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January 20, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 27

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The unknown boss



Sofia POV

I woke up still feeling weak and nauseous..
“ you are finally awake”. Shayne said , he was sitting beside me on the bed browsing with his laptop
I nodded
“ how are you feeling now?”. He asked
“ just a little bit weak”. I replied
“ it might be as a result of stress”. He said leaning over to caress me
“ what are you trying to do?”. I asked him
“Something you will like”. He said pulling my singlet down .
“Oh Shayne not now , I am weak”. I said trying to push him away
“Chill baby”. He said as he went down on me
“ what a sex freak!!!
Lexy POV

I took my bath and put on a green gown, I checked myself in the mirror and i shook my head in pity, I really emaciated.
I thought I will never be able to breathe a fresh air again, the prison sucks and I am really grateful to my helper…
A car suddenly pulled up in the compound and I ran to the window to peep..
I watched as two men came out of the car, they whispered something to each other before walking in..
I heard a knock and I quickly went to the door to open it
“ hello Miss Lexy”. One of the men greeted
“ Helo”, who are you? I asked
“ We were sent by our boss to answer all the questions you have”. The second man replied
“ Who is your boss?”. I asked
“ you will get to know him once you earn his trust”. He said
I invited them in and immediately they sat down, I began my questions
“ Who framed me, who is Donna?”. I asked
They exchanged looks and the first man who is tall answered
“ it was a plan to get you in jail”. He said
“ how?”. I asked in confusion
“ Shayne was scared that you might come back to harm his wife , so he planned it all up to get you arrested”. He said
“ what?”. I asked in surprise
“ Shayne can’t do that”. I said defending him
“ you can choose to believe or not to .He said
I remained quiet for a while and lot of things ran through my mind
“Why did your boss help me?”. I asked
“Because he saw you were wrongly accused”. The second man replied
I shook my head, it was obvious that this two men were lying to me but what do I care, I also want to hurt Shayne for using and dumping me, I gave him my body and he treated me like trash……
“ how can I earn your boss trust?”. I asked
They smiled
“ by doing as he says”. The tall man said
“ I am ready, what will I do?”. I asked
“ we will contact you when we need your assistance”. He said rising up
I nodded
“ it is nice talking with you”. He said flashing a smile
They soon left and i was lost in thought
I am not a fool, I know whosoever helped me wants to make use of me, i will do anything he orders and in turn use him too..
Shayne hurt me badly, he could have turned down when I offered him my body instead of banging me……

I watched Shayne as he sang a new song in the studio
“ wow, everyone clapped and cheered
He stood up smiling sheepishly
A man immediately stood up and gave him water, another cleaned his sweat, he was like a Demi god
I receive none of the this kind of treatment whenever I sing
He soon started walking towards me
“ Buddy”, he said
I stood up and hugged him
“ you performed brilliantly “. I said faking a smile
“ Thank you”. he said
He picked his car keys from the table
“ Are you going somewhere”. I asked
“ yes, I need to take my wife to the hospital”. He replied
“ oh, is she sick?”. I asked
“ not really, I believe it is just a slight fever”. He said
I nodded
“ see you later”. He waved and left
He got it all, looks , money , fame and a beautiful wife …
Why can’t it be me?………..

Shayne POV
I went over to Sofia School and spotted her talking to her friend Tina..
I horned and she waved at her friend and started running towards me
I stared at her as she came running, her ass were rounder, her breast bigger , Sofia was adding weight..
“hello baby”. She greeted as she got into the car
“How are you feeling?”. I asked her
“ still the same”. She replied
“ Dont worry , you will be fine “. I assured her and drove towards the hospital

We soon got to the hospital and all the staffs left what they were doing to Stare
“ won’t they stop looking”. Sofia said glaring at a female nurse who was drooling
“ you worry too much”, i told her as we headed to the doctor office
“ Good evening Shayne”. The doctor greeted
“ Good evening”. I responded taking a seat
“ Do you want to have a general checkup as usual?”. He asked
I smiled, he is my personal doctor and I do come over for general checkup twice everybody
“ Not today doctor, I came here because of my wife”. I explained
“ what is wrong with her”. He asked
I nudged Sofia sitting beside me to explain what is wrong herself
“ I do feel nauseous, puke and also feel weak and dizzy most of the time”. Sofia complained
He looked at Sofia with a raised eyebrow
He checked her eyes and tongue
“ Shayne”. He called, we need to run a test on her for a valid confirmation”. He said
“Ok doctor”. I stared
I watched as the took Sofia blood samples
“ oouch, that hurts”. She said
“ sorry baby”…..
We waited for about 20 minutes and the doctor finally came in wearing a smile
“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Adams , your wife is six weeks gone
“ What!! I exclaimed looking down at Sofia stomach
I am going to be father,
I am going to be a father . I bent to kiss Sofia stomach and pulled her into a hug as the doctor watched us smiling…….:


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Adams
What is that evil Ben planning
Who helped Lexy escape

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