Royal affairs Episode 1 & 2

[Love Triangle- mixed feelings]
Have you ever felt like killing your mom and dad? Have you ever imagined killing them with guns and daggers? Well I have and I do that like every single day. Parents can really be annoying at times and specially when they want you to do they want you to do as they want. When you ask why they Zi-p up yourl-ips by saying those deadly words “WE SAY SO”.
We say so, I so hate these words. Can’t we erase them from theirl-ips and mind?! Can’t we switch parents? If yes then I would like to switch mine with yours.
If it weren’t for them my life won’t have been a mess but not mess like bad messy still a mess is a mess. If only they_________
No this is not how a story is suppose to start. I think I have to start from the beginning.
Hi my name is Raina Anami Roxanne. Kumud I hate this name but there’s nothing much I can do to change it how lawfully amazing. My grandma gave me this name because she is an Indian meaning that my dad is an Indian and my mom is an American. In short I am a hybrid.
I don’t really know Hindi, i’m still learning and I hate wearing Indian outfits. Whether I am beautiful or not that’s not my p@rt to say but hey I’m really beautiful just like a goddess I am not br@gging its the truth. Perfect looks with a perfect b©dy.
Enough about me let’s get on with my story.
“India! You’re going to Jaistar! Why Kusum? ”
“Yessssss! I have told you that alre-ady. My mom and dad told me this bad news girls,”Kusum said over the l@pt©p.
“But why? ”
“I don’t know Mukta. I have to spend my summer with my grandparents this year. ”
“What about you Raina? Where are you going this summer? ”
“I don’t know, “I shrugged looking at the l@pt©p before me. “Maybe Francisco or Dubai. Mom and dad haven’t told me anything yet but I know it’s going to be a place I will never forget because we have started packing our luggage.”
“I wish I was you Raina. Do you know how much boring is Jaistar. It’s a village! ”
“Yes Kusum we know because you have been telling us about how boring Jaistar is, “Mukta said with a smile.
“And I will keep on chanting it til I die. I thought they would say some place awesome but no it just had to be India. ”
My two best friends Kusum and Mukta. They are both Indian and we bec@m£ friends the very first day at orientation. Well I am the one who made the first move because I am boisterous and a little hyperbolic. It’s just a character I can’t let go easily. I can’t sit for a minute without causing trouble or not talking. My mom say I behave like I have ants in my p@n-ts. So befriending Kusum and Mukta wasn’t ha-rd for me. The very first day of college we hooked up and we are the best friends ever. The Sleep over girls.
“Okay girls I have to finish packing. Talk to you girls soon. ”
“Bye. ”
I disconnected the video chat. I went down stairs to gr-ab something to eat when I heard some mumbles coming from my parent’s room. I ti-ptoed over to eavesdrop.
“No Baldev she will go crazy if she wants out. How will we explain this to her? ”
“I$h!ta, she is our daughter. She’s mature and will un-derstand our problem. We have to tell her about this. If we keep mum she will do anything to say no. You know how she is when she is angry she is like a storm and right now we want her calm. ”
“What will we tell her Baldev? ”
Okay I was getting curious and by mistake I lost my balance and fell face down.
“Anami! ”
To cover up my embarras-sment i gave a wi-de grin. They shared glances looking all scared and then I remembered they were discussing something hvge about me.
“Tell Anami what? “I asked them. Dad looked away while mom was sweating. I looked at the AC which was on and the room was cool.
“Erm _____dear we want to tell you something important, “dad said taking me into his arms and sat me down on the be-d.
“Okay I am listening, ‘I smiled to ease their tension.
“Honey, we are going to India this summer,”mom said at one go without taking a breath.
“Mom, calm down and tell me what you are saying? ”
“Anami we’re going to Rajasthan this summer. ”
“So what’s wrong in _________, “I paused and gave them a shocked look. “What! Rajasthan? We are going to Rajasthan? “I asked not believing what dad just told me.
“Yes, “they nodded.
I scoffed. “I’m not going to India and that’s a promise. Rajasthan, the last time I went there I c@m£ back with two colors. It’s so sunny and its a desert! ”
“We know honey but we have to go in order to fulfill our promise, “dad said with pleading eyes.
“A promise you made? What does that has to do with me dad? ”
“It has everything to do with you dear, “mom cu-mpped my face. “Honey, your dad made a vow a commitment that he will get you married to his friend’s son when you turn eighteen. ”
“WHAT! You people sold me off! How can you make such a foolish commitment before I was born? What if I was g@y or a boy? What then mom and dad? ”
“We alre-ady knew you were a girl Anami. Dear he helped us a lot if it weren’t for him your dad would have declared bankruptcy . ”
“So declaring bankruptcy was a far cry that you didn’t waste a second to sell me off! Like seriously. Who is he to demand something like that from you? ”
“He just wanted his son to have someone from a good family to get married to his son and he also wanted us to raise you up in good conditions. In a happy sweet home dear and he loved you even before you were born. Dear plea-se help your mom and dad. ”
“Who is he? What does he do? How old is his son? How are you even sure he loves me? ”
“His name is King Madav, he is the king of Rajasthan and my best pal. I was just a servant’s son but he never called me dirty like the other royal kids. He loved me just like how a brother would love his younger brother. He never looked down upon me nor made me feel inferior. He is my everything and I owe him a lot. He made me this rich and capable Anami.After knowing all this do you still think they won’t treat you well? ”
I had nothing to say but still why me!!!! I feel like killing myself.
“Why me? Why me? “I asked then broke into tears.
“No. No sweetie don’t cry. He has three sons and you get to choose the one you want. You might like one of them at first sight. What is it that you say? “he smiled wiping my tears. “Love at sight! You might fall in love at first sight with one of them. ”
“I get to choose? ”
They both nodded.
“Okay I will go. I will do it for you guys, “I smiled and they hvgged me.
“Thank you so much honey. I knew you would never disappoint us though you are ha-rd headed. I love you Raina, “mom k!$$£d my cheeks.
“I know mom and I love you too so much. Have we finished packing or there’s still more packing? ”
“I think you might nee-d more packing, “mom smiled.
“Yeah I think so too. ”
“It’s good to be back, “I smiled as I walked out of the Rajasthan airport. The h0t air blew on my face and my face screamed at the h0tness. “Not that good though, “I mumbled. My parents c@m£ by behind me and at the same time four cars packed in front of the airport.
“Now that’s what I am talking about, “I smiled as each b©dyguard from each car c@m£ out and opened the door for us.
“Welcome my friend welcome, “a man wearing a royal blue kurta and a crown walked over to my parents and greeted them with hvgs and k!sses. “It’s good to see you again pal. It’s been a long time. ”
“Good to see you too Madav, “he smiled.”Where’s Vijalakshimi? ”
“She’s at the palace she was busy with the arrangements to welcome you. ”
“Now I get why you aren’t glowing like all times. That’s because your light and star is not here. ”
“You’re right, “he turned to look at mom. “Good to see you too I$h!ta. I thank you for taking good care of my best brother. Thank you and thank you so much for giving birth to such a beautiful daughter, “he glanced at me. “How are you dear? ”
I bent down and t©uçhed his feet.
“Bless you dear. I’m impressed by you. You’re a New York return but you still know your tradition and customs. I must say I made the best choice, “he smiled.
“And all the credit goes to my mom and dad. They have taught me and brou-ght me up so well. ”
“No doubt about that dear. Shall we leave now?”
We all nodded and went to the cars and drove off. I so want to know how the palace looks like. It must be awesome. I can’t wait.
Just like I have dreamed it to be. The palace was so hvgE and beautiful. And who knows I might live here forever and ever. There are possibilities that I won’t like any of the guys.Not all cute guys deserve to be loved at first sight and I don’t really believe in that. Anyway enough of me talking about love and relationsh!ps because when I talk about relationsh!pand love I don’t st©p talking. I might start by telling you that I currently dumped my b©yfri£ndand I have had seven b©yfri£nds before him. And you really don’t want to know why I broke Up with them so it’s better I just let it cover.
The queen mother and the queen did the welcoming rituals.
“She’s indeed beautiful son, “the queen mother said with a smile on her face. “What’s your name? ”
“It’s Raina my queen. ”
“Call me grandma dear. I will be your grandma right? ”
“Okay grandma, “I nodded.
“Here they come, “Mr. Madam said looking up the stairs.
I traced his eyes and looked up.
“Oh my God! ‘I said slowly staring at the three Greek gods descending downstairs wearing the same color of shewarna but different designs. They were looking so h0t.
Now tell me how will I choose between this handsome dudes? If choose a life p@rtner was like choosing which game to pl@yI would have surely loved to pla-y. But not this because I think I like all of them.
Thus is a hvge problem.
“Hello Anami, “they chroused and sm-irked at me.
What the_______! Why on earth did they do that? My heart is beating fast like it’s in a race.
Why are they so handsome.
CHAPTER TWO( Will You Be My d@t£)
Anami’s POV
“Hi Anami, “they chroused with sm-irks on their faces.
Three handsomes and just one to choose from. Don’t we have what we call polygamy here?
The one in the middle is the most handsome, the one on the right is more handsome and the one on the left is handsome.
This is going to be fun!!!!
“Hello, “I smiled at them.
“Anami dear meet Amit, “queen Vijalakshmi said referring to the one in the middle. “Akash,”she pointed to the one on the right. “Vatsalya. ”
“Nice to meet you guys, “I said. “I’m sure you all know who I am. ”
“It’s a plea-sure to finally meet you Anami or should I call you Raina? “Vatsalya asked me with a smile on his face.
Do they like smiling so much? Do they charm every lady with this smile or what? I have to make a wise decision if I really want to get married to the best guy.
“No you can call me whatever name you feel comfortable with. I won’t mind. ”
“Now that you have introduced yourselves shall we leave for lunch now? ”
“Sure, “we all nodded and walked to the lunch table outside the with a cool and big shade.
“So Anami what do you think of our village.”
***Well considering the fact that I didn’t want to come here I will say I hate Rajasthan! If I had a choice I won’t have agreed to come here not at all. ***
“Well it’s good, “I smiled. “I have forgotten some places and now that I’m here I will make sure I tour the place. ”
“Good idea, you should try that. But make sure you go on a ride on a c@m£l okay? ”
“I will sir. ”
“You can call me Madav or father. It will take time but you will gradually get used to it. ”
I nodded.
“Though Rajasthan is h0t during the day, the nights are cool, “a voice said behind me. I turned around to see Aksha smiling at me and I returned the smile.
“Yeah it is, “she nodded.
“What did you do the last time you c@m£ here? ”
“I don’t know, I don’t remember because I was still a little girl. ”
He chuckled. “Then it means you have to start all over again. Tour Rajasthan again . ”
“I guess so, “I smiled.
“So will you be my d@t£? ”
“Your d@t£? Erm_______why not. ”
“Great, see you tomorrow then angel, “he ca-ressed my cheek and blew air on my face which was so cold that I froze.
Did he just t©uçh me? Oh my God the Prince of Rajasthan just t©uçhed me. Right now I am smiling like an idiot. Not just the Prince, the most handsome guy before my eyes just t©uçhed me!
Aaaaah! I’m going crazy! “I heard a laugh and I opened my eyes to see Vatsalya standing in front of me with l
“Hey what are you doing?I have been looking at you for quite a long time and you have been smiling like I don’t know. nee-d telling me? ”
“It’s nothing special. ”
“You c@m£ up with a good idea of touring Rajasthan and I vote with it. Raina, will you be my d@t£ tomorrow? ”
**Wait what! A d@t£ with him? I would love to.**
“Sure. ”
“Great see you, “he win-ked at me and patted my hair.
I took a de-ep breath and looked at him as he walked away.
“Yessss! “I jumped up and down and to avoid running into one more I went to the garden not knowing that the most handsome will confront me.
“Will you be my d@t£? “he asked me. “plea-se say yes Anami. ”
He said so sweetly and softly. I guess he is the humble and quiet one and maybe that’s why he is the most handsome one. Without even thinking I nodded and he almost black outed me by k!ss!ngmy forehead then he left me standing there like a zombie.
“What do I do? Three guys and they all asked me on a d@t£ and like an idiot I said yes to all of them. What do I do now? How will I face them tomorrow morning? Should I pretend to be sick? “I asked myself walking around the garden my face dropped down. “Yes I think I should do that? “I smiled and raised my head to find that I was nowhere close to the palace. I was in the middle of a maze.
Did I teleport here or what? I don’t remember walking into a maze. I found my way out to find myself in the most beautiful garden with beautiful flowers, fruit trees and ponds with water lilies and swans.
“Wow! ‘I breathed out looking around. My eyes fell on a white figure. “Hello! Hel-llo! “I called trying to gr-ab its attention but it didn’t move. It was still like a statue but I knew it wasn’t a statue that’s why I’m approaching it now. I know it might kill me if it’s a beast or let me go if its a human. I forgot to tell you that I’m a risk taker so yeah I putting my n£¢k in the rope.
“Hi, “I t©uçhed the shoulder and it was warm which means its alive. It turned around and looked into my eyes. It’s a HE. His icy hair was dropped from the right side covering his right eye, his eyes were so beautiful with long eyelashes, a small pointed nose and small pinkl-ips. He had me drooling and heart melted.
Who is he? And what is he doing here?
He was looking smoking h0t in the white kurta. He took his hands out of his pockets and I looked at his hands. They looked so soft and they were well manicured.
“Who are you? “I asked. He tilted his head to one side and ogled at me which was weird and ma-king uncomfortable. “Do you live here? Do you un-derstand the words that come out of my mouth? ”
“Get out of here, this place is not safe for you,”he said with a melodious voice and looked away.
“What? What can supposedly happen to me here? This place is safe for everyone and everything. ”
He looked at me again. “Guess they misinformed you ma’am. You should stay away from this place especially at this hour of the night. ”
“Nothing looks dangerous around here. Everything looks peaceful. ”
I don’t know how he got so close to me so soon. He bent down his head his breath ha-rd against my face.
“There’s someone dangerous around here. ”
“And who is that? ”
“Me, “he replied and hisl-ips gently pressed against mine. He took my first k!ssjust like that. He withdrew and looked into my big wi-de-ned eyes.
“There’s a short cut to go back to the palace. Walk around it and yes never come back here again,”he coldly said.
I just robotically went back on my tracks to the palace to my room and went into a de-ep slumber. A very peaceful sleep with no dreams.
“How about this? “I looked at the guys. “Erm ___I will go on a d@t£ with Akash first since he asked me first huh? Then after that will be Vatsalya and Amit. ”
“You shouldn’t have agreed to go out with the three of them in the first place, “a voice said. We looked up at the stairs and my eyes fell on his.
It’s HIM!
“Vidyut! “the guys said at once looking at him.
“Vidyut? “I mumbled to myself.