Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 20

Sofia POV
I listened to Shayne as he explained everything about his contract
I saw this as an opportunity to ask for permission to be at Tina’s place
“ You can go rehearse overnight”. I told him
He just stared at me blankly
“ Why?”. He suddenly asked
“ Tina and I planned having a sleep over on Saturday night, I told her I will ask you about it first “. I lied
“ will you be okay with that?”. He asked
I nodded
“ okay baby, I will do an overnight rehearsal on Saturday “. He said
I nodded
I signed in relief , it was easier than I thought…….
I got to school the next day and told Tina the good news
She screamed in excitement
“ I told you it will work”. She said
Donna walked up to us smiling
“ why are you guys screaming”. She suddenly asked
“ I am just happy that Shayne allowed Sofia to have a sleep over “. Tina said
“ but Saturday is my birthday, ain’t you guys coming again”. Donna asked looking confused
Tina laughed and explained everything to her
“ oh, nice”. She exclaimed. So Shayne does not know exactly where you will be on that day
I nodded
“That is fine”. She said, I un-derstand
Let’s go get lunch, I said . I am famished
“ you eat a lot “. Tina said and they both laughed…..
Saturday evening
“ Shayne”. I called , I am re-ady. I said carrying my school bag
“ I am coming”. He said and soon c@m£ out from the bathroom
He went over to his wardrobe and began dressing, he dressed in an all black outfit and wore his gold chain and earrings
“ I am all set”. He said as we walked out of the room
He dropped me off at Tina’s place
“ Be a good girl”. He said and say hi to Tina and soon drove off
I walked into Tina’s sitting room. She was all alone at home .
Her both parents were into business and they travel a lot, she was an only child
“ Sofia “. Tina called immediately she saw me
“ let’s go to my room”. She said and we both walked to her room
We soon began dressing and I brou-ght out a beautiful blue go-wn and white sneakers I hid in my school bag . I put it on and I must admit I looked very beautiful in it. I packed my hair into a ponytail and applied little makeup. I stared at my reflection in the mirror and I was satisfied with what I saw..
I looked at Tina she was putting on a blue bu-m Sk-irt , a white shi-t and a sneakers to match . She looked cute and smart….
We used the public transport and soon got to the club
It was at the outSk-irt of the town
“ yipee”. Tina exclaimed as we walked in, there were lot of youth men and women dancing
We sighted Donna and few of our clas-smates and walked towards to them
“ you are here, Donna said as soon and she saw us
She ushered us to a seat and I watched the way people were dancing
“ will you take alcohol”. She asked me and I shook my head
She ordered the bar man to serve me soft drink ..
“ let us go look for boys”. She said facing Tina , Sophia is a very married woman she said and they both laughed
I smiled at them and watched them leave
I was almost done with my drink when Donna brou-ght another drink to me
“ we have to treat Shayne’s wife with respect”. She tea-sed and I smiled
“ where is Tina?”. I asked
“Tina has got herself a new b©yfri£nd”. She said and left.
I sipped little of the drink as I watched the dancers
“ Helo cute girl”. A man said walking up to me
“ hi”. I greeted
He stared at me as if trying to remember something
“ Damn”. You are Shayne’s wife “. He said and quic-kly apologised
I chuckled silently and drank little from the drink again
I loved the taste of the drink and soon finished all of it…..
I suddenly started feeling dizzy, my eye lid suddenly bec@m£ heavy. I just wanted to sleep
A man walked up to me asking if I was alright
I shook my head and asked him if there is a room for rent here
He nodded
“This way “. He said as he walked throu-gh a long pas-sage
I followed him and he soon st©pped in front of a room
I went it without thanking him and immediately la-id on the be-d
I was about dozing off when three men walked in, I tried to keep me eyes open but could not and soon dozed off……..::
Tina POV
I really enjoyed the nice chat I had with the guy, I thought he would ask for my number but he didn’t, he didn’t even ask of my name..
I was clearly disappointed and went over to sit down with Sofia but I couldn’t find her ..
“ she might have gone to the toilet”. I thought, i decided to sit down and wait for her ….
I waited for 20 minutes and she was still not back.
“What of my friend, the one with blue go-wn?”. I asked the barman
“ she was here an hour ago”. He said and he continued with what he was doing
“ An hour?”. I was alarmed, if anything happens to Sofia , it will be my fault
I went to look for Donna and found her dancing with a guy
“ Donna”. I called
“ Hey Tina”.
“ did you see Sofia?”. I asked her
She was seated over there. She said pointing toward the empty chair
“ she is not there”. I said , I only saw her bag
“ what?”. She exclaimed
“ what are we going to do?”. She asked me
I thought, I had no other option
“ i will have to inform Shayne”. I said
It will be better that way
I went to Sofia’s bag and brou-ght her phone ,it was without pas-sword
I scrolled down her contact and saw a contact she saved as my husband
I dialled the number and as expected Shayne picked it
“ hello baby, you missing me”. His voice chimed in
“ This is sss nnnnot Sofia”. I stammered
“ who are you ?”. He asked
“ Tina, this is Tina”. I said
“ ok Tina. he said , how are you ? What are you doing with Sofia phone? Where is Sofia? Why the hell is that place noisy? He rushed all the question
I bur-st into tears
We can’t find Sophia . I said
“ where are you ?”. He asked, his voice was so cold
“ we are at Luna club & suite “. I replied and he hanged the call
Shayne POV.
“ what is wrong?”. My manager asked as soon as I ended the call
“ Sofia is missing “. I said
“ how?”. he asked, I thought she is at her friends place for sleepover
“ I thought so too but it seems she lied”. I said b!tt!g myl-ips
I picked up my car keys and went over to my car
“ Shayne I will come with you”. My manager offered
I entered the car and drove off without him, I heard him calling but I ignored him…
So many things were running throu-gh my mind as I drive
“ why is Sofia at Luna club, did she actually lie to me to go clubbing
I trusted her, I believed her
I parked in front of he club and immediately rushed in
The whole people in the club cheered me as I walked in
I ignored all of them
I walked over to the bar man
“ where is my wife ?”. I barked at him
He was panicking, he knows what I can do. I did not just want to create a scene
“ I don’t know”. He pleaded
Suddenly Tina and another girl ran towards me
I turned to Tina
“ where is Sofia ?”. I asked
She bent her head crying . I as-sessed the way she was dressed, it was obvious they were clubbing….
“She was sitting here and I could not find her”.She said trying to explain
I turned to the barman , I gr@bb£d his collar and was about hitting him when my phone buzzed
I look at it , it was a message from an unknown number
I cli-cked on it and it re-ads
“ I saw her going into hall 2”, i don’t want to disclose my identity….
I stared at the message
“ where is hall 2”. I said asking the bar man
“ over here”. He said leading the way
“ stay here”. I instructed Tina and the second girl
They nodded
We walked throu-gh the pas-sage and st©pped in front of a door
“ this is it”. He said
I pushed the door opened and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock
Sofia was slee-ping on the be-d with only her br@ and p@n-ts
I walked towards her in shock and I saw pictures scattered on the be-d
I picked it up and it was Sofia un-der the blanket with a guy
I looked at the pictures and stared back at her
“ Sofia what have you done ?
What the hell just happened ?