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July 24, 2021


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Sacrifice of love Episode 6 & 7

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Caleb stopped at the front of the company gate.

“Here we are my lady.” He said.

“Yea, thanks so much Caleb.” She said.

“It nothing, can we have a dinner tomorrow in my house?” He requested.

“Umm, that won’t be a problem but i will want my friend (Jackie) to be there, hope you don’t mind?” She said.

“Not at all.” He replied.

“Ok, let me go now before i get late.” She said opening the car door.

“Alright, have a wonderful day.” He said smiling.

“Same here and thanks.” She said as she step out of the car, Caleb nod in response and drove out. Betty starred at him as he drove off, she smiled to herself and hissed. (“You think you are wise but unfortunately, you meet a girl that is wiser than you. For your mind you have fooled me, let’s see how the game goes.” She thought and turned to go inside the company compound when she saw Jordan walking to her.

“Good morning Beauty Lee.” Jordan said as soon as he got closer to her.

“How did you know my name?” She asked.

“You are my boss assistant manager so i should know your name and apart from that, we met two years ago…do you still remember?” He asked.

“Yes i do and where is the man i saw you with then?” She asked too.

“He is Richard’s father and he own this company.” He said.

“I thought as much because the name “Bruno” sounded familiar, i remembered that very night the man told me his name. So where is the man now?” She asked.

“Listen, here is not the right place to talk about this, give me your cell number and i Will call You later and tell you where to meet me.” He said.

“You are right and i Have alot to tell you, we need to work together.” She said and gave him her number.

“Come let me take you to Richard.” He said and Betty just starred at him and smiled before following him. They got to Richard’s office door, Jordan knocked before they entered the office, Richard couldn’t get his eyes off Betty.

“You are looking more beautiful than i thought.” He said and Betty began to blush

“Thank you very much sir.” She said hidding her face.

“From tomorrow i Will be coming to pick from home to work and take you back home.” He said.

“Sir, you don’t have to worry ok? I can take care of myself.” She said avoiding his gaze.

“I insist and also you can call me Richard not sir.” He said and she nod.

“Alright, you can go now, your secretary is waiting for you, he will show you your office.” He said.

“Okay sir.” She replied and left.

“You like her?” Jordan asked.

“I think so.” He replied smiling.


That evening after work, Jordan took Richard home and called Betty and told her where she can meet him. Betty got home, has a warm shower and put on blue trouser, black sweater and black shoes….she left home and went to the hotel which Jordan has sent her the address.

On the other hand, Caleb lied on his big bed, wearing only short, he dialled Jackie’s number and she picked almost immediately.

“It seems someone has be waiting for my call!?” He said.

“Yes off course.” Jackie replied.

“Sorry dear, i would have called you since morning but i was very busy.” He explained.

“I understand, so did you still go to Betty’s house as we agreed?” She asked

“Oh yes and i apologize to her.” He said.

“So what did she said?” She asked.

“She said she has forgiven me and she even apologies to me for saying that you and i are dating and she agreed to play the game with us….i also invited her for a dinner in my house and she requested that you will also come so i accepted.” Caleb explained.

“Job well done, have you see now that the plan is working?” Jackie asked.

“Yes. And all thanks to you.” He said.

“It nothing dear.” She said.

“Ok, got to go, talk to you tomorrow.” He said.

“Yeah good night.” She replied and Caleb end the call just then his dad came into his room.

“Dad.” He called.

“Hey son, how was your day?” His father asked sitting on the bed.

“It was great and yours dad?” He asked too.

“It went smoothly, so how is our game plan going?” His father asked.

“It going very well, Betty has started working with Richard.” He said.

“That’s good, i Hope that over protective personal assistant that called himself Jordan won’t spoilt everything?” His father asked.

“No, i Have already told Betty about him so she knows how to handle him.” He said.

“Ok, so what’s our next plan?” His father asked and he explained everything to him.

“That’s my son, am proud of you son.” His father said excitedly.

“Thanks dad.” He said.

“So after Richard is dead, we will send Betty to jail then kill Jackie and you and i Will enjoy all the wealth.” His father said laughing.

“Exactly.” He said and they laughed.

“But we have another problem! What about Jordan?” His father asked.

“Forget about him, i Will handle him.” He said

“That’s my son, like father like son.” His father said and they laughed out loud.


Meanwhile, Betty got to the hotel and was directed to the room where Jordan was, she got there, knocked and was asked to entered. When She entered the room, she met Jordan, an elderly man and two young ladies, she recongize the ladies face.

“Good evening everyone.” She greeted.

“Good evening, welcome.” They greeted her too.

“You have your seat.” Jordan said.

“Are this two ladies not Richard’s friends?” She asked.

“Yes they are.” Jordan replied.

“So what are they doing here?” She asked.

“Well, meet Carla and Olivia, they are detective police.” Jordan said.

“And this man?” She asked pointing at the elderly man.

“He is barista Daniel and also Mr Bruno’s lawyer.” Jordan said.

“Hmm, interesting.” She said.

“So Beauty Lee, can you please tell us everything you know about the ploit to kill Richard?” Carla asked.

“How did you know they are planning to kill Richard?” She asked.

“My dear, we know everything and that’s why Mr Bruno sent us to protect his only son and wife.” Olivia said.

“Does that mean Richard doesn’t know you guys are detective police?”. She asked.

“No, he doesn’t but he will know at the right time.” Olivia said.

“So can you tell us what we need to know?” Barista Daniel asked while she nod and narrated everything to them without leaving any stone untouched.

“Hmm, how long have you be working for Caleb Jackie?” Jordan asked.

“For the past five years.” She said.

“Can you tell us how it all started?” Carla asked.

“It all started when it was still in university in Brazil, Caleb came for a project in Brazil that’s how i Met him though Jackie knew him before.” She said as tears began to rolled from her eyes..




“What does Jackie do for a living?” Olivia asked.

“She into drugging with Caleb and his dad. When Caleb came to Brazil, Jackie introduce me to him so he told me he want me to work for him.” She said.

“And what kind of work?” Jordan asked.

“Drugging,. At Frist i refused but later accepted after Jackie ensured me that nothing is going to happen and also the police is not going to caught me, they made me shed blood.. i have useless myself, i grew up in street and i follow bad gangs that’s one of the reasons my dad throw i and my mum out and we relocated to England two years ago, so on that faithful night when rain was falling i saw a car that had or was insolved in an accident and i went closer to the car, i saw a young Man in the driver’s seat and a elderly man at the back seat. They requested that i should help them so i called an ambulance that came to carried them to the hospital. I remember the man gave me his card to call him, i really don’t know why and he also told me his name was Mr Bruno.” She said.

“Actually, the car didn’t or wasn’t insolved in an accident, we were attrack by some mask men, they shot the car tires and shot Mr Bruno four times but the bullets meet him on his arms and legs and they also shoot me too.” Jordan said.

“Yea, i remember the man was bleeding.” She said.

“So where were you going to or coming from??” Barista Daniel asked.

“I was actually going home after delivering some drugs to some Caleb’s costumer.” She said.

“It ok, you know the police wants you and if they get you, you are going to jail.” Olivia said.

“I know and that’s why I want to save Richard first before I go to jail, even if this is the only good thing I can do before I will be kill.” She said still crying.

“You don’t have to cry, all you have to do is to pretend as if you are still in the game with Caleb and Jackie then you bring us meanful information and we are going to try our best to make sure you don’t go to jail and even if you go, you won’t spend long there.” Carla said.

“Ok thanks.”she said.

“Secondly let no other ear hear this anyway you are a wise girl.” Barista Daniel said.

“Thank you very much sir, I have to go now it late already.” Betty said as she stood up.

“Yea, good night.” Jordan said as the others nod while she left. She came out of the room and stood behind the door as if the knew they want to say something.

“Jordan, we have to help this girl because no criminal will confess their crimes so easily.” Barista Daniel said.

“You are right, to me Caleb and Jackie are the cause of everything.” Carla said.

“So what do you guys suggest we do now?” Olivia asked.

“I am thinking of calling Charles, Richard’s childhood friend, you know he is a lawyer…. Maybe he can be her lawyer but we are not going to tell her, let’s see if Charles can work things out so that she won’t go to jail or even if she goes, she won’t spend long there at least two to three years in prison in not that long. We all know the law of killing someone and I believe if she is able to save Richard things will be easy for her .” Jordan said.

“Yea, you are very correct.” Olivia said.

“Then let the game began.” Carla said .

“Got to go now.” Jordan said standing while the others stood up too.

“Even me, my wife is waiting for me at home.” Barista Daniel said while they laughed. Betty smiled after listening to their conversation and walked away.


Three months later, Alot of things has be revealed concerning the ploit to kill Richard. Caleb, his father and Jackie were not even aware of that. Richard and Betty has deeply fall in love, they hangout everytime and go to parties together. Charles on the other hand, has become Betty’s lawyer, he was told everything and was working on it due Betty pretend not to know what was happening.

Meanwhile, Caleb was beginning to worry because Betty hasn’t give him any feedback for the past three months so he decided to ask her.

Betty was lying on her bed viewing all the lovely pictures she had took with Richard when Caleb’s call came in. (“Oh my God!! What does this son of a bitch want from me now!?”) She said angrily and picked the call.

“Yes, any problem?” She asked angrily.

“I am in front of your gate, come out we need to talk.” Caleb said.

“In front of my gate?? So you came to my house without my consent?” She asked.

“Are you coming out or not?” Caleb asked.

“And if I don’t?? Anyway am coming.” She said and end the call. She clamed down from the bed and took a brown jacket from her wardrobe then went out, before going out, she took her audio recorder and put it inside her pocket. She walked to Caleb’s car, opened the front door and entered.

“What do you want?” She asked

“Betty, it be three months now since you start working with Richard yet no feedback.” Caleb said.

“And so?” She asked.

“You are asking me and so?? For cry out loud, he is already in love with you and you both hangout and go to parties and places together, can’t you convince him to marry you?” He asked.

“Well Caleb I can’t tell a man to marry me, if you can’t wait then you leave it.” She said.

“Ok fine, if you can’t te him to marry you, why not invite him for a dinner in a restaurant and pay one of the waiter or waitress to poison him?” He asked.

“I can’t do that Caleb.” She said.

“Why? Our agreement is for you to make him fall in love with you, which you did already and kill him.. what’s hard there to do?” He said.

“Well Caleb, the truth is I can’t kill him, for Christ sake Richard is an innocent man, him loves you and your dad genuinely, he sees you as a brother and your dad as a father why do you want him dead? Oh because of his father’s wealth?!! Greed idiot that’s what you are!” She yelled at him.

“How dare you say such word before me?!” He yelled at her angrily.

“And what will you do?” She asked.

“Listen to me, if you don’t want to rott in jail you better kill Richard.” He said.

“And if I kill Richard I will still go to jail, so you thought I don’t know that’s you and Jackie’s plan.! Brainless idiots.” She said and came out of the car while Caleb followed her.

“You dare not walk out on me.” He said walking to her with his gun pointing at her.

“Do you know I can blow off your head this minute?” He asked as he stands in front of her.More

“Hahaha! Now listen to me, you, your father and Jackie must rott in jail, I don’t care if I go to jail but one thing is for sure Richard will not die I will protect him with my last drop of blood.” She said sounding real serious.

“Don’t tell me you are already in love with him.” He said.

“Oh yes! Any woman that win Richard’s heart is a lucky woman because he is not EVIL like you and your father.” She said.

“Hmm, Betty I give you three days if in the next three days nothing happens you will hear from me.” He said as he turned to leave.

“I am ready to fight you till death nothing will happen.” She said to him.

“Ok we shall see.” He said and entered his car.

“We shall see nothing son of a bastard bitch.” She said before going inside.

Caleb didn’t know that Betty recorded everything they said, she bought out the recorder from her pocket immediately she entered her room and smiled. (“Foolish boy, let’s see how this game will end”) she thought before keeping the recorder inside her bag.



The war between Caleb and Betty is drawn…


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