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Sacrifice of love Episode 8 to 10

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Caleb drove home and angrily went into his room without talking to his father even when his dad was calling him, he refused to answer. He entered his room and collapse on the bed. (“What the fuck!! I can’t believe what Betty said to my face!! She must pay for this!”) He said aloud angrily and stood up from the bed and was pacing up and down when his door opened and his dad came in.

“Caleb, what is wrong with you?” His dad asked as he walked fully into the room, Caleb didn’t answer him, he kept walking around.

“Son talk to me, what is the matter with you?” His dad asked again.

“Betty! That daughter of a nobody dares me.” He said angrily.

“What did she do?” His dad asked.

“Betty told me to my face that she will not kill Richard as we agreed and the worst part is that she is already in love with him.” He said.

“What? Then we must kill the both them.” His father said.

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“No dad, you know we can’t kill Betty, whoever that kill Betty is in trouble.” He said.

“Then what do we do?” His dad asked.

“I don’t know I can’t even think straight, am confused.” He said.

“Ok, let’s call Jackie to come over she might has an idea, what do you think?” His dad asked.

“You are right, let me call her.” He said and took his phone from the bed and called Jackie, she picks instantly.

“Sup honey.” Jackie asked.

“Am not fine, can you come over?” He asked.

“What happened?” Jackie asked.

“Please just come over.” He said.

“Ok, am coming.” Jackie said and end the call.

“What did she said.?” His dad asked

“She said she is coming.” He replied.

“Ok, I will be in my room, just calm down and wait for her and whatever she says when she comes let me know.* His dad said as he walked to the door while Caleb nod without saying anything and his father left.

55 minutes later, Jackie knocked on Caleb’s door.

“Yea come in.” He said from the bed wearing only boxer, no shirt , and Jackie entered, seeing him with no shirt she began to feel him.

“Looking sexy without shirt.” She said smiling and bitting her lower lip as she sat on the bed.

“That’s not the reason I called you.” He said sitting up on the bed.

“So why did you call me, the look on your face says something is wrong, what it’s?” She asked.

“It Betty.” She said.

“What did she do?” She asked.

“She told me directly to my face that she will not kill Richard and that she is going to protect him.” He explained.

“Fuck off!! What the hell are you talking about!?” She asked almost yelling.

“I am damn serious.” He said.

“So what do you suggest we do?” She asked.

“That’s why I called you, I don’t know what to say, think or do.” He said sadly.

“We need to do something because Richard needs to die.” She said.

“So what do you think we should do?” He asked.

“I can remember you told me that one of Richard’s female friends name by Dina is in love with Richard but she is not happy because Betty is always around him. I think we should use that girl and Liam Mr Bruno’s driver, what do you think?” She asked.

“That’s a good idea but how do we go about it?” He asked.

“First try to convince them to understand our game, I will personally talk to Dina while you talk to Liam after that we will send some of our boys to kidnap Richard’s mum and Betty’s mum and tell them to tell Richard that his love Betty is the one that send them to kidnap his mum because she wants his father wealth. Them we will tell Dina to decieve Richard that she wants to show him something or take him to a save place meanwhile Liam will be the one to drive, on their way, Richard will be adopted and bought this us in our usual place then he will be kill and Dina will be the one to shoot him or even stappes him after which we will call the police on her she will be arrested alongside with Liam, Betty and Jordan.” She said.

“Hmm, nice idea but how do we kidnap Richard when Jordan is all over him?” He asked.

“Leave that to me, I will handle it.” She said .

“Master planner, this is why I always talk about you, come here let’s merry over our victory.” He said smiling.

“Hmm, it seems you know what I want.” She said as she claims the bed and they engaged in a passionate kiss as Caleb give her the romance of her life.


Meanwhile, Betty took her phone and called Jordan.

“Sup Betty?” He asked as soon as he picks the call.

“Can we see tomorrow?” She asked.

“Hope no problem?” He asked.

“I think there will be problem if we don’t handle it now.” She said.

“Ok, at what time do you want us to see?” He asked.

“After work.” She replied.

“Ok, I will informed the others.” He said.

“Alright bye.” She said.

“By good night.” He said and she end the call.

The next day at exactly 5:30pm, Betty and the others were sitted together at their usual place.

“Betty, why did you call this meeting?” Carla asked.

“Yesterday, Caleb came to my house and threatened that I will go to jail if I don’t kill Richard because I told him I won’t kill Richard, it not like am scared of going to jail but I just don’t want anything to happen to Richard… Anyways, listen to this record.” She said and turned on her audio recorder. They all listen to Betty and conversation and the file was transferred immediately into their own devices.

“Hmm this is serious, what do we do?” Olivia asked. Everyone was slient looking at each other.

“We need to act fast before Caleb strikes.” Betty said.

“You are right but what do we do?” Carla asked.

“I will go to Richard’s house and tell him to leave this town with his mother for the main time, Jordan you will prepare their flight ticket while I face Caleb and his father even if I die I don’t care.” She said and stood up.

“See you guys later or even Tomorrow.” She said and left. The others layer discussed on what to do to assist Betty because she can’t fight Jackie, Caleb and his father alone. Betty got to Richard’s house and met Mrs Marsha who she already knows that is Richard’s mother, she was going out.

“Good day mum.” She greeted.

“Oh good day my dear, how are you doing?” Mrs Marsha asked.

“Am fine ma and you?” She asked.

“Am good, you want to see Richard right?” Mrs Marsha asked and smiled.

“Yes and it seems you are going out.” She said .

“Yes just going to get some stuffs at the supermarket.” Mrs Marsha replied.

“Ok, go well,. Will be inside.” She said.

“Ok bye dear.” Mrs Marsha said and they departed. Betty ran upstairs and met Richard operating his laptop, he smiled when he saw her.

“My love.” He said as she walked to him.

“How are you doing?” She asked.

“Better seeing you.” He said and they laughed.

“I want to talk to you about something.” She said.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“I want you and your mum to leave this town for now because of what is about to happen.” She Said.

“And what’s about to happen?” He asked.

“Richard, I shouldn’t be telling you this but I just have to because of the love I have for you, your life is in danger, if you don’t leave this town you will….” The sound of Richard’s phone interuppted her. Richard took his phone from behind him and starred at the screen “UNKNOWN NUMBER” was written, he looked at Betty then to his phone.

“Pick it.” Betty said and he starred at her before picking the call.

“Hello who is this?” He asked.

“Mr Richard Bruno, your beloved mother has be kidnapped and she is under our costudied, of you want to see her alive kindly bring yourself to the address that will be send to you and make you don’t insolved the police else you will be good as dead.” An unfamiliar voice said.

And how am I sure you are with my mother? Because she just left few minutes ago.” Richard said.

“Then listen to her.” The voice said and put the phone on Mrs Marsha’s ear.

“Son! Richard!” Mrs Marsha called crying and the person took the phone.

“Now listen, do what you are asked to do else your mother’s corpse will be bought to you.” The person said and the call went dead.

“No my mother!” Richard screamed claiming down from the bed while Betty held him, she heard everything because Richard put the phone on speaker.

“Richard, you can’t go.” She said.

“What the hell are you saying!! My mother has be kidnapped and you said I can’t go !.” For the first time he yelled at Betty but don’t care.

“It you that they want not your mother, if you go there they will kill you and…..” Betty was interuppted again by the sound of her phone, she bought it out from her pocket and “UNKNOWN NUMBER” was written on the screen, she and Richard looked at each other.



She picked the call and put the phone on her ear.

“Get your useless self here else your mother will die.” A familiar voice said and end the call before Betty could say a word, she put her phone back in pocket and turned to Richard who has already dressed.

“Richard you need to stay here please, you can’t go out there it dangerous.” She said.

“What the fuck are you say?! My mother is with those fucking niggas and you said I shouldn’t go?!” He yelled at her.

“And what the hell are you going there to do? Those niggas didn’t asked you fo Money to tell you that it you that they want not your mum.” Betty said.

“So I should leave my mum there simply because they didn’t asked me for money right? Is that what you are fucking saying?” He yelled.

“My love please you have to listen to me, I don’t want anything to happen to you and your mum will return home unharm please.” She pleaded sadly.

“I don’t have your time, let me call my consin and uncle.” He said taking his phone.

“No you don’t have to call them.” She said trying to stopped him from calling Caleb and his father because she knew they are behind everything, Richard looked at her without saying anything and dialled Caleb’s number, it rang twice before Caleb picked.

“Hey consin, what’s popping?” Caleb asked pretending to be innocent.

“My mum has be kidnapped by some fucking niggas.” He said.

“What? When I mean how?” Caleb asked like he knew nothing about it.

“Few minutes ago and they said I should come over to meet them else they will kill my mum and you know I don’t want to lose my mum.” He said.

“Just wait for me, am coming to the house now, dad is not at home he would have come with me but don’t worry when I come we will go together.” Caleb said.

“Ok thanks bro.” He said.

“What are family for?.” Caleb said.

“Will be waiting.” He said.

“Okay.” Caleb replied and the call went dead.

Meanwhile Betty has sent Jordan text message telling him what was happening and also told him to come back home and stay with Richard so that Caleb will not take Richard out.

In 20 minutes time Jordan was already in Richard’s house while Betty left and we t straight to Caleb’s house, she didn’t meet him at home so she called him, he picked the call instantly.

“Where is my mum and Richard’s mum?” She asked

“Listen young girl, I am driving ok and I don’t know what you are talking about.” Caleb said.

“Umm, Caleb, where did you kept my mum and Richard’s mum?” She asked.

“Listen to me, you will not see your mother again, get that into your head.” He said and end the call, she tries calling him back but he refused to picked, She left there frustrated, confused and angry.

Caleb got to Richard’s house, he pulled out from his car and hurrily went inside, he met Richard pacing up and down and Jordan was standing close to the door.

“Hey consin.” He said as he rushed to Richard.

“My mum is out there suffering and Jordan has refused to let me go out, Betty was the first to stopped me.” Richard said, Jordan didn’t say anything because he don’t want Richard to know that they are trying to save him from be killed by his so call consin.

“And why didn’t they allow you to go out?” He asked.

“I don’t know, they said my life is in danger.” Richard replied

It ok, just calm down let me call my dad.” He said bringing out his phone from his pocket, he dialled his dad’s number and he picked almost immediately.

“Son how are you?” His dad asked.

“Dad, am not fine, there is problem.” Caleb said.

“What’s the matter I mean what happened?” His dad asked.

“Richard’s mum was kidnapped today.” Caleb said.

“What? How why?” His dad asked.

“I don’t know, they asked Richard to come to the address that they sent him with an unknown number else they will kill his mum.” Caleb explained.

“Ok, you know what, you go with Richard to the address and i Will call the Police, They will meet you guys on your way.” His dad said.

“Ok dad.” He replied and the call went dead. Off course Richard and Jordan heard everything because Caleb put the phone on speaker.

“Go get dressed let’s go.” Richard said referring to Jordan.

“I can go this way.” Jordan replied.

“He is coming with us.” Richard tells Caleb.

“Alright no problem, let’s go.” Caleb said and they left. They went with Richard SUV Jeep, Jordan was the driver.

On the other hand, Betty was walking home, she was close to her house when a message entered her phone from same unknown number, she opened the message and it reads (“come to this address below if you want to see your mother.”) She ran backward and boarded a taxi, since she doesn’t has a car. She didn’t know that it was the same place Richard, Caleb and Jordan were going, she didn’t even know that Richard still left his house, she was fast enough to get there before them. She pulled out from the taxi and paid the driver, she walked gently into a building that was burnted, she looked around and nobody was there.

“You are Betty Lee right?” A voice said from behind, she turned instantly.

“Yes, where is my mum and Richard’s mum?” She asked. The guy that was standing before her laughed.

“Bring them here.” He said and Mrs Marsha and Mrs Antonia were dragged out.

“Betty!” Her mother called.

“Betty Lee!” Mrs Marsha also called.

“Let them go.” She said.

“Betty, what are you doing here?” Her mother asked.

“I came to take you guys.” She replied.

“Liar! Your daughter paid us 5,000 dollars to kidnapped you and Richard’s mother.” The guy said that was when Mrs Antonia knew that the woman with her was the mother to the guy her daughter is in love with.

“What? Betty!” Mrs Marsha called

“That’s a lie.” Betty said defending herself, her mother couldn’t say anything because she was too shocked to say a word.

“She asked us to kill you, her mother and Richard who is on his way here because of your late husband wealth.” The guy said just then Richard, Caleb, Jordan and police people came in.

“Betty!!” Her mother called as Betty turned back, one of the police woman shot her as she was trying to run and the bullet meet her on her hand and she jumped out from the window, the police woman pursued her, she kept running with her hand that was bleeding, she jumped some stuffs till she ran out of the police woman’s sight.

Meanwhile the guy and his boys were handcuffed.

“He is also among, he and Betty sent us.” The guy said pointing at Jordan.

“What? Jordan!?” Richard called in shocked as he turned to Jordan.

“I didn’t do anything.” Jordan said defending himself but Richard didn’t listen to him because Caleb has poisoned his mind, Jordan was handcuffed and was taken alongside with the guys.

Mrs Marsha, Richard and Caleb went home leaving only Mrs Antonia who find her way home crying like a baby.

Two days later, Jordan was released after some investigation and they found out that he was innocent but they never knew it was Caleb and his father’s plan and also police were still looking for Betty because they checked her name in computer, they found out that Betty has Killed before in Brazil and also in England, therefore she is wanted. Jordan went back to Richard’s house but unfortunately he was sacked simply because Richard uncle (Mr Benjamin) told him not to allow Jordan work for again because it dangerous and Jordan might kill him so Richard did as instructed by his uncle.

Jordan went to his own house and called Carla to know if Betty was with her and he was told that Betty was with Olivia. Jordan called Mr Bruno’s driver, Liam, to his house.

“Once again you are welcome to my house.” Jordan said.

“Thanks so why did you sent for me?” Liam asked.

“I sent for you because I want you to help me.” Jordan said.




“What kind of help?” Liam asked

“You know what happened few days ago and as a result of it, Richard sacked me, I want you to put your eyes on Richard whatever he do and wherever he goes and bring me feedback.” Jordan said

“I guess I know why.” Liam said.

“You do?” He asked.

“Yes, some days back, Caleb and Jackie called me and Dina saying that they want us to work for them so I asked them what kind of work, they said they want us to help them kill Richard and bring you and Betty down.” Liam said.

“So what then did you tell them?” He asked.

“I agreed but down in me I can’t kill Richard, he is a good guy he hasn’t done anything wrong.” Liam said.

“And Dina, what did she said?” He asked.

“She also agreed but I don’t know what’s in her mind, am telling you this because I want us to work together and save Richard before he so call consin and uncle kill him.” Liam said

“You are right and we are working towards it, you are going to pretend as if you truly wants to work with them and whatever information you have you will come tell me and I will give you an audio recorder whenever they are talking always put on the Recoder, Richard must not die.” He said .

“Ok I will do as you said.” Liam said and his phone start ringing, he starred at the phone and look at Jordan.

“Caleb Is the one calling me.” He said.

“Pick it and put it on speaker, let me get my recorder.” Jordan said as he reached to his recorder and out it on while Liam picked the call and put it on speaker.

“Hello boss.” Liam said… Caleb likes when people address him as boss and that’s why he wants Richard dead by all means so that he can enquiry more wealth and powers.

“Where are you?” Caleb asked.

“I went to get something.” Liam replied.

“Ok, come over to my house we have a meeting, everybody is here except you.” Caleb said.

“Ok, am on my way.” Liam said.

“Ok bye.” Caleb said and end the call, Liam turned to Jordan.

“I think I have to be going now.” He said standing up.

“Yes let me give you the recorder and make sure you turn it on before you enter that house and also I need feedback from you.” Jordan said.

“I sure will.” He replied.

“Ok go well.” Jordan said.

“Alright bye ” Liam said and left.

In 35 minutes drive he was already in Caleb’s house, he turned on the audio recorder and put it inside his inner pocket before he pulled out from the car and went inside, he entered the living room, he met Caleb and the others waiting for him.

“Good dad sir, Good day boss.” He greeted Caleb and his father.

“Yea you are welcome please sit.” Mr Benjamin said as Caleb nod while Liam sat down.

“Alright!! The reason for this meeting is for us to discuss our next plan on how Richard Bruno will die, since we have succeeded with the last plan, so what do you guys have to say?”. Mr Benjamin said.

“Well to me, since we have be able to take Betty and Jordan away from Richard, killing him is very simple.” Jackie said.

“Give us the details.” Caleb said.

“First, Dina will get closer to Richard, make him trust her without doubting her after that, tell him that she wants to take him out for dinner or lunch.. when he accepted, Liam will be their driver meanwhile they will informed us before they leave, on their way to any restaurant, Zac and his boys will attrack them and take them to the building where we will be waiting for them and when they arrive we send Richard to where his father is.” Jackie said.

“Hmm, when I call you master planner don’t argue with me.” Caleb said.

“You are indeed a master planner.” Mr Benjamin said.

“This is just a perfect plan.” Dina said.

“Yes it’s, so when are we going to strike?” Liam asked.

“Let’s wait a bit for like two to three weeks.” Mr Benjamin said.

“Ah dad, that’s too long.” Caleb said.

“Yea I know but we have to wait till then so that everywhere will be calm..” Mr Benjamin said.

“Alright no problem.” Caleb said.

After their meeting they all departed, Liam went to Jordan and gave him the record and feedback, Jackie went home and invites Zac who happens to be her boyfriend, she actually want Caleb to kill Richard thereafter she will kill Caleb and his father and run away with the money to another country with her boyfriend.

Zac entered her room and she jumped on him with only pant and bra and they landed on bed.

“Baby, I miss you.” She said.

“I missed you too, tell me, what was the out come of your meeting with Caleb and his father?” Zac asked.

“Trust your girl the master planner herself.” She said.

“I trust you baby, I can’t wait for the both consin and Mr Benjamin to die so that we can leave this country to another country to start a new life.” Zac said.

“Same here but don’t worry everything is in control.” She said.

“Are you sure?” Zac asked.

“Yes sugar.” She said calmly.

“Then come here let’s merry.” Zac said and they start kissing.


On the other hand, Jordan had sent the record which Liam had bought to him to Olivia, Carla, barista Daniel and Charles. They couldn’t believe it that Dina could betrayed Richard just because of money, Betty kept crying and blaming herself for everything, she wish she hadn’t agreed to Caleb and Jackie’s evil plan things wouldn’t have be like this but it wasn’t her fault.

The next day, Betty decided to go to Richard’s company to see him and also tell him what happened because Richard and his mother believe that Betty was truly the one that sent those guys to kidnapped her. She dressed in black and put on long black jacket and went to the company,She got there too early and decided to wait.

At exactly 7:45am she sight Richard’s car and walked to him, Richard was surprised and angry to see her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as soon as he came out from the car.

“Good morning my love.” She greeted.

“Save your greetings, what have you come here to do?” He asked angrily.

“I came to explain what…..”

“To explain what? Oh you want to explain how you sent your boys to kidnapped my mum and how you want me dead?” Richard interuppted her.

“No that’s not true, I will never do anything to hurt you, listen your life is at risk, your enemies are behind you, they want you dead your consin is……”

“Shut your mouth! My consin has done nothing wrong, Caleb and I grew up together.” He interuppted her again.

“Richard, please listen to me, I don’t want you to die, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” She said already crying.

“Now get out of here the police are everywhere looking for you else I will hand you over them nonsense.” He said and left. Liam came out from the car and rushed to Betty.

“Listen up, you have to leave now, all you have to do is to plan how you will save his life, just go ok.” He said to her and she nod before she left.



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