Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 31

The Rescue
Shayne POV
I soon got to Sofia’s mum mansion and Oscar was alre-ady waiting for me, he looked worried”
“ Oscar”. I called
He just nodded. I looked at Sofia’s mum and went over to greet her
“hello ma”. I greeted
“ Shayne”. She called with a tiny voice , Will Sofia ever be saved?
“ Ma, I will make sure she is safe”. I as-sured her
“ Shayne”. Bella called running down the stairs to hvg me
I picked her up and swung her around
“ st©p it”. She screamed laughing and I soon drop her down
I turned to Oscar
“ Oscar,what is it you want to tell me?”. I asked him
He looked at Sofia’s mother and then at Bella
“ we can excuse you two so you can talk”. Sofia’s mum said rolling her wheelchair towards us
“ No, it is alright, I want all of you to hear what I want to say”. He said
We all sat down
“Shayne”,I am sorry for everything. He started
I looked at him in confusion
“ I know who is behind the kidnap”. He said
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him, you mean you know where Sofia was ever since and you kept quiet ..
“ I am trying to tell you that I know who is behind all this”. He tried explaining
“ who is that”. I asked boiling with rage
“Ben”, it is Ben”. He said
I looked at him shocked
“ did you call me over here to tell me to joke?”.I asked him, what do you mean ?”. I yelled
“ I never believed it when I found out myself. He said
We all sat down and listened to him as he told us how he was framed and how Ben used the video to threaten him.
I sat down short of words . I trusted Ben, I really do
He continued telling us how he helped Lexy escape and how Ben called him recently to kill Lexy
“ Who is this Ben”. Sofia’s mum asked
“ someone who i called a friend”. I said
She shook her head
“ hope my Sofia is safe , hope my poor baby is safe”. She repeated sobbing
“So where is Sofia now”. I asked Oscar
“I can’t tell you exactly where she is but I am sure Ben is keeping her”. He said
“Good”. I said , I picked my car keys on the table
“ I will make sure you are punished also”. I said standing up
“ Shayne , Where are you going? Bella asked
“ To confront Ben”. I said boiling with rage
“ Shayne , you have to cool down”. She said .
I looked at her
“ what is she trying to say”. I thought
“Why?”. I asked her
“ if we make any silly mistakes, Ben might hurt Sofia so we nee-d make a plan”.She said
“ Shayne, you have to pretend you don’t know anything so he won’t suspect”. She commanded
“ you , she pointed at Oscar , pretend you are still on his side . We just nee-d to hire a detective to follow him throu-ghout the day and confirm if Sofia is in there with him, then we make a arrest at night”. She explained
“ Brilliant!!”. Oscar exclaimed, we will do as you say
I looked at Bella and smiled. I was so blinded with rage that I forgot to calculate my moves..
She is such a smart kid…
I drove out of the compound still shocked about everything
“ I never believed Ben would be this evil, what more has he done behind my back? Is he the one who also framed Sofia up. My phone suddenly started ringing , I checked the caller and it was the Devil
“ Buddy”. He called as soon as I picked it
“Ben”. I called , how are you?”. I asked him pretending I was fine with him
“ I am good, any lead on Sofia’s case? He asked
“No”. I replied”. Clutching my fist ti-ght to control my anger
“ Okay Buddy”, I just wanted to check on you”. He said and he ended the call
“ what a bas***d?”. I thought, I will make sure I destroy everything about him…..
Sofia POV
I sat down on the be-d with my hands on my cheeks…
“ will I ever be able to leave this place”. I thought said out loud. I thought about Shayne ,“ what will he be doing”,
I was very sure he will be doing anything possible to find me but will he ever suspect his best friend
The door opened and a man walked in placing a tray of food in front of me and he immediately left the room.
I stared at the food , I had no appetite but I knew I had to eat because of my baby. I picked the spoon and started eating.
I just prayed that all will be well…….
Shayne POV
I sat down in my studio with my Manager and Oscar waiting for the detective call. My phone suddenly rang and I picked it up immediately
“ Have you confirmed when he is keeping her?”. I asked
“ Yes, I saw him go into a mansion evening holding three shopping bags and a flower”. The detective answered
“ is he all alone in the house?”. I asked
“ No, There are some boys with him”. He said
“ Okay”. Just be at alert , we will make an arrest this evening “. I instructed as I ended the call…
I sat on the sofa drinking wine ,I bought some clothes and a beautiful flower for my Sofia, I plan on having her this night.
“ I will make her mine and nothing can st©p me”. I sipped and laughed
Sofia POV

I ran to the bathroom and puked for the second time after eating the food I was served
I t©uçhed my stomach and smiled
“ it seems my baby does not like the place either”. I went over to the be-d and la-id down..
I was soon feeling sleepy and was about dozing off when the door flung open and the beast walked in holding a flower
“ What do you want again?”. I asked
He sm-irked and replied
“ I want you Sofia”
He walked towards me, placed the flower on the table beside me and sat down on the be-d
“Sofia, let me love you”. He said c@r£ss!ngmy face
“ You are crazy”. I said and spat on his face
He cleaned the spit off his face and scoffed
“ Why did you do that ?”. He asked coldly
I remained quiet and he gave me a thun-derous sl@p
I winced in pain
“ it seems you don’t like me being gentle”. He gr-unted . I will do it the other way
He suddenly pounced on me and was struggling to take off my clothes when I blurted out
“ I am pregnant”
He st©pped and looked at me
“ what?”.he asked
“ I am pregnant, plea-se don’t r@p£ me”. I pleaded
He remained quiet for some while and studied me and was about to saying something when we heard gunsh0ts…………..
Shayne POV
We got to the Ben’s mansion. it was a different one, I never knew he had it.
We were a total of twenty including Oscar, My Manager, The detective and I . We all hid ourselves while the detective went over to knock the hvge gate .
A man in suit c@m£ to open the gate and I watched them exchange words which clearly provoked the detective and he brou-ght out his gun and sh0t him…
“ let’s move”. The detective signalled to us, we all rushed inside and started shooting
“ be careful”. I said to my manager and he nodded
We took down all of Ben’s men outside losing only three of our men.
“ Hope everyone is fine?”. Oscar asked and we all nodded
We all rushed into the main building when I saw Ben pointing a gun to Sofia head…
“ Make a move or I will shoot her”. Ben said climbing down the stairs with Sofia and pointing a gun to her forehead
“ Ben”. I called , Why are you doing this?”. I asked
He sm-irked
“Shut up Shayne , I was tired of being your shadow so I wanted to destroy you”. He started , I made a viral video of you ra-ping your wife, I framed your wife using Donna and finally killed her
“ what?”. I asked g@sping in shock
“ yes, I killed Donna”. He continued
“I helped Lexy escape with the help of Oscar”. He said pointing to Oscar
The whole police looked at Oscar in shock and he bent his head in shame
“ I can see you finally told Shayne everything”. He laughed looking at Oscar
“ I hate you Shayne , i really hate you”. I just also found out you are going to be a father soon”. He completed and started laughing
“ This guy is obviously crazy”. I thought
I signalled Sofia to bend down and immediately she did , I sh0t Ben on his shoulder and his gun fell to the floor
“ aaaargh”. He gro-an ed pushing Sofia to the ground and holding his shoulders
I sh0t him again on one of his legs , he fell on the floor gro-an ing in me
I went towards him and started punching him in , My Manager pu-ll-ed me away from me
“ Shayne let the law take care of this”. He said .
I went to Sofia who was crying and embr@ced her
“ Shayne, I thought I will never see you again “.She said in between tears
“ it is alright love , it is alright “
Thank God Sofia is safe
One more episode to go