Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 6

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him)
Episode 6
Sofia in love
Shayne POV
I woke up with a slight headache,I was In a total mess. I glanced at the wall clock
“sh*t”. I must have taken overdose of the drug”. I thought
I nee-d to stay home all throu-gh today..
I called my manager and he picked it immediately
“Cancel all appointment for today”.I told him
” why?”. He asked
” I am ill”. I replied
” Shayne “. He called, did you take drugs?
I remained quiet
” I have told you to st©p doing drugs, it is bad for your health and your status as a celebrity, if the press gets to know , it will tarnish your reputation “. He continued
” I won’t do it again”. I gr-unted
” I have heard that so many times”. He complained. Anyways, next Saturday is your birthday,how do you intend to celebr@te it?. He asked.
” I will celebr@te it with friends , families and fellow celebrities”.i replied
” fine”, I will make sure it is grand”. He said and hung up
This man is always getting on my nerves. I have tried so many times to st©p doing drugs but I just kept going back to it. It makes me happy..
It is a secret about me that no one knows about except my mom and manager and I know once the rival records get hold of that , they will try using it to bring me down…
I went to the bathroom to freshen up and headed downstairs….
My mum was in the sitting room talking and laughing with two visitors.
“Shayne , she called immediately she saw me and they looked at me..
The younger woman, a lady of my age stood up excitedly
” I am a hvge fan of yours ” she said walking towards me
She stretched forth her hand for a handshake
” I don’t shake strangers”. I said ignoring her
“Oh, I am lexy”. She introduced herself
“So”. I replied and was about heading to the kitchen when my mum called
” Shayne “. Don’t be rude, say hello to my long time friend Brenda Donalds and this is her daughter lexy
I looked at the woman
” Helo”. I greeted
” Shayne, you are all grown up”. She remarked
I gave her a weird look
” I don’t remember knowing you “. I said
” oh, you wouldn’t”. Your mother and I were old time friends “.she said
“I guess you were both who-res then”. I blurted out
“Shayne, your manners “. My mother scolded
‘ I am sorry ma”. I apologised with sarcasm
The woman was clearly embarras-sed but she smiled.
” I am sorry Brenda”. My mum apologised
” it is alright,my lexy is like that”.she said
I stared at the girl who was still smiling like a puppy
” I hope you are lexy gets along “. My mum said……
I went to the kitchen to get some snacks and went straight to my room …
I la-id down on the be-d listening to music when someone knocked
“Come in”.i drawled
The door opened and lexy c@m£ in
“My mum went out with your mother and I was bored sitting alone so I decided to come here”. She said
I stared at her
” oh, your maids showed me your room”. She said
I as-sessed the girl in front of me, she is so skinny. I dislike skinny girls, she was so not my type..
“What exactly do you want “. I asked
I want you “. She replied bluntly
I raised an eyebrow,
” are you this cheap”. I asked
She looked at me
“I am cheap only because it is you “. I sm-irked.
She c@m£ towards me and sat on my l@ps twer-king
I was de-eply arou-sed,
” what if I want you to ban-g me”. She said
” oh, right “.this b***h really arou-sedme.
I rolled her, lifted her go-wn and to-re her p@n-ts
She was surprised,I knew she was expecting a forepl@ybut I had no time for that. I started ban-ging her . I ban-ged her without emotions.
She was a b***h after all….
I went to the bathroom to clean up after the S-x and when I c@m£ back to the room,the b***h was still on the be-d….
” what are you doing?”. I asked
” i don’t get you “.she asked confusedly
” put on your clothes and leave”. I ordered her
” what,we just had S-x “. She said. let me rest a little bit
I scoffed.
really,you offered your b©dy to me and I am done with it”. I yelled
” Get out”.i barked
She stood up from the be-d, wore her clothes and ran out of the room….
Sofia POV
I sat in the clas-s thinking of my Shayne, how he gazed at me. He was so handsome
I thought about his friendly smile and his song….
Sofia, Betty called . It is time to go home. Didn’t you hear the bell?. She asked
” oh, I must have been lost in thought”. I said
She patted my shoulder
” it will be alright “. She said
I smiled , she thought I was thinking about my predic@m£nts, she never knew I was thinking about Shayne
” let’s go home”. She said and we both headed home..
I got to Mrs Todd house and began working as usual.
” Sofia “. She called
” can you be chanced this weekend”. She asked, I have got a job for you . She said
“Which kind of Job?”. I asked
” I received a hvge contract today and I want you to be among my waitress”. She said
Mrs Todd owns a catering business …
” I will do it “. I said, I really nee-d the money
” Good”. She said . On Saturday is Shayne’s birthday..
” Shayne ” I cut her short
I will do it , I will do it , I will do it.i repeated excitedly..
It seems someone is alre-ady in love with Mr rude