Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 9

Shayne POV
” Are you re-ady?”. My manager asked me
I nodded
“Just pretend you are in love with her, it is that simple”. he said
I was on my way to the commoner house, I nee-d to introduce myself to her mother
We drove quietly to her home , I was getting bored with all of this but I had no choice.
We soon got the house and I was irritated with what I saw
” is she this poor?”. I asked
” behave yourself Shayne”. My manager warned
We got down from the car and a little girl ran to welcome us
” Shayne”. She called , I am a hvge fan of yours
I managed to smile
“What is your name?”. I asked bending to her height
” Bella”. She replied beaming
I ruffled her hair and she held my hands as she led me to the house
We walked into the room and I was really surprised
” do humans live in this kind of house”. I thought, there was nothing except three be-ds , a table and a chair
”fu-ck”. What have I gotten myself into”. I thought
Just then my bride to be c@m£ in, she was putting on a patched faded go-wn
She looked at me and smiled shyly
“Sir Shayne”. She called
” where is your mother?”. I asked
” she is coming”. She said. Just then a woman on wheelchair c@m£ in wheeling her chair
” what thefu-ck”. I cursed silently, I never knew she was a crippled, no one told me that
I stood up to greet the woman and she smiled warmly
” Shayne”. My daughter told me about everything, you are welcome
I gave her a fake smile
” my daughter loves you , pls treat her right”. She said
I nodded
” I give you both my blessings”. She said
” when will the wedding take place?”. She asked
” Next week, it will be a small wedding”. I replied. Only families are welcomed
She nodded
” what can I offer you?”. She asked
” we are okay”. My manager replied
” we will get going ma”. I said as I stood up
” ok dear”. She said
We bowed as we left the house with Bella tagging along
“Can I get a hvg?”. She asked
I smiled as I hvgged her
” take me away from this place”.she said , I really don’t like here
” sure I will, I don’t like it either”. I said
I smiled at her
” such a smart kid”. I thought
We drove home silently. I was lost in thought. How did I get myself in this ?i thought
” Shayne”. My manager called
” what should we do about Sofia,s family?”. He asked
” sign one of my mansion in her mother’s name”. I said
” a mansion?”. He asked in surprise
I nodded
She is my bride after all……
Sofia POV
I was still surprised that Shayne will be mine, who would have believe that he will agree to marry me..
I watched as he hvgged Bella and I felt happy
” I hope he loves me”. I thought
His manager told me he is marrying me because he wants to keep me close, but I don’t mind . I just want to be close to him..
It was little bit difficult convincing my mum, i had to tell her the whole truth
She was very mad and wanted me out of the deal but I explained to her how much I wanted that
” I don’t want you sacrificing your happiness because of us”.she said
” I am not sacrificing my happiness”. I told her . This is my happiness
She soon gave in and I know it took a lot of courage to be friendly with Shayne when he c@m£
I confided in Tina and she wished she was the one who was R@p£d. How funny
I was still lost in thought when some men with suit walked into the compound
“Hi, we are here to see Mrs Regan”.
” she is my mother”. I said
” oh, you must be Sofia, Shayne’s bride?”. They asked
I nodded
They gave me an envelope
” give this to your mother”. They said and left
” mom”. I called , there is a letter for you
I went over to her and gave her the letter
She took the letter and Open in
“Sofia”. She called with tears in her eyes
” mother , what is it?”. I asked
” Sofia”. She called again with her hands shaking
Shayne Just gift is a Mansion
” what!”. I exclaimed in surprise
Is this what being the bride of Mr Popular brings……..
We got to the new house and I g@sp in awe
” is this truly ours”. Bella asked
I nodded
Mother was staring speechlessly
I can’t believe it , I can’t she said with tears in her eyes
” Shayne, I am loving you more”. I muttered to myself
Shayne POV
News about my marriage went viral as my mum and manager made sure it circulated .
I thought about the commoner, how will I cope living with her?
How I wish I was not in drug, how I was I never R@p£d her…………
Shayne actually have a nice side…