Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 32

Welcoming Shayne Junior.
Shayne POV
I went over to the police station after taking Sofia home . The reporters were outside the police station obviously looking for who they would drown will their endless questions..
They all ran towards me as soon I stepped out from my car
“Shayne , how do you feel being betrayed by your best friend?”. One of the reporters asked
I ignored all of them and went inside the station .
“I want to see Ben”. I said to a cop immediately I entered the station.
The police nodded and led me to an un-derground prison where Ben was kept.
“ why is he kept here?”. I asked
“ This place is for beasts like him”. He replied
I walked to the front of the prison gate and stared at the beast, he looked scared
“ Shayne”. He called , plea-se forgive me”. He pleaded
I scoffed
“ what do you know about forgiveness?”. I asked him.
He look down bending his head in defeat
“ you killed Donna after ma-king use of her”. I yelled at him, she was just 18 years but you wasted her because of your greed, you kidnapped a 9 years old child who knows nothing because of your greed , you used Lexy turning her into a beast and you planned on slee-ping with my wife”. I said clutching my fist in anger
“ Shayne”. I am…………
“ Don’t call my name”.I said cutting him short. You are nothing but a monster”. I said
I will make sure you loose your precious life to get justice for Donna , men like you are suppose to be castrated”
“Shayne plea-se help me”. He pleaded
“ I never believe a monster like you can plead, Rot in hell Ben………….
I soon left the prison and headed home , I met Sophia laughing with her friend Tina..
“ my Shayne is an hero”. She said narrating to Tina how we rescued her..
She paused immediately she saw me and smiled
“ I am not the real hero here”. I said , Bella is the real heroine .she saved her self and she saved you”.
“I always knew she was a smart kid”. Sofia agreed nodding
I went towards her and hvgged her
“ how is my baby doing?”. I asked k!ss!ngher stomach
“ I can’t wait to see Shayne junior”. I said grinning…………
*. *. *
Few months later
I paced up and down the hospital waiting for the doctor to give me good news
“ why is the doctor taking long”. I thought, I can’t wait to hold my baby. Bella walked towards me
“ Shayne”. She called, can you plea-se st©p behaving like someone crazy
I looked at her and smiled
“ you won’t un-derstand”. I said to her
“ of course I do “. I am going to be a aunty “.She said
I smiled when I remembered what we went throu-gh in the hands of Ben
“ Ben was given death s£ntence, he was bundled and kept in the un-derground cell meant for beast like him awaiting his death ..
Lexy was s£ntenced to 20 years imprisonment for kidnap and attem-pted murder while Oscar was demoted for aiding in Lexy escape and wasn’t given a prison s£ntence because he was threatened…
The doctor soon c@m£ out smiling, I ran towards him
“ Doctor, how is my wife? I asked
“ congratulations Shayne, you wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy”. The doctor said
“ Thank you God”. I screamed in excitement
“ can I go see her ?” I asked
“ of course you can”. The doctor said and I rushed towards the ward with Bella running behind me
I walked into the ward and saw Sofia carrying our baby, I went over to her staring at my baby
The baby was my exact replica , the same colour of hair, same blue eyes and everything
“ Wow , it looks like you”. Bella said peering into the baby face
“ Let me hold him”. I said and Sofia handed him over. My phone suddenly rang and it was my mother
“Congratulations Shayne, I am coming to see my grandson”. She screamed as soon as I picked it
“ how did you know so fast”. I asked in surprise
“ it is all over the internet “. She said, I can’t wait to see my grandson, she said as the call ended
I brou-ght out my phone and search for the latest news and I saw it
“ Shayne Adams welcomes son with wife”
“ That doctor told the reporters”. I said b!tt!g myl-ips
“ it is good news”. Sofia said smiling. My phone rang again and It was a call from my manager, I picked it up
“ Shayne, a big congratulations to you”. He said
“ Thanks”. I replied
“ hope you have not forgotten about the concert today , remember you are the main performer today”. He reminded
“ I will be there”. I as-sured him and ended the call
“ I wish to go with you”. Sofia said
I smiled at her
“ you can watch it from here”. I told her , it will start by 7..
She nodded
“ I glanced at my wrist watch, it was 6pm”
“ gosh “, I have to go”. I announced, I will come straight here immediately after the concert”. I promised
I went over to my baby and gave him a light k!ss
“ daddy is coming soon”. I said and took my leave …
Sofia POV
The whole went wild as Shayne was called on stage. I was watching the concert on the television in the VIP ward with Bella beside me. Shayne junior was slee-ping peacefully in the baby cot beside me. I received so many calls from most of my school mates and mother.
“ I want to dedicate this song to my wife and my son”. He started , I sang it for the first time at a concert months back just for fun but today I will be singing it because I have someone who I want to sing it to”. He said and the whole crowd applauded.
I smiled as he started singing and sang along with him with tears of Joy flowing down my eyes
It is a beautiful feeling
What we got de-ep inside
We got a flame they will last forever
Together you and I
Such a rush of emotions
There is no way you can push it away
Cos they will never tear our love ap@rt
Our bond will never break
Do you believe in power
Of everlasting love
We can make it if we stay together
Our love is just enough
Promise me this forever
We will always stay this way
We can start at the end of time
And do it all again
Oh my love
I am all yours
And there will never be another one
Cause I am eternally yours
My heart is a flame
And it is burning in your name
Even throu-gh the sands of time
My life will always grow
And I won’t let go
The end
Will drop the epilogue soon

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