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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Royal bride Episode 10 to 12

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10 – 12
(He has to remember🔥)

Chapter 10



🔥Ranu’s pov🔥
He came close while I shifted from queen Freya.
The way he stared at me, I wished the ground would open and I’d get swallowed.
I was waiting for him to yell and cuss me!

Of course he won’t be able to recognize me.
Am no longer attractive like I was years ago.

“Who are you?” He asked breaking the silence.

I gulped.

I was quiet for a while.


I wasn’t able to complete my statement and a cough interrupted me.
Queen Freya!
She turned.

Javan looked damn shocked and he rushed to her.
“Mom” he called holding her.

“Ranu…” She muttered sounding disturbed.
Oh my!
Could it be I woke her?
My touch woke her??

She kept turning.
I quickly ran out of the room.

🔥Javan’s pov🔥
This is unbelievable.
She woke mom.
That strange girl woke mom.
She broke Ranu’s curse…

The royal physician and dad rushed in attending to mom.
The girl had ran out.
I didn’t get her name.

Who is she?
She has that innocent face…

I shook my head.
No Javan.
Forget about love.
It’s nothing but pain.

I left the room with my hands in my pocket.
I bumped into someone.
A kind of short girl with big eyes.
She looks childish.

She bowed.
“Prince Javan” she greeted.
I could tell by

the jewelries and everything. She’s the princess father wants me to marry.

I sighed.
“Hey” I simply said and headed for my room.

Maybe I should just go on with dad’s craziness.
I give up!.
Am going to marry that princess.

🔥Ranu’s pov🔥
“…And then she coughed! Javan was busy trying to calm her and I ran out. She mentioned my name Ranu…why?” I stated feeling so uneasy.

Anushka chuckled.

“Calm down bestie. Everything happens for a reason. Am so glad Javan has finally seen you but…he doesn’t remember?” She asked with her eyes wide opened.

“He doesn’t remember me Anush” I replied feeling despondent.

“Don’t worry Ranu.
What will be will be. If Javan is really yours, you’ll have him and you’ll both will stay together ” she said giving me a reassuring smile

I smiled out tears and hugged her.

Seeing you reopened the buried feelings.
It made me remember the short time we spent together…
At the garden and at the dinning.
C’mon… You have to remember me.

🔥Princess Sanjana🔥
I smiled to myself satisfied with the way the nightie made me look irresistible!
I took a veil and covered my face. I went to his room and knocked.

I got no response.
I knocked over and over again before Lakshmi showed up.
We were once classmates but not so much of a close friend.

She grinned.
“You won’t gain Javan’s attention by wearing trash.
He’s a respectable young man.
Not ready to mess himself up with half n*ked women” she sneered.

What a kill joy..

“I suggest you

mind your business Lakshmi. I am your future queen. You need to show me some respect” I said full of rage.

She chuckled.

“Don’t flatter yourself. Javan doesn’t even know your name” she said laughing.
She pressed a button at the door and it opened before she went in.
I angrily stormed back to my room.
Who does she think she is??!!

🔥Javan’s pov🔥
Mom was awake but it looked like her lips were sealed.

“She’ll start speaking in few days, let’s give her sometime” the doctor said and I looked at mom.
She nodded.
I smiled though I felt pained.

“Javan. Are you sure you don’t know the girl that woke her up?” Dad asked and I shrugged.

“I really don’t” I replied.

“Whoever is the person will gain four boxes of pure gold and silver” dad declared.

I smiled remembering the girl.
She’s quite thin.
She needs the money.

I went to my room and laid down.
Lakshmi had gone to bed in her room.

I felt two hands wrap around my waist and the person drew nearer.
I turned and figured it was the princess.
Princess Sanjana.

She kissed my back and all I could do was sigh.
[He has to remember🔥]

Chapter 11 & 12

💐Ranu’s pov💐
Anushka and I got ready the next morning to begin our work.
We were told the king was waiting at the royal hall.

“Am damn nervous!” Anushka yelped running to grab her book.
“Imagine painting a whole king! Just his presence sends shivers down my spine”.

I scoffed.
“Have you forgotten when you made a royal sketch of my dad during his birthday?” I said reminding her of the hurting past.

“Oh, yes! You dad was so happy and he showed it off to his guests” she beamed.
“Okay, let’s go” I said.
I was wearing a white lace long sleeve and a lengh. While Anushka wore a sari.
It’s soothes her so well.

We left the room walking down the hallway.
“So, what’s going on between you and Devi?” I asked

She flushed.
“Nothing. Stop making stuff up” she sais balantly.

I smiled.

We got to the hall and set down our stuff.
There were guards at all corner.
The king was on a call but ended it vastly.

“Let’s get started” he said.

i let Anushka do her work while I assisted a bit.

💐Princess Sanjana’s pov💐
I turned a bit waking up fully.
I smiled.
Javan’s bed feels so soft and comfy.
I sat up and saw him standing before his mirror backing me.

I can’t believe he didn’t touch me last night.
I tried all I could do entice him but he totally turned me down.

Not to worries Sanjana.
He’s yours!

I got off the bed and tip toed to him so he won’t notice am awake.
I tried to touch him…

“Don’t ever come into my room uninvited again” his cold voice made me come to a dead stop.

Why’s he so…Cold?

“Good morning love” i said and hugged him from behind.

He shifted from me and went to the bathroom.

I sighed.
He’s angry!

💐Ranu’s pov💐
The painting and sketching was over.
The king had left to go stay with queen Freya. I heard she’s not able to speak yet.

Anushka left with Devi not long ago.
I can’t believe Anushka have found someone that can possibly show her love and they’ll get married.
She keeps denying it but I know she feels something for him. Alongside with Devi.

I was just with some guards in the hall as I packed up the equipments.
I heard the door open and I quickly turned.

My eyes widened.
What’s he doing here?

I suddenly became clumsy and everything poured from my hands.
I stuttered over them.

I knew he was coming close.
I couldn’t breath.

“Leave us” I heard him say and the guards left the hall.
I didn’t want to look at him.
My outfit was a mess!

“Turn around” he said coldly breaking the silence.
I turned slowly and our eyes met.
He’s always looking hot with his bright blue eyes.

His eyes widened and he had that marveled look in his eyes

“You’re the girl that woke mom. Do you know I’ve been looking for you?” He asked sounding quite pissed off.

“Am sorry” I muttered.

“Screw that!
What are you?
A magician, shaman? A sorcerer!?” He asked in curiosity.

I shook my head.
“Am none of those” I stated.

He looked at me for a while.

“Why do you sound so familiar?” He asked and my heart began racing.

I kept mute.

“Meet my father later for he has some reward for you” he said and left.

I buried my face in palms and sobbed.
I still love him…

💐Devi’s pov💐
Amber (Anushka) and I walked through the market.
This was the first place we met.
She has been more composed and quiet.
I sense she’s not comfortable around me.

I took her hand she flinched.

“Would you like to have some fruits?” I asked and she nodded a bit.
I smiled.
She’s hungry.

We went to a fruit vendor and I picked some fruits for her.
She stood behind me with her head staring at the floor.

“Can you please be yourself?” I asked almost going on my knees.
“I don’t know what to say. If only you’d stop rubbing it in my face that you’re more wealthier than me” she replied.

“Am not rubbing it in your face Amber. Am just treating you out as a friend” I stressed.

“Oh really?” She asked smirking.

“Yeah…” I replied rubbing my hair sightly.

“Catch me if you can!!” She yelled and snatched the Apple I was holding from me before running off. I ran after her and she giggled.

We got to a garden.
She tripped and fell down.
I also lost my balance and fell beside her.
I rolled up getting on top of her.
My hands were behind her head supporting my body from resting on her.

Our eyes locked.

I leaned close to kiss her.

“Am alot more hard to get Devi. I don’t kiss people who try to put me in the dungeon two years ago!” She sneered and pushed me off.
I fell beside her and she sat up.

“Today was nice but please stay away from me. I rather be alone” she muttered looking sad. She got up and ran away.
I watched her go.
Why’s she so hurt?

💐Ranu’s pov💐
It’s a week gone and we have just a week remaining to complete our work, get paid and leave.
I sent mom the four box of gold the king awarded me with. Just that fortune can help us start over bit by bit.
Tonight’s Devi’s birthday and he invited us. The party will take place at a club downtown.

Anushka is in a mood to party but am awfully not.
I’ve spent last week watching Javan and princess Sanjana show their love for each other.

And I actually thought he doesn’t like her.
I sense he doesn’t though.
She’s all over him trying to get his attention.

I wore a simple shimmy skirt and crop top which hugged my tummy tightly.
I have great flat tummy which Anushka admires a lot…

We wore jewelries and left for the venue. The party venue was huge and lit.
There were night lights all over the ceiling.
It’s more like a garden though.

The guests were young people just like us.

“I sense tonight’s gonna be damn hot!” Anushka said beside me.
I looked around.
There were ladies and some men dancing in a way I found dis-pleasing.

I saw Devi.
He was in the mist of so much girls.
They wanted to eat him alive.
I slowly glanced at Anushka who seemed bothered with the sight.
She rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go get some drinks” she said and took my hand
We got to the counter and sat down.

“Two shots of whiskey” she said and it was brought for us.

“Are you mad cause of Devi?” I asked.

She scoffed.

“Let’s admit. He’s extremely handsome and gorgeous” I said and she giggled.
“Let’s not talk about him” she retorted.

“C’mon Anushka. I see it in your eyes. You feel something for Devi” I insisted.
What’s wrong with her?

“What’s really wrong with you?” I asked pouting.
She sighed.
“We’re best friends Ranu. Am not falling Inlove which means leaving you behind” she said.


💐Javan’s pov💐
“Honey what’s wrong?” Sanjana asked rubbing my arm.
We were at the VIP section of the club. I could see what was going on down there.
I saw Kush (Ranu) and her friend.
She seems so familiar.
For a while now, I’ve been seeing her in my dreams. And that time I was alone at the hall with her, her hair smelt like…

I can’t fix the puzzle.
Who is she to me?
Who was she to me?



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