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Ria Episode 45 & 46

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°°°°°° IN THE NIGHT °°°°°°



IAN POV ????

I pulled up in front of the enormous steel gate but i didn’t press the spare remote control in my car to open the gate. I saw no need to drive in since I’d be leaving soon. I just came around to say good night.

I got out of the car and punched in the password to open the small gate and it did.

I Motioned towards Ria’s front door and pressed the door bell. I know the password to her home but it not wise to press it and just go in like that.

The door opened.. Ria must have seen me from the devise inside. She can see and tell whoever was out here.

“Hi..Come in” she greeted with a smile

She opened the door wide for me to come in.

Ria was dressed in a blue silk robe with her hair up.

“sorry..I’m late. I was busy at work. And I dropped by at the store before driving down here”

I was surprised to see that it was closed. The time was 9:00pm and RRC closes by 10:00pm

“Ian..I had called to inform you that we closed early at the store today so you won’t bother driving to the store again but you weren’t picking up your calls. But I figured you were busy at work”

“I told you i forgot my phone at home this morning”

She placed her hand on her forehead

“Oh Ian..I totally forgot you left your phone at your place”

I leaned in

“Okay..and I’m sorry for not driving you home today”

“It okay.. Actually Ethan was at the shop when we were about to close..so he drove me home”

I tensed up

Now Ethan knows place!

“What was he doing at the shop?”

She raised an eyebrow

“He just came to say hi”

“And so he drove you home?”


Did he come in?

I wondered

“We need to talk Ian” she whispered

Talk? What does she wanna talk about?

My heartbeats rapidly

Perhaps did she want to say that..she’s in love with Ethan? Or she was in love with him and now she want to work on loving him again?

Series of questions flooded my mind at the moment

No it couldn’t possibly be!

Ian stop over thinking!

Ria is not in love with Ethan..he’s just an old friend!

“What is it?”

“Please seat..while I get a drink for you”

She was almost leaving, I grabbed her upper arm and whirled her to face me. To hell with the Drink!

I’m more concerned about what she has to say.

“I’m fine”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Ria”

She nodded

I settled on the couch..with Ria sitting close to me.

I grabbed her hands in mine and squeezed it gently

“Today..Drake Robert came to the shop”

“What?!” My jaw dropped slightly

That Bastard! Why was he at RRC?.. To buy a dress?

“He came to see me”


Ria explained Drake’s reason for coming to see to her.

He had guts!

He knew I was partnering with Ria. That my company supplies RRC but he still went ahead to try to make an offer!

And I don’t think this is just making an offer of supplying at lower prices. This is unlike Drake..he always wanted the Best part of a deal!

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’m turning down his offer. I don’t need his company supplying me any materials”

I flashed back at the Dinner party..how Drake had stared at Ria. I sensed that he liked what he saw..he was swept off his feet by her beauty. And he even asked about Ria when she left. I didn’t say much to him “she’s my date” I told him clearly..so he won’t get any idea in his silly head.

Could it be that Drake felt something for Ria too? And so he wants to use this chance to get close to her.

“I don’t trust Drake Robert. And I think he’s up to something”

“You think so?”

“Yes Ria..I feel Drake wants to get close to you”

And if thas the case then How many men do I have to deal with just to have Ria?… First Ethan was in the picture..and now Drake who came all the way from Idaho just to make a lame deal.

Ria rubbed my hands gently

“Ian -” she called

“Don’t worry I’ll talk to him and find out what he want?”

“No Ian it not about -”

“We can’t ignore him” I cut in

“I don’t want him around you”

I sounded possessive

I relaxed

“Or do you want to accept his offer?”


“Then I’ll talk to him”

“He dropped his card”

“Call him up tomorrow and tell him you’re not interested”

She nodded

I will talk to Drake Robert tonight!

I studied Ria’s expression

It was as if she was working up courage to say what was on her mind.

“Are you okay?”

I tilted her chin to look straight at me

“Yes..yes..I’m fine Ian”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” she nodded

And avoided my gaze


I stood up and Ria did the same too. I turned away from her.

“Ian -” Ria leaned forward silently and –

She hugged me!

“Thank You” she said the words coming out in a tight whisper.

I pulled her in closely and simply held her

She was trembling. Something was wrong!

I closed my eyes tightly but

I couldn’t figure out what it was!

Or maybe she just wanted to Thank me for Everything.

Seeing her like this brought an ache to my soul but I was enduring. Ria took in a ragged breathe.

And I wanted nothing more than to take away her pain.

Her chin rested on my chest..we were holding each other, and in that moment it was enough to just connect, to hold each other and be there for each other.

I don’t know how long we stayed just hugging before I held her back,my hands on her shoulders.

“You’re welcome”

My hands lifted to frame her face. I noticed the way she swallowed hard to be able to speak again.


I glanced at her lips,then met her gaze again. I have to leave before I do something I’ll regret tomorrow

“Let’s talk tomorrow” I murmured

“Good night” she whispered

I placed a kiss on her forehead

“Sleep well” she nodded

I went out,closing the door quietly behind me. I kept thinking,and those thoughts went in confusing circles.



I walked quickly back to my room and searched for my phone. I dialed Mrs Elise Number and she picked on the second ring.


“Miss Ria -”

I stiffed back tears

“I wasn’t.. able to tell.. Ian about it”

She sighed

“It okay..I’m sure with time you will be able to tell him”

” I don’t think so Mrs Elise”


“I was so scared…”

My world was upside down. I only managed to survive the tightness in my throat when I was about telling him the truth. I had imagined Ian’s expressions after I told him I was Lucas’s sex toy. He got mad at me and left saying that I didn’t deserve to be with him. It was an imagination but it looked real.

“Do you remember when I said you deserve the Best?”

She asked as if she had read my thoughts


“I’m sure Mr Ian will understand too -” she paused

“Mrs Elise can’t you tell him about it for me?”

“No..if it was the best option I would have told him a long time ago. Mr Ian will understand better If it’s coming from you”

“Okay” I muttered

“Don’t worry too much..for now just build up the courage”

“Thank You”

“So did you tell him about Drake?”

“Yes..and Ian thinks Drake want to get close to me. So he said that he will talk to Drake”

“He doesn’t want you to partner with him right?”

“Yes..I’ll call Drake tomorrow and turn down his offer”

“Okay..see you tomorrow”

“Have a good night sleep”

The line dropped

I had to figure out what to do..and how to say what I had to say. I got into bed and turned out the light.


IAN POV ????

I went in search of my phone immediately I walked into my room. I found it under my pillow.

15 missed calls and two messages from Ria.

She sent the first message around 8:30pm

“Why aren’t you picking up your calls?..you’re busy at the office right?. I’ll be closing early at shop today and Ethan offered to drive me home. So you don’t have to come to the store. And I will understand if you decide to head straight home from work. Take care!”

I clicked on The second message that came in 20minutes ago.

“Are you home now?”

“Yes” I replied

My phone buzzed

She’s awake


“Still up?”

“Yes..I wanted to be sure if you’ve gotten home before going to bed”

“I just came in not quite long.. Thanks for waiting! And i saw the message you sent around 8:30pm and the missed calls too”

“Okay..get a good rest Ian….see you tomorrow”


And no message came in again.

I dialed Ramsey’s number but he didn’t pick up. I need him to forward Drake’s number to me.

He left the office by 6:00pm before I finished my task around 8:30pm

I tried it again and he picked on the third ring.


“Hello” he yawned

“Ramsey I apologize for calling at this time -”

“Oh Mr Ian!” His voice clear now

“What do yo need sir?”

“Did you go home with Lint Tablet?”

“Yes sir”

“I need Drake Robert Contact”

Lint Tablet contains all of my schedules,meetings,contacts of Business Associates and some other things about Lint Corp.

“Yes it on the tablet”

“Forward it to me”

“Okay sir..and any thing else?”

I was silent

Then I recalled Ethan drove Ria home today.

“Call Ryan tell him to hire a new driver”

I don’t want Ethan driving Ria in his car.

My driver will drive her anytime I’m busy at work.

“That’s all Ramsey”

“Okay sir”

I hang up

My phone buzzed almost immediately. Drake’s number display on the screen.

I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower before sitting in my bed.

“Hello” Drake said on the phone

“It me Ian Bryant”

“Oh Ian!.. I knew you were going to call me as soon as Ria told you i dropped by at her store” I clenched my fist

“What do you want from Ria?”

He chuckled

“I also want to be her Business partner”

Jealousy replaced my anger at the moment.

There was more to Drake wanting to be Ria’s Business partner

” and just that?”

“Yes..or what are you thinking?” He stopped

Followed by a deep laughter

“Oh Ian you’re still thinking I’m going to steal your date. Well…I must admit that Ria Robert is a beautiful woman and I get ideas in my head each time I set my eyes on her.. Just like today it was hard for me to think clearly cause it seemed like her beauty was casting a spell on me”

“So you are in Chicago because of Ria?”

“Isn’t that obvious.. I like Ria Robert”

His words echoed in my head

“I like Ria Robert”

I fought the urge to throw my phone across the room.

I knew it! That cunning son of a bitch wanted to get close to her because he liked her. I sensed it that he felt something for Ria!

He wanted to use his offer to win her heart.

I can’t let him win Ria’s heart!

Even though Ria decided that she won’t strike a deal with Drake..

I can’t sit back and accept it

A man like Drake Robert will do all it takes to make Ria accept his offer and also win her heart in the process!

I can’t let it happen!

“But Ian – you can stop me from getting close to your date”

He said

I hate to bargain with this son of a bitch!

“What do you want?”

I rubbed my forehead

“Agree to 25% of our deal Ian Bryant and I will stay away from Ria Robert”



He sounded shocked

“30% Drake Robert and I will sign that deal. And you will never go near Ria Robert or try to make any deal with her”

He was silent

If that’s what he wants, then it fine by me.. As long as he doesn’t come near Ria.

“30%” he said

“Is that a deal?”

“It will be deal when you sign the documents Ian Bryant”

“Bring it to my office tomorrow”

“What time?”


“8:30am..I will be there. And the deal will get canceled if i don’t see you by 8:30am”

He threatened

“I’ll be expecting you”

I gritted

He hang up

I swear if I see him close to Ria after signing that deal then I will teach him a great lesson.

???????? Ian..Mr Lover ????

Can I say that he’s madly in love with Ria?

Well let’s see if Drake will stay away from Ria even after signing the deal. ????


♠ RIA ♠



°°° Idaho Correctional Institution °°°

AUTHOR POV ????????


A warder came to the cell and gestured to man called Scorpion. He had a scary looking scar that ran across his face. He moved closer to the gate at the call of the warder.

“How is it?” The warder whispered

“I’ve gat a perfect plan man..I just need money to settle my boys”

Scorpion replied in a deep tone

The warder gave him a brown envelope.

He smiled at the bulkiness of the envelope and his smile grew broader when he looked into it.

“The boss wants you to do a perfect job..no mistake”

“He will be dead by noon”

Scorpion said


The warder was about leaving when scorpion whistled and he turned back at him.

“You haven’t told me who the boss is”

“You don’t need to know Scorpion..just do your job”

He replied harshly


He said with a deep frown

The warder walked away

“Did he disclosed it?”

An inmate asked

“No..it hidden”

Scorpion threw the envelope to another inmate

“Keep it”

He ordered when he heard footsteps approaching

The inmate kept it in a box under the bed.

Another warder showed up at the entrance and opened the steel gate.

The bell in the hallways Jangles. Time to play out in the open field.

Scorpion winked at his men and they all filed out of the cell.


Scorpion eyes searched the basketball court in the field hoping to find his target but he wasn’t there.

“Where is he?”

He asked his men

“Look he’s coming”

One of them pointed to a direction.

Speedy was coming with his men.

Scorpion was known to be the terror of Idaho Prison. He was feared by all the inmates except Speedy who once challenged him in a fight and he won. Speedy took away his title as “Lord of the Prison”

Scorpion’s deep hatred for Speedy made him agree to the warder’s offer to kill speedy. He was desperate to be the Lord of the prison again and make the inmates fear him Again.

“Now let’s end him” he uttered

Scorpion spat and thought of what to do to attract speedy attention as he was now talking to some other inmates.

He sighted an old man sitting alone on a bench.

“Let’s go”

He said to his men

They got to the old man and scorpion ordered one of his men to hit him and he did.

“What do you want?”

The old man said painfully

He nodded at his men

And they started throwing punches at the man. He tried to Dodge the blows but he was too weak. His loud cry attracted speedy attention and he watched scorpion’s men beating up an old mam.

Anger and fury surged through him and he called to his men.

“Let the man go!”he snarled

And they turned to him

“This is none of your business!” He snarled back

Speedy stepped closer

“And don’t you ever get tired to bully other inmates?”

Everything changed the moment he said that to scorpion.

Scorpion’s eyes grew crimson and in no time his fist collided with speedy jaw and a fight broke out between them.

Some inmates around watched but couldn’t get closer to them.. Until they heard Speedy loud cry amidst the chaos.

He slowly dropped to the ground..and they all ran helter skelter when they saw blood and heard the sounds of whistles in the air.

Scorpion and his men ran away too and some of speedy men.

“Speedy.. hang on..” His friend Matthew begged him. He placed his hands on speedy stomach.

Scorpion stabbed him with a dagger..pushing it too deep into his stomach at the slightest chance he got when speedy was about to take a blow for his friend

“Call the medical team!”

He yelled at the warders..they all stood wondering how speedy got stabbed.

Matthew helped him up gently when medical team came around to take him to the infirmary in the institution.


°°°°° CHICAGO °°°°°


“You called for me miss Ria”

Elise said when she walked Into Ria’s office

“Ahmm yes Mrs Elise”

She stood up from the swivel chair and went to the couch

“Please sit down”

Elise settled on the couch adjacent to the one Ria sat on.

Ria took the first easy breathe she could manage.

“Are you okay?” Elise asked

“I failed again.. I didn’t tell Ian when he dropped by this morning. He was so concerned about Drake Robert”

Elise stood up and went to her

“Don’t push it too hard..just relax. You can tell him anytime you are fully ready to face him”

She squeezed Ria’s hands gently

“And was that the only reason why you called me?”

She asked


“So…tell me what’s on your mind? Remember I’m always ready to listen to you”

“Okay..I want us to talk about some things.. that has been bothering me for days now”

“Tell me about it”

“Cassidy added to a group for single ladies and Ahmm.. they’ve been talking about..Love..but I couldn’t contribute much because I really don’t understand it. And a lady actually asked if we all believed in Love at first sight?.. And you know -”

“I know you don’t believe in love let alone love at first sight”

“Yeah you’re right, But everything has changed now. To be honest Mrs Elise..i think I’m different now”

She feels something for Ian..but she can’t tell if she’s in love with him.

“I must tell you Love at first sight happens” Elise said

“Okay..but what about loving someone? How can you tell if what you feel is love?”

Ria asked

“Can I ask you question?”

She nodded

“Do you like Ethan?..i mean did you like him when you were in Idaho?”

She didn’t know why Elise asked if she liked Ethan..but she think back to when she and Ethan were in Idaho.

“I liked him..I like him..I mean Ethan’s really great,nice and Ambitious”

“You don’t love him,though do you?”

She was silent

She wasn’t sure if she loved him back then

“I told you..I liked him back then”

“So what about now?”

She was confused

Meeting Ethan again made her happy and she prayed not to lose him again

“I consider him a friend… and the big brother I never had”

“I see”

“You see what?”

Elise shook her head

“You’d know If you are in love,trust me..you won’t be able to think of anyone else. You wouldn’t want to be with anyone else”

Elise smiled slightly

“I don’t know how you’re feeling..but one thing most people won’t tell you, being in love is the most uncomfortable condition In this life. You’re nervous, you feel crazy,off balance and you’re on edge..but you don’t want it to end”

“Well that sounds like a condition..not love” Ria said

“I guess it is.. But when it happened to me and Leon..i didn’t Care”

She said with a grin

“Do you feel that way whenever Ethan was around?”

She didn’t want to ask Ria any direct question that will lead Ian. But she knew Ria was in love with Ian. And that she needed someone to tell her about love and break down the conditions of love to her

She shook her head

“No” Ria replied

And just like what Elise said.. Nervous,edgy,crazy,off balance? That certainly described the way she felt around Ian

“I think I feel that way around -”

A beeping sound interrupted Ria before she could finish her statement

She stood up quickly and went to her desk. It was a message from Ethan!

“I found a detective and He want to see you”

“Mrs Elise.. Ethan found a detective that will work on the case”

“Oh that’s good..call him up” she nodded

Ria dialed Ethan’s number and he picked immediately

“Hello Ethan”

“Ria are you busy?”

“No..where are you?”

“I am with the detective. He’s actually a friend of mine”

“Send me the address so I can meet up with you”

“I can bring him to RRC”

“No..no Ethan I font think that’s a good idea.. just send me the address”


He hang up

“Mrs Elise I have to meet up with Ethan”

Her phone buzzed again

“Okay..we will talk later”


°°°°° Idaho Correctional Institution °°°°°

Speedy opened his eyes slowly. The beeping sound of the machine woke him up. He looked around and realized that he was in the infirmary. He coughed and Matthew went to him immediately.

He was alive!

A smile formed on Matthew face as speedy stared at him weakly. The pains in his stomach was unbearable.

“You made it man!”

He exclaimed

“Guess so”

“Scorpion stabbed you”

“Yes i know. Where is he?”

“He is in the dungeon with his men”

“Come closer Matthew”

Speedy said in a tight whisper

He waved his hand slowly and Gestured to Matthew to bring his ear closer to his mouth.

“Someone want me dead”


“No..Frederick Robert”

“That same old man”

“Yes..and I’m sure he won’t stop until he sees me dead”

“But why?”

“It a long story I can’t tell now..and probably I won’t be able to tell you anytime soon” he groaned in pain

“So I need your help?” He muttered


“I need you to help me find someone as soon as you get out of here”

Then he said the words to Matthew,how to find the person and what to give to person when the time comes.

“Promise me that you will help me”

He held Mathew hands

“I promise”

The door opened and Matthew stood straight

A nurse and a warder stood at the entrance.

“Mr Kelly its time for your medication”

“What medication?”

Matthew asked

“Hey you have to return to your cell now” the warder said to Matthew.

He looked at speedy and he gave him a short nod before walking away.

“How’re you feeling?”

The nurse asked as she prepare a needle and syringe. Speedy cringed when he saw the expression on the Nurse face.

“I Will be fine if you inject me and leave”

It was pointless trying to fight the female nurse from injecting him.

He closed his eyes when the needle penetrated his skin

“Frederick sent you right?”

Her eyes widened In Shock

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

She said shakily

He chuckled

“Tell him I wasn’t afraid to die. I’m not coward like him..and tell him I sent my greetings too”

He felt a sharp pinch in his side

The Nurse hurried out of the room

“Soon.. Soon Frederick..”

He felt another pinch in his heart,this time the pain was horrid and His breathe cut. Darkness came over him.



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