Royal affairs Episode 12

Writer’s POV
“One hundred and twenty one, “she counted as he did the push ups. “One hundred and twenty two. ”
He st©pped and gave her a cold glare. His hair was we-t due to too much sweat and his back was also we-t.
“St©p doing that, “he said and continued with his work. “I don’t believe that counting how many times I do the push ups will be a cover of your magazine. You shouldn’t be here. ”
“Vidyut I want to record everything about you. You’re going to be the next king of Rajasthan. ”
He smiled. “Who has misinformed you about that? I am not the future king of this kingdom. ”
“You’re the first son then how come you are not going to be given the crown? ”
“Because of you, “he replied standing up and stretched.
“Me? How am I involved in this matter? ”
“Things weren’t going smooth back then I didn’t want to stress you further so I didn’t tell you about it. ”
“Tell me what? ”
“That dad asked me to choose between you and my right to the throne and do you know what it is the stupidest mistake I made and will forever regret committing it? “he looked at her with warm eyes, eyes filled with unknown emotions. She moisten herl-ips and shook her head into no.
“Choosing you, “he pointed at her. “I chose you Maya and you stabbe-d me in the back with my brother. Amit, was not just a brother but he was my best pal and you dumped me for him. I will forever be regretful for that. You’re the worst thing that has ever happened to my life. ”
“Vidyut, I didn’t know you sacrificed so much for me. If I knew I wont have______”
“You won’t have what? Dumped me? Well its too late now. You’re here to cover up a stupid story so plea-se do that, “he took his water bottle and towel to leave.
“Vidyut, I really did love you. ”
“Then what? ”
“I didn’t come here just to cover a story you know? ”
“I know that you don’t have to tell me. There’s motive of you coming back here and those who always come back after humiliation only want one thing which is revenge. What are you here to revenge for? We should be the ones revenging not you. You really disgust me. ”
“Do you love her and want to marry her? ”
“Who are you talking about? “Q
“Don’t try to act smart with me. You know who I am talking about. That girl, is she the one your father wanted you to get married to? ”
“I believe that’s none of your business Maya. Anami is my personal life not yours so stay out of it. ”
“Fine but just know this is not over yet . I am back now and no one can throw me out like the last time. ”
“No one threw you out Maya, your bit-chiness threw you out. Just you know I am never going to take you back. I never look back at my left over, “he sm-irked and left.
“Still angry with me I guess, “he gave her a nudge and sat next to her.
Anami just looked at him then turned back at her book.
“At least tell me what I should do to make you happy. ”
“Vidyut, I don’t have to say it. If I really mean something to you, then you will do something that I will make ne lose my mind. You know what I want from you Vidyut. It’s nothing difficult or fancy. It’s as simple as ABC, “she smiled.
“Okay fine it is decided then, we won’t be talking to each other til I make you happy again right? ”
“Who told you I don’t want to talk to you? But if that’s how you want to put it then its fine by me buddy. ”
“Enjoy your book then, “he cu-mpped her chin and brou-ght her face close to his. “I really miss you,”he smiled and leant closer.
“And no k!ssing, “she said.
“As if I will listen to you, “he said in a husky voice bringing his face even more close. Hisl-ips brushed softly against hers ma-king her g@sp in excitement. Noticing this he decided to torture her and did it again.
“St©p doing that, “she said and trying to pu-ll away but her turned her face back and gave her a pe-ck on the cheek. “See you later, “he win-ked and ran away from there.
“Punk, “she snarled then smiled her lower l!pcaptured between her teeth.
“There’s nothing to be happy about, “a voice said. Anami looked to see Maya.
“And why is that? ”
“Whatever he is doing with you now is what we used to do Anami. ”
“Do I look like I want to know? Am I an idiot to come to you and ask if the two of you used to pl@yaround like this? I don’t give a damn what you guys did okay. ”
“I doubt it. He is going to be your husband and I really think you should know his past in order to be able to build your future. ”
“Oh my god! Doesn’t she un-derstand English? Do I have to put it in written or speak a different language? Listen and listen to me carefully I don’t want to know what you two did and how you did it. ”
“Why could it be because you won’t be able to stand the truth? Anami, what do you know about Vidyut? Do you have a slightest idea that you are the one who caused all the mess? We so loved each other to an extend of ma-king a junior. I am sure you know what I mean sweetheart. ”
“What do you mean? ”
“We were pregnant Anami, we made a baby together. And you br@g about him k!ss!ngyou, Awww how tou-ching . I doubt he wants to t©uçh you. ”
Anami clenched her fists. She was getting into her and she could feel it.
“I said I don’t want to know anything about you or him. ”
“Then why are you getting angry over nothing.Let me advice you Vidyut loves me and I love him. Yes we have grown ap@rt but that doesn’t prove that the love is gone. If he still can’t tell you about it it means you are simply nothing to him. You’re just a pas-s time being. Think over it if you really mean anything to him don’t you think he should have told you everything himself instead of you having to find out from other people. I am sorry sweetheart but the truth has to be told, “she chuckled and blew a k!ssat her face and walked away.
Anami slumped on the chair and covered her mouth with her mouths, tears slowly coming out from her eyes. She didn’t want to cry but it was killing her, she shouldn’t be crying but still it hurts even more when she was trying to compress it. She had to let it out somehow.
The royal servants were busy ma-king up preparation for the kite ceremony to be held in the palace.
“Are you re-ady for the kite ceremony? “Akash asked Anami who just nodded with a fake smile.
“Are you sure you are alright Anami? You look so gloomy today. Could it be because of Maya?”
“No why would you say something like that? Maya is here to do her story after that she will leave. ”
“Anami, don’t act naive. You know she didn’t merely come here for a story, she c@m£ here for something else, something you should protect. ”
“Akash, a girl protects what belongs to her, she fight back for something that’s hers, “she glanced over to Vidyut who was ma-king his kite. “And this girl doubt if he is even mine or still belongs to someone else, “she said looking at Maya who was standing by his side now helping him with his kite. “What should I fight for Akash? He hasn’t as-sure me that I am his. If he wants me to fight then he should give me a sign. Anyone can k!ssand a k!sssometimes means nothing and in this case I don’t know what to believe. ”
“Anami, he loves you. ”
“How are you sure? He should have at least told me something about himself. I his betrothed knows nothing about him but his ex knows everything. See my point? ”
He nodded with a comforting smile. “Come let’s go fly some kites, “he tookbher hand leading her to the others.
“Take your hands off me, “Vidyut said over to Maya who has been holding his shoulder. “They are diseased and I don’t want to be infected. And I can do my work by myself I don’t nee-d your help, “he said and j£rked her hand off him. He looked up and saw Anami approaching with Akash. He smiled and went over to her.
“Come help me make my kite, “they said holding her hands. They looked at each other then looked back at Anami who was in shock. She looked at Amit then Vidyut and their hands. They were both holding her hands and in nee-d of her help.
“Say something, “Vidyut snapped her out of her dreamland. She looked at them one more time.
“Yah! Do you guys intend to split me into half or what! “she freed her hands from theirs and adjusted herself.
“Come help me, “Vidyut took her hand once again. Amit sighed and looked at her.
“I nee-d your help, “he glanced at Vidyut and slowly intertwined his f!ngerswith Anami’s. Everyone st©pped doing their work and looked at them especially Anami they wanted to know who she will choose.
She nervously smiled and withdrew her hands.
“You guys are crazy, “she said and turned to leave but Vidyut held her back.
“It’s me or him. ”
Anami withdrew her hand and gave him a ti-ght sl@p that made everyone g@sp.
“What’s wrong with you huh! He is your brother and you can’t always keep fighting with him over what happened in the past years. What happened back then st©pped with Maya and I won’t let it begin with me okay? “she looked at both of them. “People in the whole kingdom used to say you were inseparable. They called you the inseparables because your bond with Amit was unexplainable but because of her,”she pointed at Maya. “You completely severed your ties with your brother and your family. For someone who never considered your feelings Vidyut you gave up on your own blood. Look at each other and tell me when you are going to st©p fighting over stupid matters. Look into each other’s and tell me you don’t miss that bond. You never bothered to ask what led your brother into Maya and you don’t even know he chose you over her because he loves you. You are the oldest so behave like one, don’t go fighting with your brothers just for a girl, “he &glanced at Amit. “And you should tell him what happened I won’t always be there to speak on your behalf. Tell him why you did it, man up, be a man and fight your own battles. I seriously don’t like guys who behave like you. If I have to choose between you two I will follow my heart and I expect you to respect my decision and don’t f0rç£ me to choose anyone of you, “she took a de-ep breath. “You guys are not babies you can make your own kite and even fly it alone. If you nee-d help there are so many servants here to as-sist you but if you think they won’t do as you ask then do it yourself then. Don’t involve me into this, “she raised her hands. “I have a kite to fly too. I am not going to choose anyone, “she said with a smile and took the two kites from them. “I have a good feeling that you two will make the perfect kite so work together and even fly the kite together. My scolding speech is over enjoy your day, “she win-ked at them and walked away.
The guys stood there looking at each other not even bothering to make a move.
“The kite won’t make up itself if you continue to stand like statues, “Anami said looking at them.
They glanced at one another and scoffed.
“Drop your pride and attitude guys it’s not going to work either. ”
“Fine, “they said at once. “We will do it. ”
Everyone cl@pped with joy and excitement. Akash walked over to Anami.
“You made them do something they never thought of doing in years that’s amazing. I must say you have created history. The two brothers are working together again. I truly salute you. Everyone is happy again and mom and dad’s happiness is over the other’s happiness. Thank you Anami, “he gave her a hvg and she hvgged back.
“You know I love here right? “Amit asked looking at him. Vidyut turned and looked back at him.
“Coffee, “Amit gave him a mug.
“Thanks, “he smiled. “Yes I know you love her but I am sure you do know I am not willing to give her up. ”
“Yes I know, “he smiled. “This is weird we always fall in love with the same girl. With Maya I am truly sorry brother. ”
Vidyut chuckled. “I know man and I forgive you. You were deceived and you didn’t know we were still together. ”
“But with Anami I am not sorry, “he smiled.
Vidyut sighed then returned his smile. “Falling in love is not a crime to be sorry about brother.We are stupid to fall in love with a crazy girl. ”
“You’re right she is crazy but I fell in love with a calm nature and her maturity. ”
“I fell in love with everything about her the very first time I saw her. Amit, I don’t want to fight anymore, “he looked at him.
“Me too, “he nodded. “I don’t want us to be separated again because of a girl. It wasn’t good and it hurts to see you so angry with me.I missed you every time, you were staying with me in the same house still I missed you brother so promise me that you will never stay angry at me and distance yourself from me,”he stuck out his hand.
“You’re getting too emotional but still because I don’t want to see you hurt I promise to never let my brother cry, “he gave him his hand and they did their secret handshake and hvgged each other.
“Wow! It’s good to see that they brothers are back together! “Anami exclaimed with joy and walked over to them dancing. Everyone followed after her. The king and queen blessed them as well as Anami’s parents.
“Come on bow down and take the great Anami’s blessings because its all because of me everyone is happy, “she pointed at them.
“No! ”
She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I believe my task is done here, “she said.
“No yet, “they said with smiles on their faces.
“What’s left son? “the king asked.
They both held Anami’s hands and said. “We love you Anami! ”
Completely paralyzing her, everyone looked at them stunned.
“WHAT! ”
Anami moisten herl-ips and looked at her parents who were smiling their heads off instead of trying to find a way to help her.
“I think we should leave the kids to handle this themselves, “the queen said looking at the others.
“Yes I think that’s a good idea. Come everyone let’s leave even you too Maya, “the king held her arm and dragged her with them.
“Okay you guys should take your hands off me,”she gave them a cold glare and they slowly let her hands go. “Now the simple question is are you guys out of your minds? What was that all about? ”
They smiled and bent closer to her. “Anami, what we feel for you is pure, true and you can’t change it no matter what you do. ”
She sighed and folded her arms. “How can you guys fall in love with the same girl! What do you expect me to do huh? ”
“Remember I told you to find where the arrow is pointing at? “Vidyut asked her.
“Yes I do. ”
“Then this is the right time to apply that method Anami, “Amit smiled at her. “Two guys and only one has to be your perfect guy. ”
She glanced at them one at a time.
***Amit is nice, calm and handsome. He is down to earth and I know he won’t ever f0rç£ anything on me. He will make a good husband.***
She looked at Vidyut.
***Then its him. Wild, crazy and handsome too. Very handsome to be precise. He is nice but a bit stressful and yeah he will make me do things I won’t want to do. He has the power to manipulate me and make me do what he wants and I somehow like that. Will he make a good husband? Of course he will Anami! You know him better than Amit, you know what he likes and what he doesn’t like but the main question is does he know you too? ***
“Sit down, “Amit snapped her out of her thoughts. She nodded and sat down looking at them.
“We are not going to f0rç£ you to take a decision now. You have all the time you in this world to make your decision Anami. We’re gentleman we would never f0rç£ ourselves on a lady, “Vidyut said with a smile, an intimid@t!ngsmile. “That’s why we have decided to give you all the liberty you nee-d, we want to be flexible with you. ”
“Elaborate more. ”
“Anami, we will spend time with you and when you feel like you have come to a conclusion you will choose between us. And whoever you choose the other one will be happy with it and will stay back, “Amit said. “The day you choose your Mr. Right guy you will press the st©p bu-tton from one of us. ”
“And where do I press? ”
“Everything started with a k!ssAnami so its simple, the day you choose your man you will press ourl-ips as a way of indicating that you don’t want to continue with him anymore. Is that fair? ”
She snorted and chuckled. “You guys are trying to kill me or what? As if pressing the bu-tton will be easy. ”
“We never said it was going to be easy Anami. ”
“If you knew this is going to be tough decision then why did you on earth initiate it! I’m not going to do this, “she raised her hands in defeat and turned to leave.
“You have a d@t£ with me tomorrow so be re-ady at 18 in the evening, “Amit smiled at her and she g@sped looking at him.
“You’re serious about this? ”
“Yes we are, “they replied in choruse.
***Anami you are scre-wed. ***
“You mean the guys wants you to choose between them? “Kusum asked her.
“Yes, I have to make a choice and I am scared Kusum. What if I choose and later regret my decision? ”
“Anami, you know that you can’t get married to both of them so choose who your heart is beating for. ”
“And what if my heart is beating for the two of them. ”
“Anami, the other feeling is infatuation
while the other is love and how you are going to differentiate between this two feelings is your call. Remember you can only fall in love with one person and you will want that person to care about you even when you have many people caring for you. You will only want to be with him and when you close your eyes you will only see him. You won’t un-derstand this now,wait for some time and you will un-derstand me, “she said.
“Thank you Kusum, I will keep that in mind. ”
“Good, “she let out a small laugh. “So who is your first d@t£? ”
“Amit, “she replied.
“The quiet one, the down to earth dude? He is handsome to be honest and he looks innocent.This is not going to be easy. If his competitor was Akash I won’t have minded but Vidyut God forgive me but that guy is smoking h0t! ”
“Okay st©p, “she said.
“Oh my god are you getting jealous. Hey, I am there to take him away I am just complimenting him. ”
“Whatever, “she rolled her eyes. “And I am getting jealous, why would I get jealous? “she lied. Of course she was feeling that sting of jealous on her che-st as Kusum was going on talking about him.
“Liar! Liar p@n-ts on fire! Of course you were jealous. Don’t worry I won’t fly over there to take him. He is all yours to enjoy. ”
“Kusum be quiet you like to talk nons-en-se, “she smiled blu-shing.
“You must be blu-shing right now ain’t you? I can smell it. ”
Someone knocked on the door and she looked at see a b©dyguard.
“The chos£n one the prince has asked me to come and call you. He is waiting for you, “he bowed.
“Go on Amit is eagerly waiting for you, “Kusum said in a teasing manner.
“The day I catch you I will teach a good lesson.”
“Til that day come let me tease you more. Go on your d@t£ now and don’t forget to upd@t£ me tonight okay? ”
“No I am not going to do that. ”
“Hey but I_____”
She disconnected the call and smiled following the guard. She found Amit waiting for her in the parking lot.
“re-ady? ”
“To be b!own away of course, “she smiled. He opened the door for her and she got it then he went over to his side and they drove awa
“Good evening your highness it’s a plea-sure to have you in my restaurant, “the manager said and bowed.
“plea-se don’t embarras-s me like that. You’re elder to me and it doesn’t look nice when you bow down to a child like me. And tonight I am not the prince address me with my name I will not be offended, “he said with a smile. Anami too smiled looking at him, she has never seen anyone who has such high status so humble and gentle. He was a prince and didn’t br@g about it. How many are there are like him? Only a few and rare to find.
He turned and looked at her. “Order anything you like to taste, “he said.
“anything to taste? Now that’s funny, “she looked at the menu. “For a starter I would like lentil soup, course meal I will take the pasta salad and dessert I will have gulum jammu,”she said and looked at the waiter.
“I will have the same as well, “Amit said.
“Why are we the only ones here tonight? “she asked looking around.
Amit sm-irked and held her hands. “Because I wanted to make tonight special for you. This is my restaurant and I bought it foe the night. I wanted tonight to be just you and I with no disturbance. ”
She returned the smile and put her other hand on his. “Thank you Amit, thank you so much. This is so nice and beautiful, “she said with a croaky voice. “No one has ever made me feel so special til this d@t£ so thank you, “she wiped a tear.
“You have seen nothing yet so save for tears for later okay, “he wiped her tears with his thumb. “You’re very special to me and I can do anything for your happiness. ”
“I know, “she nodded.
Their food c@m£ and they ate it. After that he took her for a long drive, they talked about so many things, childhood memories to the pres£nt time.
When she got home her heart was content.
“I had a nice time, “she turned and looked at him.
“I am glad you did. We could do this everyday you know just to make you happy. ”
She laughed nodding.
“Good night, “he unfolded his arms and wra-pped his hands around her n£¢k and k!$$£d the crown of her head. She smiled as his softl-ips pressed against her forehead. He gave her a warm hvg after that and left to his room.
“Kusum is going to be ecstatic the moment I tell her what happened tonight, “she took out her phone and dialed her number. She closed the door of her room and jumped onto the be-d.
“Hello, yes tell me everything, “Kusum said.
“Girl, this was so amazing. You won’t_______”
Normally the roaster and the sun rays wakes one up in the morning but this time it was different. None of the mentioned woke her up. She was still fast asleep with an eye pad on her eyes when she felt something ticklish moving up and down her face. She thought it was a fly at first but when it happened for the tenth time she was f0rç£d to take off the eye pad and slowly blinked her eyes to see his beautiful handsome face looking down at her.
“Good morning, “he smiled and bent down k!ss!ngher forehead. “For you, “he pres£nted a rose to her. A white rose which is her favorite.
“How did you know? “she looked at him perplexed.
“I know a whole lot of things about you, things you never thought I would notice, “he replied.
“Things like what? ”
“Like your favorite color and your hobbies. ”
“What’s my favorite color then? ”
He smiled and replied. “Pink. ”
She g@sped. “But you never showed me a sign that you care about me. You were always looking away for example the day I fell on the horse you didn’t tend to me. How did you notice that my favorite color is pink? ”
“Like I said I know a whole lot of things about you. ”
“Like what? ”
“Everyone thinks your favorite hobby is re-ading novels and all those books. Well let’s say it used to be your hobby but it’s not. You like drawing and painting now. ”
Her eyes wi-de-ned.
“But you don’t have the art to do so, “he tucked the strings of her hair behind her ear. “Wake up I have something to show you, “he stuck out his hand.
“Is this a dream? If it is then I don’t want to wake up from it God, “she closed her eyes praying.
He chortled and gently pressed hisl-ips on hers. “I will be waiting for you, “he whispered in her ear and pu-ll-ed away from her and walked out of her room. Anami opened her eyes and jumped up with smiles on her face. She rushed over to the bathroom and took a shower. She wore sky blue track t©p with a hoddy and blue sweat p@n-ts with white sneakers. She found him in the garden wearing the same outfit as hers like an idiot she smiled and cleared her throat. He turned around.
“So what’s the plan of the day? “she asked ru-bbing her hands together.
“I don’t have a plan. I do my things listening to my heart, “he pointed at hers. “And you should try to do the same. Those who think with the head normally make hastily decisions, “he smiled.
“So where is your heart leading you? ”
He took her hand and led her to the car. He took her to a very famous river in Rajasthan and took out a small pot from the back seats.
“What’s that? “she asked.
“You will know soon, “he took her hand and walked closer to the river. “First I want to let you into my life so that you are able to settle and adapt to my life. Anami, I know that you want to know everything about me, that’s your wish isn’t it? “he glanced at her then back at the waters.
“Yeah, I do want to know something’s about you but I dont want to f0rç£ you or something.It’s okay if you don’t feel like telling me, I hold no grudge about it. ”
“I know you don’t but the truth doesn’t change Anami. It hurts whenever you have to hear about me from other people right? ”
“Yeah a little, “she bit her lower l!premembering what Maya told her. No she can’t break into tears now, she took a de-ep breath to hold her tears.
“Don’t try to hold back Anami, it hurts so let it out, “he smiled and looked at her. “Tears are not a sign of weakness but of strength that you can still hold on. I cry sometimes if I am in pain, “he said.
“No it’s okay I will be fine, “she f0rç£d a smile.
“This pot contains my mother’s ashes, “he said looking at it. “The day we cremated her b©dy I vowed to immense her ashes only after exerting revenge against my father and mother. I kept them with me all this years waiting for a moment of revenge but it never c@m£. Then you c@m£ and showed me the right path and now I don’t find the pint if keeping the ashes with me when there’s no nee-d to revenge anymore. Thank you for bringing light in my dark and lonely life Anami, “he smiled at her. “I brou-ght you here so that we can immense the ashes together, “he said.
She looked at him shocked. “Why me? Vidyut she was your mother not mine. ”
“Yes she was but I am sure she will be happy wherever she is to know that the girl who gave her son a new ray of hope also care and loves her. I have a feeling she will be happy if we do this together. This is the last piece of my mother that I have and I want to do this with you and no one else. I never thought of doing this with anyone because I thought they didn’t deserve it but with you it’s different. You’re not everyone, you’re my love, my true love who can make me do things I never imagined I could do in my right s-en-ses. ”
Her tears found their way out of her eyes and threw her hands around his w@!st and la-id her head on his che-st.
“Thank you, “she smiled.
After long minutes of hvgging they both opened the lid of the pot and bent down and immensed the ashes in the river, then lit up a lamp and let it float in the water.
“I love you mom and I will forever love you, “he faintly smiled and blinked his tears away. “I love you. ”
“And I love you too, “Anami added. He stood up.
“Can I take you somewhere? ”
“Yeah. ”
He started walking along the river til the reached a boat.
“You know how to paddle? “she asked him as they got in the boat .
“I had to learn as Ihad to go to this place every single day, “he smile as he picked the paddles.
“I will help you and I insist, “she took the other paddle and together the went over to the other side of the river.
“Close your eyes and take my hand, “he told her.
“Why? ”
“plea-se. ”
She nodded and closed her eyes and gave him her hand. They walked for a couple of minutes then st©pped. He re-moved his hands from her eyes.
“Open your eyes, “he instructed and she slowly blinked and opened them.
“Wow! This is beautiful! “she exclaimed looking at the big fig tree surrounded with beautiful flowers and a nice green gras-s. The bu-tterflies and birds on the trees made it look like paradise.
“It’s like fairyland, “she said and spun around giggling. “It’s so breathtaking, “she sat down next to a flower and held the beautiful blue bu-tterfly on her palm and pla-yed with it.
“My mom told me that she and dad planted this tree together as a sign of their love. They nurtured it and loved the seedling. They said that if the tree grows to be big then it means their love for each other will never fade away and their children will also come here with the loves of their life and bear witness to their true love. Now loom the tree has grown so big and it keeps growing and I want us to be just like them Anami. ”
“The flowers? ”
He looked at each one of them and smiled. “When I was growing up mom would come here every single day to plant a new type of flower and I helped her. We planted this flowers with so much love and because of that love they are still fresh, alive and growing. She used to say when one does something with love then that thing is opt to last forever. This tree and this flowers are a symbol of that. Other than just planting flowers we buried something here and she told me that the day I find my true love I should bring her here and dig down the treasure and give her everything inside it. Anami, I know you haven’t chos£n the one you want to be with yet but I want you to know that it doesn’t matter who you will choose to me you will always be my first true love. ”
“Does Maya know about this place? ”
“No, I never brou-ght her here. It didn’t feel right and it never occurred to let her know a this place but yes she knew there was a very special place I always go to every day. You’re my first and the last, “he walked over to a be-d of roses. “Because I will be giving you the treasure my mom preserved for her daughter in law, “he dogged the ground and took out a small box and handed it to her. She took it and inhaled the amazing and old scent from it. She opened it and g@sped looking at the beautiful diamond n£¢klace and a ring inside.
“Those are the ancestral jewelries of the Rajasthan kings and queens. The Vikramaditya Nalaka jewelries. Dad gave them to my mother and she treasured them for my love. Today I am giving them to you to save them for your future daughter in law, “he smiled and took out the n£¢klace and helped her wear it.
“This is________, “she paused. “I don’t know what to say Vidyut, “she smiled and tears of joy c@m£ out of her eyes holding the n£¢klace.
“Hey, I am just pouring my heart to you. I didn’t mean to make you cry I am sorry. ”
“Let me cry because I am so happy Vidyut, so very happy, “she hvgged him and he firmly hvgged her back c@r£ss!ngher. She pu-ll-ed away and looked into his gaze, she smiled raising herself with her toes and k!$$£d him. He smiled and k!$$£d her back.
“I love Anami, “he said cu-pping her face. “I love you so much. ”
She li-cked herl-ips. “I know that. After what happened I will dumb not to notice that, “she ru-bbe-d her nose against his and k!$$£d it.
“Hey mentor! “a small voice called and they turned to see who it was. The little girl c@m£ running over to them.
“Preeti you! “Anami said.
“Sister Anami you here? What are you doing here? ”
“Just touring around what about you? ”
“You know each other? “Vidyut looked at them confused.
“Yes she’s the little girl I met met at the temple with Amit. She was with her friends, “she looked back at Preeti. “Where are the others? ”
“Can’t come to practice because they have lot of school work to do, “she smiled. “Sister Anami how do you know my mentor and where is brother Amit? ”
“Mentor? He is your mentor? The guy you told me teaches you how to sing? He is the one? ”
Preeti nodded with a smile.
“What a coincidence, “she giggled. “I never thought you would do something so noble Vidyut. Teaching the orphans kids music and giving them love they have missed as children, that’s the best thing ever. ”
“There’s still a lot to discover about me. So Preeti shall we start with our rehearsal? ”
“Yes mentor! “she squeaked with happiness and took out her guitar and sat crossed legged next to him. Anami watched as they practiced. She has never seen this other side of him, the calm, gentle and loving soul of his. She could pick he loved children from the way he was looking and caring for Preeti. If he can love a child that’s not his then what about his. A picture pla-yed in her head, picturing herself and him with their little junior in the same place pla-ying and laughing around. She smiled to herself the moment the dream vanished.
***Is the arrow pointing at him? ***
She asked herself and went closer to him. Her heart skipped a beat and started beating fas-ter like it was running marathons. She g@sped and held her che-st and stepped a bit away from him and the beating went back to normal. She c@m£ closer again and it started beating again.
“What are you doing? “he asked and turned his face to look at her. Her eyes wi-de-ned and her heart exploded. They were not inches away from each other, one more step they will lockl-ips with each other. She swallowed a big lump of saliva on her throat and opened her eyes wi-de like a person.
To be continued
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