Royal affairs Episode 10 & 11

“Dad, “she smiled. “You have to call him dad today Vidyut, “she looked at him.
“What’s so special today? ”
“Because today is Diwali. A festival of light so instead of lighting up your father’s house with lamps, light it up with calling him father. ”
“Do I really have to call him that? ”
“Yes you have. Calling him by his name or status is kind of a sign of disrespect. You shouldn’t be having a ha-rd time calling him dad because he is your father. If you are having a ha-rd time addressing him as you should what about your mom? ”
“Do I have to address her as mom as well? ”
“How do you want to address her? Do you intend to call her by her name til forever? ”
“No. ”
“Good. You keep on practicing I will go help everyone to prepare for Diwali, “she smiled at him.
“I don’t have to practice. ”
“Of course you have to. Have you seen yourself trying to say the word you look like a toddler who is just learning how to talk. Children always practice a word in order to be perfect so you too do the same huh. ”
“Anami plea-se leave from here. ”
“Of course see you, “she made a funny face ma-king him laugh.
Author’s POV
“Good luck on the meeting honey. ”
“Thank you. Where are the boys? ”
“We are here dad and re-ady to go rock the meeting, “Akash said with a smile. “Do I look handsome mom? ”
“Yes you do my dear, may the goddess always bless you, “she put a black dot behind his ear and blessed the others as well.
Anami and her parents c@m£ downstairs.
“Wow! You guys look handsome, “she gave them high fives.
“Dad, do you think it’s right for sister in law to treat Amit like her buddy? I seriously don’t think so because they’re in love, “Vatsalya said with a mocking smile.
Anami’s smile disappear due to that statement. Amit. Does she even love him? From the blus-h on his face it’s obvious he loves her. His heart beat for her but does her heart beat for him? Where is the arrow pointing at?
“Mind if I come? “a voice asked ma-king them turn, to their shock and surprise Vidyut was standing there wearing an office outfit with his personal royal advisor besides him holding his briefcase and files. Anami wiped her eyes then blinked not believing that it was him. She was not the only one everyone was stunned.
“Is that really you? “she asked.
“Yep, “he smiled. “So shall we? We are getting late, “he looked at his wrist watch.
“Y__yes, yes, “his father smiled.
“Let me bless my son first Baldev, “his mom smiled and walked over to him. “Shall I bless you? ”
He bent down and t©uçhed her feet.
***You dont have to ask me anymore mom because its your right. I am sorry for all that I did to you and I love you mom so much***
“God bless you dear, “she said. “Here sweet curd so that you may prosper in everything you do. Have a great day son, “she said.
He just nodded and left with the others.
“He might have forgiven us but he is still distant from us. When will he address me as mom and forgive me? I miss him and I want to care for him like I have always been dreaming. He is my lovely son and I love him so much. ”
“It’s okay Divya, he will come around. He give time anyway Anami is here, she will bring you back your son right dear, “her mother looked at him.
“Mom, Vidyut is the one in control of his life.”
“But he can’t refuse you right? He does everything you ask of him. Anami, I am giving you the responsibility to take care of him. plea-se help me get my son back dear plea-se. ”
“I will try but you know him right he is your son and so stubborn. ”
“Just like you Anami. How you made him eat with us and go to the office today do the same thing. Okay I don’t mind if he doesn’t address me and accept me as his mother, Its fine by me. Promise me that you will be with him and make sure that he stayed united with his father and family. He should always stand by his father. ”
“I will try mom, I will try. He is so son after all he will gradually loos£n up, “she as-sured her and hvgged her. “Now let’s go have breakfast. All the men are out and the ladies have fun!!!! ”
“Anami, what are you planning to do? ”
“Come on mom let’s just have fun before they come back home. Come, “she dragged the two ladies to the kitchen.
“Mom, will be ma-king dad’s favorite dishes and desserts, mom in law will be ma-king dad in law’s favorite and I will just be watching how the beautiful beauties of the most handsome do things, “she smiled as she made them wear the aprons.
“Not acceptable! ‘they both chroused.
“And why is that? ”
“Because we are the ladies and you said we should have fun together so whats the fun in us cooking and you sitting idle? “her mother in law asked.
“Mom, I don’t know how to cook and besides I am not married yet. ”
“Anami, you’re going to get married so you should prepare yourself well. So come on now wear this, “her mother made her wear the apron.
“Mom, I don’t even know how to cook, “she frowned.
“Neither can we! ”
“Seriously! Then how did you get married? ”
“I was a princess when I got married to your father in law. I didn’t even know the way to the kitchen dear because I had everything done for me. ”
“And I grew up not knowing anything about cooking, “her mother replied. “So whose dishes are you going to cook? Amiga or Vidyut? ”
“Oh I see! Our dear Anami has fallen in love with the two of them? This is quite interesting. So tell us who do you want to be with? No if you tell us it’s not going to be fun. So we will let your instinct lead you. If the dish you prepare is one of the boy’s favorite dish then he is the one made for you. ”
“This is not fair! ”
“We know so go on and start cooking. It’s going to be fun!!! ”
“No it’s NOT! ”
“Today we made dinner, “the ladies put the food on the table. All the men glanced at each other then the bowls on the table.
“Erm_____honey you cooked the food? “the king asked.
“Yes and I am sure you are going to love it. ”
“Nooooo! “Akash wailed. “The right words are we are all going to die of food poisoning. Mom the last time you cooked i spent the whole night in the toilet. I almost died you know. I can’t go throu-gh with this torture, “he stood up to leave.
“Akash sit down now. ”
“But dad you________”
“Now Akash. ”
He gro-an ed and sat down.
“Even I cooked food for you dear. ”
“Dad, don’t eat it, “Anami said. “I love you so much to lose you due to burnt food. ”
“Dear, the food might be burnt but I am sure the taste will be awesome. ”
“Trust me it’s horrible , “she added.
“I will eat it. ”
“Dad, you’re sweating, its obvious you know that eating this food will s£nd you to your early grave. ”
“I will still eat it. ”
“But dad_____”
“Anami sit down. ”
“She’s talking a lot despite cooking food as well. She cooked Vidyut’s favorite food, “her mother opened the pasta bowl.
“She cooked pasta for me? “he pointed at himself then smiled tea-singly at her. “Does she even know how to cook? ”
“See for yourself. ”
He took the serving spoon to serve himself but Anami snatched it from him. “I don’t think pasta is your favorite dish, “she nervously said.
“It’s my favorite now give me the dish. ”
“No. ”
‘Give it or not? ”
“I said no. ”
He gr@bb£d the bowl from her and served himself. He took the first spoon, chewed slowly and swallowed.
“Oh my god he is going to die, “she said in a whisper. With opened eyes she looked at him as he finished his plate, then served himself one more plate and finished it.
“Brother, is it that delicious? “Akash asked.
“Yes, “he nodded with a smile.
“Then I shall eat sister in law’s food, “he declared and made an attempt to serve himself but Vidyut’s deadly glare st©pped him.
“What? ”
“I dare you to t©uçh it. She prepared it for me not us, “he said and took the whole dish with him to his room.
“Is the food that delicious that he would kill me for just asking to taste? ”
“Eat mine. ”
“Mom, I rather die of hunger than eat your food. Tonight I am doing what’s called fasting without prayer, “he sheepishly smiled and left the table.
Vidyut rushed into the toilet and flashed down the pasta then rushed over to the sink and threw up.
“Why did you eat it? I knew it was horrible that’s why I didn’t want you to eat it. ”
He washed his face. “Were you trying to kill me? ”
“What? No. ”
“That’s nothing compared to poison. It’s more than poison. ”
“Sorry, “she said. “But I did warn you not to eat the pasta. Why did you eat it even after that? What were you trying to prove? ”
He wra-pped his arms around her w@!st and pu-ll-ed her closer lockingl-ips with her. Her eyes opened wi-de as hisl-ips moved above hers.
“Viewing the bright sky, “Amit asked as he stood next to her.
“Yes looking for the brightest star in the sky. ”
“Every star has it’s quality Anami, “he said then turned and looked at her. “Anami, “he called.
She looked back at him. “Yes. ”
“Don’t love him so much. I know you love him but don’t love him too much. Leave some space fro me too. ”
“Let me finish. Leave some space for me too. Like I said every shining star has its quality which you will only notice if you look carefully. Don’t give up on me, leave some space for me. I love you, “he smiled then k!$$£d her forehead.”Sleep ti-ght, “he left.
She raised up her head to her right to look into Vidyut’s eyes. His eyes were saying a lo. He motioned her to come to him which she did with no second thought.
“Want to go somewhere beautiful? “he asked.
“Aren’t you going to ask me what we were talking about? ”
“I’m the least interested, “he said and bent down his back facing her.
“What are you doing? ”
“I want to pig back you there so climb on. ”
She smiled and climbe-d his back, he stood and pu-ll-ed her up little to his right and theirl-ips met.
“What’s that for? “she asked the moment he withdrew. He smiled and looked ahead.
“Vidyut tell me why you k!$$£d me or put me down. ”
“Other than me no one is allowed to k!ssyou. ”
“He just pe-cked my forehead nothing more. ”
“A k!ssor a pe-ck, it’s still the same Anami. No one can k!ssyou except me. I k!$$£d you first, I marked you first so no one has the right to k!ssyou. Whatever I did, I did it to erase his k!ss. ”
“What am I to you? St©p behaving like a jealous b©yfri£ndbecause you are not my b©yfri£nd. ”
“That doesn’t change the fact that you like me.”
“You’re so confident aren’t you? “she scoffed.
“Anay, your kids are really going to suffer. I feel pity for Amit, “he said.
“What do you mean? ”
“Your size is not even close to small. Your newborn baby will die right after birth because she won’t have enough to feed on. Two of your size is close to one. ”
She looked down at her brea-sts which were pressed ha-rd against his back.
“Yaaaaaaaah! “she hit his back with her fists.
“Aaaaaaaah! “he screamed as they both descended down to the ground. This

CHAPTER TEN(continuation)
“Diwali, a festival celebr@ted for light for the almighty blessed us with it, “the king said.
“The importance of this festival is that it brings people together, families together and even bring those who has the same heart beat together, “the queen smiled looking at Anami who was drowsing.
“Anami, you can’t afford to be sleepy tonight. ”
“I’m tired and I worked like a slave to make all this decorations, “she replied yawning. “All I nee-d is a warm and soft be-d to l@ymy b©dy okay? ”
“You can’t sleep especially after ma-king recite the word dad for hours. My jaws and throat are paining and it’s all because of you, “he squinted his eyes at her.
She just rolled her eyes and looked away.”How do you celebr@te holi here? ”
“Well guests are invited, royal guests to be precise and other people of high social status. Food and drinks are served and yeah dancing,”he smiled.
“That’s cool, “she said.
“Anami dear, “the queen called her.
“Yes. ”
“There are some lights at the pool side and they haven’t been connected yet could you plea-se go and instruct the guards on how to do it. ”
She nodded with a smile on her face and left from there.
“There’s no guard here, only this entangled lights. Well I guess I have to untangle them and put them up, “she sighed and worked on the lights.
Back at the p@rty Anami’s mother asked Vidyut to go check up on her as she had long gone and to also turn on the lights. When he got there he switched the lights on and to his surprise Anami was the one glowing not the wall. She was looking so beautiful and irresistible that his instincts urged him to walk closer to her. He hadn’t noticed that she was wearing turquoise ;his favorite color which was looking very beautiful on her.
“Are you trying to get yourself electrocuted?”he softly asked as he held her forearms. She pouted herl-ips and gave him a puppy face look completely b!owing him off.
“plea-se help me and st©p criticizing me. Who would want to die of electric shock. I rather die of drowning tham that Vidyut. Now plea-se help me, “she said looking at the lights then glanced back at him to see him smiling to himself. “May I know what’s funny? ”
He shook his head. “What were doing that you got yourself into this mesh of lights? ”
“Well your mom asked me to come help the guards put up the lights but when I got here there were no guards just me and the lights so I chose to put them up myself only to get myself tangled. ”
“Turn around, “he commanded and she did that. He slowly re-moved the ones around her back and arms, then re-moved those around her n£¢k. “Look at me, “he said and she did that. He re-moved the ones on her head and shoulders his f!ngersgently brushing against her skin ma-king her shiver with strange emotions and feelings.
“Done, “he sm-irked at her.
“Th___thank you, “she said p@n-ting.
“What’s wrong? Are you having a ha-rd time in breathing? Could it be because I am close to you? “he asked coming more close to her.
“N__no, I am fine no nee-d to ask me such questions, “she said stepping back.
“Then why are you stepping back? Come closer I won’t bite you, “he smiled. Anami hit the wall with her back and her eyes wi-de-ned realizing that she was stuck between him and the stupid wall. He bent down and she shrunk down her eyes not leaving his.
“plea-se move back, just a little, “she requested politely. “plea-se I can’t breath with you so close. ”
He bent more closer his smile not leaving his face. “You know what I want and I am not going to leave til I get it. ”
“What? ”
“k!ss, “he win-ked at her showing his beautiful front teeth. Anami slowly stood straight up and pressed herl-ips on his and quic-kly ran away from there on the hallway she dumped into Amit.
“Hey what’s chasing you? “he asked.
“Nothing to worry about, “she shyly smiled li-ckiherl-ips. He glanced at her then looked behind her to see Vidyut smiling and waving at him.
“I see, “he nodded. “Shall we? ”
“Where to? ”
“Somewhere special, “he took her hand and took her somewhere.
“Will you help me decorate this place with this lamps? ”
“Have I ever refused to do anything for you? Of course I will help you to decorate the stage, “she smiled taking one lamp from him.
“Does that mean you can do anything for me? ”
“Yes, “she replied lighting the lamp.
“Anything as in anything? ”
“Yes, “she chuckled. “Why are you asking it in a weird manner like its a big deal or something. Amit I can do anything you ask of me. ”
“Anami then don’t forget me, “he said. Anami sharply raised her head and looked at him.
“What do you mean? ”
“I had asked you one time that don’t love him too much. I said that because I know that you will get hurt too much. I don’t mean to scare you just advising you as I love you. I love you Anami, “he cu-mpped her face, leant down and gave her a l!pk!ss. Her eyes wi-de-ned as hisl-ips pressed on hers, her mind st©pped working and her b©dy got paralyzed. A k!ssshe has been waiting for, a k!ssfrom her first crush, thel-ips of this cutie were on hers, she has been waiting for this for so long, she should be happy and excited but no it’s nothing like that. She is been k!$$£d yet she feels nothing. No spark and no feelings, no r0m@nç£. It was like a f0rç£d k!ss.
She found everyone sitted in the dining room about to have breakfast.
“Anami, you went to sleep early last night but you woke up late. Are you okay?”her mother asked her.
She looked over to Amit who gave her a handsome smile.
“Yes I sle-pt well mom, “she replied sitting next to her. “What about you? ”
“We sle-pt well too, ‘her father replied.
Vidyut c@m£ down stairs and glanced at Anami then .
“I’m sorry I won’t be able to eat breakfast with you all, “he said and turned to leave.
“Why Vidyut? Did we do something to upset you son? ”
“No it’s nothing like that. I just don’t feel like eating this morning. I will gr-ab something at the office. Have a good day, “he smiled at them and walked away.
“Anami, “the queen looked at her and she nodded and went after him.
“What’s wrong with you? Why have you suddenly turned cold towards everyone? ”
He scoffed. “I have no time to talk about such silly matters and who told you I have changed into the old me? I just don’t feel like eating today. ”
“I don’t believe you, “she folded her arms.
“Okay fine I will tell you the truth and don’t fv¢king blame me if it hurts you. I can’t stand you, “he pointed at her.
“What have I done? Why is that Vidyut? ”
“Yo___you let him k!ssyou! And you didn’t even try to push him away. Do you even know how I felt looking at the spectacule. Anami you have no idea how much it hurts to find out that someone who means a lot to you is with someone else, she prefers someone else. I have gone throu-gh that dammit! And history is repeating itself today. It’s my fault I shouldn’t have let myself into you, you want Amit and you should be with him. ”
She c@m£ closer to him, raised herself on her toes and k!$$£d him gently and withdrew.
“Yes it’s true I wanted Amit and it’s also true I don’t want him anymore. You can’t push me away from your life and you’re not always right Vidyut, “she said with a raised tone and turned to walk away. He caught her hand and pu-ll-ed her back k!ss!ngher in the process.
Writer’s POV
“Come on Ana I I said I am sorry, “he said following her around in the libr@ry.
“Vidyut one doesn’t k!sssomeone and expect to be forgiven. It doesn’t work like that. Forgiveness is earned okay. ”
“Okay what should I do to make you forgive me? ”
“Vidyut, I don’t have to tell you anything. Do whatever you think will make me happy and forgive you. Now plea-se leave I have some re-ading to do and I don’t want any disturbance.Remember to close the door behind you on your way out. ”
He sighed l!çk!ng hisl-ips walked to the door. “Can’t least smile at me, “he said standing by the door.
“Sorry myl-ips can’t curve into a smile right now. ”
He shrugged and walked out closing the door. She closed the book she was holding and gave a lopsided smile looking at the small mirror on the wall.
***The task has just began Vidyut. Til you do what I want I won’t talk to you or do anything that will indicate that jam not angry and just pretending ***
He leant against the closed door and smiled.
***Thank god you don’t want to talk me right now. I can do what I want to do and excute it at the right time. You have given me enough time to go look for it. ***
He glanced over at the closed door one more time and li-cked hisl-ips then walked away.
Everyone was sitting together in the living room having fun and recalling the good old days.
“So that’s how you two got married! That’s so ro-mantic, “Anami said tea-singly.
“Yes it is. Nowadays you guys do what you call d@t!ng. At put times we had nothing of that sort and that made our love and relationsh!ps stronger because if two lovers don’t get to see each other everyday love for each other blo-ssom day and night and the fire never goes.You should try it once. ”
“Mom don’t you think it will be ha-rd to do. I mean we are alre-ady used to meeting and going out. ”
“Ana I, try to go back to the good old days. I’m sure you will like it. ”
“It would have been possible had we not be living in the same house. Now we can’t really live like how you guys did things, “she smiled.
“Hello everyone! “a voice said ma-king everyone turn their attention to the doorway.
“No way! “the boys stood up at once .
“Maya! “the king and queen exclaimed looking at her.
Anami glanced at everyone then back at the beautiful goddess walking towards them.
“Hey I guess everyone missed me so much that’s why you are all looking at me like I am ghost. God I never knew I meant a lot to you people of the Rajasthan palace, “she smiled and slumped on the couch. “It was such a long journey here, I am tired and quite hungry. Do you have anything for me to eat? “she looked at them to see them still astonished. “Come on I am not a ghost . I’m here, really here and this time I will not be kicked out like a dog. ”
“Maya, we can see that it is really you not your ghost which I so wish it was true. Now let’s get to business what are you doing here? “Akash asked.
She smiled and looked at Amit. “Hello Amit. How have you been doing? ”
“He doesn’t want to talk to you, isn’t that clear to you? “the queen said. “Before I ask the guards to kick you out of my palace! ”
“Awww! Didnt you hear what I said this time I will not be kicked out like a dog. I have all the authority and permission I nee-d to come here whenever I want to. ”
“This is not a joke Maya. You have to leave before_____”
“Vidyut come back, “she gave Akash a mocking look then sm-irked. “I am not going anywhere, let him come o don’t care. I give no damn, I am only here to do my job. ”
“Job? What kind of job? Seriously the job you’re talking about is not creating rifts between people like you did with the two brothers right?”Akash ridiculed. “It’s all because of you the whole palace turned into a pla-yground, you created havoc and I seriously think father should have killed you instead of throwing you out! ”
“I would have still c@m£ back to haunt you Akash. My relationsh!pwith this family is not that weak that I would just let you go. I am really not here to fight, I am here to do business. ”
“What kind of business? ”
“I am here pres£nting the press as you all know this is a year the king has to step down as king and the first son has to take over as a crown prince and I am here to cover the story. And I have the permission to come here it mighbe your palace but you have no right to throw me out. ”
“We can’t accomd@t£ in this house Maya. You can only cover the story when the day comes.”
“I can’t. I have to cover all the events and preparations done for the day so you see Akash I can’t leave from here. ”
“You know very well that we can’t stand you then why did you volunteer to come here? Maya you drifted two close brothers ap@rt, you deceived both of them and Amit had to take the blame for your mistakes. ”
“Sorry I can’t help it, “she smiled and her eyes fell on Anami’s who has just been listening and enjoying the drama. “And who may you be? ”
“I really think that’s rude because you are the guest here. I should be the one asking you that question. ”
“Ooh! The thing can talk. ”
“I am not a thing my name is Anami you might as well call me that. But too bad bit-ches don’t un-derstand what respect is because they don’t even respect themselves. ”
“How dare you talk to me like that! ”
“Ooh so it hurts? But you have been going on talking nons-en-se didn’t it occur to you that its hurting us too? If you really want me respect you respect me back. You are here to interview or whatever it is you are here for stick to it and don’t buzz around like a fly. You don’t know where and when the fly will get killed. ”
She smiled and walked around her circles. ‘I guess you are the chos£n one but for who? ”
Anami gave her the same smile. “Vidyut’s.
Maya halted to a st©p. “What did you just say? ”
“What she just told you, “a voice said. Everyone looked at the doorway to see him and his father.
“She’s the girl I am betrothed to, “he walked over to her. “And may I ask what you are doing here? ”
“Vidyut, you have agreed to get married to her!”
“That’s not the answer to my question Maya. What the hell are you doing here? ”
“Vidyut, I am here_______”
“Save it I am not interested, “he coldly said and walked away.
“Vidyut she is back, “Anami said looking at him. He had just come out of the shower putting on his shi-t. “Vidyut, I am talking to you. ”
“Anami, I heard you the first time. ”
“Then why did you behave like you didn’t hear me? ”
“Because I don’t want to talk about it. It’s enough evidence that I don’t want to talk about her. ”
“She’s your past Vidyut and normally when people don’t want to talk about their past is because they still care. ”
“Have you gone throu-gh a heart break Anami tell me! If you had you would un-derstand why I don’t want to talk about it. I fv¢king loved her with all my life, I would l@ydown my life for her and she cheated me with my brother Amit. You have no idea of how painful it is to be hurt by the one you love. And talking about it is like resurrecting those memories which I don’t want to remember. ”
“I’m sorry. ”
“Yeah you better be, “he nodded his head. “You really have no idea who haunting it is. I want to be left alone for some time, “he turned his back against her. She did as he requested her and bu-mped into Akash.
‘This time the strategy of adivsinhim to face his past is not going to work. I suggest you try a new strateg. But I dont grantee that he will be able to get over with this hurt. Just be patient with him. ”
“Did Amit really do that to him? ”
“It’s complicated Anami. ”
“I have all the time in this world to listen to you.”
He snorted. “Let’s go somewhere first. ”
“Sure lead the way. ”
“Anami, I don’t know what is it you have heard but if you had heard that Amit and Vidyut were both into one girl then I would say it is the truth. Maya was Vidyut’s girlfriend and he even wanted to get married to her but Maya dumped him on the way and fell in love with Amit. She deceived him and tricked him into falling in love with her. She as-sured him that she can’t continue with Vidyut anymore and that she and him are over. Amit is a man, if he opt to be s£dûç£d if such a a beautiful girl comes to him. Little did he know that she was not who she thought was and this led to serious havoc. When dad got to know about this he asked Amit who he wants to be with. His family or a girl who could step to any level of creating a problem and misun-derstanding between brothers. To show how sorry he was Amit himself requested father to kick her out but the damage was alre-ady done. Vidyut was a different avatar of himself. ”
“Does he know this? ”
“Amit tried to make him un-derstand but he didn’t listen because he was still hurt to listen to anything. Now history is back to hurt him again throu-gh you. Amit loves you, Anami you love Vidyut and Vidyut loves you too but still can’t get over Maya. ”
“Do you think her return is going to cause a storm again? ”
“I am not sure about Amit and Vidyut’s relationsh!pbut I am sure about yours and theirs. Anami, I don’t really know the motive of volunteering to be the broadcaster but I do know she won’t go without a fight. ”
“You mean she may want to try get back with Vidyut? ”
He looked at her. “Yes Anami. ”
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