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April 18, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 5

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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him)

Episode 5



The whole place was filled with people.

” wow”!. I exclaimed

” it is like all the town came out today”. Tina said observing

I looked around some were putting on T-shirts with Shayne pictures on it, some were holding Shayne banner. His posters were everywhere and he looked so cute in them.

” we could have come earlier “. Tina said , we could have at least stayed in the front row. She nudged at me to follow her and she bought two of the banners, she gave me one. I stared at the picture of Shayne on the banner

” he is so cute”..

The whole place suddenly became noisy when Shayne came on stage,

“Damn, he is way cuter in person”

” Helo everyone, I am Shayne”. He said and paused when the whole place was in uproar.

He smiled and continued when it became calm

” Thank you for coming to the concert, I appreciate it”

He blew a kiss as the crowd cheered on

I screamed in delight

“Go on Shayne, sing for us”

He soon started singing and his voice was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Everyone sang along with him..

He sang a second song and I guessed it was a new song .

I listened to the

wordings and I immediately loved it

?. ?. ?

It is a beautiful feeling

What we got deep inside

We got a flame that will last forever

Together you and I

Such a rush of emotions

There is no way we can push it away

Cos they will never tear our love apart

Our bond will never break

Do you believe in the power

Of everlasting love

We can make it if we stay together

Our love is just enough

Promise me this forever

We will always stay this way

We will start at the end of time

And do it all again


Oh my love

I am all yours

And there will never be another one

Cause I am enternally yours

My hear is a flame

And it is burning in your name

Even through the sands of time

My love will always go

And I won’t let go…….:


Once he was done with the song , the whole crowd went wild. Some ladies fainted

” This guy is damn good”. I said out loud

“Shayne , I love you ”

Most of the ladies were screaming

I was in love with the music and it moved me to tears..

” Thank you all, he said as he left the stage……


We were soon on our way home.I was really excited, I saw Shayne Adam live today….

We were dancing and humming Shayne’s new song when his car with his convoy passed

He whined the glass of his car down to probably greet his fans. I gasp as I stared at him

” he was just perfect”

He waved and his gaze landed on mine, he stared on for some time and looked away..

” I must

write this down in my diary”. I thought, I saw Shayne from a close view and he saw me.

I jumped in joy as I remembered his blue eye on me..

” how can someone be this perfect”. Tina said with dreamy eyes

I punched her playfully

” snap out of it, we are only meant to admire from far”. I told her…….

* it was really late when I got home . Bella was already sleeping while my mum was reading the bible.

” welcome”. She greeted

“Thanks mum”. I said

” how was the concert?”. She asked

” fine mum”. I replied and walked to my sleeping space

I brought out the banner of Shayne from my bag and placed it on the wall next to me..

I smiled , today was really fun

I thought about Shayne blue eyes on me and soon drifted to sleep…..

Shayne POV

I sat down on my bed checking the internet , everyone was talking about the concert..

I was glad I was done with the stupid concert, I had to force myself to smile and even sang the song I was composing . I don’t even know why I sang it.

My door opened and it was my mum, she came in and sat on the bed

” how was the concert”. She asked

” fine”. I replied

” gist me about it baby”. She said but I was not in a good mood

” I just want to be left alone “. I said

She signed and left. I knew she was hurt but I really can’t make someone happy when I am not happy myself..

I went over to my bag and opened it, I brought out a white substance

” my happiness”, I said as I injected it inside me. I felt relieved..

I injected more of it and soon drifted off to sleep…..

So Mr popular is a drug addict ,unbelievable…




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