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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 7

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The birthday party


I was very excited, I will be at Shayne’s birthday party, I don’t care if I will be there as a server, all I want is to see my Shayne

I told Tina about it and she said she also wished she had the opportunity ..



We arrived at the venue of the party, Eagle hotel. I heard it was owned by Shayne

” wow!”. I exclaimed immediately we got out of the car, it was so big and beautiful.The inside was more beautiful that the outside..

We got to the hall and soon started putting everything in order..

I gasp in awe as celebrities started coming in , i mean lot of celebrities and was more shocked when the president of our country walked in..

I pinched myself to be sure that I was not dreaming

” Sofia , stop staring and start working”. Mrs Todd said.

“Ok ma”, I said composing myself

Mrs Todd instructed me and the other girls on what to do and soon left to get more drinks……



I watched some celebrities perform, they sang and danced their lead songs

There was so much fun .

The whole place became noisy when Shayne walked in with his mother looking more handsome that ever..

He has a smile on his

face and he mother whispered something to him . He went to the stage ..

” I want to appreciate everyone for honouring my invitation, you are all welcomed.

A special thanks to the president for being present despite his busy schedule”. He said as he gave a bow

The guests applauded

I stood there smiling like a puppy when Mr Todd suddenly walked in with wines.

” Sofia”. Take this drinks to Shayne table”. She said

I nodded

I was really nervous, “I was going to serve Shayne,he will drink a wine i served him”. I thought.

I got to his table and he was laughing with some celebrities

I placed the drink on their table and bowed and was about to take my leave when Abel one of the celebrities said

” serve the drink properly”.

” I am sorry”. I apologised opening the drink and pouring it out to the cups .

I glanced at Shayne, he was fiddling with his phone . He looked bored

” excuse me”. He suddenly said and walked away

” did I do anything wrong?”I kept asking myself….



Shayne POV


I was already bored with the party, I just wanted to be alone

I hated this idea of a big party but my manager forced me too, he even invited the president. How amazing.

I excused myself and walked away



I got to my private room upstairs and I had an urge for drugs

I brought out the substance and injected it…. I felt relieved immediately

I heard someone knock but I was too high to stand up


injected more grunting when the door finally opened and a pretty girl walked in……



Sofia POV


I was really busy serving foods and drinks to the guest when Mrs Todd came to me

“take some food and drink to Shayne’s room”. She instructed . It is our duty to make sure all the guests gets food and Shayne is the most important guests here. She said

” ok ma” . I said nervously

I was really nervous

” he walked away when I served him drinks”, did he not like me. I thought


I went up the stairs carrying a tray containing food and drinks . The hall was so big and I looked around not knowing where to turn to ..

I saw a lady and walked towards her, she was probably a staff her

” Helo”. I need to take this to Shayne room”. I said

She assessed me

” you are a server at the party right “. She asked

I nodded

” he is at room 286″. She said pointing to a room down the hall

I thanked her and walked down to the room..

I knocked when I got there but there was no response

I knocked again but still no response

I turned to leave when I heard someone grunt

” is he in danger?”. I asked myself and pushed the door opened. I stepped in and gasped at what I saw

Shayne injecting himself , I was scared when his gaze met mine

” what the f**k”. He yelled

I was scared, I was confused. I never knew he was a junkie

” I em er sorry”. I stammered apologising , I just wanted to drop this

He smirked as I walked towards to place the tray on the table beside him

” who are you ?”. He asked

I remained quiet

” who the hell are you?”. He yelled

” I em a f fan of yours”. I stammered

” oh”. He said

I turned to take my leave when he pulled me to him

I was shocked , I looked into his eyes and he was clearly not himself

” you are damn beautiful”. He said as he kissed me

I was speechless

He just stole my first kiss

I struggled to break me but he held me even tightly

” you are my fan?”. He asked

I nodded

” then be my b***h for the night”. He said rolling me over

” please i begged, let me go”.

He smirked as he started kissing my body, he ripped my clothes and I was left in only my bra and panties

” I am a virgin” . I said crying

He tore my bra and my panties

” let me go”. I said trying to push him away but he was too strong for me

I gave a loud cry when I felt him penetrating inside me, it was as if I was cut with a knife. The pain was unbearable as he kept on going in and out of me

I gave a loud cry and soon black out…..

What the hell just happened?


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