Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 4

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him)
Episode 4
I got back from school on Friday afternoon ..
“Hi mom. I greeted
I went towards her and k!$$£d her
” why are you sweating like this?, did you run?”. She asked
I nodded
“Why?”. She asked raising an eyebrow
” I am going out with Tina”. I replied
“Liar”. Bella yelled
My mum stared at her
” she wants the go see Shayne”. She explained
” who is Shayne?”. My mum asked obviously confused
“What! we both chorused
” you mean you don’t know Shayne Adams”. I said with my eyes wi-de opened..
” oh, Shayne Adam, the cute singer”. She said
I nodded
” he is having a concert today”. I said
“Oh! Just be careful “. She replied
I nodded and rushed out of the house, I nee-d to go clean for Mrs Todd before Tina comes……..
I got to Mrs Todd house, she is a young mother who is very lazy. I do most of her house chores and she pays me weekly
” you are early today”. She said as soon as he saw me
“Good afternoon ma”. I greeted and began cleaning
I made sure the whole house was clean and went over to tell her I was done
“Ma, I am re-ady to take my leave”. I said
” oh, so fast”. She observed
plea-se help me wash those clothes, she said pointing to a basket
“Damn”. I cursed quietly, I was really pissed
I picked up the baskets of clothes, went outside and began washing..
I spre-ad it outside when I was done and left without telling her before she gives me more work…..
I got home and Tina was alre-ady waiting
“Sofia”. She called as soon as she saw me. You kept me waiting
” I am sorry”. I apologised
I as-sessed her, she was wearing a short blue go-wn and a white sneakers. She looked stunning
” you look beautiful”. I commented
She nodded smiling
I went over to my bag and started looking for a good cloth. Tina c@m£ over to help me out but there was nothing good..
She signed.” You could have told me, I could have brou-ght an extra go-wn”.she said
” what about that red go-wn”: Bella said pointing to one of my mum dress.
” wow it is beautiful”.Tina remarked
I picked up the go-wn , it was really beautiful. It is very special to my mum because it was a gift from my late dad…
” I will have to ask my mum if I can wear it”. I said
“Mum”. I called
She was outside weaving
” yes”. She replied
I went over to meet her. Her eyes wi-de-ned immediately she saw the go-wn.
“Can I wear this “. I asked. I don’t have any good clothes to wear to the concert..
She nodded
” it is all yours now”. She said
Yippee! I exclaimed
I put on the clothes and Tina and Bella stared on. They looked speechless
” what”. I asked
” you are beautiful Sofia”. Tina complimented
“Thanks”. I said blu-shing
I put on my only black sandals, packed my hair in a loose bun and gr@bb£d my bag..
” we are good to go”. I said
” can I go with you”. Bella suddenly asked
“No, you can’t”. I replied
” I want to go see Shayne”. She whined
” you will see him when you are older” Tina said as we both laughed
They are on their way to see that rude Shayne sings