Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) epilogue

Epilogue *
Sofia POV

“ Junior”. I called
There was no response, I was arranging the room for Shayne junior five (5) years birthday batch
“ why isn’t that br@t coming down yet? Bella who was beside me taking pictures with her phone asked
I looked at her, she was now 14 years old and was obviously more beautiful that I am
“ would you plea-se come as-sist me”. I pleaded
She nodded
“Let me s£nd this picture to Abel first”. She said
I rolled my eyes,Abel is Bella b©yfri£ndand she was was de-eply into him…
I headed up the stairs with my protruded tummy to junior room, I opened the door and found him on the be-d with his face squee-zed
“ Baby”, I called , what is the matter?
He looked at me and scoffed
“ I just want to be left alone mother ?”. He said
I smiled, he was exactly like his father
“ I can’t leave you alone baby”. I said c@r£ss!nghis face
“ yeah right, you will never leave me but what of my Dad, he promised to be here yesterday but he is not home till now”. He said with tears pouring down his eyes
I pu-ll-ed him closer to him and hvg him
“Don’t worry your father will be here soon”. I as-sured him.
“Shayne”. We heard Bella screamed
“ your father is back”.i said to junior who was alre-ady on his way downstairs
I smiled
“ Like father and son “
I stood up from the be-d and headed downstair myself to go see Shayne, I have really missed him.
Shayne was holding junior in his arms and they were both laughing
“ My boys”. I muttered
He looked up towards me and smiled
“ how is my princess doing”. He said bending down to k!ssmy stomach, He stood up, ca-ressed my face and gave me a long k!ss
“ Go get a room”. Bella shouted from the kitchen
“ crazy child”. I muttered..
The whole guest sang a birthday song for Shayne Junior and he beamed happily as he cut his cakes
I watched my baby danced with his friends, he is now a big boy ..
Shayne c@m£ behind me and hvgged me
“ I can never miss my son birthday”. He whispered to my ear ,You both are my happiness
He bit me ears and I chuckled
“ Not now Shayne”
“ Not now”. I repeated
I glanced at Bella and she was on a video call with her Abel………
I headed to the room after tucking Junior in be-d, I was really tired …
Shayne la-id on the be-d doing something on his l@pt©p, he had been very busy this last few months travelling all over the world for shows and concerts.My phone suddenly rang, i checked the caller Id and I smiled when I saw it was from Tina
I picked the call
“ Hello bestie, I am sorry I did not call earlier to wish Junior a happy birthday”.She said apologising
“ it is alright”. I said , how is your honey moon”. I asked her
“ it was awesome”. She said screaming in delight”. John took me to many places , I guess I am lucky marrying him
“ enjoy your honeymoon baby”.I said and ended the call.
“ Tina right?”. Shayne asked
I nodded
He pu-ll-ed me forward to me and started k!ss!ngmy b©dy and giving me hic-keys, he pu-ll-ed the stra-p of my nighties down and was about taking my br£@st into his mouth when the door flung open and Junior walked in with sleepy eyes
“ oh! my bad, I forgot to lock the door”. I thought adjusting my cloth
“Dad, can I stay with your for the night?”. He asked
“ sure, my prince”. Shayne said and junior walked to him and la-id on his che-st
“ sing me a song daddy”. He said
Shayne looked at me and gave me a “ we will continue from where we st©p” look.
“Daddy, start singing”. Junior repeated and Shayne started singing ..
I smiled as I watched my two boys, my happiness…….:
Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) has finally come to an end
Thanks so much for re-ading
God bless you all ❤️❤️