[Love Triangle -mixed feelings]




(Let’s erase it then)

“Vidyut! ‘the guys examined looking at him. I looked up to see him. I must say he is extremely handsome. Don’t get me wrong he is handsome yes but he stole my first kiss! What kind of a human being kisses a stranger. From all the three brothers I so want to be kissed by Amit but this idiot here snatched that privilege from me and I don’t like him for that.

“Vidyut, “I mumbled to myself. He descended down the stairs and stood in front of us.

“Erm sorry to ask who is he? “I looked at Amit.

“He is Vidyut, dad’s right hand man, “he replied.

I mouthed an oh and glanced at the demi god in front of me.

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“He is one of the best, very trustworthy and loyal just like a royal dog, “Akash said with a mocking smile.

Ugh! Like seriously why did he say that? In other words he is implying that Vidyut is a dog.He has a sick mind.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh? “I looked at him.

“No, this is how we address servants here and you should adapt to it okay angel, “he smiled at me and I seriously don’t think it is funny.

“No thank you, “I rolled my eyes. Such a handsome face and a dirty middle class mind.

“It’s enough now guys. Erm ______Vidyut may I have a word with you? “Amit said over to him and he just passed by him displaying an attitude.

“Vidyut, I said I want to talk to you, “Amit said over to him and he stopped not turning around.

“I don’t talk to anyone of you. I don’t have to follow your orders or requests because you’re not my boss. I don’t take orders from you or anyone underneath you, “he said and walked away.

“So much arrogance, “the guys cursed and went part ways leaving me standing in the middle of the huge vast living room.

“This is weird, “I said to myself. “But You have some scolding to do, “I ran outside to find him in his car.

“Please get out of the way, “he said.

I smiled. “I’m not moving from here til you get out. I need to talk to you. ”

He sighed and he came out. “Yes tell me. ”

“You stole something from me last night don’t you think you should apologize for taking it when you don’t deserve it? ”

He just looked at me like I have lost my mind.

“Yes you have lost your mind. After what just happened you should have noticed that I don’t care about anyone and apologizing to someone is a far cry. Anyway what’s the use of apologizing when I am not planning to return that to you and I am feeling remorseful either.If you really want us to talk we should do it in an appropriate place than in public where everyone is hearing us. ”

I looked around, the gardeners working in the garden and a few more servants.

“This is a problem with rich guys, you find the worst place the best place to talk. Now please get out of my way, “he shifted me to the other side. His touch did things to me, he got me paralyzed . He drove pass me and didn’t throw a glance at me. He was just looking ahead.

“He is just a proud jerkass! This matter is not over yet, I will make you apologize to me. You will apologize to me, “I stomp my feet on the ground and went back to the house.

“Yes girl, thank god the date was canceled. I don’t know what could have happened had they not canceled it, “I said over the phone.

“But why did you agree to go out with them?”Kusum asked.

“I don’t really know Kusum. I was so excited about going on a date with a handsome guy and now I got to know that looks are so deceiving. I can’t believe that Akash has such a mentality. ”

“Now you have learnt your lesson, “she said.”No matter how handsome they are, you must make the best choice. Some people are handsome but lack good qualities of a husband or a boyfriend. ”

“Yeah I know right? ”

“That means Akash is out leaving Amit, Vatsalya and Vidyut. ”

“Only Vatsalya and Amit Kusum. Vidyut is not a prince but the king’s right hand man. ”

“Really? ”

“Yes, he is just a proud, sick head guy but behaves like he is a god all the time. His attitude makes me sick, “I made a face.

“You have a face haven’t you? “she chuckled.

“How on earth did you ______, “the phone cut. “Hello Kusum can you hear me? “I asked. There was an electric cracking which indicated I was losing her. I looked around the open fields and spotted a tree and ran over to it and climbed on.

“Can you hear me now? ”

“Yes but not clearly. Y___you’re still cut__ting. ”

I climbed further, I don’t know what happened but I think I slipped.

“Aaaaaah! “I screamed as I went down then oof!

“Aaaaaaah! My arm! Someone help me! I broke my bones! Helllllp me! Aaaah! ”


I arched my eyebrows together in confusion, slowly I opened my eyes. I was in his arms. How did he get here? I was the only talking thing around here then where did he appear from?

“You’re not hurt but I am, “he rolled his eyes.

“And how is that? ”

“Do you have any idea how heavy you are? ”

“Hey I am not fat. ”

“I never said you are fat but you are saying that. What were you doing up there anyway? ”

“Well I was trying to get some signal, “I paused as I remembered something. “My phone. Where’s my phone? “I asked him.

He frowned. “In your hands. You preferred to fall than try to hold on the branches of the tree. You held it like it’s your perfect life. ”

“Yes my life is dependent on it okay? Now you apologize to me. ”

“Apologize for what? ”

I frowned. ‘You kissed me last night. You stole my first kiss, “I pointed my finger at him and he looked at it making me withdraw it immediately.

“I don’t remember anything. ”

“What! That was my first kiss and you stole it. It doesn’t belong to you but to someone else. ”

“Who? Amit? Akash? Or Vatsalya. May I advice you? None of those guys is a good kisser. ”

“How do you know that? ”

“Because I taught them how to kiss. I’m the best kisser in the whole of Rajasthan and you’re the witness of that, “he whispered un my ear sending cold shivers down my spin. I held tight around his neck.

“Who I want to kiss shouldn’t be your problem because I know I don’t want to be kissed by you ever again. Now just apologize to me and let me go. ”

He smirked and lifted me closer to his face.”Let’s erase the kiss then. ”

“How? As if it’s some kind of_____”

He cut me off with a kiss. My eyes automatically closed themselves, my heart, my mind and body betrayed me by enjoying this.He nibbled my lower and upper lip parting my lips that I had to open up for him. His tongue invaded my mouth and I responded back smartly wrapping my arms around his neck. He gently pressed his lips against mine and withdrew. He carefully put me down, embarrassed and overthinking I made an attempt to run away from there but he pulled me back and I crushed onto his chest and we had an eye lock.

“Whatever happened between us will never happen again. I have reversed the kiss, I have completely erased it so hereafter stay away from me and don’t ever show your face to me.I will forget everything even you do the same,”he smiled and pushed me off.Separating me from himself and walked away. He didn’t for once look back at me. A tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped it off and looked at it with my brows arched.

“Why am I crying? Where is it hurting? Where do I feel pain? “I asked myself. “It was just a kiss then why do I feel unwell? ”

“It’s good in a way you will be able to meet the boys and get to know them better, “mom said in my room.

“Yes it is. ”

“So who are you planning to take out tomorrow? ”

“The one who will ask me first. ”

“Last time you agreed to all of them. ”

“That’s because I was excited and stupid mom.Now i’m mature and I know what to do. ”

“That’s my girl, “she cupped my face and gave me a kiss. “It’s late now, I will going to my room.”

“Good night mom, “I smiled as she walked away.

I walked to the balcony and stared at the garden. “It was a short day yet a long and tiring one. How will I know which one is the right one? There’s Amit and there’s Vatsalya. They are both handsome and have all the physical qualities I want in a guy. What do I do? How do I find out that they are real and not pretending? Dear goddess give a sign, who is the right guy?”I sat on the rock chair and swung myself up and down til I dozed off to sleep.

Something warm wrapped around me, I tried opening my eyes but I guess I was so tired that’s why I couldn’t even blink. Something soft pressed on lips, my forehead and my lips again. It was a warm touch and I just wanted to open my eyes and see who it was but I couldn’t. The person just had his way with me and walked away.

I was waken up by the sun rays and the songs sang by the birds on the trees. I smiled as I opened my eyes and stretched.

“Ow! “I screamed with pain.

“What happened? Are you okay? ”

“Huh? “I looked up to see Vatsalya. “Erm___not really. My neck is stiff I think its because I slept on an uncomfortable place, “I hissed in pain.

“Let me massage you, “he walked over to me.

“No! No, i’m fine. You don’t have to do that. I will be fine, “I smiled.

“Sure? ”

“Yeah, ‘I nodded. “But what brings you here so early in the morning? ”

“I brought breakfast, “he smiled looking down and I followed his eyes. A tray of toast, eggs and tea were on the table.

“Wow! Did you do this in your own for me? ”

“Yes. ”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Okay I didn’t

I asked the chef to prepare this. ”

“But why? ”

“Because I want the beautiful girl to agree to be my date today. ”

“Is this a bribe? ”

“No it’s not. I just felt like doing this so I did it.I don’t have to do anything special to pacify you.Saying a simple please and sorry can do miracles. That’s why Ms. Roxana will you please be my date today? ”

“Awe! So sweet, “I smiled. “Of course I will be your date. Where are you taking me? ”

“Let’s leave that for you to see huh? Now eat your breakfast, get ready and I will be waiting for you downstairs, “he said and left.

“Mom is right spending time with them will help me judge them. Better finish eating I have a date to go to. ”





“This is the biggest lord Shiva’s temple

in Rajasthan and it’s very famous. People believe that when you offer prayers to the Lord here especially on Mahashivati all your prayers will be answered. Our family comes here to offer prayers on special events and occasions but I come here everyday because I believe that every hour is the best time to talk to God, “Amit said smiling at me.

“Prince Amit!!!! “five kids came running over to him. I know I don’t judge people by their appearance but this kids were so untidy and they were from a lower background.

“Hey kiddos! “he squated before them and hugged all of them. “I have told you never call address me with a title. To you I am not a prince but a friend as well as a brother, “he smiled. “So call me brother Amit or Ammy. ”

“Okay, okay you have been telling us this for quite a long time now. Our ears are already tired of listening the same thing from you,”one girl said making me chuckle and all attention came on me.

“Brother Amit who is she? Is she your sister? She’s so pretty! ”

He glanced at me then glanced back at the kids. “No she is not my sister. ”

“Who is she then? ”

“You guys don’t understand anything, “one girl said with a teasing smile on her face. “She’s can’t be his sister because she’s a pretty diamond from another village or city. She has come here for our brother Amit. Do you guys get it now? ”

“No Preeti tell us. ”

“Oohh! Do I have to explain even this to you?Never mind I am the intelligent one here right?”

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of love

He chooses everyone’s love

Everyone has a soul mate that Lord Shivs choose

That’s why everyone has to get married

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of love

He is the one who made marriage

A happy heavenly match

“Aha! Did you guys get it now? “Preeti asked smiling.

“Ohhhhh! So she is brother Amit’s lady love! ”

“Hmmmm, “I sighed and squated in front of Preeti. “You’re super intelligent my dear. Tell me something where did you learn how to sing? ”

She smiled. “From my mentor! ”

“Your mentor you never told me you have one before. ”

“Well the man is an artist and he has a beautiful voice just like a bird. His voice is so melodious. He just came to us after spotting us singing praises of Lord Shiva. He gathered us and taught us how to sing, “one boy said.

“Who is he! ”

They shrugged. “We don’t know his name . He didn’t tell us but yeah he gave us permission to call any name we want. We won’t have called him pig or dog. The name mentor was the best,”Preeti smiled widely.

“If you want to know how he is physically then I would say he is super handsome and as for his nature then I will say he is a kind hearted person Ms. ______, ”

“Oh I see, “I smiled. “How about starting with you telling me your names and I will tell you mine. The name I am familiar with right is Preeti the talkative angel, “I cupped her cheeks.

“I’m Shaurya, “the boy smiled.

“I’m Priyanka. ”

“Khushi. ”

“Arav. ”

“And lastly Presto, “I said. ‘Well my name is Raina and my Indian name is Anami. ”

“Why two names Ms. Anami? “Shaurya asked.

“Because my mom gave me a name as well as my grandma. ”

“Ohhhh! “they chroused.

“So where do you guys live. ”

“The orphanage, “Preeti replied.

“Orphanage? You mean you guys are orphans?”

“Yes and except for Amit sir no one really cares about us, “Khushi replied.

“And that’s why we love him and respect him so much. It’s only because of him that we looked at our lives in a different angle. ”

I glanced at Amit and smiled.

“Okay kids enough of chit chatting now. ”

“What have you brought for us today Mr. Amit. ”

“You have already met the special gift which is your new best friend Anami but of course I have a big present for all of you today. ”

“Yeeeeeyi! ”

Wow! I can’t believe that there can be someone as pure as Amit. If only all the guys were like him the world would have been better.

“Thank you so much Amit, “I said over to him.

“For what? ”

“For giving those kids so much love and hope. Thank you so much, “I smiled.

“It’s okay. What I am doing is just for humanity Raina. I hope you understand what I mean. ”

“Of course. ”

“And I also hope you enjoyed your day. ”

“Yes, it was a special day. I enjoyed myself a lot. So thank you once again. ”

“Hope we will do it again. ”

“Hope so too. ”

“Shall we go inside? ”

“Erm______you go on. I just want to view the night sight. You go on, i’m not feeling sleepy at all so you carry on. ”

“Okay, good night, “he held my hands and kissed my forehead.

“Good night, ” I smiled.

I waited for him to enter the house before heading to the secret garden. I just named it a secret garden because its secret.

I took a deep breath as the cool air brushed through my face.

You all I ever need

Baby you’re amazing

You’re my angel come and save

Ohhh! Your all I ever need

I looked around to find the owner of the voice.

“Where’s it coming from? “I asked myself.

you don’t understand how much you really mean to me

I need you in my life as a necessity


You all I ever need

Baby you’re amazing

You’re my angel come and save me

I looked up the mango tree to see him leaning on the trunk with a guitar in his hands. He stopped playing and snorted.

“I have warned you for coming here again didn’t I ma’am? “he said without looking at me.

“Like I have told you I see nothing I should be afraid of here that’s why I am here again. ”

He put down the guitar and jumped off the tree and stood right in front of me. He was wearing a black sleeping kurta.

“Is understanding simple terms a big problem for you or you have a problem in hearing like a hearing impairment or something? “he asked.

“Do you really have to be sarcastic? Can’t you be nice for once? ”

“I can’t help it. What brings you here? ”

“Just wanted to look around. ”

Well you have done it now leave, “he turned his back against me.

“What is wrong with you? What have I done that you hate me so much? “I walked to him.

“I don’t hate you. I just want you to stay away from me. ”

“Look I only came here to view the garden and not disturb you. ”

“Well you did disturb me. ”

“Really and how is that? ”

He sighed. “Let’s just drop it. ”

“No! No I won’t drop it. You just called me a pest. ”

“What? “he looked at me in disbelief . “I never said that you’re saying it. ”

I moisten my lips. “You know what I shouldn’t be talking to you. Good night. ”

He caught my hand and pulled me back, without wasting a second he kissed me.




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