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July 24, 2021


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Sacrifice of love finale

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Three weeks later, Richard and Dina were already getting along and he was getting over Betty and Jordan. One faithful Thursday, Dina went to Richard’s house alongside with others friends of Richard including Carla and Olivia.

Obviously Dina didn’t know that Carla and Olivia are detective police neither did she know that they knew about her plan except Liam. They all sat round Richard at the swimming pool in Richard’s house.

“Richy boy.” Dina called, that’s her new way of calling Richard.

“Yes dear.” Richard answered.

“I want us to go out for dinner or lunch, I will pay all the bills, hope you don’t mind?” She requested.

“That’s not an issue, when do you want us to go and how many of us are going?” Richard asked.

“Just the two of us and tomorrow afternoon will be better, don’t you think so,?” She said.

“Yea, that’s not a problem, so which restaurant are we going?” He asked.

“I won’t tell you, it a surprise.” She said.

“Ok, I love surprises”. He said.

“I know.” She replied.

“Why not we all go together?” Olivia who has be listening to them asked.

“No, it just Richard and i.” Dina said.

“Ok no issues.” Olivia said.

Later that day they all left Richard’s house, Dina called Caleb and informed him of their plan and when they will be leaving Richard’s house to the so call restaurant meanwhile Carla and Olivia also informed Betty and Jordan about Dina’s plan. Liam went to Jordan’s house and gave him the full details.

“So tell me, where are they taking Richard to tomorrow?” Jordan asked.

“To this house.” Liam said showing Jordan a picture of the burnted building in his phone.

“Hmm, I know this place.” Jordan said.

“Then get prepare and also informed the police.” Liam said.

“Sure, what time are you guys leaving Richard’s house?” Jordan asked.

“At 11:30am.” Liam said.

“Alright, tomorrow is the last day for Caleb and his co workers and Richard will know the truth tomorrow.” Jordan said.

“Got to go, see you tomorrow.” Liam said as he stood up from the couch.

“Yea bye.” Jordan said and he left.

Jordan called the others and informed them about everything and Betty couldn’t wait to face Caleb and Jackie.

As Caleb and his co workers were preparing so Betty and her backups were preparing infact they were more prepared especially Betty who was determined to save Richard’s life not just because she loves him but because she don’t want him to die.


The next day, at the exact time, Richard and Dina left, Liam was the one driving them. They got to a quiet place and Liam stopped.

“Liam why did you stopped?” Richard asked and Dina pointed her pistol at him.

“Dina, what’s this? I thought we are going for lunch?” Richard asked feeling scared.

“Well unfortunately this is the restaurant we are going.” Dina said when Zac opened the car door.

“Hey get your fucking ass out from that car before I blow off your head.” Zac said.

“Dina what is this?” He asked feeling more scared.

“Shut up and get down now before I kill you myself.” Dina said and pushed him, he came out from the alongside with Dina who was still pointing her gun at him, he quietly followed them to Zac car and they drove off leaving Liam inside Richard’s car. He dialled Jordan’s number and he picked instantly.

“What’s the update?” Jordan asked.

“It time, they have took him.” Liam said.

“On our way now.” Jordan said.

“Belfast before they kill him.” Liam said and end the call.


Richard was taken to the burnted building and was lead into a room by Dina and Zac, they ordered him to sit down on the chair there and he obeyed. Few seconds later, Jackie and Caleb came in, Richard almost past out when he saw Caleb, he refused to believe what his mind was telling him.

“Caleb!” He managed to called when he finally gain his voice.

“Yes it me, surprised?” Caleb asked.

“I don’t want to believe what am thinking right now.” He said.

“Well, whatever you might be thinking is true and please think it very well because today is your last day on earth.” Caleb said.

“What? Caleb! And you Dina, you betrayed me even you Jackie, you are supposed to be Betty’s friend, oh no I should have listened to Betty I should have hear her out.” He lamented.

“And unfortunately you didn’t listen to her, well before I will kill you I will first of all tell you what you need to know. I and my dad killed your father.” Caleb said.

“What??” He shouted putting his hand on his head as tears rolled down from his eyes.

“Yes, we kidnapped your mum and Betty’s mum and play tricks on you so that it will looks like Betty and Jordan are behind it, we did that Just ti take them away from you so that we can kill you because Betty was supposed to kill you four months ago but she refused instead she protects you from us and today you are going to die.” Caleb said.

“Caleb please don’t do this to me please, ok fine tell me what you want or how much you want and I will give it to you immediately.” He said crying.

“That’s the problem dear consin, your late father is too rich that’s why we killed him and he end up willing all his wealth to you but do you know the sweetest part? He said if anything happens to you without a child, everything that he left for you will automatically become mine so I want to kill you so that I can have all those moneys and companies all for myself.” Caleb said and laughed.

“Please Caleb don’t kill me please pity my mum I beg you in the name of God.” Richard pleaded.

“You are not the first I will be killing, I have killed before so no pity.” Caleb said as he pointed his gun at Richard’s forehead.

“Well unfortunately you met the wrong person, you can’t ki Richard, I told you this before.” Betty said as she walked in with Jordan and Liam.

“How the hell did you get here?” Caleb asked as they all faced Betty, Jordan and Liam.

“I bought them here.” Liam said.

“What? Liam you betrayed us.” Jackie said.

“Shut your mouth! You betrayal, you stabbed me in my back and today marks your end.” Betty said.

“I can’t join you to kill an innocent man and I couldn’t say no to you because I know if I refused you will killed me that’s why I pretend to be one you and be Jordan’s eye who always give him information.” Liam said.

“And today you will die.” Caleb said and pulled the trigger, blood burst out, Betty turned and screamed “No oh!!”



Caleb has just shot Liam, Betty turned and saw Liam on the ground motionless, blood was coming out from his chest. Jordan punched Caleb’s hand and the gun fell down then they start fighting while Jackie and Betty also started fighting. Richard was just confused, he didn’t know what to do, he bend down and touched Liam’s chest, he wasn’t breathing anymore, Richard screamed when Dina pointed her gun at him and ordered him to go out, he gently stood up and followed her while they were going Carla blocked them.

“You agent of darkness, you thought we don’t know your plans.” Carla said. Dina was surprised because she never thought Carla was working with Jordan and Betty.

“One more step I will kill him.” Dina said holding Richard in his neck and still pointing gun at his head.

“Fine, don’t hurt him, let him go, he has done nothing wrong to you.” Carla said.

“Drop your gun and move ten steps backward.” Dina said.

Ok, just let him go.” Carla said as she dropped her gun and start moving backward, Dina released Richard as he was about running out of the building Dina pointed her gun at him and wanted to shot him when she heard a very loud noise, her gun fell from her hand and she starts bleeding, Carla has just shot Dina’s hand which makes Richard to stop and turned back.

“Richard run.” Carla said as she start beating Dina with punch and kick.

Meanwhile, Betty and Jordan were still fighting Caleb and Jackie, Jordan was really beating Caleb because he was way stronger than him, all Caleb’s face has swallowed, he managed to escape from Jordan’s hand and ran out but Jordan chased him and continue the fight while Jackie was a bit stronger than Betty but couldn’t beat her, they has fight and scattered everywhere. Betty putted her head inside her trouser and bought out a knife and stabbed Jackie on her stomach, she watched Jackie as she vomited blood out of her mouth and died slowly but painful as she kept stabbing her but on her head, chest, neck, eyes and stomach till Jackie gave up her ghost. She came out of the room when she saw Dina running towards her direction bleeding, she hid herself in a concer and waited for Dina to get closer. She came out from her hidden place and put the knife she used to kill Jackie in Dina’s stomach and also watched her died before she dropped the knife down when she saw Richard running around confusedly and Caleb’s dad was coming out from another room pointing his gun at Richard but Richard didn’t see him. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, as Mr Benjamin pulled the trigger Betty shouted “Richard!!” As Richard turned she pushed him away and the bullet meet her, she fell on the ground bleeding.

“Richard run for your life.” She managed to say before she pass out.

“Betty please am sorry, open your eyes please don’t leave me.” Richard said crying when Zac who ran away when Caleb shot Liam dragged his hair pointing his gun at him as Mr Benjamin came out fully.

“So you think you can run right?” He asked.

“No, he thought Betty would be able to save him.” Zac said.

“Yea, you are right.” Mr Benjamin said and went closer to Richard.

“Today marks your end.” He said .

“One more step you die.” Olivia said as she came out from behind with some polices.

“Drop your guns and let him go.” Carla said as she and Jordan came out from behind too with Caleb already handcuffed, Mr Benjamin and Zac were surprised.

They tried to run but were shot on their legs by Olivia and a police man, Richard pass out immediately due to the sounds of gun shot he has heard.

Mr Benjamin, Caleb and Zac were arrested while Richard and Betty were taken to the hospital and Jackie, Liam and Dina’s dead bodies were also taken away.


The next day, Richard woke up at the hospital and blinked his eyes to be sure of where he was, he turned to his left and saw his mum smiling, Olivia, Carla with some bondages on her forehead and Jordan who also has bondages on his head and face.

“Son you are awake.” His mum said but he did answer he was his starring at Jordan, he regretted ever believing and listening to Caleb and his father.

“Jordan, am sorry for not trusting you.” He managed to say.

“You own me no apologies, what happened, happened for a reason, am glad you are alive and not dead.” Jordan sash and smiled at him.

“Where is Betty and Liam?” He asked.

“Betty is sleeping in her ward, she survived the bullets and Liam, he died.” Carla said.

“No oh, he shouldn’t has died, I want to see Betty, take me to her ward.” He requested trying to stand up.

“Not now, the doctor instructed us to let her rest meanwhile we have a surprise for you.” His mum said.

“A surprise? What surprised?” He asked.

“You can come in.” His mum said and Barista Daniel rolled Richard’s father (Mr Bruno) on his wheelchair into Richard’s ward alongside with Charles.

“No, he is dead!.” Richard screamed facing wall.

“I am not dead son.” His dad said.

“You are dead, we buried you two years ago.” He said still hidding his face on the wall.

“He is not dead,. What we buried two years ago was an empty casket, your dad has be in California recieving treatment.” Jordan said and he gradually turned to them.

“What? Mum do you know about this?” He asked.

“Your mum don’t know.” Jordan said and narrated how everything started, how Betty helped then and how they found out that Caleb and his father were evil. Richard couldn’t believe his ears that his own uncle Sam consin were that evil to the extend of making his father a cripple. He stood up from the bed and hugged his dad.


Two weeks later, Betty has recovered from the bullets and it was time for court, they all sat before the judge including Mrs Antonia while Betty, Caleb, Zac and Mr Benjamin stood in front of everybody. Caleb confessed how his father put him in Drugs business and how many people he had killed and why he wanted Richard dead, his father also confessed his crimes, Zac confessed his crimes and also his plan of killing caleb and his father do that he and Jackie could have the money, Betty also confessed all her crimes and why she decided to save Richard. After everything, the judge sentence Zac, Caleb and his father to 15 years In prisonment each and Betty to two years in prisonment because she was able to save a life but cannot be free without facing the law of shedding blood,They were handcuffed and taken away.

“I will come back.” Betty said to Richard and her mum before she was taken away. Everyone that knew Betty shedded tears including Richard as they watched her be taken away.


Two years later, Betty was released and her mum was very happy to see her, she turned a new leave and became a decent girl. Richard was happy to see her again, they go out together.

One faithful day, Richard went to their house and told her that he wanted to show her something so she followed him, he took her to the burnted building, they walked around and everything/everywhere was very quiet and a bit dirty.

“Do you remember here?” He asked.

“Yes, what happened here two years ago was horrible.” She said and he nod in agreement, He took her to the exact spot where she was shot.

“This is the place where you bullets for my sake.” He said and knee down and bought out a box that contains a diamond ring.

“Betty Lee, I want this ground that you sacrificed your blood on to bear us witness… WILL YOU MARRY ME?.” He asked sounding serious.

“Yes I will.” She replied happily and he fixed the ring on her finger, she helped him up and they engaged in a passionate kiss. After five minutes of kissing they stopped.

“I love you Betty.” He said and smiled.

“I love you more Richard.” She said and hugged him.



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