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January 28, 2021


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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 14

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Shayne POV



I watched Sofia solve a mathematics question. I chuckled when I noticed she was getting it all wrong..

“ you made a mistake here”. I told her

She looked at me and looked back at her work

“ can you please help me with it?”. She asked

“ you could have asked that earlier instead of solving nonsense “. I said , I took the pen from her and solved it correctly

“ here”, that is it”.

She widened her eyes in surprise

“ awesome”.

“ can you help me with this one”. She asked bringing another one

“What?. I asked ,

“ please”. She said

“ fine”: I said as I helped her with it..

“Help me with one more”. She begged

“ what”.

She looked at me with a baby face that made me laughed

“ ok fine, come closer I will explain the equation to you so you can solve the remaining yourself “. I said

I explained the equation to her and I was glad she understood it

“ what a brilliant child”. I said teasing her..



I watched her as she slept, i caressed her cheek and gave her a light peck on her lips…

I thought about Lexy, I pray she gets rid of that bas***d so I can be finally free

“ Shayne”.Sofia mumbled in her sleep

I chucked, I never knew she sleep talk

I drew her close to me and soon drifted off to sleep….




Sofia POV


I felt a hand around me when I woke up. I smiled when I saw Shayne beside me. He was still asleep

I leaned over to him and pecked him. He was very caring this days and I pray he continues to be the same..

I wanted to kiss him again when I noticed he was already awake

“ Good morning”. I greeted

“ hi”. He said

“ hope you sleep well?”.I asked him

Sure he said

I went to the bathroom to freshen up and was surprised when Shayne came to join me in the bathroom

I stood there staring at him in shock

“ what?”. He asked ,

I shook my head

I felt his eyes roam over my body

He took off his clothes and was soon stark naked

I stared at his manhood it was so huge

I closed my eyes immediately, I was shy

he chuckled as he came closer to me

“ I will wait till you are ready”. He whispered in my ears and went into the bathtub to bath

I just stood there speechless



I dressed up for school and headed to the dinning to eat my breakfast

“ Good morning”. I greeted Shayne sisters

“ morning Sofia”. They greeted

“ Sofia”. Clara called , what exactly did you do to my brother?”. She asked

I looked at her with a confused look

“ I mean he is becoming nicer and I think it is because of you”. She tried explaining

“ what are you ladies discussing”. Shayne asked climbing down the stairs

“ Nothing, Just girls stuff”. She said

He nodded

“ I will see you in the evening”. He said to me and left

“ can you see that”. Clara suddenly asked, Shayne is now becoming friendly .

“ how was he like before”. I asked

“ There was only a little difference between him and the devil”. She said chuckling……


Lexy POV


How dare he ridicule me, I could not believe he would ask me to abort ..

I was shocked when I heard the marriage ceremony between Shayne and a nobody. I thought I will be able to make him mine by offering my body but I was so wrong..

What I saw in his eyes was hatred towards me but there might still be chance to get him to love me if I try

I will do anything to make Shayne be mine

I will do anything possible to make him love me……



Sofia POV


I got to school and was surprised to see everywhere under construction..

“ I guess the government have finally agreed to renovate our school”. I thought

I saw Tina coming out of a class and called her.

She smiled and ran towards me excitedly

“ I have been waiting for you for so long”. She queried

“ I am sorry”. I apologised

“ did Shayne delay you with love making”. She asked

“ stop it”. I said blushing

“ he is your husband after all , it is a normal thing for both of you”. She said

“What is going on here?”. I suddenly asked changing the topic

“ I heard someone donated a huge sum of money to the school, we even have complete equipment in the laboratory and also more books in the library”. She explained to me

“ wow, the person must be so rich”. I exclaimed

A junior suddenly walked over to us

“Sofia, the principal needs you in his office”. She said

“ what?”. The principal, what did I do wrong ?”



I walked to the principal office in fear and knocked

“ who is there?”. He asked

“ Sofia “. I replied

“ you can come in”. He said

I walked in and I was shocked to see his office well furnished

“ Good morning Sir “. I greeted

“Morning Sofia”. He responded smiling

“You sent for me sir”. I said

“ yes dear, I want you to thank Shayne for the donation

“ Shayne”.

“ yes, Shayne your husband, he gave the school a huge amount of money and I know it is because of you”. He said

“ he wanted it to be a secret but I felt I should let you know”. He explained

“ okay sir, I will do as you say”. I said as I left the office

Shayne did all this because of me………..


Shayne POV


I got back home and the whole house was quiet, I guessed no one was at home

I headed upstair to my room and laid on the bed..

My manager reminded me about the award night that will hold this weekend, I almost forgot about it

I decided to listen to music when my phone suddenly rang, it was an unknown number .

“ hi”. I said immediately I picked it up

“ Shayne”. a female voice chimed in, it was the voice of that b***h Lexy

“ I thought I warned you never to call me”. I asked reminding her

“Shayne please I love you and remember I am the mother of your unborn child….

I ended the call in anger

“What have I gotten myself into?”. It was just a one time sex

I was really confused and wanted to forget about everything even if is for a night

I brought out my drugs and was about injecting it when Sofia walked in

“ Shayne”. She called, what are you doing?

I was expecting her to condemn or be scared of me but she walked up to me , collected the injection from me and hugged me

“ it will be alright”. She said

“It will be alright”. She repeated

I hugged her back and immediately felt relieved……………..




Awww see love

What is wrong with that Lexy


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