your driver was trying h@rd to take you to the back seat of the vehicle……”
“Hey what… do you want?” Camila responded ignoring all he had said.
“Like I said I want to introduce something interesting to you, I don’t deal with poor people, only the rich like you can afford what I sell”Chris repeated.
“What do you sell?” Camila said at once
Chris dipped his hands into his bag and brought out a transparent satchet containing pills
“Here, these pills will make you forget all your sorrows, trust me” Chris said calmly
Chris’s sweet words got Camila’s attention, all she ever wanted was to forget her sorrows and her pains.
“Really?” Camila asked
“Yes, with one single dose, you will feel better” Chris added.
Chris noticed that he had gotten Camila’s attention, and she seemed interested, he didn’t seek for her permission when he threw two blue pills into the gl@ss cup that was on her table.
The gl@ss cup contained alcohol and Camila had been sipping alcohol with that gl@ss cup.
“My lady drink it, I @ssure you that you will like it” Chris said persuasively
Camila who was too drunk to understand that Chris was about to introduce her to drug use, took a sip and Chris urged her to drink up.
Camila obeyed and in few seconds she emptied the cup.
“I like the taste, can I get more?” Camila said innocently.
And Chris smiled, he had caught Camila in his hook.
“My lady you refuse to tell me your name but that’s okay” Chris said calmly
“My… Name is not important, I want more of what I just had” Camila entered.
“If you want more, give me a call in the morning, here is my card” Chris replied as he left his phone number with Camila and walked away triumphantly.
Camila is about to walk into destruction and her late parents would turn in their graves.
The next day, Camila called Chris and the drug dealer smiled mischievously when Camila introduced herself.
And from that day Camila gradually became a drug Add!¢t.
Even though she hide her new found Add!¢tion from everyone especially from her best friend vivian but soon they all began to notice that something was wrong with Camila as she had suddenly lost a lot of weight and she always appeared intoxicated.
Many months had p@ssed and Camila was now doing more h@rder drugs like cocaine and it’s likes.
h@rd drugs is always expensive and in just a year Camila was gradually going bankrupt.
Camila tried to stop doing drugs but her drug Add!¢tion was stronger.
Before she knew it, she lost everything and she couldn’t afford to buy h@rd drugs from Chris anymore.
Chris who had made billions from Camila was still giving her h@rd drugs on credit. In no time, Camila’s debt got to a million and Chris stopped giving her more drugs on credit.
One day Camila was craving for more drugs that she offered herself for payment.
She had met Chris at their usual spot, she was itchy and her face was pale.
“Chris I want some “coke”, I haven’t had any in weeks, please I need it, I can’t do with out it, it makes me feel better, please” Camila pleaded
“No way” Chris scoffed
“You would not be getting more “coke” from me until you pay all you owe me, I’m in a lot of trouble because of you, my boss is on my neck all because of what you owe me” Chris added.
“Chris you know you introduced this to me, and we have done a lot of business together, I promise I will pay you everything I owe… Right now, I’m willing to offer myself to you…. For a tiny wrap of “coke” Camila entered still feeling itchy.
“Really?”Chris responded with a quick smile as he stared at Camila from her head to toe. Camila was still a fine lady even though she was a drug Add!¢t. And Chris had always had a crush on her.
“Yes Chris, just let me have a tiny wrap and I’m all yours, I can go to your house or you can come to my house” Camila said without thought. Her Add!¢tion had clouded her thoughts and reasoning
Chris obeyed as he p@ssed a wrap containing h@rd drugs to Camila.
“Let’s go to my house” He said and Camila nodded in agreement, her eyes were on the wrapped drugs that Chris had placed on her hands, she quickly took out some and sniffed it like a little puppy, a smile and tears was on her face at the same time.
Chris stared at her in shock, he couldn’t believe that Camila would be so Add!¢ted to drugs in just a space of one year and half.
He nodded in pity and within he blamed himself.
“What have i done?” Chris thought
All through the drive to Chris’s house, Camila was sniffing and licking those h@rd drugs, all Chris’s effort to stop her, failed.
“Cammy, why can’t you just wait till we get to my place, this is so risky, do you want us to be arrested, there’s police check point everywhere, please stop” Chris said and Camila nodded without uttering a word.
By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 4 ❤
An hour later, Chris sighed of relief as they arrived at his apartment safely, there was no single police man on the road as Camila had been doing drugs all the way. Chris’s apartment was beautiful and cozy. Camila stared at every corner and then she took off her clothes.
In few minutes, they were both found in each other’s arms, klzzing and cuddling. Camila was still under the influence of the h@rd drugs as she made out with Chris. Few minutes later they were found on the floor, sweaty and exhausted.
“I like you a lot” Chris confessed
“You do?” Camila responded
“Yes…. I am sorry” Chris added
“Sorry? Why are you sorry?” Camila asked
“I shouldn’t have introduced h@rd drugs to you” Chris replied
“It’s not entirely your fault, it’s not like you forced me into doing drugs, I got myself into this mess, I know my parents would be turning in their graves, I didn’t only disappoint them but I lost everything that they ever worked h@rd for, when they were still alive” Camila said in tears and Chris hugged her and then he asked ” Cammy, have you ever thought of rehabilitation?”
“No… I can’t quit drugs, i have tried several times but failed” Camila replied.
“Never say never, you can overcome your Add!¢tion… I know that I got you into this mess but trust me, you can still be clean again” Chris responded.
“I doubt, my life is ruined already, there’s no need for rehab” Camila said and smiled coldly.
“Don’t say that! Your life is not ruined” Chris corrected.
Four weeks later, Camila was caught feeling feverish and itchy, she had thought she was craving for more h@rd drugs as usual .
Few minutes later, she was found standing at the gate, she was itchy and cold, exotics cars drove bye as she stood there, those exotic cars reminded her of her cars that she had sold, at the time she was craving for more h@rd drugs and it was so disheartening to know that she sold those cars at a very low price because she was desperate and needed money to buy h@rd drugs. Then suddenly Camila began to feel dizzy and before she knew it, she slumped on the ground.
Luckily for her, her friend Vivian was nearby, she was there for a visit, for weeks now she had been trying h@rd to reach Camila on the phone. She had no idea that Camila had sold her phones too to buy h@rd drugs
The only @ssets Camila had was the house where she lived, and she had thought of mortgaging the house to pay off all she owe Chris and buy more h@rd drugs as usual.
Vivian couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her friend laying on the ground, she walked closer to Camila.
“Cammy, Camila, open your eyes, what’s wrong with you?” Vivian said at once, she had thought that her best friend was joking.
” You think I don’t know that you are pretending, immediately you sighted me coming out of my car, you fell on the floor…. I am here to know why your phones are off, are you avoiding me or something? I am your friend and I mean well for you” Vivian entered but when she observed that Camila was not pretending, she began to panic, she called out to Camila’s security man and she was surprised that the man was not in the security post, she had no idea that Camila had s£nt the man away because she couldn’t pay him anymore.
Vivian ran to the street and when she saw a p@sserby, she asked for help.
“Please help me, she is my sister, she just fainted, help me, let’s take her to that car” Vivian said almost in tears as she pointed to her car.
Camila was rushed to the hospital. So many medical tests were carried on her and when she regained consciousness, the doctor came with the results
But before the doctor would reveal the test results, Camila asked Vivian to leave, that she needed some privacy.
Vivian reluctantly left, she was so angry with Camila, that she went straight into her car and drove off.
“Who do she think she is? After saving her life, is that the thank you I get, imagine the way she walked me out of the hospital room like I am some stranger, I have always been there for her but I see she doesn’t appreciate all I do for her” Vivian complained as she drove out of the hospital.
Back at the hospital room, the doctor was busy interrogating Camila.
The doctor had suspected that Camila was into drugs but he couldn’t prove it because he didn’t find any form of drugs on her blood stream.
“Ma’am, Do you do drugs?” the doctor asked softly
“No….” Camila responded, it was boldly written on her face that she had lied.
“I hope you are telling the truth, because h@rd drugs could harm your baby” The doctor said at once.
“Baby? Whose baby?” Camila asked immediately
“Your baby…. You are 4 weeks pregnant, congratulations!” The doctor finally announced.
Camila was so shocked and speechless, she didn’t know what to feel, happy or sad. She remembered that she was once married to Emmanuel for five years but she never got pregnant but this once she laid with Chris, she got pregnant.
Hot tears rolled out from her eyes. As she wept the doctor stared at her in confusion.
The doctor couldn’t tell if Camila was happy or sad because she was crying and smiling at the same time but he concluded that It might be tears of joy.
The next day, Camila was discharged from the hospital and the first person that came to her mind was the father of her unborn child, Chris.
“I will go look for Chris, I don’t have a phone, I would have called him over” She thought.
An hour later, Camila had arrived at their usual spot but was disappointed as Chris was no way around there.
She was about to leave when a little boy tapped her from behind.
Camila almost jumped out of her skin due to fear but she turned around and found a cute little boy and she smiled softly.
“Uncle Chris gave me this note, it’s for you aunty” The Little boy said softly and handed over a white piece of paper to Camila and left.
Camila opened the paper and what she read broke her into pieces.
To Be Continued
Camila is pregnant 🤗
Should it be a thing of joy or sad 🤔🤔
What do you think is written I that latter ?


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