Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 13

Feelings 2
* Shayne POV
I walked into the h0tel and nodded at the staffs as they bowed to greet me
I sp©tted the b***h sitting down at a corner , I walked towards her and sat down
“ Hi Shayne”. She greeted
“ Hi”. I replied staring at her, she was putting on a very short go-wn , I wondered why I had S-x with someone so unattrac-tive..
“Damn”. How did it come to this”. I cursed silently
“What are we going to do about your child?”. She suddenly asked
“ what child?”. I asked controlling my anger
“This”. She said pointing to her stomach
I scoffed
“ how am I sure it is mine?”. I asked her, you cheaply gave me your b©dy, how am I sure you don’t throw yourself cheaply to all men.
“ I am not like that, I gave you my b©dy because I love you “. She said
“ love me”. I muttered, don’t get funny ideas Lexy,
“ ab-ort it”. I suddenly said
She looked at me with anger
“ What did you just say”. She asked
“ I said you should ab-ort the bas***d”. I repeated
“ why?”. She asked ,Is it because of that b***h you call a wife?
“ what did you just say?”. I asked her
She bec@m£ quiet
“ what did you just say?”. I yelled
“ I em er sorry”. She stammered, she was clearly frightened
“ Let me give you a clear warning, the next time you dare call my wife names, I will destroy you..
She was quiet
“ do you still have anything to say?”. I asked her
“Shayne”. She said sobbing , I want to keep this child
“ I can see you have nothing else to say”. I said standing up, I will s£nd you the money for the ab-ortion, I guess the pregnancy is not up to a month so it would be easier.
“ Shayne”. She started
“ don’t ever call me again”. I warned her and walked away…
“ What the hell is wrong with me? Why didn’t I even think of using protec-tion?…………..
I was really confused so I decided to call at Ben place to ask for some advice…
I got to his place and he was with two girls
“ Shayne”. He called as soon as he saw me
“Hi”. I greeted
He observed me for a while
“ why is your face all gloomy?”. He asked
“Ben, I am really confused”. I told him
I really nee-ded someone to confide in and I felt telling my manager will make things more complicated .
“Talk to me buddy”. He said signalling the girls to excuse us
“ it is about Lexy, she called to tell me that she is pregnant “. I said as soon as the girls were out of sight
“ what?”. He asked in surprise
“ Who is Lexy? Didn’t you make use of protec-tion?”. He rushed the questions
“ She is my mother’s friend daughter, she cheaply gave herself to me , about the protec-tion, I admit I was very stupid to forget using it
“What do you intend doing?”. He asked
“ I told her to ab-ort it but she seems reluctant to do so”. I explained. I am worried about my wife, I don’t want her hurt because of this.
He looked at me raising an eyebrow
“Do you love Sofia?”.He suddenly asked
“ Love, Hell no”. I said
“Then why are you worried about her”. He continued
“That is because, That is because”. I stammered
“Because of what?”. Ben asked
I remained quiet
“You can’t even lie about not loving her”. He said laughing
Let me ask you these questions. He continued
“ do you get angry when anyone tries hurting or bad mouthing her”. I nodded
“ do you always want to make sure she is always happy”. I nodded
“ does she ever makes you laugh”.
“Just st©p it Ben”. I said
“ I will be going now, you can continue with your small p@rty”. I tea-sed him
Do I love her?”. I asked myself
I am really also confused about this weird feelings I am having ……
I watched Shayne as he left my house, I could not believe Shayne could finally be in love..
I was so jealous of Shayne, he was younger than me but he was always in the star light..
“ why the hell is he so popular”. I yelled
He is cute ,so am I, he can sing and I can sing also .
I have also been his shadow which I did want again
I heard screams from his room the day of his birthday and I immediately rushed to his room, his door was not locked so I pushed it and went inside
I saw him ra-ping a girl that was unconscious and the look on his face I could not explain it. He look kind of drun!k
I immediately recorded a short video of it and left
I gave it to a reporter and payed him to make it viral
I was surprised when the news c@m£ out online without the video , I guessed the guy was so scared of uploading it
Who dares goes against Shayne?
He was f0rç£d to marry the girl and now without him even knowing, he is in love with her..
I will get close to Shayne and pretend to be a good friend and when I have gathered enough information, I will bring him down……..
Shayne POV
I met my sisters in the sitting room when I got home
“ Shayne”. they both called
“ Hi”. I greeted and they stared at me with surprise
Of course they had to be surprise, I did not ignore them today .
I walked into the room and Sofia was sitting on the be-d with her head bent to her knee
“ Hey”. I greeted
She looked up and it was obvious she had been crying
I bec@m£ alarmed. Have she heard about the pregnancy?”. I thought to myself
“ What is wrong?”. I asked her
“Nothing”. She replied, I just miss my mum and Bella
“ is that all?”. I asked
She nodded
“ what a cry baby”. I muttered
“ Get dressed and meet me downstair”. I said
“Really”. She asked in surprise
I nodded
She immediately stood up from the be-d and went over to her wardrobe
I really did not un-derstand why I am doing all this, I just don’t want to see her sad
I drove silently to Sofia’s mother mansion. I decided to go out without any of my b©dy guards
I glanced at her , she was staring out of the window
“ Gosh, she is different, she is so different”. I thought
We soon got to the mansion and immediately we parked, Bella ran to me ignoring Sofia completely
“ Shayne”. She called and I carried her and wra-pped her in a hvg
Sofia look at both of us kind of feeling jealous ..
“What?”, didn’t you see me , she asked Bella
I dropped Bella on the ground and she held my hands leading me in
“Hi sister”. She said , I am not blind..
“ Spoilt br@t”. Sofia said ..
Sofia Mother was happy when she saw us and she kept on thanking me for everything
“Ma, it is alright”. I said
She smiled at me
“You are a good man”. She suddenly said
I turned to look at her
“I saw it in your eyes the first time you c@m£ here that is why I felt relax leaving Sofia in your care”. She said
“ Thank you ma”. I said and she nodded
I watched Sofia and Bella argue and fight over something
“Are they always like this”. I asked her mum
“ They are like cat and rat but they love each other so much”. The mother said smiling
I watched Bella gave Sofia a punch and How Sofia ran after her vowing to give her double
I smiled and for the first time I did not fake it, it was a genuine smile……
Awwwww Love in the air..
So Ben was behind the viral video