Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 10

Sofia POV
” will you take Shayne Adams as your lawfully wedded husband”
“Yes , I do”. I replied
” will you take Sofia Regans as your lawfully wedded wife”
He remained quiet and the priest had to repeat it again
He stared at me and scoffed
” yes I do”. He said
I signed with relief
Now I pronounce you husband and wife, you may k!ssthe bride
He leaned towards me and whispered
” don’t expect too much” as he pe-cked my fore- head
The newest couples Mr and Mrs Shayne Adams
His mum walked towards me and hvg me
” Congratulations dear
It was a small wedding with only family members and friends
I walked towards my mum and hvgged her
Shayne walked toward me and pu-ll-ed me to him
” let us go wifey”. He said
We met lot of reporters outside..
” when did you guys meet”. One of the reporters asked
” we met at my concert”. He said smiling
That was kind of true but only that I never existed to him then
” I heard your wife is very poor”. He paused a little before he answered
“I love her not because of her financial status but because of who she is”.
I stared at him
” there was a rumour of your ra-ping a girl”. Another reporter asked , how true is that
“I know no lady except my wife “. He lied brilliantly
If you may excuse us, we nee-d to get home, he said as we walked to the car holding hands
He distanced himself from me when we got Into the car.
” is this the same guy that held me warmly few minutes ago”. I thought
We remained quiet throu-ghout the drive
His parent were alre-ady waiting for us when we c@m£
They got home first
The house was so big and beautiful. It was like the mansion he gave my mother
” welcome to our family”. His mum said hvgging me
” welcome dear”, I am Clara Shayne’s sister. A lady greeted
” I pray you cut down his wings”. A second lady told me
I smiled
Shayne got a wonderful family
His father smiled as I bowed my head to greet him…
His mother took me inside a room
“This will be your room”. She said
I walked in and Shayne drawing was everywhere
” what is she doing here?”. Shayne asked coming from the bathroom
” what do you mean by that?”. His mum asked , she is your wife
He scoffed
” I can’t stay in the same room with her”. He said and walked out of the room
His mum walked towards me
“Be patient with him, he will come around”. She said as she hvgged me
I sobbe-d in her arms silently
I walked to the dinning table for dinner and the whole family were alre-ady seated
I glanced at Shayne, he did not even spare me a glance
“Why did you come down late?” Shayne dad asked
“I was arranging my clothes”. I said
” That is for the maid to do”. He said
I just nodded, I was not used to having maids, I was always the maid
” can we eat now and st©p this talk”. Tray said
The whole family bec@m£ quiet , it was as if he was been feared
I sat on Shayne’s be-d , i was all alone in the room. I decided to call Tina.
This was the first time of me having a phone and I was really excited
“Tina”. I called as soon as she picked the call..
“Sofia”. She screamed in excitement
” how is Shayne?, Hope he is not too ha-rd on you?. She asked rushing
” crazy girl”. I muttered
“Sofia, i am so happy for you”. She said
” will you still come to our school?”. She asked
“I don’t know about that”. I answered truthfully
I really don’t know what plans they have made down for me
I ended the call and dialled my mum number
” Mum”. I called
” Sofia”. How are you doing?. She asked
I am okay mum. I said , I just want to know if you are alright
” of course, I am more than alright”. She said
Bella has been registered in Eagles elementary school
” really, i asked with my eyes popped out”.
It is the most expensive school in the country..
” oh, Mother I am so happy I said
” Good night mum “. I said as the call ended
I la-id on the be-d, when Shayne c@m£ in
” you will spend the night here today”. He said and tomorrow you will move to another room
I nodded
He la-id down on the be-d and I was expecting his t©uçh
” isn’t that what husband and wife do”. I thought
He turned and faced the wall without saying anything
I stayed there lost in my thought till I fell asleep
Shayne POV
“I can’t wait to end this so called marriage”. I thought
I will make sure she and her family are comfortable so that she won’t feel bad when I decide to end things with her..
I turned to look at her and she was alre-ady slee-ping. I stared at her and I must admit she is really beautiful.
My manager suggested me going to one of my mansion but I am scared being alone with her only, I might hurt her
I will stay here in the family house with her
I feel bad ra-ping her, I really regret it but I don’t love her…..
Hmmmmh I feel sorry for Sofia
She is in love with someone that does not love her