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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 12

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Sofia POV
I woke up the next morning feeling weak, guess it was because I cried for long …
I was all alone in the room . I glanced at the wall clock
“sh*t, it is 7:30, school starts 8:30”
I got up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom ….
I rushed out of the bathroom naked after bathing and was surprised to see Shayne in the room sitting on the bed
“ when did he come in”. I thought
He looked up at me and his eyes roamed all over my naked body then he looked away
I quickly rushed back to the bathroom and wrapped a towel
“ I am sorry “. I apologised
He remained quiet
I hurriedly put on my uniform occasionally glancing at Shayne to see if i would catch him staring but he was busy with his phone.
I wore a white sneakers ,packed my hair in a loosed bun and grabbed my school bag
“I am ready to go to school”. I said
He looked up at me
“The driver will take you to school”.He said and handed me a credit card
“ you can use this to get whatever you want
“ wow!”. I

thought, I am so lucky….

The car stopped in front of the school and as I got down I was shocked to see the whole school staring at me
“Did I become a celebrity overnight “. I wondered
“ Sofia”. Some girls called and waved
I was so surprised when girls that refused to associate with me became friendly
“ girlfriend”. Tina called
I ran towards her. She was the only true friend I had .,
We got to the class and all the girls wanted to be my friend . Donna Walked to mr smiling
“ Sofia, can we go and have lunch together during the recess”. She asked
“ No”. I bluntly replied her
Tina kept on asking me silly questions and I kept on ignoring her
It was finally closing time , I was waiting for the driver to come pick me when a black car with tinted glass drove into the school compound
I looked on in surprise as Shayne alighted from it
The whole student started screaming
“ Shayne , Shayne
“ Shayne came to pick you up”. Tina said excitedly
I stared at the cutie in front of me, am I dreaming……
Shayne POV
I was on my way back from the studio when I decided to to drive down to Sofia’s school…
I drove to the big compound of the school and stared in surprise when I alighted from the car
“ The school buildings were

so old and the school looked outdated..
“ Shayne , Shayne”, the students called
Some were taking pictures. I signalled to my bodyguard to make sure no one comes near.
I stared at Sofia as she walked towards me
“Hi”. She greeted
“ Hi”. I replied
“ Thanks for coming to pick me”. She said
“Are you okay with this school?”. I asked
“ yes”. She replied
I looked at her smirking
“ how the hell does she learn in this kind of school…..
The drive back home was a quiet one, she was playing with her hands shyly .
“Hey”. I called her
She looked at me and
“ Are you really sure you don’t want to leave the school”. I asked again
“ sir,I really love my school, though we have lot of needs in the school but I feel there is no need for me to change since I am already in my finals”. She replied
I nodded
“ Fine”. I said
The car drove into the compound and we both got out..
I met my mum and her husband when we walked into the sitting room
“ Hi”. I greeted
“ hi son”. My adoptive father replied when my mum came towards me to give me a hug
She looked at Sofia and her eyes widened in surprise
“You both came back together”. She asked
Sofia nodded
“Is there any crime about that?”. I asked
She is my wife after all I said as I headed upstairs knowing my mother will get all her answers from Sofia
I put a call through to my manager immediately I got inside the room
“ Helo”, I said as soon as he picked up
“ hi Shayne”. He greeted back
“ I want you to send a huge donation to Sofia’s school, make sure it is enough to renovate the entire school”. I said
“Ok Shayne”. He said as soon as the call ended
I laid on the bed thinking about Sofia
What the hell is wrong with me?i guess I just pity her.
My phone suddenly started ring , I stared at the number, it was a strange number.
I picked it up
“Helo Shayne”. a female voice chimed in
“Hi”. Who are you? I asked
“ This is lexy”. She said
“ How can I help you ?”. I barked at her
She remained quiet
“ Are you there?”. I asked her
“ Shayne”. She called
I am pregnant
“ What!”. I yelled, so why telling me?”. I asked
“ Shayne I am pregnant for you”. She said and started sobbing
I remained quiet, lot of things were going I my mind. I have to be careful about it, Sofia must no know about this
Why the hell am I thinking about Sofia. I thought
“Meet me now at Eagles hotel”. I said and hung up without waiting for her reply
I picked up my car keys, I will go meet her alone , I climbed down the stairs and saw my mum and dad in the sitting room . I looked around for Sofia
I saw her in the dinning eating
“ she really loves food a lot”. I thought chuckling
“Where are you going Shayne, you just got back”. My mum asked
“Out”. I replied
I stole a glance at Sofia, she had stopped eating and was looking at me
I signed as I walked out of the house
“ I really need to tell that b***h to get rid of that bas***d”…..



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