Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 30

Unveiling the unknown .
• Sofia POV
I woke up feeling very weak
“ where am I?”. I asked myself looking around. I was in a very beautiful room, it was like a Princess room
“ who brou-ght me here?”.
The memory of what happened started flowing in
“ Bella, where is Bella?. I tried coming down from the big be-d but fell down since my legs were so weak
Oh my God plea-se help me, plea-se me. I looked out to heaven and started crying….
Shayne POV
“I am alright Shayne, I don’t like the smell of hospital”. Bella complained, I took her to a hospital to make sure she is fully alright.
I looked at her and smiled
“ How can you be so smart”. I asked her ruffling her head .
“ Nob©dy dares messes with me?”. She boasted
“ I love your gut”. I said to her
“Really, I really want to be a cops”. She said
I studied her for a moment
“ cops?, why?”.i asked her
“ I want to catch all those foolish criminals like that crazy woman”. She explained
“ you will make a fine cop”. I said encouraging her
She looked up at me grinning
The reporters were waiting for us as soon as we walked out
“Our little heroine”. They all chanted praising Bella
I looked at her and smiled
“ say something”. I gestured at her
“ I Bella will make sure the kidnapper of my sister is brou-ght to book”. She said having a serious look on her face
“ I was very proud of her”
“ can we go now?”. I asked her
She nodded and took my hands in hers and we walked to the car…
“ Where the hell would Sofia be”. I kept on asking myself
I was de-eply worried, I could not eat nor sleep. My phone suddenly rang, it was my manager
I picked it up after the second ring
“ Shayne “. He called, I cancelled all appointments as you asked.
“ fine”. I said
“ you can call on me if you nee-d anything, I will always be there”. He as-sured me
“ Thanks”. I said ending the call
My phone rang again and it was call from my mum, I ignored it. She had called earlier and was asking if Sofia had returned.she was clearly worried, I had no answers to give her…
My phone rang for the third time and when I checked the call , it was my friend Ben
“ Buddy”. He called as soon as I picked
“ Ben”. I called Back
“ don’t worry, she will be fine”. He said as-suring me
“ Thanks”. I said and ended the call
I nee-d to start from somewhere and I will start by questioning the b***h. I picked my car keys and headed to the station…
I stared at the crazy woman in front of me,her b©dy was covered with wounds. She had been severely tortured..
“How can you tell me you don’t know who you were working for”. I asked her
“ Shayne, you got to believe me “. She pleaded,I don’t know who is the boss
I Listened to her as she explained how she escaped , how she started working for her so-called boss and the lies he told her about me
“ can you recognise the man who opened the cell gate for you?. I asked
She shook her head
“ No, he hid his face with a cap”. She said
I was lost in thought, there must be an inside man in the police who is working for this criminal, who the hell Is he?
“ Shayne”. She called, I am very sorry . I was blinded with rage and could not think properly”. She pleaded sobbing
“ really, you are sorry. You could have hurt a 9 years old little girl if she had not been smarter than you “. I said to her
“ Shayne, I am sorry”. She kept on pleading
“ was this the girl I had S-x with?”. I thought within, she is really disgusting…
“Take her back to her cell”. I instructed the officers
They nodded, I was about to take my leave when she called me
I turned to look at her
“ I think the person behind all this knows you too well, you nee-d to be very careful”.she advised
What!!!!!!. I don’t care how close the person is to me but if he dares l@ya hand on my Sofia or my unborn child I will kill him…..
*. Ben POV
I scoffed as I re-ad the headlines of the newspapers
9 years old heroine helps in tracking down the fugitive .
“ how can Lexy be dumb to the extent of allowing a nine years old kid outsmart her”.
I planned on killing the b***h immediately I was done with her but she let her self being caught…
I nee-d to eliminate the b***h
I dialled a number and he picked up immediately
“ What is it again?”. The voice from the other end asked
“Are you tired of me?”. I asked teasing him
“ don’t ever call my number again”. He roared
“ fine, I will never do that but you nee-d to do something for me”. I said to him
He remained silent
“ hello, are you there?”. I asked
“What is it ?”He asked, his voice was very cold
“ I want lexy dead”. I said smiling evil
“ Why?”, he asked
“ she knows too much and I want her dead”. I repeated
“ you must be crazy Ben”. He said
“ you either do it or I will s£nd the video to your wife and kids”. I threatened him
“ fine”. He said and ended the call
I laughed out loudly . Once he eliminates Lexy, I will kill him also….
I looked up the stairs. My Princess must be awake by now, I nee-d to say hello to her…..
Sofia POV
I la-id on the be-d thinking about Bella, my mum and my Shayne, I knew they would be very worried.
The door soon opened and I stared in shock as the person walked in
“ Ben”. What are you doing here?”. I asked him
He smiled and gave me a flower he was holding
“ what is this for?”. I asked collecting it
“ accept my heart “. He said kneeling down
“ what?”. I asked in confusion
“ Sofia , I love you”. He said smiling
“ you must be crazy”. I said to him
His face suddenly changed and he was obviously angry
“ don’t dare call me crazy”. He yelled
I looked at him clearly frightened
“ it is because I love you that is why i won’t hurt you”. He explained and smiled again..
“ This guy is crazy”. I thought
“ I want us to move away from here, you will forget about Shayne and love only me”. He continued. I will make sure Shayne lose his happiness and that is you, and you know what will happen then, he said leaning towards me. He will loose his mind and won’t be able to sing again
He completed grinning
I looked at the man in front of me, he was clearly obsessed about Shayne’s downfall….
“ I will go get you beautiful dress from the mall”. He said and walked out of the room
“ Shayne best friend is behind all this”. I thought crying, who will tell Shayne…..
Oscar POV
“ what did I get myself into?”, “ why did I agree to help this beast from the beginning”, he is using that stupid video to black mail me…
It was a leak tape of me and three girls having fun , he threatened to s£nd it to my wife and also make it viral. If he does that then my career will surely end..
I was clearly not myself in the video and I suspected it might be a setup. He made me as-sist him in Lexy escape and now he wants me to kill her…..
I had to dismiss all police from their duties that very day and allowed one of his boys into the prison to open the cell gate for her..
I can’t keep on being his toy, I nee-d to confess. I don’t care if this will end my career as a cops but I have to do what is right..
I dialled Shayne number and he picked it immediately
“ Shayne”. I called , I nee-d to see you”. I said
“ okay. He said , I will come over to your office
“ Not here”. I said suddenly fearing they Ben might keep track on me
“ why?”. He asked
“ i will explain everything to you when we see ”. I told him. Do you have any quiet place we can go talk, probably a trusted relative place”. I asked him
“Let’s meet at Sofia’s mum place”. He suggested
“ Good”. I said, let it be by 2pm”. I suggested
“Fine”. He said as he ended the call
I don’t want Ben to be suspicious of me so I nee-d to be very careful. I know he will try and kill me once he does not nee-d me anymore..
I nee-d to really end all this………….
So the head of police is the person working for Ben
Ben is really a beast
Kudos to Bella, the little copies