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Ria Episode 6 & 7

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Immediately I stepped out of the ward my phone pinged. I rolled my eyes when I saw the caller ID “fish face”. Lorna is the fish face! I declined the call and resumed walking. Some seconds clicked by and it beeped again but I ignored it. I passed by series of wards in a long hallway leading to the reception. I stopped in track when I saw the figure sitting on the bench. My heart beat accelerated after I realized who the feminine figure was. Over two months away,I’d tried to tell myself to forget about her,But that was easier said than done. I hadn’t been able to concentrate on work. I hadn’t been interested in any play. I’d had a trouble sleeping. Even when I was so swamped with work that I could hardly think straight, the blind lady had still popped into my thought again and again. She was a compact little thing only about 5feet4inches of tight rear and flat stomach. Her legs were long despite her height. Breast that were just big enough to make a man took twice. Gosh! I can’t believe I stared at them so many times that day. I liked the way,her long brown hair swept over one shoulder. It was carefree and cute. She had incredible bone structure and skin that was nothing less than Luminous. Her full lips with a dimple just over the right side of her mouth. Her nose was an artwork and eyes with long lashes. Silver patch on each eye. Everything about her had left me mesmerized the moment I’d looked at her that day. I had searched and visited the park thinking I would see her but it had seemed that we’d need reconnect and nothing I’d eaten had tasted good. I had been out of the country and the trip I’d initially intended to last three weeks had stretched to six weeks. And even though the blind lady had still been on my mind I’d come to think that too much time had passed, that I’d never see her again. That single day I had met her was destined to be the only day I would just have to savor. But then here she was sitting down with her walk stick in her hands. Reminding me just how beautiful she was. Fate had managed to bring me to see her again. And I figure it was fate telling me something. It was still hard to believe. Being that awestruck by anyone was an experience i’d never had before and I found myself wanting to care for her. I jerked back to life then I saw her talking to a nurse. I moved closer enough to hear what they were saying

“Miss here is the water you requested for” the nurse handed her a bottle

“Thank you Miss..” She waited for the Nurse to fill in her name

“Emily” the nurse smiled

“I am Ria”

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Ria? Her name is Ria! – I watched as she smiled at the Nurse

“Nice to meet you”

“Same here Miss Emily”

“Do you need me to escort you back to your ward?”

“No..no I’m fine I can find my way back”

Ria stood up balancing her walk stick. She was dressed in a fitting pants and top.

She is beautiful. Emily said her goodbyes before walking away. How did she intend to find her way? What is she doing at the hospital?..is she sick? Questions flooding my mind until I heard a thud that snapped me out of my thought. Two children in hospital uniforms ran beside me down the hallway. Damn it! They bumped in to her causing the bottle to Fall off. She bent down trying to find the bottle of water

“Where did it go?” Ria said. I rushed towards her and picked up the bottle

“Sorry Miss…” I cleared my throat

“Here is your bottle of water” Ria straightened and a frowne formed on her face. She stepped back trying to make sense of my words

“Two kids bumped into you and the bottle of water dropped -” well she should know that by now..I paused then I noticed the liquid on her forehead.. Are those sweats? Why sweating so suddenly? I took a step closer to take a closer look and Yes! She was sweating

“Are you okay?” She didn’t reply. Ria held on her stick tightly.. Like in a defensive stance! Oh she is blind – she might be thinking i want to harm her..maybe I should do a proper introduction

“Hi..I am Ian” her forehead creased

“And I helped you pick up your bottle of water that fell on the floor when some kids bumped into your way” I took her other hand and put the bottle in it. She tried to pull back from me…then I realize she was trembling and her eyes were filled with just one word – Fear! She was a happy person when she was talking to Emily. There was the Look of Fear Now! – Fear of being touched by a male! I can’t believe it! What had my kind done to her?! I hated it! I stepped away from her – far enough to make her feel relaxed

“I’m sorry for touching you like that.. I really mean no harm to you” I gave the water to her and she held it to her chest

“Miss Ria! Mommy!”

I turned towards the direction of where the voices came from. A boy of about 7 years came running with his arms wide to hug Ria..and in no time he was between us hugging Ria tightly. A woman came to our side..her gaze trying to figure out who I am and why I was with her

“Why are you here Phoenix?”

“His teacher called me and said he won’t stop crying because of his sister” the woman said

“Is that true Phoebe?” She asked shakily…I guess my presence was still making her uncomfortable – should I leave? If I leave I may never get to see her again…

“Yes mom..I was worried about Phoebe”

A mother of two? Is she married?!..what a silly question to ask. She has two kids and I’m still asking myself If she was married

“Huh?!” I looked down at the boy who pointed his finger at me

“It you again!” He jumped

Oh yeah! He was at the park that day. And he recognized Me

“Do you know him?”

The other woman asked

“Yes..yes..mom he was the one that got your purse back the day we went to the park!”

Obviously this boy never forget a face

“Oh really?” The woman gave me a surprised look

“Yes..let take him to the ward so Phoebe can also tell If he is the one” he said excitedly

“Sir are you the one?” The woman asked. I scratched the back of my neck

“Yes Ma’am”

“Oh! I am Elise”

“I am Ian” I shake hands with Elise

“I will just go back to the ward..to give Phoebe water” Ria said finally

“Yes mom – I want to see Phoebe!”

“Let’s go” she walked away

“Mom..how many steps do we count from here to the ward?”

“30 steps I think Phoenix”

“Why aren’t you sure?”

“I lost count”

I heard her say to him. He counted the steps while guiding Ria. Mrs Elise cleared her throat and my attention moved back to her

“Thank You for helping Miss Ria”

“No don’t thank me”

“I should..and I have always wanted to meet you in person cause the children didn’t stop talking about you when they came back From the park”

I thought of asking Mrs Elise about Ria but I discarded it

“I’m glad to see you too” I gave her a small smile. My phone beeped probably Lorna again but I’m not ready to talk to her..not now that I’ve found what I’ve been looking…

“Take this Mr Ian” Mrs Elise gave me a card

“It Miss Ria’s business card – just in case you need a seamstress to make a dress for your mom, sister… And Wife.. Maybe. We make the perfect dress, so call these numbers or follow this address”


“Bye Mr Ian” Elise raced off leaving me to stare at the card in my hands. Luck is really on my side today – I met Ria again and.. Just when I was thinking of reaching her again..then someone had given me her business card with a contact info and address! I will surely make out time out of my busy Schedules to see her!

“Yes!” I screamed and jumped with more Happiness wailing up inside of me. I studied the card as I walked on. “Ria Robert Couture” was boldly written in the card. She is a seamstress?! A blind lady is a Seamstress?! I cocked my brow and moved my head from side to side. I find it hard to believe that someone like her can Be a seamstress.


WARD 206


I tried to concentrate on counting my steps back to the ward with the bottle in my hand but then someone had bumped in my way as I lost concentration with the bottle falling off my grip. I heard giggling in the hallway then I realized children were around. I searched for the water but couldn’t find it..then I regretted not letting Emily take me back to the Ward. I was still searching when I heard masculine voice but I saw nothing… Of course I’m blind so I couldn’t see whoever it was! My heart beats rapidly and the palms of my hands sweat when my body processed there was a male right in front of me. “Are you okay?” The raspy voice had said and my body trembled when he took my hands to drop the bottle. I thought of hitting him with my stick for holding me but he was wise enough to step away from me. I didn’t know what he saw but probably the way I held my stick in a defensive stance ready to fight him if he did anything stupid. Since all they know is harassing women never minding our feelings.. So I didn’t think he was different.. All Men are the same. Monstrous in Nature! And they don’t deserve to live! To me there was only one good man in the world..one who was different from every other men. my dad! He is the only I regard as a good man. I Wondered if Ian was stalking me when Phoenix said he was the same guy that retrieved my purse. I left when I felt uncomfortable around the so called Ian.

“Phoebe!” Phoenix screamed when we entered the ward. He went to her and left me to find my way to the bed

“Why are you here?..you should be at school” Phoebe questioned

“His teacher called Mrs Elise and said that he won’t stop crying because of you” I responded to her question

“Such a crybaby” she muttered

“Come on Phoebe don’t be mad at him..he was only worried about you”

“I know but he should have stayed at school and wait till I return home

“Here drink up” I gave her the water

“I’m sorry it took my forever to bring it to you”

“It okay Mom”

“Phoenix” I called him.

“Yes mom” he replied in a low tone

“He’s probably getting ready to cry”

“Stop that Phoebe” I silenced her

“Come to me Phoenix.. Don’t pay attention to her” I spread my arms out and he hugged me. His head resting on my chest

“Look mom..she’s sticking out her tongue at me”


“Okay fine..I’m sorry”

The door opened

“Hello Phoebe”

Mrs Elise walked in

“Hi Mrs Elise”

“How are you feeling now?”

“I am good”

“Look I stopped by at the restaurant and bought you hamburger”

“Oh Thank You Mrs Elise”

“Can she eat it now?”

“Yes..yes the doctor said she can eat now”

She gave one hamburger to Phone and another to Phoenix

“Here you go little man”

“Thank You Mrs Elise”

“You’re welcome..care for doughnut Miss Ria?”

“No I’m okay….so did you get the materials?”

“I barely even made it to the store when I got a call from his teacher. I was worried that he would cry himself out so I had to go to school to get him…but you don’t have to worry too much about it…I called Mrs Rose”

“What did she say?”

“She already lacyked the ones we need after I sent the list to her”

“When now?”

“I will get them tomorrow”


“I saw Mr Gillan at the reception so she said Phoebe can go home today”

“That’s good then”

“And…about that guy earlier…”

My forehead creases

“What’s about him?”

“I mean Mr Ian..he seems like a good guy”

I hissed – there are no good guys in the world

“Yeah I understand you Miss Ria…I know there is no good man in your world but I’m just saying Mr Ian is a good guy in my world… And you also need to see how he was staring at you..like he was in Love

“Love?” I snorted

“Let’s not talk about that Mrs Elise..the kids are listening”

“Oh! Okay..but I gave him your business card”

“You did what?”

“I gave him a card”


“What else..to make a dress?”

“I don’t major in male wears”

“Yes I know that…but Mr Ian must have a sister,mom ir wife..no he is not married since he doesn’t have a ring on”

“Whatever…but you shouldn’t have given him my business card..don’t give it to any man cause I don’t need one close to me”



“Don’t bring that Into your business Miss Ria. I understand where you are driving at but at the same time I suggest you don’t think like that..who Knows Ian might be of help”

“Help? What help?..I don’t need his help! I don’t any help from his kind! So you don’t try to convince Me to think he is a good man or that he might be of help!”. She yelled – I shouldn’t have told her about Ian..but I was only trying to tell her what I saw about him. There was love in his eyes but I don’t know if Ian knows that too..the way he looked at her when she was going back into the ward it was clear he felt something for her and that Ria was going to make him an happy Man. I know that for sure from my experience with men.

Miss Ria is having issues trusting men – from what she told me about her past it enough for her to distrust men but not to the extent of hating all of them. On several occasions I have tried to tell her that all men are not the same but she gets mad each time I say that. Love doesn’t exist for Ria and she had made up her mind never to be with any man because of what she went through in the hands of Lucas. I met her Two years ago,that day she wanted to take a bus down to the store to buy some materials. I figured she was blind when I saw her walk stick and without wasting time I helped her into the bus. I wondered how a blind Lady could find her way to the bus station. We did little Introduction and Miss Ria gave me her card and I was more shocked when I saw that she was a seamstress but I had to believe after hearing the words of her mouth. She was special…not am ordinary blind Lady, she was a woman of dreams and determination to fulfill them was so eminent in her tone that day. That faithful day I decided to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge after my husband left me to be with my best friend.



I woke up one morning to the sound of my doorbell hoping to find my husband who hasn’t been home for days but only to find a divorce paper from the court with a note attached to it. The note was written by my husband. My very own husband said he fell in love with my friend who was now carrying his child. He said he wasn’t ready to spend his whole life with a barren. We’ve been married for 10 years and I couldn’t bear him a child. He left me to be with my friend who would give him a child. I cried for days and when I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge…but I changed my mind after I met Miss Ria. If Someone who is blind didn’t give up on Herself then what’s wrong with me?. She sensed I wasn’t happy and then pestered me to tell her what was wrong. I told her in tears and she comforted me with soothing words. She told me never to give up on myself just because my husband left me. So instead of saying goodbye to her when got to her destination she pleaded with me to follow her to the store and I did cause I wanted to get to know more about her and business. We became friends that day..and weeks later when I noticed she was afraid to be around men I asked her. I had cried my ass out when she told me her story. She is strong to have survivye that incident. She is a broken woman who needed someone to care for her. Those horrible experiences with Lucas made her distrust men..her hatred towards is behind human imagination. She never want to have anything to do with any man that was why she took Phoebe and Phoenix in. She’s determined to take care of them like they are her own. It wasn’t easy getting permission from the court cause they are supposed to stay at the children center. Miss Ria doesn’t want them to get separated so I had to step in.

“I’m sorry Miss Ria…I didn’t mean too -” she wiped a tear that strayed down her cheek

“I’m so sorry. miss Ria I didn’t mean to make you cry..please don’t t cry”

I begged

“It..okay…” She sniffed

“I’m sorry for yelling at you like that..I was just -”

“I know…I know Miss Ria that you’ve been able to survive without any man help. And I’m sorry for mentioning that guy’s name”

She nodded and I hugged her. The kids just kept looking at us…wondering why She acted that way but they will never understand


“I gave my heart away

They put it on the show

And only for them to break it into pieces….”







I sat at my desk,handling the hundreds of mundane task that running my industry required. My thoughts were on Ria. It being two days since i met her at the hospital. I had followed the address on the card and I found Ria’s workplace..her house. I watched Mrs Elise talking to some women at the entrance but I couldn’t walk up to her since I wasn’t ready to make a dress. I need to have a purpose before going to see Ria. I can see her under the pretence of getting a dress for my sister but it won’t be possible without me bringing my so called sister. Ever since I knew Ria’s house I’ve been trying to figure out a way to see her I haven’t found the best idea yet. So eager to finish my work today and go to her place maybe luck will just shine on me again. What is this feeling?. A ping on my phone stunned me out of thought. I looked down and saw Ramsey on the screen

“Hello Ramsey”

“You have to come out CEO.. Miss Lorna is out here making a fuss”

I heard noises on the line..Lorna was screaming at someone. I rushed out of my office to Grace’s office then I saw Lorna slapping her. Grace didn’t make an attempt to hit Lorna back. Everyone watched without stopping Lorna…they are all scared of her

“Lorna!” I called but she didn’t stop. I went to her and held her hand in the air before she could hit Grace again

“Let me go Ian” she gritted


“Your secretary needs to learn some manners!” She snarled

“Why don’t you start by learning some too!” Her eyes widened. She jerked free and stared at me in shock and disbelief. Oh! She thinks I was going to support her and probably fire Grace without listening to both sides..oh come in! I’m not Mason!

“Everyone get back to work!”

I yelled and they all returned back to their offices leaving just me,Ramsey and Grace

“Go inside my Lorna”

She frowned! Lorna hates being told what to do

“You can leave if you don’t want get your butt in there and wait for me”

She glared at Grace who was still crying. Lorna reluctantly walked to my office

“Ramsey what happened out here?”

“I can’t tell what really happened.. I just came In and saw Miss Lorna screaming at Grace”

I led Grace to her chair and dragged another one alongside for me to sit in front of her

“I don’t know what to say to you Grace for what Lorna did.. I’m sorry about that -” I held her small shaky hands in mine. Grace is one of the best worker in this office..and the best secretary I’ve ever had since I became a CEO. She is good at whatever she does and never jokes with her job. I can’t bear the thought of losing a professional like her.

“Please tell me what happened?” She sniffed

“Just calm down..I’m ready to listen whenever you are ready”

I said in a calm tone. I took a wiper from her desk and gave it to her to wipe her face

“When Miss Lorna came in..I told her you were too busy to see anyone and that you ordered me not to let anyone into your office even if it was Mr Bryant himself. She refused and said she was excluded from your order. I blocked her pathway from going further and explained that I wasn’t ready to lose my job by disobeying your instructions but she got mad and started hitting me”

I ran my into my hair. I had instructed Grace not to allow anyone in even if it was my own father.. I only said that because I know my dad won’t come around unannounced and my mom isn’t feeling well so she won’t come too. I looked at her cheeks all red and I clenched fist

“I am sorry CEO Ian..I tried to stop Miss Lorna but she threatened to tell Mrs Bryant to fire anyone who comes near her”

“It okay Ramsey but you should have called the security men. They would have kicked her out of here regardless of who she is”

“I called you instead because I know she would listen to you”

“Grace I’m so sorry…I don’t know why she would go to that extent of hitting you – please what happened today won’t repeat itself again. I will talk to Lorna and make sure she doesn’t come here unannounced and cause trouble”

“Okay sir”

“Ramsey drive her home”

“Yes sir”

“Grace you can take the day off to take good care of yourself… Get back to work when you are well enough”

” no..no Sir Ian I’m fine..I don’t need a break from work”

“Look Grace I’m not firing you…I just want you to rest okay?”

She searched my face to be sure if I wasn’t firing her

“I am serious”

“Okay sir”

I dropped some notes in her hands

“This isn’t enough for what Lorna did to you but you use this to check into the hospital to see if there are no damages done to your face”

“thank you Sir Ian”

She said shakily and I walked back to my office

“Are you done consoling that bitch you call a secretary?”

“Her name is Grace and she is not a bitch. What is your problem Lorna?”

“My problem?! Of course you’re my problem! Ian Bryant you are my problem!”

“I am not you problem Lorna! If you don’t know what your problem is then I will tell you..right now which is that you don’t follow simple orders. I gave the order that she shouldn’t allow anyone into my office until I’m done with the task at hand. My own father is not left out so who are you to just come into my company and cause a scene by beating up my secretary! You are fucking out of your mind! If you are not yelling at someone in my office today then you are beating up another! you think you can come in here and do whatever pleases you -”

“Are you siding your secretary Ian?”

“Yes. Yes Lorna I’m taking sides because you are at fault here”

“Oh now I see…so what I’ve been hearing around here is true”

“What true?” I let out a handful of breath to fill my lungs

“That you are fucking your secretary!”


Where on earth did she get that nonsense from?

“Oh so you’ve been sleeping with her right? Tell me?!”

“So what?! Whoever I decide to fuck with is none of your business!”

She stared at me in shock

“You have no good taste for women Ian. You are a classless bastard! And that is why Mason Miller is better off than you!” I clenched my gist

“Mason is no where better than I am!”

“Yes he is…classless bastard!” She grabbed her handbag and stomped out of my office. So rude! How on earth am I supposed to get married to someone like Lorna! Never! I Was about throwing some files out of annoyance but then Ria popped up on my mind then I found myself relaxing at the image of her beautiful face. It didn’t leave and I don’t think it will anytime soon.




My name is Lorna Simmons. I am 24years old and the only child of my parents. My dad Mr Camden Simmons is the CEO of Simmons Entertainment while my mom Mrs Belle Simmons is a Star. A well known actress in USA but she already stopped acting. I am a Famous actress and I started acting when I was 5years old. I have been in love with Ian since forever but he doesn’t love me and I know that.. He once told me on my 18th birthday that I shouldn’t get my hopes high that he wasn’t going to like me in anyway even if our parents force us into marriage. I never believe what he said that day cause Ian was fond of saying silly things just to hurt me. He thinks he can talk silly things… I’m not different that was why I called him a classless bastard and that Mason is better that him cause I know he doesn’t like being compared to Mason. Talking of Mason,he is in love with me and he has confessed his feeling to me at every chance he gets but I refused to acknowledge him cause of my feeling for Ian. My love for Ian didn’t stop Mason from caring and loving me. He is always ready to do anything for me and none of his workers as ever tried to disrespect me or stop me from seeing him. At times Mason would leave whatever he was doing and attend to me.

“What is it Lorna?”

My dad asked as I stepped into the house With a deep frown on my face

“It Ian dad”

“What’s up with Ian baby?”

My mom asked

“I just confirmed it from Ian that he is sleeping with his secretary”

“What?!..wait I don’t understand” my dad dropped his newspaper and focused on me

“Remember I told you someone called me from Ian’s office and said that Ian is having an affair with his secretary”

“Yes I remember” my mom confirmed

“So I went to his office to see if it was true.. That stupid secretary actually stopped me from seeing Ian. You need to see the way she acted like she was his girlfriend. It was clear that Ian is sleeping with her just by her ways to me. I was shocked when Ian came back to his office and supported his secretary. So I slapped it right in his face that he is sleeping with Grace and he didn’t deny it. He said whoever he decides to fuck with is none of my business. I can’t believe Ian could stoop so low to sleeping with a mere secretary”

“I can’t believe this…I’m so disappointed in Ian. Caden that boy doesn’t deserve to be my son in-law. I want Mason Miller. He is loyal to Lorna and it obvious he loves her…but Ian is a cheat look he is just wasting time..he doesn’t wanna get married to Lorna”

“Well even if I get married to him he will end up cheating on me with a prostitute..just like how his dad did to his mom”

“Like father like son”

My mom added

“Say something dad” I grumbled

“I will talk to Jack about it”

“Is that all you have to say dad?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“You don’t have to say…I want you to do something about Grace..deal with her for Fucking with Ian”

“Can you stop using that word “Fuck” it doesn’t sound good to my ears…” My mom chuckled

“Well about getting back at Grace or whatever you call her name your mom can help you do that..” My dad picked up his newspaper an walked Into his room

“What do you want Baby?”

“I want her out of that company and away from Ian forever”

“Okay..go Into your room and take a good rest”

“Okay mom” I reluctantly walked to my room..I am not satisfied with my parents response. If Ian was doing whatever pleases him with girls then i can do the same. I took a quick shower,changed Into a bum short and an off shouldered top. I grabbed my purse and walked out of my room

“where are you off to?”

“To Mason Miller’s house.. If Ian thinks he can fuck around then I can do the same”

“Lorna!Lorna -”

She called but I was already out of the house


“I’ve gat one less problem

I’ve gat one less problem without you….”

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