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January 19, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 8

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A deal



* Shayne’s POV
I woke up having a headache, I felt empty
“Damn, I did this stuff again”. I turned over and I widened my eyes in shock at what I saw
” blood”
” how did it get here”. I asked myself thinking and the memory of what happened last night began flowing in
I raped a girl, I tried recollecting her face but could not.
She saw me doing drugs, she knows my secret….
The door suddenly flung open and my manager suddenly walked in
” what the hell did you do”. He barked
” how is the girl?”. I asked
” oh, your remember”. He asked
” I did not mean too , I was not myself”. I said trying to explain
” Shayne , you just got yourself a wife “. He said leaving the room
” what!”, a wife. I thought what did he mean by that?
I headed down the stairs and everywhere was quiet. I saw my mother and my manager having a conversation.
I walked towards them
” why is the hotel quiet?”. I asked
” son, we closed it for today”. She said
” why?”. I asked
” why did you do it?”. She suddenly asked crying
I became quiet as I watched her cry
” where is the girl?”. I asked
My manager pointed to a room and when I got inside I saw her sleeping
I stared at her
“There is a rumour going around”. My manager suddenly said
” what?”. I asked raising an eyebrow
” The rumour about you raping a girl”. He said
” how did the new get out?”. I suddenly asked
” That is what I can’t explain”. He said, I am as confused as you are
” what will happen now?”. I asked
” we have to look for a solution”. He said
“Who is she ?”. I asked
” She is server who came with Mrs Todd”. He said
” What?”. You mean she is a commoner?. I asked
He nodded
” Where is the Mrs Todd?”. I asked
I stared at Mrs Todd as she told me all about the girl..
“What happened to Sofia?”.she asked
” she fainted due to stress”. My manager lied
Oh, she nodded
I will assure her mother that she is fine
Thank you Mr Shayne for taking care of her. She said and she left
“What next?”. I asked
He was lost in thought
” she is the only one that knows your secret apart from your mother and I ,one word from her and your image will be tarnished”. He said.” You have to keep her close so she will be monitored”. He continued
” what do you mean?”. I asked him
” you also have to do something about the rumour of the rape”. My mum said as she walked in
” Shayne, you will have to keep her close”. She agreed with my manger
” you mean make her work as a maid in the Mansion?”. I also
” who does that?”. My manager asked chucking
I looked at him confused
” Shayne, you have to take responsibility for your action”. My mum said
” what do you mean by that?”. I asked
” You will marry her”. my mum said ,and that is final
I looked at my manager and he nodded in approval
“What, get married to someone I don’t know . I thought
I can’t do it , I can’t marry her . I said as I stormed out
I stayed in my room thinking about everything.
I checked the internet and the rumour about me raping a girl was going viral
” how the hell did it go viral”
My manager wants me to marry the girl so I can Boldly defend myself against the press. They will be convinced if they see me with a girlfriend turn wife
How will I rape a girl when I have a girlfriend who I love , perfect story
My mum walked into the room as usual without knocking
” baby”. She called as she sat beside me
I ignored her
” I think getting a partner will help you stop this your drug addiction. You take it because you feel lonely,if you fall in love you might get free from it
I said nothing , I just stared at her
“She is right , but can I ever fall in love”. I thought
” if you don’t like the girl , we can pay her off and then you marry my friend daughter Lexy……..
“I will marry the commoner”. I said and she stared at me in surprise
I can’t stand that Lexy. I thought, I will rather marry the commoner and divorce her when everything is settled ……

Sofia POV
I sat down lost in thought, I was no longer a virgin and I lost it to Shayne
Shayne raped me,Shayne do drugs. I was really shocked
I love Shayne , I really do, but can he ever love me..
The door opened and a man I recognised as Shayne manager walked in. He smiled towards me
” how are you feeling now?”. He asked
” I am okay now and I wondered if Shayne came to check on me
“How is sir Shayne feeling now?”. I asked
He looked at me in surprise probably wondering why I still cared for him despite him raping me
” He is doing well”. He replied, he even came to check on you
” really”. I asked
He nodded
I need to call my mum, i need to assure her that I am alright
We have done that. He said
I smiled
“Sofia”. I want to make a deal with you. He said
” a deal?”. I asked raising an eyebrow
He nodded
I know what you saw in Shayne’s room
I remained quiet
” I want you to stay close to Shayne”. He said
” close”. I muttered in confusion
” yes I want you to marry him, in exchange he will take care of your family”. He said
I widened my eyes in surprise
“Marry Shayne”
” yes, I want you….
“Yes, I will marry him”. I shouted cutting him off
He was his turn to be surprised
I will marry him ..
“Not because of his wealth but because I love him “. I thought

Hmmm Sofia , what are you getting yourself into ooooo


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