Royal bride Episode 1 & 2

[He has to remember🎻]
Indian r0m@nç£series💝
Chapter 1
Ranu’s pov:
“No, not this one…” I said as my best friend, an-ushka showed me different dresses.
“How about this one? It’ll look good with your flat tummy” she said and li-cked herl-ips.
I chuckled.
“Find me a nice dress an-ushka!” I grouse lying on the be-d.
“You’re funny Ranu…
You were pretending not to like the idea of marrying prince Javan infront of your parents and here you are trying to find the perfect dress to wear” she said going throu-gh my closet which is like a room itself.
Filled with pretty Indian wears and shoes.
“It’s just that I heard so many things about him. He’s damn h0t and dangerously cute. I sure want to look good for him so he likes me..
“Since we’ll be getting married. I want him to be attra-cted to me” I said and an-ushka threw a pillow at me.
I blu-shed and took the magazine beside me.
“Ranu and Javan sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” she sang.
I rolled my eyes.
“Enough singing Anu… I’ve found a dress for sale at the mall. Let’s go” I said climbing off the be-d and she c@m£ out of my closet.
I took my phone from the be-d.
“We’ll go to a resturant first, am hungry” she said and I chuckled..
“You’re always hungry. Look how big your cheeks are” I tea-sed and she pouted
“Walk fast Ranu!” She said as she pu-ll-ed my arm.
We left the room.
Am Ranu.. The princess of Handae kingdom and he only child of my parents, the king and queen.
an-ushka is my best friend.
Earlier today, mom broke the news that the king of Bavana kingdom has chos£n me to be the one to marry his son, Javan. The marriage will lead to the two families becoming allies.
I can’t wait to meet Javan.
He’s so famous and popular.
His voice has no difference from the voice of an angel.
I would as-sume it’s every girl’s dream to be in his arms.
I was quite happy when I learned I would be marrying him.
an-ushka and I arrived at the mall and we bought more sari’s and go-wns.
Tomorrow evening is going to be a blast…
Javan’s pov:
“Javan, plea-se… Open the door” I heard my mom beg from outside my door.
I didn’t move but just sat on my be-d.
“Javan, plea-se. St©p being stubborn” she added.
I scoffed.
“Okay dear, let’s strike a deal” she said and I twitched.
“What deal?” I asked quite pissed.
“Open the door first,… plea-se!” She grouse.
I stood up and walked the door. I opened the door and standing before me was my pretty mom, Queen Freya.
She’s sick though but still strong.
When I was 7, she sli-pped into coma and woke up when I was 10.
It’s a terrible sickness and I hope it never happens again.
But am not quite happy,
I just learned that I’ll be getting married to some girl in few weeks time.
What the h*ll is that?
Mom asked her maids who were carrying her medicine for her to go and they did.
She turned to me and walked in.
I shut the door.
“Trust me Javan, Ranu is a beautiful girl with an acceptable character. I can’t just bring someone unruly to marry you” she said and I scoffed.
“scre-w that! I don’t want to marry some random girl. Mom, do you know what love is?… I want to marry someone I love” I stated.
She sighed.
“Let’s not argue about this much further. The deal is simple, after tomorrow’s dinner and you meet princess Ranu. If you don’t like her, we’ll cancel everything but if you find something to hold on about the girl, we’re good to go. Alright, son? Just come for the dinner” she said and k!$$£d my cheek.
I gro-an ed but nodded.
“Fine” I muttered and she smiled.
“Good night son” she said and left the room.
Ranu’s pov:
I walked into my parents chambers and I heard voices.
Mom and dad.
I approached the room and the voice bec@m£ audible.
“…am too scared to admit it Mona, Sakanda and his men are up to no good. They’re too powerful and evil” I heard dad’s voice say and I could tell he’s damn worried.
Sakanda, the most powerful mafia king.
He’s more like a rebel.
After his dad died, he bec@m£ ruthless.
What’s going on? Why is dad scared of him.
I entered the room and they st©pped talking.
“Ranu…” Mom called.
“I c@m£ to tell you, I’ve gotten everything re-ady for tomorrow’s event” I said and I noticed dad covered a book on his desk.
“That’s good honey, go to be-d. I’ll come see you before I go to sleep” mom said.
I nodded.
“Goodnight” I muttered and left.
Mom and dad are being secretive.
Hope it’s not a bad thing.
Anyways, I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Sakanda’s pov:
I stared at the map of Handae kingdom.
Am going to make sure I kill every soul that dwells in that land…
But of course, except the princess.
That is a promise.
I’ll surely get my revenge!
Chapter 2
Ranu’s pov:
I sat still on a stool as an-ushka applied henna on my palm. She’s very good at drawing and I think she’d be really successful if she begins her career as an artist.
The maids packed my hair for me adding Diamond stones to it.
Our ride to the next kingdom was re-ady.
“Am done Ranu. Do you like it?” an-ushka asked.
I stared at my hands and smiled.
“You did a great job Anu” I replied.
“That’s good, now pay me” she said bringing out her palm.
“I have to pay?”
I asked not believing this crazy friend of mine.
“I want to buy some fresh fruits there at Bavana kingdom. They sell the best mangoes” she said putting her stuff away.
I sighed.
“Must you always think of food?”.
She chuckled.
“Food is life” she beamed.
No wonder she’s so plump and chubby.
I rolled my eyes and stood up.
There were so many jewelries and rare gems on me.
It sparkles and glitters.
“Wow…Ranu, you look so pretty. The prince will be a fool not to like you” she said and win-ked at me.
I just smiled wyly
Am so nervous.
Javan’s pov
I was in my room fixing my clothe.
Of course I’ll say ‘no’.
No matter how good looking a girl is, I can’t possibly like her in a day.
Mom and dad will see they’re wrong after today’s event.
I can’t get married.
Am not re-ady.
The door bur-st open and I wonder who it was.
Nob©dy dare enter my room like that,
“Where’s that cute chicken of mine?” Lakshmi asked walking into the room.
She climbe-d on my be-d and folded her legs together like a Chinese monk.
Lakshmi, my best friend since childhood.
“Hey Javan. re-ady to see princess Ranu?” She asked in a teasing manner.
“Isn’t it too early to be sticking your nose into my pri-vate business?” I asked coldly and she chuckled.
“You’re still angry, aren’t you?…” She asked enthusiastically.
“Why shouldn’t I be???!!
I hate being controlled or f0rç£d into something. I don’t know this girl and I really don’t want to. No matter what, am deading this marriage!!!” I yelled furiously.
“Javan…” She called as I stormed out of the room.
I was about to get to the mom’s room when I felt Lakshmi hold my wrist st©pping me.
“You have to be humble Javan. Think of your mom’s health.
For the first time in her life, she’s asking you for a Favour. Do it for her Bro” she said calmly and I exhaled sharply.
That’s why she’s my best friend.
She just knows how to talk to me.
I turned from mom’s door and turned to face her.
“esc-rt me to the dinning” I said non chalantly.
She smiled and held me by arm as we left.
Oh lord shiva.
Save me from this…
an-ushka’s pov:
We had arrived at Bavana kingdom.
Ranu and I were in our ride.
We were pas-sing the market place.
All those fruits were tempting.
I have to buy them now or I will faint.
“Ranu,Actually, I’ll meet you all at the palace later. I nee-d to quic-kly buy some cherries” I said taking my phone from where it was.
I told you we are in this together” she said looking quite nervous.
“Ranu…pity my tummy” I grouse.
She scoffed.
“You’re unbelievable Anu, just go” she jibe-d.
I leaped.
“Driver, st©p here!” I yelled.
He st©pped the car and I alit waving at Ranu as they drove off.
I’m sure as hell happy now.
I walked back to where I saw the fruits.
I was on the look out for the trader when I bu-mped into someone.
Am so plump so I lost balance almost falling but he held me by my w@!st pu-lling me back on my feet.
He held me on my w@!st?!!
I landed a h0t sl@p on his dazzling cheeks.
He held it in shock.
“What? Why would you hit me after I saved your a-s from hitting the floor?” He asked abacked.
I scoffed.
“You per-vert! You intentionally walked into me and held my w@!st. You still have the guts to speak?!” I ra-psed.
He rolled his eyes.
“I don’t blame you, you desperate fat cow?” He muttered.
My eyes wi-de-ned.
Someone’s gonna die today.
I sl@pped him again and gr@bb£d him by his collar.
People gathered to separate us while I pounced on him mercilessly.
Ranu’s pov:
We arrived at Bavana kingdom’s palace and I couldn’t be more ‘awkward’.
Am so not re-ady for this.
And an-ushka had left me.
The royal family welcomed us warmly and we were taken to an exquisite dinning hall.
There was so much delectables and scrumptious looking meal aligned on the fancy table.
Mom and dad took their seats close to king Charan and queen Freya.
I sat on my seat.
Where’s the prince?
“Ranu, as our custom have it.
The maid will take you to the garden where you’ll be alone with Javan. You both have enough time for yourselves. To signify you both are okay with the marriage, you must return to this table with him by your side” Queen Freya stated with her calm voice.
Oh lord shiva,
What a task!
How do I do this?
Alone with Javan in a garden.
The maid approached us and signaled me to follow her.
Mom gave me an as-suring look so I stood up my feet feeling wobbly…
What if he doesn’t even look at me?