Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 19

Sofia POV
I woke up n-ked in Shayne’s hand, we made love all throu-gh the night
I looked at him and he was awake
“ Why didn’t you wake me?”. I asked him
“ I enjoyed watching you sleep”. He said as he took my n!ppl!s in his mouth
“Shayne , st©p, I nee-d to get to school”. I pleaded
“Let us have a quic-kie”. He said and bent me over on all fours without waiting for my response
He soon pene-trated into me and started ban-ging me, i m0@n ed in plea-sure as we both reached our or-gansm
“ Go and bath”. He said hitting my as-s pla-yfully
I managed to stand up, I was all so-re from yesterday ban-ging
I went to the bathroom and soon started bathing when Shayne called
“ can I come join you?”. He asked
“ No”. I screamed pla-yfully
I heard him chuckled
“ I really don’t want another ban-ging this morning because once he baths with me I know he will ask for it
That is one of the disadvantages of d@t!nga S-x freak…..
We c@m£ downstairs together holding hands
“ Good morning mum”. I greeted Shayne’s mother
She smiled toward us
“ you can go ahead, I will come pick you in the afternoon”. Shayne said
I nodded and took my leave ….
I got to school and I met Donna
“ hello Sofia”. She greeted
“Donna”. I called and was about leaving when she held my arm
“ Why do you hate me?”. She suddenly asked
I stared at her surprised by the question
“ I don’t hate you”. I said to her
“ you do , she said and started crying
“ Sofia , I am sorry for everything. I have realised all my past mistake and I have changed for the better , plea-se give me a chance to be a good friend”. She said crying
I pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
“ we are friends now”. I said to her and she beamed happily.Tina suddenly walked up to us
“ Hi”. She greeted staring weirdly at me and Donna
“ what is going on here?”. She asked
“ Nothing”.i replied, I am just reconciling with Donna
She looked and Donna
“ why?”. She asked , have you forgotten how she do mock you
“ Tina , can’t you forget it”. Donna said. I am really sorry
“ it is alright”. I said
“ will you guys come to my birthday p@rty this weekend”. Donna suddenly asked
I wanted to decline but Tina suddenly jumped
“ yes “. We will come
“Fine”. Donna said, I will give you your invitations before closing hours
She smiled and left
“ why did you do that?”. I asked Tina immediately Donna was out of sight
“ Nothing”. I just want to have fun
I knew Tina was p@rty freak but I was wondering if Shayne would allow me attend..
“ I don’t think I will be able to come”. I said
“ why?”. Tina asked with a surprised look
“ Shayne won’t allow me, he doesn’t knows Donna and he won’t allow me club”. I said suddenly wishing i could attend the p@rty. There is no crime to have little fun
“ Why can’t you try telling him, he might allow you”. Tina suggested
I laughed
“ it seems you don’t know Shayne”, I said , he is over protective of me
“ wow, I have an idea”. Tina suggested
“ what is that?”. I asked her
“ Tell Shayne you are having a sleep over at my house”. She said
I wi-de-ned my eyes in shock
“ you want me to lie to Shayne, what if he finds out.
“ he won’t find out”. Tina said shrugging her shoulders
“ we won’t stay long at the p@rty “.she as-sured me
I nodded my head in agreement.
“I will tell him that”. I said
Shayne POV
My manager reminded me about the contract I made with Sony record
I signed a deal with them to re-lease 5 songs with their record on Monday . I had perfected four songs .
My manager suggested I should do an overnight rehearsals of the songs but i explained to him that I can’t leave my wife alone in the room . I planned on using the limited time I have to re-lease the songs
I glanced at the clock, it was past Sofia’s closing time
“ Damn , I cursed , I was engrossed in the songs that I lost track of the time
I picked up my car keys and headed to Sofia’s school..
I will call at Ben’s place after dropping Sofia at home to collect the lyrics of one of his songs I forgot at his plane …..
Sofia POV
It was past closing time and Shayne was not yet around,
“ he must be busy”. I muttered
I felt uneasy about lying to Shayne but I promised Tina and Donna that I will be at the p@rty
He won’t find out”. I whispered
Shayne car soon drove into the compound, I smiled as I ran toward it
“ you are late”. I queried him immediately I sat down in the car
“ I am sorry, I was very busy”. He said
“ busy on what”. I asked him
“ I will explain everything when we gets home”. He said
He parked at the front of the mansion without entering
“ you can come down here, I nee-d to reach somewhere”. He said
“ Why?”. I asked, I want to go with you. I said
“ I won’t be long”. He promised
“ No, I will go with you”. I said faking a cry
“ you nee-d to freshen up and do your as-signments”. He said
“ you will as-sist me with that, won’t you?”. I asked him
“ Fine”. He said signing
He soon parked in front of a pent house and he held my hands as we walked in
“ Buddy”. He said greeting a friend I recognised
“What is his name again?”, I t©uçhed my head trying to remember
Ben, yes Ben. I grinned as I remembered
Ben walked toward us and stretched out his hands towards me
“ Hi”. I greeted shaking him
“ Helo Angel”. He said and he held my hands and pe-cked it
“ Ben, I nee-d my lyrics book, the one I forgot here. Shayne said
“ oh, Ben said , it is on the drawer inside my room..
“ okay bro”, Shayne said as he headed upstairs toward the room
I sat down on a sofa waiting for Shayne, I glanced at Ben and he was staring at me.”
“ what?”. I asked him
“ Nothing”. He said as he kept on staring
I bent my head trying to avoid his gaze
I was not comfortable with the Stare
It made me uneasy ….
What is wrong with Ben?