Royal affairs finale

“I had a nice time with you Anami, “he smiled at her and held her hands. “Thank you for ma-king today special for me. ”
“I should be the one thanking you not the other way round, “she chuckled looking at his face.
“You’re beautiful, “he said cutting her small laugh. “And I love you, “he gave her a pe-ck on the cheek. “Sleep ti-ght. ”
“You too, “she nodded turning and walked to her room. She closed the door and leant against it, smiling to herself.
“I think I love him, “she twirled around giggling.”I love you Vidyut. I love you too. ”
She jumped into her be-d and hvgged her pillow, she stayed like that for hours not able to sleep. She tossed and turned in her sleep not been able to take a small cu-p of sleepiness. She gro-an ed and got off the be-d and went downstairs to make a cu-p of smoothie for herself. She switched on the lights and boom!
“Aaaah! “she screamed looking at the person who has been sitting alone in the dark eating chocolate ice cream. “You___you scared the $h!t out of me! What on earth are you doing here alone in the dark, eating ice cream like a ghost, “she asked taking de-ep breaths trying to calm her nerves down.
“You want some, “she smiled looking at her and sniffed.
“Oh my god are you crying! “she asked her and sitting down next to her and took out a spoon and dug into the ice cream.
“What am I? A God not to shed tears? ”
“I never said that. I am shocked to see you in tears. May I know why is that? Could I maybe know the reason? ”
She chuckled nodding her head.
“Is it Amit or Vidyut? ”
“Love and life are two strange things yet important. They both svçkstill we want them. I deceived him foe his brother because I thought Amit would be King but I was wrong. ”
“Really? God, you are so horrible! ”
“Back then I didn’t care about anything. My ambition was to be queen but now when I reflect back at my life I realize what a bit-ch I was to dump the only man who truly loved me just because of a mere throne, “she sneered.
“You only wanted what was best for you and you didn’t consider your man’s feelings. I hope you learnt something from your mistake. ”
“I didn’t only learn one thing, I learnt a lot, so many things from my mistakes and I will never forget this lessons, “she faintly smiled.
“And I guess you don’t hate me anymore,”Anami said and looked at her.
She giggled. “I never hated you Anami. I just thought I was still Vidyut’s first love and you were just snatching him away from me. I was wrong about that, he has really moved on and it’s evident in his eyes that he loves you so much in fact more than he ever loved me. I want to tell you something Anami, both Amit and Vidyut are ro-mantic in their own way but yes Amit is more ro-mantic than his brother. r0m@nç£and love are two different things so you have to choose love over r0m@nç£. I want you to know something Vidyut is not into r0m@nç£and all that stuff but when he loves he takes it to heart and the mind. He takes it seriously, “she smiled.
Akash c@m£ in and was surprised to see two enemies sitting together eating ice cream.
“Are you girls plotting someone’s death? “he asked giving Maya a weird look.
She sighed and whispered something in Anami’s ear then left the kitchen.
“What was that all about? ”
“Nothing much, we were just talking about random things. ”
“What did she tell you? ”
“She challenged me, “she replied.
“And may I know what the challenge is, “he sat next to her taking Maya’s spoon and dug into the ice cream. Anami smiled at that.
“And why are you looking at me like that? ”
“You do know that Maya was eating with that spoon right? ”
He frowned and dropped the spoon cracking her funny bone. “Did you really had to say that? God its not funny Anami. ”
“Sorry, “she said trying to hold her smile. “Sorry but it’s the truth anyway, “she took a de-ep breath. “Well she said that tomorrow is Mahashivrati and if I manage to make Vidyut address the king as his dad then she will believe that he and I are meant to be together. If I fail to do so she will keep on fighting to be with him. ”
“That’s an absurd challenge! Do you know how many times we tried to make him do that but it bore any fruits. ”
She nodded. “Even I tried so whatever happens tomorrow will all be in God’s hands. We celebr@te Mahashivrati to thank Lord Shiva for his blessings and protec-tion. If I am a true devotee of his then he won’t put me to shame,”she said.
“Even I believe that, “Akash smiled.
“Hail Lord Shiv, “the king shouted looking at the crowd.
“Hail! “the people shouted with joy.
“My people today we have gathered here in this fair to thank our Lord for always protecting and blessing us. We will eat, drink and rejoice. We are here to have fun and those who no c@m£ with gifts to bless the king plea-se give me the honor to say distribute the blessings among those who don’t have. In my kingdom love and sharing are our motto! ”
There was a round of appreciation from the crowd.
“plea-se enjoy yourselves! ”
He turned to get off the stage but he tr!pp£dhimself.
“Dad! “Vidyut screamed and quic-kly rushed in over to him and caught him before he could fall over the banister. “Are you okay? What were you thinking not looking where you were going? What if I had lost you father, “he hvgged him.
He just froze astonished not believing that his son had just called him father after so many years. Everyone just looked at the scene. Vidyut withdrew from the hvg and looked at him.
“What did you just call me? “he asked.
He looked at everyone and dropped his head then looked up again.
“I know I have been unbearable but I just want you to know that I am sorry and I love you father, “he smiled and opened his arms for a hvg. “Forgive me and hvg your son? ”
He smiled and embr@ced him. “You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this day son. I love you too. I love you so much. ”
Anami looked at Maya who smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up sign and mouthed congratulations. She mouthed a thank you and looked at the happy father and son duo.
“Marvelous, “she sm-irked. “Now I can make a decision. I’m free to do what I want. ”
“I’m so happy today. Finally Vidyut has addressed his father as father for the first time in so many years. And its all thanks to you Anami, thank you so very much. ”
She shook her head. “This time I didn’t do anything mother. All that happened today was all because of the lord Shiva. Yes I had asked him to try but today I did nothing. It just happened. ”
“But still thank you. Father and son are having a good time. Vidyut can now take his right over the throne. Its his right and shouldn’t be denied of it. I am so happy dear. ”
“I know that and I also know that you will more happy if he calls you mom. ”
“You are right. I’m eagerly waiting for that day,”she smiled.
“I can make that day become now that’s if you permit me. ”
“What do you want to do? ”
“Nothing just want to pl@ya game mother. Now tell me do you permit me? ”
“I don’t know. What if he doesn’t like the idea? ”
“We will deal with it at that point now we should have some fun. ”
“Anami, I don’t think it’s a good idea. ”
“You trust me right? ”
“Yes I do. ”
“Then let me do my thing. Come on sit down here and act like you’re in pain. ”
“Why? ”
“Mother just do it, “she insisted.
She nodded and grimaced in pain.
“Excellent. Now just wait and see how I perform a miracle, “she smiled and rushed out to the garden.
“Anami what’s wrong? ‘they both asked looking at her with concern as she was p@n-ting. She glanced over at them, looking at them one at a time.
“It’s mother, “she said chocking up.
“Mom, “the guys said at once.
“She fell down the stairs and she hurt______”
She didn’t even complete the s£ntence when the guys rushed into the house. She cl@pped her hands and danced around like a worm.
“That was a lie right? ” a voice said. She st©pped dancing and nervously turned around to see Maya.
“God you scared me. I thought you were one of them. Why do you always appear like a ghost? ”
“Just answer the question. What are you planning to do? ”
Anami took her hand and said. “Let’s go watch the emotional scene, “she tucked her along.
“Did you hurt yourself mom? “the four boys asked in unison.
“No she’s not hurt, “Anami replied. “We just wanted to have fun. ”
“Divya, how can you pu-ll such a prank with us. I almost had a heart attack. ”
“I didn’t want to do it but Anami said I should in order for Vidyut______, ‘she noticing the look on hid face. “Its nothing. ”
He smiled and squaded n front of her, held her hands. “You don’t have to be afraid of me anymore mom. ”
She sharply raised her head looked at her husband then looked back at Vidyut. “What did you just call me? ”
“Mom. ”
“Say that again, “she cu-mpped his face tears welling up in his eyes.
“Mom, “he smiled and k!$$£d her hands.
She wra-pped her hands around him embr@cing him.
“My son, I love you so much. ”
“Me too mom. I love you too. ”
“Vidyut, I am sure you know the traditions of our kingdom and nation, “he father said looking at him.
“Yes father I know. ”
“Good, “he nodded. “For you to be crowned as king you should take a bride and engage her. Days are approaching to your coronation day, you have to find a bride for yourself son. This time I don’t want to f0rç£ anyone on you, so you have all the libery to choose any girl you like. Now tell me should I make a call out that the prince of Rajasthan will be movihouse to house searching for a bride? ”
He smiled and shook his head. “Dad you alre-ady know my choice. There’s no nee-d for you to do any of that sort. I love the girl you chose for me. ”
“But does she love you? ”
“I don’t nee-d her to tell me that. I’m sure we are going to make cute and beautiful babies, “he said.
“Its good to see that you are confident. I’m sure you have captured her heart. ”
“Yes I have. ”
( One Day To Coronation Day)
Anami looked at Amit and smiled. “This is our fifth d@t£ and it was amazing to be around you.”
“But what? ”
“But I love someone else. I love Vidyut, “she confessed.
“I know. It was always evident, “he smiled.”A deal is a deal, let’s perform the ritual then. Press the bu-tton, “he said and gave a straight face. Anami took a de-ep breath and slowly raised her f!nger to hisl-ips and pressed them. A smile curved on hisl-ips.
“From now on you and I are just friends. I will never see you as someone whom I can start my life with. Turn around, “he said.
“Huh? ”
“Turn around , “he repeated and she did as told. He gave her a light push. “Go find him, he must be waiting for you. ”
She gave him a smile and ran towards the garden where she found him painting.
“Hey, “she said catching her breath.
“What are you doing here? Shouldnt you be on a d@t£ with Amit? ”
“Well erm____let’s say we ended the game. ”
He st©pped his work and looked at her. “What do you mean? ”
“You’re not dumb not to un-derstand me, are you? “she rolled her eyes. “I chose you Vidyut.”
He smiled and c@m£ closer to her. “May I know why? ”
“Because I love you. I love you Vidyut, “she moisten herl-ip.
He cu-mpped her face and lockedl-ips with her.
“I love you too, “he smiled. “And tomorrow will be our day. ”
“Oh really? ”
“Yes, “he pu-ll-ed her into a hvg.
“Behold people of Rajasthan I the king of Rajasthan hereby pronounce Prince Vidyut as your future King! ”
“Hail King Vidyut! Hail King Vidyut! ”
“And the lady next to him will be your future Queen! Queen Anami Vidyut! ”
“Hail Queen Anami! Hail! ”
“Vidyut would you like to say something to the people? “his father looked at him. He nodded.
“My people, I am young and I don’t know most things so I am giving you the honor and permission to teach me so that I can make a good king. I will try to make more changes in Rajasthan and even surpas-s my father in what he did for you. Thank you. ”
There was a roar of appreciation.
“That was a good speech, “Anami whispered to him.
“Really? ”
“Yep, “she smiled.
The royal priest called them fourth. “You have been announced as the future leaders of this kingdom. Now do what’s nee-ded, ‘he turned to the crowd. “I hereby pronounce your queen and king! ”
They looked at each other and lockedl-ips together and everyone cheered.
Everyone finally got what they wanted. Cinderella finally got her prince Charming.