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January 20, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 28

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Saving Bella ❤️




Shayne POV

“ Where will I get that?”. I asked Sofia
“ That is what I feel like eating”. She whined pouting her lips
“White apples?”I asked her again
She nodded
“Sofia I think you should just settle for the normal apple”. I told her
I was really pissed off with this her cravings
“ Shayne “. She called
“ yes”, I replied looking up at her
“ Am I getting fat?”. She suddenly asked
“ Damn! Sofia you have asked that for the umpteenth time today”. I scoffed, is this really the way pregnant women behaves?
“ No baby”.you are perfect. I replied her
“Liar”. She said, we promised to to always tell each other the truth.
“ fine”. I signed , you are getting fat Sofia”. I said but…..
“No but Shayne”. She cut me short and started crying
“ how can you tell me I am getting fat?, are you not the one who put the child in me?”. She asked sobbing
“ what the hell?, is she trying to frustrate me? I thought.. I moved towards her and tried consoling her.
“Baby if you get fat or not, you will still be my love, you will still be the only woman i am attracted too”. I assured her
“ really”.she said
I nodded
“ will I get through this alive?”. I thought………

Lexy POV

I laid on the bed feeling really bored..
“ Will I ever get out her?”. I thought aloud, I watched the news and it seems they are already tired in their search for me, they hardly talk about me ….. The phone beside me suddenly rang, it was given to me by the unknown boss
“ Hi”. I greeted
“ Lexy”. The voice from the other end chimed in
“It is time to get ready for your first assignment,if you successful in it,you will earn my full trust”. He said
“ what is it all about ?”. I asked
I listened as he explained the task to me
“ is it clear?”. He asked after telling me what to do..
“ yes”, i said, but I will need two of your boys to assist me….
“ That is not a problem”. He said , I will send them to you right now” and soon ended the call..
I laughed to myself, I knew whosoever this man is wanted to use me to carry out his dirty jobs
He helped me out of the prison break because he knew i wanted revenge against Shayne , not everyone knew about my involvement with Shane, whosoever this boss is must be really close to him……
I was instructed to do Lure Sofia out , I was thinking how to go about it. Shayne hardly let his b***h out his sight and going to her school to get her will raise lot of suspicion..
I kept on thinking of a way to bring her to me and smiled as soon as I got and idea…..

Bella POV
“Bye Trisha”. I waved at my friend and started walking home.
My school is not far from my house so I walk to school in the morning and walk back home in the afternoon..
I soon got to a corner and noticed a black car driving slowly..
I kept on walking but I occasionally glanced back at the car, it looked so suspicious. I started walking faster and the car increased his speed a little
I became scared
“ is this car tailing me?”. I asked myself
I suddenly stopped and the car stopped also and a man putting on a black suit came out from the car and walked towards me.
“ hello little girl”. He greeted
“ who are you? What do you want? I asked
He smiled and deep his hands in his breast pocket and brought out a candy
“ have this”. He said handing it over to me”.
I scoffed, what does he think I am? a glutton.
“ No thank you”. I declined his offer, since you don’t have anything to say, I will take my leave”. I said and started running , he also started running after me..
I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me but it was all a waste as he soon caught it with me
“ Let me go”. I screamed kicking him
“ we will let you go kid if you cooperate with us”. He said and brought out a handkerchief which he used to cover my nose
I immediately felt dizzy and soon black out….

Sofia POV

The bell suddenly rang signifying to end of the long school hour
“Yippee”. I screamed in excitement, I can’t wait to get home
My phone immediately buzzed and it was a picture message .
“ who sent me a picture message?”. I thought and clicked on it…
I widened my eyes in shock
“ No, it can’t be , it can be”. I kept on muttering. It was the picture of Bella in a small room with her hands tied, she appeared to be unconscious. My phone suddenly rang and it was a call from the same number
I picked it up immediately
“ Who are you? I asked What the hell did you do my sister?
The person started laughing and it was a female
“ if you want you sister alive, come to the address i will send to you, if you dare call Shayne or any other person, I will shoot her on the spot”. She explained laughing
“ I will do that, I won’t tell anyone, just please don’t hurt my sister”. I yelled
“ Good”, move towards the gasoline station and when you are there call me, I will send the address to you”. She said as the call ended
“What will I do now? I have to do as they say in order to save my sister, I can’t allow my sister die.”. I reasoned and was about to leave the school when Tina called me
“ Sofia , I have been looking everywhere for you”. She said as she came running towards me
I faked a smile
“ I need to reach the gas station, I need to pick up something there?”. I told her
“ let me come with you then”. She said
“ No, wait here for me incase Shayne comes, you can tell him where I went to so he won’t be worried”. I said
“ okay”. She said nodding
I smiled at her and headed towards the gas station
Bella please be safe, please be safe . I muttered


Sad mood, all this is too much for poor Sofia
I pray Bella is safe

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