Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 15

Award  night
Sofia POV
I was glad I st©pped Shayne from taking the drugs, I watched him sleep peacefully . I just hope that someday he will be able to share his feelings with him..
I went downstair to get some food from when I bu-mped into Shayne’s mum
” sorry dear”. She apologised
” it is alright ma”. I said
Sofia . She called, you are a blessing to Shayne and the family
I looked up at her in surprise
” you really changing that rude boy without him even knowing”. She said as she hvgged me
” Thanks ma”. I said .
I walked into the room with a tray of food and drinks..
Shayne was alre-ady awake..
I placed the tray on the table beside the be-d ..
“Will you eat by yourself or should I feed you”. I asked
He glared at me
” what do you think I am? a baby.
” No, I was…..
” I will eat by myself”. He said cutting me short
He picked up the food and started eating
” Thanks”. I suddenly said
” For What?”. He asked
” everything”. I replied
He gave me weird look and continued with his food
” we will be going to the award night on Saturday”. He said
Yippee!. I exclaimed , I can’t wait to be there
” Can I invite my friend”. I asked him
He nodded
I was very excited, I knew Tina would be also
Shayne POV
I watched her as she danced excitedly and I laughed
” she is really fun to be with”, and I must admit I really liked her, I really wanted her to be by my side
I thought about how I met her, it was at my birthday p@rty   the day I R@p£d her
I really hated myself for doing that , I knew I hurt her badly..
I really wanted to make things right and I promised  to do anything that  will make her happy……
Lexy kept on calling with different strange numbers so I changed my line, I made it clear to her that I was not interested in fathering her baby…
Can’t she just leave me alone?
Sofia POV
I told Tina about the award night the next day at school and she was very excited
” what are we going to wear”. She asked in delight
” don’t worry , we will go shopping after school”. I said to her
” I don’t have enough money on me”. She said
“The Bill is on me babe”. I told her and she screamed in excitement
What a crazy friend
We went shopping after school and we got lot of shoes , bags and clothes
Tina was very happy
“Thanks Sofia”. She said
I nodded
” Come over to my house tomorrow evening so we can all go together”. I said and she nodded
Tina c@m£ over the next day and she was surprised when she saw how big the mansion was
” wow Sofia”, you are really rich”. She said
I smiled
I took her upstair to the room and she couldn’t stay one place , she kept on jumping everywhere in excitement
” don’t t©uçh that”. I told her as she went over to Shayne jewellery box
” why?”. She asked, he got so many and should be able to let go of some
She was putting on one of Shayne gold n£¢klace when Shayne walked in
She was shocked
” I am sorry “. She apologised
I kept quiet expecting Shayne to react but he just chuckled
” you can keep that “. He said and left the room
She screamed in excitement
” it is mine now”. She said screaming …
I stared at myself in the mirror, I looked different
I was putting on a red go-wn with a silver heels to match , the go-wn brou-ght out all of my curves
I packed my hair into a pony tail and applied little makeup
” You are very beautiful Sofia”. Tina called from behind me, she was putting on a blue go-wn and black heels
” you are beautiful also”. I told her
Let’s hurry downstairs, Shayne  must be waiting. I said
We both went downstairs and I saw Shayne sitting on a chair dressed in all white, he looked so cute
He looked up at me his eyes as-sessed my b©dy. He stared at me for so long and only looked away when his manager cleared his throat
” oh Sofia , you look beautiful”. Clara said
” you also look beautiful”. I told her, she was wearing a silver go-wn with silver shoes to match
“What of Isabel”. I said asking after Clara sister
“Oh”. She will join us”. She replied
I nodded
” can we go now?”. Shayne asked
” sure, why not “. Clara said..
I cl@pped in excitement as Shayne collected the fifth award for the day, I was very proud of him
I watched him dedicate the award to me and blew me a k!ss
The whole audience applauded and I was so happy
That was the second award he dedicated to me
” oh Sofia , you are very lucky”. Tina whispered to me
Yeah, I replied blu-shing
We soon headed to the reception and we were given a table in the VIP section
” You did so well”. Shayne manager praised him
Shayne nodded
” buddy”.  a guy whom I recognised as Shayne friend c@m£ over to greet us
” Ben”. Shayne greeted me
He joined us on our table
He suddenly looked at me and said
“Sofia, you really look beautiful today”.
” Thanks”. I said in appreciation
” I nee-d to greet the others”. He said and soon left
We were soon eating and drinking when a lady walked towards us
“Shayne”. She called and as soon as Shayne saw her , he bec@m£ angry
” What the hell are you doing here?”.He asked her
She was trying to say something when Shayne cut her short
” Get our from here”. Shayne barked at her
She recoiled in fear
She looked at me and  her eyes hold a very cold expression.
“What the hell was that look?”. I asked myself……….
I watched Shayne as he collected most of the award, the crowd kept on cheering him, only a few people recognised me..
I am always his shadow
I walked towards his table to greet him and his beautiful wife
Yes, Sofia , I always knew she was beautiful but this night made me realise she is an angel
I could now un-derstand the reason Shayne fell for her completely
She captivated him, I kept on staring at her from a distance and i must admit she captivated me also……
What does this Ben mean?
It is obvious Shayne is completely in love with Sofia