Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 29

Bella is rescued
Sophia POV
I got to the g@soline station, I was really scared. I called the number and the lady picked it
“ I am at the g@s station”.I said
“ Good”. You will see a black car, get in quietly and your sister will be fine”. She said, don’t think of trying anything stupid..
I waited and a black car suddenly parked in front of me
“ Sofia”. He called , get in
I quic-kly obeyed and got into the car..
“ can you plea-se let my sister go”. I pleaded
“ of course we will”. He said and soon sprayed a whitish liquid
“ what is that?”. I asked him
“ Nothing baby”. He said grinning. I soon start feeling dizzy and immediately blacked out..
Shayne POV
“ what do you mean she went to a g@soline station”. I asked Tina
She was clearly shaken. I was at the g@soline station looking for Sofia
“ she said ssshe was coming here”. She stammered
I glared at her,
“If they dare hurt Sofia or my unborn child, they will pay dearly.. My phone rang and it was a call from Sofia’s mom. I picked it up immediately
“ Hello Shayne , Bella is missing”. She said crying
“ what!!! I exclaimed
“ what the hell Is happening?”…..
Bella POV
I woke up feeling weak,
“ where am I?”. I asked confusedly
I looked around me, I was in a very small room with nothing inside except the be-d I was slee-ping on
I sobbe-d as I remembered what happened, I was kidnapped.
“ who kidnapped me? What is their motive? I kept asking myself
I heard noises from the room next to the one I was kept in and crawled to listen
I put my ear on the wall and tried to listen to what the person was saying
“The girl is alre-ady on her way to your house”. a woman said , can you trust me now?
What girl? I thought, hope it is not what I am thinking..
I continued trying to get what she was saying
“ of course I feel save , this is the outSk-irt of the town, no one can know here”. She said laughing. The closest to this place is an abandoned school so no one can ever suspect…
I wi-de-ned my eyes in shock
“Am I really far away from home “
I heard footsteps walking towards the room and I quic-kly crawled back to the be-d pretending I was still asleep. The door opened and someone walked in
“ she is still asleep, poor child. I guessed she was giving overdose of the drug”. She said moving toward me
She sat down on the be-d and t©uçhed my face
“ poor child, I am sorry I cannot re-lease you, you will be a p@rt of my revenge “. She said chuckling and stood from the be-d laughing as she went out
I immediately got up when I was sure I was all alone
“ revenge ? What is that?”. I was obviously confused.
I de-ep my hands into my inner ti-ght and brou-ght out my phone. Phones were not allowed in my school so I do hide it and pl@ywith it during recess. The kidnappers took all my belongings but they did not take my phone
I immediately dialled Shayne number and he picked it up immediately
“Bella, where are you?”. He asked immediately , I have been trying your number it was switched off
“ Shayne”. I called , I can’t talk much, come here now”
“ what?”. He asked
“ The kidnappers might be lur-k-ing around”. I explained
“ where are you ?”. He asked
“ I don’t know , but I heard the kidnapper say it is at the outSk-irt of the town not far from an abandoned school”. I tried explaining
“ fine, i will be on my way”. He said
“ okay, I will off my phone now, plea-se be fast”. I pleaded and ended the call
I switched off the phone and kept it back in my inner ti-ght..
I looked up to heavens praying for everything to go well
The door suddenly opened and the woman suddenly walked in. I immediately recognised her as the woman who framed Sofia up and escaped from prison.
“ did she kidnap me to get to Sofia?, is the girl they were discussing about Sofia?”
The woman walked towards me and sat down on the be-d
“ when am I?” I asked pretending as if I just woke up
She patted me
“ don’t worry darling, I will make sure I give you a painless death”. She said laughing and walked out of the room
I sm-irked
“ You don’t mess with Bella and go Scot free”…
Shayne POV
I drove rushing to the outSk-irt of the town with two police cars following me
I was really confused not knowing what to do before Bella called me
“ what a smart child”
I promise to deal with whosoever is responsible for the kidnap..
We soon got to the abandoned building and I signalled the the police to st©p..
“ we will walk down from here so we don’t alert the kidnappers”. I instructed
We all c@m£ down and kept on walking till we we c@m£ across a path. We followed the path and walked down till we sighted a little house
“Are you kidding me, who built a house alone here”. I thought
The police surrounded the house trying not to make a noise while I went to the front door to knock
“ i am coming, a voice answered, the voice sounded so familiar
I was shocked when the door opened
“ Lexy”. I called out in shock, she looked confused
“ Shayne”, how did you get here?”. She asked
I held her by the n£¢k and pushed her inside, the cops c@m£ out of their hiding place pointing their guns at her
I looked around the room, there was no one there
“ where is she ? Where is Bella and Sofia?”. I asked
“ I don’t know”. She said
I sm-irked, I don’t beat women but this one in front of me is obviously not a woman but a beast . I gave her a sl@p
“ Where are they?”.I yelled
There was a ban-g on a door behind her,
What is that?. I asked her
“ nothing “. She said obviously frightened
the ban-ging bec@m£ louder
I went toward the door and kicked it open and someone immediately hvgged me. It was little Bella
“ I am smart right”. She said grinning
I nodded, I looked into the room and there was no sign of Sofia
I went over to the b***h
“ where is Sofia”. I yelled at her
“ she is with boss”. She said whimpering
“ who is the boss”. I asked her
“ I don’t know”. She said
I gave her a punch ,
“ plea-se I really don’t know”. She pleaded gro-an ing in pain
Bella c@m£ towards me
“ Sofia will be fine”. She as-sured me
I bent to her size and hvgged her
“ I am really glad you are safe”. You are really a smart child…..
Finally the witch has been caught
Bella is really smart
I pray Sofia will be save